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After relocating first time, our Tempur-Pedic box springs were damaged. My husband was brought to Jason's by persistent "friend" who insisted that it was the best place to go as he knew the owner. I'm in disability due to several back injuries. I did not know he spoke to owner about our mattress, who said the box springs were exactly same special support needed for Tempur-Pedic and snapped after a month. We are not unpacked, no receipt was given to us and cannot return. Lost money and necessary proper support for a expensive mattress that has left me suffering with back pain every day. He never should have sold incompatible box springs as any professional and knowledgeable store owner. A 100% dissatisfied customer who was taken advantage of as husband believed advice was authentic and trusted sale person/owner.

Satisfaction Rating

We bought a King bedroom set mattress and box spring and a Queen bedroom set. The Queen bedroom set is great and 4 years now. The King bedroom bed was sent with the wrong slats for the bed. So I immediately went to the store myself to pick them up and asked the drivers who were putting the bed up to wait for I was doing them a favor. Needless to say, you do not get refunds and the guys were gone and these bed slats did not work either. So we had to go and buy another mattress and they have been sleeping with a box spring and two mattresses for 4 years for Jason's Furniture would never come and fix the bed.

It is totally sad that they do treat their customers like this. The whole bed fell apart and we do not have the money to buy another one.. So that is it and seeing all the reviews today, I was stunned to see them do this to people. I was fixing to give in and buy some things and go to Jason's in Greenville, SC tomorrow but I changed my mind again. By the way, my neighbors are the ones we bought the king size bedroom suite for. They did not have the money and I had very little but was tired of seeing them sleep on the floor. Since then she has bought a living room suite and many of her friends have bought houses full of furniture and they lost a lot of customers.

Hopefully, they will change and make things right for you all. I wanted some bar stools, but I have to take what you are saying about them and not go there. Thank you for your reviews.

Satisfaction Rating

I bought almost $5,000.00 worth of furniture from Jason’s Furniture in Toms River, NJ in February 2009. I paid cash. I had lots of problems getting my furniture. After months, I finally got all my furniture. I paid for a 5-year warranty on all the furniture. I cannot contact anyone for the last past 2 years for my warranty issues. A lot of the furniture is falling apart and turning color and ripping and everything. The furniture is not worth the money that I paid. I am unable to use my warranty that I had paid for because all store phone numbers are busy or disconnected. I need all my furniture fixed or replaced, which the warranty I purchased states. Or I want a full refund.

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We need help fast because according to a variable reliable source, they plan on closing and they told us themselves that they had laid off 10 people! The bottom line (fully explained below) is that we paid in full for furniture, and since they claim that we allegedly couldn't be reached, they sold our furniture. They said that they sent letters but the only address they had was for our new house - and they knew this was the new address and we weren't living there. There is no mailbox there!

They also said that they called us but we both work from home and we have two good working phone numbers and an answering machine and AT&T Business Voice Mail but no calls were ever made to us and no messages were ever left. There has never been an occasion when there was "no answer", as they claim. That is virtually impossible with today's technology. We even transfer the numbers to our cell phone when we leave the office, so that we never miss a single call. But that shouldn't make a difference anyway. Sell our furniture; give us a full refund - simple.

They have since offered a refund, however, they want to deduct $772.35 from the refund for a "restocking" fee. We did not ask them to restock it. We went there to pick it up and they had sold it, therefore they restocked it without our consent and knowledge.

This whole thing has left such a bad taste in our mouth, that we are more than glad to get a refund now but we feel it should be for the full amount paid. They made more than enough; selling the furniture for 10% more supposedly (according to the increases in prices that they claim) and they had our money to use for almost 3 years.

If you want to read the whole story, there it is:

We have been patronizing Jason's Oak Furniture, now at 2384 Laurens Road, Greenville, SC 29607 since the 90's when they were on Patton Avenue in Asheville and then when they moved to Hendersonville Highway in Arden. We have been to their location in Greenville, which is 4 hours away, round-trip, to purchase even more items.

