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Garden Grove, CA

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We have purchased over $10,000.00 in furniture from Legacy in October of 2010. The furniture was delivered and immediately, we noticed issues with the dining room set. The table top lifts almost 1/2 of the pedestal and two of the chairs had issues with the cushions and they made noise when sat in. The buffet door was misaligned.

I called customer service and they sent a repair person to repair/assess the furniture. He adjusted the buffet door the best he could and was not able to address the table top issue. He said he would order a new door and two new chairs. By the time Legacy/Linders got around to ordering the chairs they were no longer available. If they would have ordered them when we put the service request in they could have been replaced. So far, no repairs have been made and the table top still lifts off the base, the buffet door and the chairs were never replaced.

I purchased furniture on Sept. 5th. Then, I asked for refund because it was not in stock. They cannot deliver till Oct. 1st. I was told that the 10 % restocking charge would apply. But in the sale receipt, it states that in the event that stocked merchandise is not available for delivery or pick-up due to an unreasonable manufacturer delay, a full refund will be given. And the furniture is not in stock. They will not return the messages I left. And customer service just transfers you to a different line where you have to leave a voice mail, only which you do not get a call returned. The operator line keeps you on hold and you never get to talk to operator.

I bought furniture on 2/7/10 for $4138. It was delivered on 2/21/10 and it fell apart! The nine-piece sectional couch has broken legs at the bottom and will not snap in. The material was ripped. The dining room chairs fell apart. The furniture was guaranteed for one year—it did not last one week! Prior to five days after delivery (2/21/11), several calls were made to the phone number provided to us. The contract with Rooms Express (taken over by Linder’s) states: "A representative will generate a service ticket to address your needs."

Each and every time we called the number provided on the contract, no one responded! We left voice mails. When the number was forwarded to another number, Rooms Express was closed. We never reached a human, but a voice mail and left multiple messages. We never got a call back. Finally, in December (10 months after the fact), I contacted American Express (my credit card company). I explained the frustration to them. As Amex guarantees purchases, they advised me to initiate a dispute.

My purchase with Amex was $2400 of the $4138.00 total. I advised Amex that only a portion of the purchase was in dispute. They advised me to dispute the entire amount, which I did on 12/9/10. Amex said the merchant would be sent a letter asking them to resolve the issue by contacting me or refunding me. Guess what?! Linder’s never responded to Amex. One month later, Amex refunded the $2400 in its entirety to me in the form of a check. Since Linder’s never responded to Amex and never called me, the next horrendous thing they did was send my account to collections through Transworld Systems on April 27, 2011. Linder’s did not call me. Transworld Systems did not call me. So I called Transworld Systems and explained that I never got a phone call from Linder’s to rectify the initial complaint about faulty workmanship on couch and dining room chairs.

They referred me back to Linder’s. I left multitude of messages at the headquarters and finally got names: Debra ** (Accounts Receivable) and Sue ** (General Manager). I left multitude of voice mails for Debra and she finally called me back and stated, “All sales final." I pursued with BBB on 5/4. I wrote to BBB.

My credit worthiness and Fico score is now clouded with an unfounded collection of $2400.00 with Transworld Systems at 9525 Sweet Valley Drive, Valley View, OH 44125 (phone number 866 307 0229). Transworld also added an additional $47.87 collection fee. Their letter states, “This is an attempt to collect a debt. Unless you notify this office within 30 days after receiving this notice that you dispute the validity of the debt or any portion thereof, the office will assume this debt is valid!"

I called them immediately and told them this is disputed! This has prevented me from obtaining a credit card change. It has also affected my ability to advance my Fico score. I am never late on any bills. It has also caused undue duress and stress in that the dining room chairs were unsafe for anyone to sit on. I am disabled and have a disabled grandchild living with me. We had to glue them together for stability. I have to cover the sofas to hide the bad material and we cannot lock the legs together to form a solid unit. If anyone sits on the couches that are not up against a wall, they slide on the tile floor!

The locks do not hold! This is unacceptable and dangerous! I have a disabled grandson with cerebral palsy—he cannot safely sit on the couch or the dining room chairs for fear of falling. I have read many other complaints very similar to this one regarding Linder’s Furniture with a BBB rating of "F"! Seems they are notorious for lack of customer care and satisfaction and give canned answers to disgruntled customers.

I made a purchase at Linders in Westminster in late May 2010 and received my sofa sleep promptly the following week. After one week of use, the entire sleeper mechanism began detached from the left side of the sofa. I scheduled a repair and one was made in my home. The technician also reviewed my complaint about the cushions loosing there firmness. I reported this the following week. A second repair technician came out and reviewed my sleeper and said nothing was wrong. At this point the center of the sofa began sagging two inches lower than each end due to the sleeper frame bending.

I created a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. My complaint was reviewed and Linder issued a store credit on July 14th to replace the defective sleeper. I reselected at Linders Westminster and paid the difference for the new sofa. Customer service scheduled the delivery of the new sofa at the same time as the removal of the defective sofa.

The delivery service arrived without the new purchase, this was my first concern. They asked what was wrong and it was explained that the sleep mechanism was broken. The delivery person said they could not take back a broken sofa. This is absurd because the reason for replacement was the broken sleeper mechanism.Then the delivery person from the original delivery of the sofa pointed our damage to the sofa, a inch long by 1/8 inch thick dent, which he himself created when delivering the sofa originally. They also said because pet hair was on sofa they could not take it back.

They refused to take back the sofa and customer service voided the credit but has not refunded the difference I paid for the new sofa. She ordered the new sleeper mechanism and cushions which make up 80% of the sleeper sofa and these parts are not coming in till mid September then a repair will be scheduled. I cannot have this repair made at my home. I have a newborn baby and have to keep the area clean. After the first repair, I have to clean up an extensive mess that the technician left of metal shaving and wood fragments.

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