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Levitz Furniture was a chain of furniture stores based in Boca Raton, Florida. Levitz Furniture was founded in 1910 and closed in 2008.

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I paid off the rest of my bill last year which is 2014 of February and they are calling me saying I still owe them money. I never got any notifications saying I still owe anything until today. I know I paid it off because that was what was left, over $300.00 left. Is there a lawyer or small claims situation where I can justify that what they are doing is wrong. I mean after one whole year of no communication and they still need money I don't owe???

I opened an account with Levitz Furniture five years ago. I've been making payments on time every single month and haven't missed one. My bill never goes down. Then they sent my payments back and dinged me on my credit report. They said I didn't make a payment. (That hurt my credit score big time.) I feel like I'm stuck in a catch 22. (Damn if I do and ** if I don't). Who can I call, fax, write or something? Something needs to be done. The customers are the ones suffering because they filed for bankruptcy. I need some advice please!

I bought furniture and paid in full 2006. For years, they’ve been calling and saying they wanted more money. I was put into a collection agency for something that was paid for and my credit was ruined. 6 years later, they garnished my wages and took the money again. I have tried to see if a lawyer can help, but no one will. Does anyone know what I can do?

I bought some living room furniture that cost $1,900 in 2007. I have never been late on my payments and I still owe about $1,500, because they added finance charges that I was not aware of. This is crazy. I will be paying them the rest of my life if I don't get someone to help me. Levitz credit card is a rip off and now they are gone out of business. SMH.

I purchased furniture amounting to $4000. The furniture started to fall apart the second day. I complained and was told they were waiting for the repair part to come in. The store closed without contacting me about the repairs. My aunt had a layaway to retrieve and she was sent to Bronx furniture to finish paying then have a delivery arranged. So I went there with my complaint, they took my info and still have not gotten back to me.

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I ordered a bedroom set that included a 32 inches Emerson LCD television. I had to wait a month for the bedroom set. When the bedroom set finally came, the mattress had holes on the sides; it smelled like smoke, and it looked like some holes were burn marks. They did replace the mattress a week later. The TV was not delivered with the set. I had called the store over and over, and they kept telling me, "next week". I had paid in full on June 26th 20011, and it is now August 11th 2011. I contacted them today, and I was told "next week", yet again.

one night while visiting a friend an 3rd ave we pass levit's furniture store we saw a bed room set and fall in love with it . that night i paid $100.00 down and start paying the minumum the total was $2,300.00 however i finish paying for it in 6months when the bed was suppose to be delivered i was told i have to wait 2weeks to get it i said no once i finish paying i want my bed i am not waiting another 2weeks . the bed came i was not home but my husband was here it came without the side tables and chest, my husband sent it back; i went to the store i tried to let me take something that looks like if you lie on it it will broke in a week so i said no i want what i pay for if i dont get it in 2days i want my money back no question ask. however it came in 2dys. i was not home i decided to inspect the bed only to find it broken i called for a week straight back on forth with them so the guy came for it for 1week i slept on the floor only to get it back with the same damage i went back this time i did not held my tongue .

they said i would be contacted it never happen the dresser is falling apart and the chest have a split across now i am trying to get the insurance i cant find them i need my money back every penny this is not worth it. now i see a sign says going out of business how can they get a check for bankruptcy while these thieves strive on innocent people why cant the court say you cheated a lot of people pay them back their money if you ever decided to open a business again we need no more unhappy customers. do these have any idea how hard i work 12 hours pay day 7 days a week so i can HAVE A NICE BED TO LIE IN. where is the justice for us. now am out of $2,400 including the false Eco premium plan. please help me get m,y money back. i need it. on the 21st of July i went to the store only to see the manager David Gina already was gone ask him about the wicked act i told him for 1year i have been coming here and still i cannot get nothing done he said its a year and i have been sent to different branches but i cant do anything for you so sue if you want its not like you will get nothing we are going out of business please somebody help us not just me but all the others who have been deceive and stop this greedy thief from allowing other victims to fall in his trap he will come back again under different name and management please i beg you to stop him and all the other crooks out there help us.

Back in October 2007, I went to the Levitz Furniture Store in Downtown Brooklyn to purchase some bedroom furniture for my son. No one told me that the store was going bankrupt at the time. I made payments on the set, at total of $2,374.11. The next thing I know is that the store is closing and filing for bankruptcy. I filed a claim in bankruptcy court, but have heard nothing further. May I file a claim in Small Claims Court and sue? Or do I have to wait. I feel that this is misrepresentation.