To date, we have purchased at least 8 different items, totaling 12 pieces of furniture not including the bedroom set, we are about to discuss; the Master-piece Pier Group Wall in King Size, Master-piece Treasure Chest, The Treasures Wing Mirror, Master-piece Dresser. Knowing that we would be buying The Master-piece Group, we went ahead and purchased the Master-piece pedestal for the bed. When we were ready to order the rest of the matching furniture, we went to the Hendersonville Highway store and there was a sign on the door that they had moved everything to Greenville, SC.

When they consolidated everything to Greenville, they had a huge sale event with special promotions for Asheville customers, including delivery for $100 so we made the 4 hour round-trip there to order and pay in full for the furniture. We bought bedroom furniture (that we have looked at since the 90's) and paid them in full $5,457.94 in good faith, trusting them to keep their word (and our furniture).

We advised them that we just broke ground to build a home and wouldn't need it right away. They said "no problem" they had a huge warehouse and they would deliver it when we were ready. I have patronized Jason's since the 90's and never had a question regarding their integrity or business ethics. If I had the slightest idea this would have happened, I would have done things differently and definitely would have documented the phone calls that were made by us, in which they repeatedly assured us that our furniture being held there was not a problem in their huge warehouse.

We initially told them we thought it would be 6-8 weeks before they could deliver it but then the recession came along and there were unforeseen construction problems and things were delayed but we repeatedly called there and advised them of the situation. Every time, it was "no problem"

Saturday Oct. 22, 2011, we made the 4 hour round-trip drive to Jason's because our house is close to finished and we were going to see what else they might have to furnish the house. We were told that our furniture has been sold and they no longer have the huge warehouse but they would reorder it. We thought, no problem, we still have time - so that was okay.

We were then told that it would be at the current prices, obviously at our expense. We would "only have to pay the difference between what we paid and the current selling price." They asked us for our receipt because they could not show us their record of it. The additional cost is $573.46 (including tax) and now to deliver the furniture it is not the original $100 but $150 - 50% more. We are fine with the additional cost for shipping because fuel has gone up and was not being held at their warehouse.

After calming down about what they wanted to do, we made another 4 hour round-trip there Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011 to talk about the situation in person. Ryan said that they we doing us a favor because they could have charged a 15% restocking fee and this extra charge we were to absorb, was "only 10% more." Their printed invoice says, "Restocking fee of 15% if merchandise is not taken". We were there to take it and never asked them to restock it. Their invoice that they printed also says "All sales final!" This should apply to them as well as the consumer.

We have the same phone number and address that is on the receipt and they have never ever picked up the phone one time to call us and ask us for permission to sell it or ask us to take possession of it nor I have never received anything in writing telling us to take possession of it or their intention of selling the furniture, which is required by state law. If they had asked us to take delivery of it, we would have done whatever needed to be done to take possession of it.

We called the manufacturer and they were aghast at what Jason's was doing. Ruth at the manufacturing facility, said she did call Jason's to discuss the situation and last I knew she was unable to talk with the person she needed in regard to this situation. I realize she cannot tell them how to run their business. Jason's is their distributor for a long time and probably does a consistent quantity of sales for Furniture Traditions but Furniture Traditions needed to be aware of the dissatisfaction we have with their company and representative.

Ryan who we spoke with at Jason's regarding the situation, putting it nicely, had an appalling attitude that was totally obnoxious and took zero accountability. We called to talk to the owner Jason, but he was never there the last time was Nov 11th. Their attitude about it is so disturbing. They have had the use of $5,457.94, the money paid in full for the furniture, since 2009, and on top of that have sold our furniture (how many times over has it been sold? ) without us being notified or us giving them permission!

After a couple of trips there, they have since offered a refund (by e-mail), however, they want to deduct $772.35 from the refund for a "restocking" fee. We did not ask them to restock it. We went there to pick it up and they had sold it, therefore, they restocked it without our consent and knowledge.

This whole thing has left such a bad taste in our mouth, that we are more than glad to get a refund now but we feel it should be for the full amount paid. They made more than enough; selling the furniture for 10% more supposedly (according to the several increases in prices that they claim) AND they had our money to use for almost 3 years.

