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This ordeal makes me sick to my stomach. In 2005, I put a canopy bed and dresser on layaway, for my daughter. As a single parent on a small salary, it took me two years to pay the $1,200 that the set cost. 1 month before it was paid off, Kids Quarters online called me, urging me to pay the balance, as the bedroom set was going to be discontinued. I paid the balance, and never received the set. I was forced to buy my daughter a bedroom set from the Salvation Army. I wanted to throw up. There should be stiff consequences for companies who do this to consumers.


Since Dante was giving up his old room to Izabela and upgrading to a new room, which used to be our library, mommy and daddy felt that to make the room feel more like an upgrade, Dante deserved to have his own bed, rather than sleep on the futon. We needed to wait until after we had the court date to know when to order the bed, and after enormous amounts of research and getting mommy, daddy and Dante to agree on anything, the bed was ordered on August 7th, 2007 from a company called Kids Quarters located in Florida. It was scheduled to arrive within a couple weeks of our return from Poland, right after October 15th. You must be looking at the title of this section and wondering aren't we in March 2008 now? Indeed.

Delay after delay after delay. The bed was finally manufactured and sent to the shipping company, which was located in North Carolina on December 21st. Apparently, the shipping company doesn't deliver to the West Coast very often. It was not until very late at night on March 6th (7 months after the initial order) that the bed finally arrived, sort of. After taking stock of the gazillion pieces and boxes it came in, mommy noticed the mattress had a hole in it. The whole thing just looked strange, but she fixated on the hole; partly because, well, it was almost 2 am. After consulting with daddy, we decided we'd live with the hole because goodness only knows when they'd send us a new mattress. We marked the hole on the receipt and were going to discuss it with the manufacturer. They were supposedly already knocking off $180 from the price of the bed for the wait.

As soon as the truck left, mommy went to inspect the mattress a bit further, as there were no obvious tags or anything on it. To her great surprise, mommy discovered the mattress had a sticker on it on the other side that said Susan **, order #**, and even better it was a full size mattress (the bed is a twin). And realizing suddenly why the whole thing looked strange to her, mommy checked the sales receipt and realized she had ordered a spring mattress, not what now became clear was a futon.

So mommy called the guys on the truck, and they had just gotten down to Hwy 203 after spending 20 minutes maneuvering their 50+ ft truck up in the Rimrock area. They were at a loss, but clearly we didn't want Susan's mattress. So daddy kindly drove it down to them in the Jeep so they wouldn't have to maneuver their monster back out here again in the dead of night. Perhaps someone in North Carolina couldn't tell the difference between Hughes and Hays. Perhaps, Susan ** has a twin sized spring mattress on her full sized futon and is very confused; or maybe she still has another four months of waiting to get her mattress.

Daddy didn't get home until 3:15 am because when he drove down there (with the wrong mattress), it turned out the truck's battery had died. Being the nice person that he is, daddy spent 45 minutes trying to jump a 50+ft truck with our Jeep. Needless to say, it didn't work. The guys slept there right off the highway. So mommy called Kids Quarters the following morning and spoke with good ole Edward, the customer service guy she'd been talking with for the last 5 months or so and told him the good news and the bad news. And he told her that he had bad news too. Apparently as of March 5th, the company filed for bankruptcy. Nothing was leaving their warehouse, and no money was being refunded (the $180 he promised to knock off the delivery the day after it arrived would also not be happening). The mattress was $275.

So mommy called the shipping company. After an hour or so, the woman called back and said they did in fact locate our mattress and that it would be on the first truck out here, which unfortunately won't be at least for another three weeks as most of their business is all East Coast. At least, this was the shipping company's fault, so they had to fix it. Of course, they were going through the roof as well, because they just found out Kids Quarters filed for bankruptcy, which meant they wouldn't get paid for any of their deliveries! In the meantime, we bought a used mattress on Craigslist for $50, which seems to be doing just fine.