I purchased two chairs, two ottomans, a desk and a chair. It was a no-interest deal which came due in March 2010. I paid for the furniture but not the fraudulent protection plan. I don't remember ever authorizing this since I never take these deals and it was in case you were laid off and couldn't pay for the merchandise. I wouldn't qualify for this since I wasn't working then or now.

The total for these charges were over $800.00. I have been making minimum payment while they looked into these charges and now I was informed that I am responsible and they would do nothing. I think I need to do more to fight these charges but will continue to make minimum payments so it doesn't affect my credit. The desk chair has completely fallen apart.

I mailed all my paper with the credit that I have and never got a respond. Levitz owe me $1,400. I am not working. I need my money. It's been very stressful for me and my family.

I bought a dining room set from Levitz in 2007, which I'm paying in monthly installments. I just received a statement from Levitz, stating that I'm being charged $2,259.73 for 2010's interest. I called the company, and was advised that this was not an error, and that the charge was correct, due to the expiration of some promotional deals that they had, when I bought the merchandise. I can honestly say that I was not aware, or I don't remember these stipulations, and let me assure you that I have no problem honoring my debt with Levitz, but i need to know if Levitz is within their legal rights, to post this charge into my account, with them thus raising my balance from $1,355.11 to $3,599.84. I'm not sure this is the right place to contact, but i will appreciate it if you can confirm that this action is within the law, and/or guide me towards a satisfactory resolution. With the economy as bad as it is, this increase will make it harder for me to pay off this account as quickly as possible, adding additional years to the process.

We purchased a full bedroom and living room set from Levitz in March/April 2007 and since then have had nothing but problems with the furniture. The leather sectional is in 2 pieces and cannot be put back together despite many attempts and the leather is cracking. The bedroom set is discolored on the headboard and the handles have cracked off. We purchased extended warranties for the furniture and they are not being honored as the company is no longer in business and we are supposed to start paying the credit card for the furniture now.

It is completely ridiculous to be expected to pay for furniture that is broken and not being repaired even though warranties were purchased. The Levitz credit card company is not helpful in any way when trying to discuss the issues. All they say is that the credit card has to be paid. There must be something that can be done to make this situation right for those of us who purchased furniture and warranties from a company that was going out of business. They did not tell anyone and had no intention of honoring the warranties. Please help!

We ordered furniture in May 2007. We have two sofas, both sofas with recliners. Within 2 years, all recliners broke and cannot be used. We tried contacting but they went out of business. The extended warranty we purchased won't cover because they only cover the leather, not the frame. Now we are stuck with broken furniture and a bill of almost $2000.00 and can't even return, because they are not there anymore.

I ordered furniture a month ago and have not received anything. Every time I call, they brush me off and say they will call me on top of delivering a used futon bunk bed. They were suppose to deliver it on Jan 15 and never called to tell me they weren't going to make it. I want my money back and they don't want to give me anything.

I purchased a Sealy Posturpedic mattress at Levitz Furniture store in Eatontown, NJ in February 2007. Within two weeks after it was delivered, it began to sag in the middle. Levitz, after giving me a hard time, agreed to send a "mattress technician" to my home to check out the bed. He agreed with me that the bed was defective under industry standards. Levitz agreed to replace the mattress but only for an even exchange.

So what happened a couple weeks later? You guessed it, the new mattress which was the same model as the original began to sag considerably as well. When I went to Levitz to complain, the salesman who sold me my mattress told me that Levitz was going out of business and he lost his job as a result. He then had the nerve to tell me that the mattress I bought has a history of sagging in the middle! It would have been nice for him to tell me that the day I bought it. He said the best thing to do was to call the mattress warehouse in Elizabeth, NJ. I walked out of Levitz furious with them. Contacting the warehouse was like going on a wild goose chase.

My payment plan, 3 years ago, was a down payment and no payments for 3 years. I just wrote a check out yesterday for the balance (to HSBC which took over all Levitz finances) for $995 because in a couple of weeks from now, the interest would start to kick in. I didn't want to be left with a fortune in interest plus a bad mattress as well so I paid it off in full.