We would like a bank check for the full amount of $5,454.94 sent to us by certified mail to the below address. Thank you for your assistance in closure of this matter.


We went to Jason's to buy some furniture for our new home. We purchased a leather living room set. When we went to pick it up at the warehouse in Ocean, it was packaged and wrapped up. When we got home and we unwrapped the sofa, we found mold on the leather. I cleaned the visible mold on the leather thinking it would be fine. After three days, my new home had a repulsive smell. I contacted Butch, the Toms River store manager. He told me he couldn't do anything about it. He gave me some advice on how to clean it. I put the sofa outside and took the dust cover off to find severe mold infestation. I tried to allow it to air out. After hours upon hours of scrubbing the interior of the sofa, it still smelled appalling. I took pictures of the mold. It actually made bubbles in the wood frame of the sofa.

I went to the store to show it to Butch. He said he would try to help me and contact the manufacturer. I honestly believed this man wanted to help me, but I was seriously mistaken. After several follow up calls, Butch said he was trying every day. That was a bold face lie. The Toms River store is now out of business, and I still haven't heard from Butch. I guess going out of business with a good reputation doesn't matter to Jason's. I now have a couch, a chair, and an empty spot in my living room. I have two small children, who were getting sick from this moldy sofa. I guess I'm out the money too. I believe the Ocean Store is still open, so if you need furniture don't go there.

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In August 2010, we purchased a furniture set from Jason's furniture on Route 36 in Ocean Township from a salesman named, ZT. He told us the style we wanted had to be ordered in our color, and it would take 6 to 8 weeks. When we inquired about the order in October, we were told it should be in within 2 weeks. We again called and were told the order still was not there. At then end of November, we again called and were advised they were having problems with their factories not getting orders in.

In the first week of December, I called our salesman, ZT, and he told us to come in and he would take care of it. When we went to see him, he told us the company had been sold to another furniture company, and we should look for something similar to the set we initially chose. The similar sets were shown were almost twice the amount of the set we had chosen. Over the next two weeks we decided we wanted a refund since they could not keep the initial deal with us.

On December 31st, 2010, we phoned the store to get our money back. We spoke to the receptionist, and she said we had to speak to Malcolm, who was not working that day. She advised us to call on the following Monday, and she would forward the request to him. She further stated he was the only person who could approve the request. On Monday, January 3rd, 2011, I called the business again to speak to Malcolm, and was told by the person who answered the phone that it was not Malcolm who we had to deal with, it was a person named Shelly. Since that day, I have phoned at least every other day requesting to speak to her and have been told she was either away from her desk, not working or busy. Each time I left a message with the receptionist for this person to call me. On January 15, 2011, I again called and was told that Shelly was not actually the person who approves these requests, she only prepares them. The owner is the only person who can sign off on this document, and he only comes in sporadically, and had not been there in two months.


I ordered a couch and overstuffed chair for my apartment on August 17, 2010. The manager who sold me the furniture, told me delivery would be 4 weeks but probably next. It is now November 19 and I still do not have my furniture, and it isn't expected until the end of November, so the week of the 29th. I am over 90 days from the date that I placed my order. Not one person has called to explain or apologize. I have had to call each time and each time I get a different answer. Asking since I am over 90 days, "Can you guarantee that the furniture will be in during the week of the 29th?" I was told, "Well, as life changes, this could change too."

I appreciate the philosophical outlook on things but come on. I am very disappointed and will never even walk into this store, let alone buy something. For the money I spent, I would have preferred spending the extra two to three hundred dollars and bought from Macy's.


We bought a Serta mattress from Serta to be delivered March 19th this year. A mattress was delivered and when they put it on the bed, I noticed the sides were all bent so I did not accept it. They delivered another one, and we have had nothing but trouble since. We have called several times, my husband, myself and once my daughter went directly to the store and they kept telling us that the service person called Candace would call us. We never received a call from Candace.