Dante put his bed together with daddy's supervision and final tightening. Along the way, they discovered that the bed was not actually the bed we had ordered (!) and was missing the slide. After much disgust with the situation, everyone finally came to the conclusion that it was probably a good thing. We had known the slide part of it would eat into the room real estate a lot, and as we were planning on getting a playground structure, Dante agreed a bigger outdoor slide would be more fun than a small one in his room.


I purchased furniture and finally received it only to have several pieces damage. After many calls that went unanswered, I was told that the furniture would be replaced and to this day have not received anything or any phone calls. I have now realized that they went banckupt and have opened under a new name and will try calling them on Monday January 22, 2009 and see if I get anywhere.


We purchased a bedroom set for our 5 year old son from Kids Quarters Online out of Orlando, Fl back on September 6th of 2007. We were promised it would arrive within 6-8 wks. However, the website was misleading as it stated 2-4 weeks. The end of October we were given another lead time of November and so on through December. This is when I finally spoke to Monique Sola for 30 minutes, who promised me the beginning of January we would have a complete set of furniture and that she would ship what they had at that time in stock, in December. However, I still had a heartbroken child with no furniture.

Come the middle of January, we got another lead time of February and when we had nothing then, I argued for our money back. Edward (CSR rep), claimed that Monique agreed to the full refund and we would see it in 14-21 days.However, he suggested I might want to take it up with the credit card co. for faster response. We did try that, however due to their 60 day regulations on purchases and disputes of those purchases, we had missed our deadline to reverse the charge. (my husband and I had left several messages, by email and phone for Monique Sola and never received a response).

Finally, it is June of 08, we have no bedroom furniture from Kids Quarters online store and are out $1,682.02. I was sick about all the wasted time on the phone with those scam artists and all the worrying I did, not to mention the hard earned money spent for nothing! I am a stay at home mom with 2 boys and my husband is the sole provider. This hurt us too~! Im sorry to everyone out there who has been affected and hopefully there will be some recourse!!!

We are out $1,682.02. Not to mention all the wasted time we spent with these scammers!


What a heartbreaking shame! I had a good experience with Kids Quarters. Garfield was always helpful & professional. We ordered a Stanley Young America room to grow set...apparently in the knick of time before major financial problems & poor decisions hit the company. Hopefully the owner will regain his conscience and honor orders from his new company...perhaps a sympathy sale.

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We purchased a bedroom set for our son along ith a chair and matching bookcase on 10/06/2007 paid for it up front with a credit card and waited 2 months. Delivery was to have been scheduled after 4-6 weeks. I called numerous times for the following 2 months and kept getting the excuse, it will be another 2 weeks. We were patient until February of 2008 and then we demanded our money back, I received a fax stating a check would be mailed within the next 10-15 business days on 02/15/2008.

It is now 06/02/2008 and nothing as of yet has arrived. When attempting to call Julie De Lucca I get a recording referring me to the company's attorney in their bankruptcy proceedings. We lost the hard earned $1758.46 we already paid for the bedroom set, the anguish and frustration of a 5 year old boy that does not understand how people can be so cold and callous as to accept orders for new furniture when the knew they going bankrupt.

Instead of sleeping in his own room he comes over in the middle of the night to my wife and I's bed asking for his new bedroom set crying. Now I understand this person has a new business from which he can scam a whole new group of people. This is just not right, Mr. and Mrs. Sola are hurting children and their parents.


This experience was a complete nightmare to put it lightly. I ordered an adorable bedroom suit from their online store,, in April of 2007. Maria, who was the customer service manager took my order of $2000. She did tell me she could get me a better deal if I paid with my debit card, but I had decided to pay with a credit card. She told me it would take 4-6 weeks at the most to get my daughter's furniture. This was going to be perfect because that was the exact time we would be moving into our new home.

Well, the 4-6 weeks came and went, and no furniture. I called and called and called, left message after message. Occasionally someone would be kind enough to call me back. Maria kept pushing the date back for my estimated delivery time. She used the excuse that their delivery company only came to Texas every month or so, so that there was really nothing they could do. Of course, she didn't care to let me know that before I made my purchase. I remember getting some major attitude from the customer service reps.

