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On March 19,2010, I purchased a bed, mattress set, and a dinette set (with 4 chairs), along with 2 additional chairs that had to be ordered. The furniture was delivered the next day, on Saturday March 20. After everything was set up, I noticed the table had a 12 inch deep scratch or crack on the leg. I told the delivery guy (Eric) about it and he said it look a scratch that could be fixed with some putty and stain. He made a note of it on the invoice and said he would fix it when the additional chairs were delivered on April 9. After he left and had all the furniture was in place, I was looking at the bed and noticed the stay at the corner of the box spring had come off. I called the store after the delivery guy left and talked to Stephanie on Saturday 3-20 at 12:49pm. She said the table would be re-ordered rather than repaired.

Three weeks later, I was changing sheets on the bed and the post on the foot board of the bed splintered and broke in 2 pieces. I immediately called the store and spoke to employee Toir on Saturday 4-10 at 2:20pm. I told her the post on the bed had broken, I also asked if the 2 additional chairs I had ordered that was supposed to be delivered by 4-9 had come in. She said they could possibly glue and putty the post back together.

I told her no. It's a new bed and it should be replaced. She said she would pull the invoice and reorder the bed. She also assured me the chairs would be in by Tuesday the following week. Tuesday came and went, I didn't get the chairs or a phone call. I called the store back on Friday 4-16 at 11:30 a.m. and spoke to Lauren. At that time, I asked to speak to a manager. Lauren said she was unavailable but she took my name and number and said a manager would call me right back. The manager never called.

I started to feel like I was getting the run around so, on the next day Saturday 4-17 at 1pm, I went to the store to personally speak to a manager. I was introduced to the lady that does the television commercials as the manager. She apologized for the problems I was having. She showed me a copy of an invoice stating my chairs would be in and delivered the following Tues 4-20. She also said the table would be reordered and the bed was a one of a kind but she would check her other store to see if they had the same bed and she would call me the following week. On Tues 4-20 at 12:16pm, I received a phone call from the delivery guy Eric stating he had been told to come out and repair the bed and he asked when would I be home. I told him that I had already requested to the manager that the bed and table be replaced not repaired, since the furniture was already damaged when it was delivered.

It's been 6 days since I spoke to a manager and she has not called me back as promised. I still have broken furniture and 2 undelivered chairs that have already been paid for. The total cash spent for the furniture was $2,001.46. I used my debit card so they were paid immediately. Please get me a resolution to this nightmare.

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