We went to the store the last time on Oct. 21st. They told us that Candace would definitely call tomorrow, no call again. She seems like a phantom. The trouble is the mattress has a hump on the left side which leaves about 1 and 1/2 feet to sleep on with the hump hitting the back. They sent a person there to measure, I did not agree with his measurement, he would not sit on the bed to see how it goes down on the end.

My husband had Parkinson's and has hard enough time turning over, but it is totally impossible with this mattress. The manager at the time, when we went there Oct. 21, who I am told is no longer there, said there was nothing wrong with the mattress but that Candace would look into it and call us tomorrow. No call. I feel terrible that I said to my husband that maybe it's him, until last night my husband stayed at our son's house for the evening so as not to travel at night, and I tried to sleep on his side, and I was shocked at the dent in the mattress and the hump at my back. This mattress has to go. We paid enough money for it.

I also had called the Serta Company and they told me to deal with the store. I feel that the store is selling seconds, and the man that came to measure told us he is so busy with defective that he has to get up 4:00 in the morning to get to all the complaints. He also said if they don't do something this time, they will be the next because as he measured, it was .8 inches instead of 1.5. But he used a very small level, my husband was a mason, and he measure it with a larger level and it was well over the 1.5 inches, but evidently they didn't want to hear anything we were saying.

Incidentally, I just called the store to find out the managers name and Mark's last name and the girl said they were both demoted to salespeople and she didn't know Mark's last name. What kind of business is that?


On July 19, 2010, I order a chair and was told I would have it in 4-6 weeks. It is now Nov. 8th and I am still getting stories as to when it will arrive. It is always another two weeks. I have gotten every possible story from them. Now it is suppose to be in by Nov. 22nd really?

I would never buy or recommend this company. The store on 22 West closed, so the number on the receipt for chair did not work I had to drive to the store where a number was on the door.


My wife and I purchased a couch on August 22, 2010. We were promised 4 weeks for the couch to come in. After 3 weeks, I called to get the status and was told, "It takes 6 weeks, not 4." OK, no big deal. After 6 weeks was up, I got another it’s going to take 8 weeks from Jason’s.

Bottom line, it is now October 27th and our couch isn't due in till maybe mid-end November. A representative from Jason's told me today, "There is no way this couch is going to be here before your 90 days is up," yet they will not give us our money back. She even told us, "I cancelled your order." But they won't send proof it was cancelled or issue the refund. Do not buy from here. If you do, make sure you get them to write on the receipt the time frame they quoted you. They will not refund your money and to be honest do not give two ** how long it takes. I am sitting on folding chairs in my first house!


Unfortunately, I have several bad experiences with Jason's furniture. The first experience was when I ordered my bedroom set and mattress. I was told I would get the set in 4-6 weeks, but 8 weeks later, still no set. My husband and I were literally sleeping on the floor because we had just moved in! After 6 weeks, I called every day several times a day. Finally, after calling every day for 2 weeks, the store manager and the district manager called me back (5 minutes apart) on the same night. It was probably around 8 pm when they called me back. They finally arranged to have the set delivered, and I was happy.

That is, until the set was delivered. The men took over 2 hours to put the set together, but when they left, they did not install any of the shelves on the dressers, and when I went to sit on the bed, it felt like it would fall apart! None of the screws were tightened, and one of the legs would not stay in place.

The hole where the leg screwed in was stripped, and anytime the bed moves just a little bit (like getting on and off the bed), the leg swings out of place. The frame is very heavy, and I am terrified of the bed collapsing while I sleep.

I called and wrote to Jason's several times about the bed, but no one has called me back. I even went to the store, and they told me the manager wasn't in.

I vowed never to go to Jason's again, but unfortunately I didn't have a choice. My husband and I were generously gifted a living room set, and what do you know, the woman ordered the set from Jason's before we could warn her. She paid in full for a love seat and recliner, back in August 27th, 2010. The receipt says that they may take 90 days to order the set, so I guess I can't complain yet.

However, the 90 was written in in pencil, and we ordered the same exact set from Value City for our front living room (a very common Ashley set) Value City said they were out of stock when we ordered it, but it still only took a week to get the set from them. Here, 2 months later, I still don't have the set from Jason's.