I haven't slept well in three years and all I want is to sleep well on a reliable mattress like the one I thought I was purchasing in the first place. I just need someone to help me

We purchased our $7,000 bedroom set in July 2007 and a few months after receiving the furniture we notice the wood on the was splitting and peeling on one of the dressers. We couldn't believe our eyes. After numerous calls to the Levitz store and a lot of phone calls from one phone number to the other, we called HSBC and they agreed to credit the amount of the dresser. A few months after that the head and footboard were splitting and peeling in different parts. In addition to all of this, the mattres was delivered with a bid hump in the middle and when we laid in bed we practically rolled of the bed. We are shocked that this store decided to sell whatever unworthy piece of funiture they had in their warehouse to hard working consumers, probably already knowing they were going out of business. The mattress is of poor quality and so is the furniture. At this point we want full credit for the mattress and the bed or Levitz can come and remove all the furniture from our premises of course at no charge.

I purchased an approximately $1000 (without taxes) bed from Levitz back in October 2007. I paid a deposit and put the rest on a Levitz credit account. While I was shopping for a new bed at Levitz, I was told by the salesman/manager that it was a high-end mattress. And that because it is a Sealy Posturepedic mattress, it is supposed to ensure more back comfort, thus, more quality sleep.

After I slept in the bed that was delivered to me (and sometimes my boyfriend as well) for a couple of weeks to make absolutely sure that it was given a chance, it became an absolute consensus that it was defective. With or without him in the bed, it sank considerably in the middle while laying on it. It gave us significant back pains and would often lead to sleepless nights. It was so bad that we would end up either sleeping on the couch or even on the floor instead.

It did the complete extreme opposite of what the salesman told me. And it's definitely not a matter of consumer preference because that was absolutely not the same bed that I laid down on in the Levitz showroom. It had no signs of it sinking when I was on it. And even when this salesman (a large man who weighed between 200-300 lbs.) laid on it as well to demonstrate just that, it did not cave in anywhere on the bed which was proof to me that it was firm.

Therefore, in November 2007, I called that same Levitz salesman/manager to make my complaint and asked for a replacement. He then told me that Levitz was filing for bankruptcy, that he was about to lose his job, and that there was absolutely nothing that he could do at that point but to give me the phone number to the corporate office. He said that if not for the bankruptcy, he could've replaced it with no problem.

So I called the corporate office which was only a recording with no one to speak to live and directed me to the store's website in regards to filing a claim. After making several attempts to find and call different numbers so that I could speak to a live person, all I could do in the end was file a claim to PLVTZ, Inc. in January 2008.

Since then, it has been extremely difficult to have someone call me back for the status of my claim. And when they finally did contact me briefly, they gave me the run around and said that they didn't really have an update, that it was still pending, and that a bankruptcy case can take a long period of time. It is still unknown if this will ever get resolved.

The bottom line is that I had every right to return that defective bed to Levitz whether or not they were going through a bankruptcy which was not my fault. I got completely cheated with this purchase, and I feel that I should not have any further obligations to pay for this item. This got turned over to the credit or collections company, HSBC, and the amount has now accrued to over $1,500. Furthermore, I am extremely upset that it has been ruining my credit.

Since November 2007, the mattress has been unused and sealed up in a plastic mattress cover because I have been waiting on the status of my claim and was unsure as to whether or not I had to return it. Not to mention the fact that I was never going to subject myself to any further back problems from laying on that bed. HSBC has now handed this over to the Law Offices of Joe P., LLC. They are currently the ones who are trying to collect this money from me.

I have disputed this request to them while this all remains unfairly as a negative account on my credit report. I have been waiting for months now for an answer to my dispute. I am asking them for the fair termination of the request for the payment of this bed, and that my credit is returned to its good standing because I have been clearly ripped off by Levitz from their sale of a defective bed to me back in Oct. 2007. Their bankruptcy is no excuse for my mistreatment as a customer.

I bought two piece recliner sofas and two end tables. The sofa is ripping from seams, the tables are peeling when I first wiped since I was told it was wood I can use wood spray to wipe down. If any water spills on it and you wipe them it peels off color. I am still owing a balance and cant get service to come repair I have a warrantee. Now they are out of business and Im stuck without any explainations and still being billed.

What can I do?

A few years back, I bought furniture from Levitz. We complained almost immediately because the furniture was falling apart. The purchase was on a "no interest for the first five years" credit card. Throughout those years, we complained, to no satisfaction, and we never had a visit. In fact, for the leather couch, they sent us a piece of leather to repair ourselves. It is for a recliner, that when we reclined, it ripped through the leather.

We also have a dining set, with 4 chairs and a bench. Three of the chairs are broken and the bench. We also bought children's furniture with two armoires, the doors are off and the shelves are broken. The bed's mattresses fall sometimes in the middle of the night. Levitz is out of business, and now, the money is owed to HSBC. We have told them that they can pick up all the furniture. Their response is that they will report us to the three credit bureaus, not offering any resolution.