They kept reminding me that "A lot of people have to wait 8 months or so to get their furniture, so that I should feel lucky that I haven't waited that long." From that point on, everyone I talked to was very rude and short with me. I threatened legal action at one point and got hung up on. I kept asking to speak with someone higher up, and that never got me anywhere.

My 3 year old daughter was still sleeping on the floor in September when we finally got a delivery date. On that day, the delivery company delivered the dresser and nightstand, BUT LEFT HER BED, MIRROR, AND CANOPY FRAME AT THEIR WAREHOUSE!! We couldn't believe it. Who sends and order across the country without checking to see if all of it is on the truck first??? Well, it took a lot of calls before Kids Quarters would call back.

Finally, 5 weeks later they delivered the bed and mirror, but still no canopy frame. It is now May of 2008 and I still have not received the canopy for my daughter's bed. I was robbed. These people should never be allowed to do business again. I guess I should feel lucky that I received most of my order. I feel sorry for the people who did not. Antonio Sola should be in jail. Never received canopy frame, cost was $60.


I found the powell sunday furniture online. i had a whole house flood and had to replace everything. I even drove to the location in Tampa to be sure it was for real since I was leery of just online companies. I spoke to Luis. I put down a down payment and applied for 6 months s.a.c. My furniture was to take 8 to 10 weeks. At about 9 weeks I called luis and asked when to expect delivery. He stated 2 more weeks. I left to go out of town for 2 weeks the following day. After returning i called to find they closed their doors. I am out the money and have no furniture.

not only did they take my money they also wasted alot of my time. Now i have to start all over to get my child furniture.


Ordered kids furniture 12/13/07, has not been delivered. No responses received anymore to emails sent.

$1,183.06 paid, no merchandise received.


I ordered a bed and accessories that total $375.00 last July 2007. I never received my furniture. Just up to last week I was in contact with the store manager, Luis. Luis promise me that I would get a credit back and it will take 21 days. He agreed to give me a credit since its been 8 months and I still didn't have my furniture. Today, March 26 I called and the phone was busy. I looked it up online and realize that they filed Bankrupt. I am a single mother and this is just not right!


I ordered furniture for my daughters' room in August 2007. After NUMEROUS phone calls and promises of delivery, I hear they are in bankruptcy. I am out $1821.30.

My dogs have a bed. My children have been sleeping on the floor waiting for their new bunk beds. It may sound stupid to people that don't have small children but this was a dream room we have been working on and talking about since we sat down in front of the computer, together, 7 months ago and ordered it. It is a HUGE disappointment which is very difficult to explain to a 3 and 5 year old that just wanted their princess room.


on 1/18/08 I ordered a complete teen bedroom set for $5689.22 , I have not received it, the company has disconnected its telephone, and I learned from your website that they are now bankrupt, but their site is up and they are still taking orders. I will be filing with the FBI Cyberfraud unit, the BBB, and the Florida State Attorney General. I have emailed kids quarters, and they have not responded.

I have lost $5,689.22 and have no furniture to show for it.


I purchased a special order bunkbed for my daughters. I inquired about delivery, 6-7 weeks after not hearing from the company. I was told the item was on back order as. The rest of the story is the same as others' complaints. I find myself out $677.85 My credit card company is of no assistance as the purchase was beyond their 2-month deadline.

I cannot get a return e-mail, phone call, nor can I even get through to the company with the phone number I have been using. I want these crooks to pay! My credit card company doesn't even want to look into it to protect others. I am heartbroken for my kids--and steaming mad at being taken for a ride! Is there anyone who can help me, or at least stop these crooks?