I feel so terrible because this wasn't my money spent, and the woman feels unnecessarily guilty about it. As I said, our receipt says it could take 90 days, but I called to check if there was an ETA, and they told me the set would be in on October 20th. It is now October 26, and I still haven't heard from Jason's.

I would never recommend the store, and never would have gotten the living room set if it was not a gift. There are so many other stores in the area, and Jason' just isn't worth the aggravation.


My fiance' and I purchased a sofa on August 28, 2010 and paid cash in the amount of $1,265.00. The seller named Frank told us it would be delivered within a month. We have been there numerous times and he gives us the run around all the time. Now it's October 13, 2010 and still no couch. Now, he wants to give us a couch off the floor in the store but if anything happens were responsible. We don't want a sample we want our couch.

There business sucks and I will never recommend anyone to go there they are a bunch of scammers. Now, they say it will be on the next shipment. This is the third shipment he said it will be on. What is my couch coming from Italy. It doesn't take that much time to even make a couch. There business is so pathetic like I said and if you want furniture don't go to Jason's because you'll never get it.


I had no problem with Jason’s when I ordered a dining room set and china cabinet several years ago. So naturally I dealt with them again. Big mistake. I placed orders for over $2,000.00 in furniture and was told it would be 4-6 week for delivery. Well, that was 8/9/10 and 8/18/10. Patiently waiting the given time frame, I became disgusted. I physically went to the store after getting nowhere with customer service by phone. Frank, who I dealt with, was accommodating to a point. I have only received half of my order which included a sectional, a twin bed. I only received the mattress to this point.

I phoned again when I was told that the rest would be delivered by the end of September. I phoned again. Now I am being told that it will not be available until October 20th (if this is fact or fiction). It is a very bad economy and I use Jason's for their prices and sales. This is unacceptable. I am truly disgusted with Jason’s and feel that I deserve to be given the yet undelivered items for no charge. I will never use Jason’s Furniture again.


On June 23, 2010, I purchased table/chairs, chest, night stand and a dresser from Jason's Furniture in Dunellen, NJ. During the purchase process I asked the sales person if the mirror of the dresser was included and he stated that the mirror was part of the dresser. The first delivery included the chest, night stand and the dresser. Products are delivered by a contractor and I wrote in the delivery slip that the mirror was missing and that the night stand had a minor damage. The delivery person stated that it would probably be delivered in the next shipment and to ask the person on the second delivery to see if they had a marker to correct the small damage. About two weeks later the other pieces were deliver, the mirror was not received and the delivery person used the marker to fix a little of the damaged night stand. I waiting a couple of weeks, and contacted the number in the invoice. I referred from one number to another and finally on September 25, 2010 I received a called from them, I happen to have just parked in front of their store.

I explained the incident to the manager, who stated that he was very sorry and that as I could see none of those employees no longer worked for the company. I told the manager that if my understanding would of have been different I would not be wasting my time reaching out to them. Things must be very bad as even a different Manager is now running the store. The Manager continued to state that the mirror was not listed on the invoice and that if I wanted it I had to pay for it. I do understand that a mistake can be made; however I explained that not seeing the mirror listed in the invoice made no difference to me as my understanding was that the mirror and dresser was a single item.

I did receive the mirror wood boards when the dresser was received. After several minutes of conversation and since I did want the whole set; we agreed to share the price of the mirror. Denissa that called earlier said the mirror price was $149. Then the Manager started to generate the documentation and said it was $100. I responded that that was not the price given to me earlier. As he began preparing the new invoice, I asked for when would the product be delivered and he said I had to pay $50 for the delivery or full price of the mirror, if I wanted it installed. Then I asked him to pick up the pieces at home and turned my invoice to the rear and said that the store policy is not to receive returns.