I made a service request form with Guardsman, who I paid an X amount of money for a protection plan because the seating areas of my sofa and love seat are sinking in. I have a warranty of 1 year and a 5-year Protection Plan. Guardsman at first told me that I needed proof of returning the original selection and that without it, they could not go on with my service request which is to get refunded. Then they claimed that Levitz weren't their customer when my sofas were brought. The sofas are not of good quality and they are not even a year old. I will provide with names and numbers from Guardsman. Thank you.

I went today to Levitz located in Stevenson in Fremont CA to buy Sofa set and two twin beds for my kids, my little on had a key in his hand, the managers asked us to take it from him and we could not, he is only 2 and was crying too hard, anyway, I pormised him nicely that he would not do any harm with it, he had asthma and I was not able to stress him anymore, in few minutes we nearly decided what to buy, and we found the manager screeming in our face that if the boy scrathced anything we have to buy it,

I asked him to speak politely but he was screemimg and shouting in our face and speaking in a very horrible way, we relized it was some sort of dicrimination as we were two muslim ladies, he ended up kicking us out of the store, teh was unfortunate for him due to the amount of money we sepnt is teh nesxt store, and was unfortunate again for him as I promised to tell this story where ever I go. Very very very bad customer service, or in other words, there was no customer service at all, something much lower than that.

I bought the sofas, dinning table, chairs, living room table from levitz in 2007 - 2008. My sofas have been replaced by them 2 - 3 times because of quality not given to us as promised and now we are stuck with sofas that are not worth the money that we paid for (3000$) and since levitz shut down there is no one that can help get what we would have expected after how much money we paid.

I purchased a sofa from Levitz two years ago. I paid the bill in full the first week in February 2009. After the payment was received I started to get letters from HSBC claiming that I owed $101.00 dollars. I called them and stated that I had paid the bill in full.

In turn, they stated that I own the money because I was enrolled in a payment protection. I never sign any papers for payment protection, it that was the case, then I did not need to pay for the furniture because I was layed-off Sept. 2007. They insisted that I called and cancel the protection, which I did not do because I never enrolled the protection. I am refusing to pay the $101.00 because I never enrolled in debt protection.

I purchased from Levitz Furniture store in July 2007 with terms that stated no interest no payment until 2010. A few days later, I purchased additional furniture with different terms that stated no interest and no payments until 2009. Some months later in 2008, HSBC called to inquire about why I had not made payments and demanded payment with interest. I stated the terms of my contract and they informed me that I had to pay for debt protection (which I never ordered). I informed them of this and could not get any resolve. I tried to get in contact with Levitz without resolve. Levitz filed for bankruptcy and left customers without any recourse. HSBC began harassing phone calls several times a day. I tried to get them to send me paperwork showing what I ordered and the terms of my agreement, since they were claiming something contrary to the original terms and agreement.

They replied in writing that they could not comply with my request. They just continued to apply interest and debt protection to the accounts against my protests to these fraudulent charges. In Sept. 2008, HSBC sold my account to a collection agency that is now attempting to bring legal action against me. The original debt of $6,700 is now nearly $10,000 plus legal fees and more interest. I cannot believe I am being sued for Levitz' and HSBC's fraudulent practices. They have slandered my credit, stressed me financially and emotionally and sent my health into decline. How do large companies get away with scamming consumers in this manner? Where are consumer advocates in California? The current economic pressures are taxing enough to the average citizen. Why do we have to endure corporate scams as well? Can someone stop HSBC's consumer rip-off practices?

My name is Alberto **. In August and September 2007, I made purchases at Levitz Furniture. My purchases came up to $2,756.02. They gave me two years to pay for the merchandise. I was ready to pay for the merchandise last month after receiving my income tax last month. I found out yesterday that I had a balance of $3,185.74. A supervisor from HCBS card services told me that I had been enrolled in some kind of credit protection for $24.80 a month and that the charges during the period was in the $432 range. I was astonished to find out that according to them that I supposedly checked off a box in the application for this service. I never agreed to enroll in this credit protection and I do not recall checking any boxes that I agreed to pay $24.80 a month. That is ludicrous! I do not believe in this kind of service and I decline it whenever I apply for a credit card. I requested a copy of my application to see if this is accurate. I feel that I have been taken advantage of by Levitz/HCBS Card Services.