THERE ARE SEVERAL PEOPLE LIKE ME WHO HAVE BEEN AFFECTED BY KIDSQUARTERS. I AM HEART BROKEN THAT THERE IS NO WAY TO RECOVER MY $2,952.00 LOST TO THESE PEOPLE (ANTONIO AND MONIQUE SOLA). ANYWAY, HERE IS MY SITUATION. I'm writing to alert the public about a company going by various names: Kids Quarters Inc, or and others, but the owners are Antonio and Monique Sola. They claim to be a kids furnishings company, started in 1999 according to the BBB of Florida. As far back as early 2007, Antonio and Monique Sola started taking money from customers for kids furnishings but not delivering the products...and they still are. The reviews for their company, Kids Quarters, Inc and, have gotten so bad, both on-line and with the BBB of Florida, that Antonio and Monique decided to start a new on-line company called

Back in June of 2006 my then 10-year-old daughter and I started a layaway for a complete bedroom set (Kids Full Loft System w/Steps). My daughter did chores and saved up allowances to help pay for her new dream bedroom set. We made our last payment the first week of December of 2007. We paid a total of $2,952.79 for our set. My daughter kept a picture of this set on her wall for one year and six months, patiently--and at times toward the end impatiently--waiting for this final payment and delivery. We painted her room and were planning a party for her new bedroom makeover. After a few weeks we started calling the company constantly for the delivery date and were told constantly that our product was being custom made and would be shipped out immediately. Finally on February 22, 2008, I was told that this company is bankrupt, that I would not be receiving my product nor would I be getting my money back and that's final!

They say I should tell my credit card company that I was scammed and get them to reimburse me. All of my payments were made by credit/debit cards which is like paying cash, made over an 18-month period--and so therefore impossible for me to be reimbursed in any way. I have accepted the fact that I will never get my money back or my product. My daughter and I both have learned a valuable lesson from all of this. My problem with this company is that they are continuing to operate on-line at, duping, swindling other families with no intent of fulfilling their promise. The owners Antonio and Monique Sola have even started another on-line company because of the bad reviews of the first company called out the reviews at: and

I just want to make the public aware of this company. I am a single mom; I'm not rich and had to work for a long time to afford this product. I just don't want to see this happen to anyone else. I wish I was forewarned about Antonio and Monique Sola, and so want to do everything I can to make sure everyone else is aware. Can you help me? This company has several different addresses in Florida (see below) as well as several different contact numbers. They claim to manufacture their own products and show a huge warehouse on their internet sites; however, I learned recently that this is not true.

They now say the manufacturer is a company in New Jersey called Berg Furniture. I've spoken to Almog Lieber there who claims to manufacture this product but claims to have no association with Kids Quarters Inc. or their internet sites--yet his products appear on the sites. He acknowledged doing business with this company in the past and in his own words admitted that now this company is in the business of scamming people. However, he has not forced Kids Quarters Inc and affiliates to remove his products off the sites and has permitted Antonio and Monique Sola to use his products on their new sites to lure victims--which in my opinion means he's probably in on the scam. To me this is outrageous!!

Yes, I've contacted and have claims with the BBB of Florida, Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Protection Agency, Florida Attorney General, and the FBI, and am still waiting for results. If there is anything at all you can do to help me and others, please don't hesitate to contact me. Addresses for Kids Quarters Inc: 2125 Viscount Row, Orlando, Florida 32809 9741 S. Orange Blossom Trail #4, Orlando, Florida 32837 10127 E. Adamo Drive (SR60), Tampa, Florida 33619 475 W. State Rd. #436, Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714 4725 E. Lakeland Commerce Parkway #3, Lakeland, FL 33806 (New online company)



I purchased furniture for my daughter from and paid about $2595.00 The furniture was supposed to be delivered within 6-8 weeks. After 8 weeks I called, and they said the estimated day for the delivery would be November 26, 2007. When it did not happen, they said December 24, and then December 28. On December 28, 2007, Edward Gonzales told me that it might happen in January, but they cannot guarantee anything. I paid in full, my child has no furniture to sleep on or place to put toys in the room, no desk for homework.

If I cancel the order they will charge me 35% of the total bill, but they cannot tell me when I will get the furniture. Could you please help me to get the furniture as soon as possible or full amount of money back so I can buy the furniture for my daughter? I payed with two credit cards in September and already am paying with interest for furniture that I do not have.

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