I expressed that I felt that I had purchase a stove and the burners were not delivered and he said that if the burners were not listed in the invoice, I most probably had to purchase them separately. Give me a break. I told the Manager, to cancel the order and expressed my disappointment and left the store. I told him that the consumer should not be accountable for sales person mistakes and that I felt he should have handled the situation better. But everything in life has a learning curve as in the future I will assure that when I purchase something that I even ask the sales person to include the screws, I will even list how many times he/she blinked in the process. My advice to other consumers, make sure that everything is listed in the invoice.


On July 21, 2010 we placed an order for a couch and were promised 4-week delivery. After 4 weeks, we were told it would be an additional 4 weeks before our couch would be delivered (now 8-weeks total). After 8 weeks, we were told it would be another 2.5 weeks before our item was delivered (now 10.5-weeks).

I requested a complete refund as I did not wish to continue working with Jason's. The "manager" (Shelly) responded that she couldn't refund my money and cancel my order. I requested to speak with the store manager, to which she responded there was no one else to speak with. I asked for a partial refund due to the long wait time and she told me my request was unreasonable. I was told the economy is bad and they can't fill the delivery truck and I had to wait. During the discussion she became very heated and angry and hung up on me. When I attempted to call back, they refused to transfer my call. When my husband attempted to call, they hung up on him as well. It took 7 phone calls before they transferred my husband to the store manager.

This company has terrible business practices, they are unreliable and untruthful and they do not practice good customer service. I will never shop at Jason's ever again and I highly recommend everyone to stay far away from this store.


Place is an oddity, a total dump. Do not purchase anything from there! The managers are never around to speak with. They are always in "meetings". I find that very hard to believe since there seems to be nothing professional about the entire setting. My friend’s sister is friends with a past salesperson from there, and the person told them stories of how the owners/managers are all a bunch of crooks, and they find any way possible to beat the system.

Unfortunately, it is at the expense of the naive men/women who are duped into purchasing anything from such an improbable setting. These are the people (the customers) who have kept this place in existence for as long as they did, and in return they get furniture that is in shambles upon arrival, a due date that is months overdue, or furniture that never arrives. Jason’s Furniture, I am counting the days until you close your doors for good!


The place is an oddity. It’s a total dump. Do not purchase anything from there! The managers are never around to speak with. They are always in "meetings". I find that very hard to believe since there seems to be nothing professional about the entire setting. My friend’s sister is friends with a past sales person from there. The person told them stories of how the owners/managers are all a bunch of crooks, and they find any way possible to beat the system. Unfortunately, it is at the expense of the naive men/women who are duped into purchasing anything from such an improbable setting. These are the people (the customers) who have kept this place in existence for as long as they did. And in return, they get furniture that is in shambles upon arrival, a due date that is months overdue, or furniture that never arrives. Jason’s Furniture, I am counting the days until you close your doors for good!


I started two layaway accounts with them around Dec'09. On July 2, 2010, I paid them in full for the bedroom set I owed about $450 from a $1600 bill and the living room set I owed $1300 and the bill was around $1600. I was guaranteed a delivery for the end of July. No one called me and I went on vacation. So on August 6th, I called and I was informed that none of the furniture did come but was guaranteed that it would be in the furniture truck on 13.

So I called Sat, the 14th, and the lady informed me that she doesn't know what's in the truck since it wasn't emptied out. She informed me that someone would call me on the 16th. The morning of the 16th, I called and was informed that the bedroom set is on the truck and was guaranteed a delivery by Nicole for the bedroom set on August 19 and that the living room set wasn't coming till the end of August. I waited for the call on the 18th for a delivery confirmation and no one called.

So the next day, when I'm supposed to have the bedroom set, I called and spoke with the manager (Sherly or shelly). She informed me that the bedroom set came but there were some pieces that were broken, so they have to order a new one and I wouldn't get it till the end of September. She guaranteed me the living room set for a delivery date of Sept 2nd. She also was going to refund me $150 but when she checked about the delivery for the 19th she refunded me $200. I wanted all my money because originally, they told me I would have the furniture at the end of July.