In addition to them claiming that I enrolled in this service, HCBS Card Services failed to deliver monthly statements to my address. They sent me my statements sporadically and I would receive statements every 7-8 months from them. I received a statement in July 2008 and I saw a high balance. I called and was notified by a representative that this extra amount was a finance charge that would be incurred if I pay my balance after the two-year grace period. Also, I have a sixteen digit account; yet, I was never given a credit card where I could check my account balance. I was being charged $24.80 monthly without my consent and without me being informed. I feel that my rights as a consumer were violated and I never had a chance to even cancel this service. I was unaware that I had been enrolled and paying for credit protection.

I never opted for this service optionally and I know that Levitz Furniture/HCBS Card Services enrolled me in this service fraudulently. I am more than willing to pay for the merchandise I purchased which amounts to $2,756.02. I want to make that payment in one lump sum. However, I feel like I have been deceived and taken advantage of by these people and nobody was willing to help me from any department. I tried to mediate a resolution with them but nobody is willing to help me at HCBS. I did manage to put in a complaint through their credit protection department but I need help and counsel with this matter. I need the advice of an expert so I can know how I can combat this because I know that HCBS committed fraud against me. I was never ever informed about this credit protection when I filled out the application and know in my heart that I did not check off anything that agreeing to pay the amount of $24.80 on a monthly basis. I need help and advice on this matter so I can know what rights and options I have regarding this issue.

I too fell into Levitz scam. I bought a bed and a mattress from Levitz in 2007 and was told that I would have no payments and interests for seventeen months. I became unemployed in October 2007 and just returned to work on March 23, 2009. My repayment began in January 2009. I made two payments on my account as that's what I could afford. I began to receive calls from HSBC stating that they are now collector for Levitz. I am receiving calls at least five times a day. When I checked my payoff balance, I was told my balance is $2,600+. However, my original payoff balance was $1,800.

I asked HSBC about this and they told me Levitz added $600+ of interest to my payoff balance because I did not pay off my original balance within that seventeen months that they told me I would not have to make payments and interest would not have accrued. That's fraud and taking advantage of people. To top that off, my monthly payments that I am making is also subject to interest. Levitz should not be getting away with this scam. I'm sure there are many people with this issue and something needs to be done about this. Has anyone received any assistance with this matter? Who can help us?

I bought the 3 piece Livingroom set and 1 extra sofa February 2007 with no payments for 2 years.There was no payments due with them for 2yrs and I owe them $3679.94 and In the Last month they send me a bill of $5,559.00 which includes $1,879.06 of finance charges at 24% APR. When I called to find out, i found that they are OUT OF BUSINESS. They Ref me to MMI to Consolidate which would be the full amount plus 9% The Quality of the furniture is good I am willing to pay what's owed which should be the the $3,679.94. This is what was promised

I bought the dining set and sofa set in october 2006 with warranty for 2 years.There was no payments due with them for 3 yrs andi owe them $3173.14 and i send a check before the due date and they they never cashed it out. Last month they send me a bill of $5744.63 which includes 2556.41 of finance charges at 24% APR. When i went there to find out, i found that they are OUT OF BUSINESS.The Quality of the furniture is not so good, it began loosing it lustre and shine within a year and when i complaint to them they told me someone will get back to you.But noone seems to care about it.I have no job at this financial time,its very hard to pay the finance charges.Please help me out regarding this matter.

Me & my family moved into a new apartment in August 2007 and we purchased the Kims Cottage bedroom set for our daughter. After only more than a year the bedroom set is falling apart. Along w/ the purchase we paided for warranty w/ Guardsman now the furniture needs to be covered and no one could be held responsible. im dissatisfied with the services. Now i understand why Levitz is out of business.

At a time of this economic crises im banking for my buck. Now my family is growing and i have no use for the damaged bedroom set with the way it looks all Stained w/ broken drawers.Im sure that Guardsman is still in business w/ everyone money for their warranty so they should respond for the damages. i also feel there is no purpose to file this complaint if there is no outcome.So shame n you the least of my request is for the money for the warranty so i could invest into something new. I feel RIPPED OFF!!!!!!

When I went to Levitz store Louis gave me furniture for two years now when I paid the total amount by the two years the bank HSBC says that the contract was for 22 months instead of 24 months the bank is charging me around $3500.00 more but the case is that furniture when out of business What can I do were to go I lost the papers but someone in the US has to help me

Almost all the furniture has soome damage like the bed the mirror, the child dressing totally a disaster

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