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Newport News, VA

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About a month ago, my husband went to North Carolina Furniture for Less and picked out a bedroom set. We put a downpayment of $800 on the furniture, left with a delivery date and thought all was well. When they arrived with the furniture, they said that they could not get it up the stairs that it would not fit so they took it back to the store. A few days later, we went back into the store and explained what happened and that we would like to pick out another bedroom set.

The salesperson got the manager and he told us that not only could we not get our deposit back, that we would also not be given an in store credit where we could pick out something else. This man was extremely rude and when we told him that my husband was in the Navy and we would report this store to his commanding officer and they would issue a statement that no one on their base should shop at this store because of the treatment we were getting his response was, "Go ahead, I don't give a damn because you are not getting anything from us so you might as well leave my store." and with that, he walked off.

I can understand keeping the delivery charge but they could have at least given us a store credit so we could pick out something else. We were getting married in a few weeks and my husbands parents were going to be staying with us and we were planning to put our old bedroom furniture in our spare bedroom for them but because of this manager being so unreasonable, we had to go to another store to get bedroom furniture and they couldn't deliver it in time so, my new in-laws, had to get a hotel room.

I believe it is illegal to keep our deposit and keep the furniture and then turn around and sell that furniture to someone else thus, making a profit twice on the same furniture. I guess we will now have to take them to small claims court to get our money back. My husband was away for six months due to the war in Iraq and while we are not asking for special favors because he is in the military, we do feel as though we should at least have been given an in-store credit.

On 2/10/99 I ordered a dining set ($3428; 50% deposit) for delivery (estimated) in 6 to 12 weeks. On 5/19 I paid the final 50% -- they had received my furniture and it was to be delivered to me in about 2 weeks. It didn't arrive.

In June, they said the delivery company had it and had inspected it. On 6/11 I was told to wait 2 more weeks. On 6/25 I was told to wait 2 more weeks. Having not heard from anyone, in July, I called the delivery company (Heirloom); and they said they had no record of me or my furniture (this explained why no one was calling me to deliver it).

I contacted NCFFL and they sent over the paperwork that was needed. After several more calls, in August, it was supposed to be delivered, but they couldn't figure out how to get to my house in Chicago. A few days later they came to deliver it (without calling first - so I had to leave work in a rush) but when I arrived, there was no one at my condo.

They showed up about 30 minutes later and unloaded the furniture but several pieces were broken/damaged, and my table was missing, so I refused the shipment. NCFFL said they'd fix it, but, despite many requests, wouldn't confirm it had been inspected for quality of the repairs until December.

Months pass with me waiting for my furniture to be repaired and delivered, calling several times. In the beginning of October, I was told that it had been repaired. In November, I called and NCFFL said that my furniture hadn't been delivered yet because the delivery company didn't know how to contact me. That's absurd - they'd already been to my house and had called me several times - so they should have my info on file.

I was then told I would receive it December 6th to 8th, but then they couldn't deliver it for some reason. Then I was supposed to receive it December 17th to 21st. I called the delivery company and said I couldn't receive it on the 21st as I would be gone for Christmas. They said they would note that in the records.. Then they called me on the 17th to say the only day they could deliver it was the 21st. So I couldn't get it, and I wasn't going to let them deliver it without being there because of the condition of my furniture the last time they tried to deliver it.

To me it seems that NCFFL has had my money for many months, and have little interest in seeing that I actually get my furniture in good condition. Throughout the year, I continued to be told to expect delivery in 2 to 3 weeks, wait 2 to 3 weeks, call, then be told whatever they current story was for the delay and to wait 2 or 3 weeks longer.

They rarely initiate calls to me and only sometimes return my calls. Each time I call they seem surprised that I don't have my furniture yet. They tell me the same thing on each of my numerous calls: wait longer. I feel I've been lied to and taken advantage of. Nearly 11 months after ordering (and paying), I still don't have any furniture, and little faith that NCFFL will deliver it without further incident.

I have an empty dining room in January 2000, despite paying for my furniture 50% in February 1999 and 50% in May 1999. I kept planning to have parties/dinners at holidays (because for the last 8 months I was always expecting to receive my furniture in a few weeks), but couldn't because I don't have anywhere for anyone to eat but me. I've changed (and unchanged) my work schedule several times to accommodate the delivery schedule which changed several times before they even got the furniture to my house. I've had to take time off from work and pay cab fare to get home (and back to work) to examine the damaged furniture just to refuse it.

I am very annoyed that they even tried to deliver the furniture in the condition it was in - it was a total waste of my time and money. I've lost the interest on the money I've paid for the furniture I haven't yet received. I've spent lots of time on the phone just trying to find out when I'll get my furniture. The only time I remember them calling me without me calling first, was to get my 50% final payment. I always have to wait 2 weeks and then call to see what the new reason (excuse) is for why I haven't gotten my furniture. Maybe the delivery company is a problem, but it's up to NCFFL to get me the furniture and if they can't get the delivery company to do it right, they should hire someone else. They've had my furniture for since May 1999 but can't seem to get it to me.

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