I waited the two weeks and on Sept 1st, I called them and was informed that there is no delivery set for the 2nd, and that the they have the bedroom set but not the living room set in full. The lady was going to try to get it to me that Saturday but when she looked at where it was coming from, she put me on hold and informed me when she came back that they couldn't deliver it on Saturday. But, she guaranteed me a delivery for Sept. 8 and she refunded me the $100 I paid for the delivery. I was supposes to have a housewarming/engagement party on August 21 and I couldn't since I had no furniture. I had to contact everyone and that was stressful. Out of $3400, they only refunded me $300 which is a slap in my face. They promised me so many deliveries and never came though with them and they're still promising me days which I don't think they will come through with.


I had furniture delivered on 5/21/10. A bedroom set that was damaged, there were no handles, the side rail was cut up and looked like a hammer was taken to it and most importantly there were no center bed supports so it sits unused! You would fall to the center of the bed if a mattress is placed on it! I’m paying for this? I called the store the minute the delivery man put the bed together, told them the issue. Candace said she would send someone out and rush order the center bed supports. I should wait 2-4 weeks. I called again and again, no parts. On 6/28 called again talked (reluctantly) to Shelly the store manager, she said she doesn’t know what happen but shells rush it again! I left her numerous messages thru 7/23 and no call backs. Spoke again to Candace, result keep waiting!

I called again 8/30 left yet another message for Shelly and Candace no callback. Called again 9/1 spoke to Emma at 10:15 am, she said Shelly was busy and would call back in a half hour, at 12:42 called back , Shelly the manager, didn’t want to get on the phone, but I insisted! She asks what’s the problem. What? I explained again the situation and her response again I don’t know what happened and asked her coworker to look at my account and help figure it out! She then proceeded to tell me Candace would look in the stock room for the parts! Really? She’ll get back to me in 5 minutes! 1:45 and I call her back; Emma tells me she’s busy with a customer and had no time to look for me! It’s now 3:00 pm and she leaves in an hour! No call back and no help!


I bought a dining room set in November of 2008 for about $1900.00. I was told it was solid oak. I believed this until June of 2010. I went to move the table a little bit and the leg snapped off. When I looked at the leg you could see that it is not solid oak. It has fiber board in the middle of the leg. I was told they cannot do anything but for me to deal with customer service. It must be a department that does not exist here. It is almost September and I have not received a call back from these people. I bought a new set and gave their way at a third of what I paid for it. Their customer service department sucks. I called them about 30 times in 6 weeks.


On June 18, 2010, I ordered a TV stand, one end table and a sectional sofa from this store. The total was $1,338.57. My salesperson was a female whose name I cannot read on the sales receipt. The initial of this person is ZCC. At the time I purchased this furniture, I informed this woman that I needed this furniture before July 17, 2010 because I was moving and would have no sofa. I am handicapped and could not be without a sofa. The salesperson told me that I should have this within 2 1/2 weeks but they always tell customers it will be no later than four weeks. During the week of July 10, 2010, I called Jason’s Furniture and was assumed that my furniture would be delivered on time.

On Monday, July 12, 2010, I called Jason’s and was informed that my furniture was going to be delayed until the week of July 21, 2010. I was very upset because they promised that it would not be delayed. I went to the store very upset. Roger, who is the store manager assured me that this situation could be resolved. He tried to impress me with whatever he did on his computer on his desk whereby he claims the sofa was ordered and was to be delivered on July 17, 2010, the day I was to move. I believed him. I had called him personally on his cell phone on July 13, 2010 and left him a message to cancel the TV stand end table since I had bought it somewhere else. I did still want the Ashley Sofa. I never heard anything from Roger during the week. I had believed that he had taken care of the sofa issue and that would have arrived on July 17, 2010.

At around 7:00 a.m., on the 17th, I received a phone call from Jason’s claiming that my furniture was going to be delivered between 4:00 pm. and 7:00 pm. I had already moved in as the movers came earlier that day. I waited all day long for them to deliver the sofa. At around 6:30 p.m., they showed up. The driver said to me that he had an end table for me. I was shocked since I had cancelled this. I asked him where the sofa was. He said he did not have it and it may be on another truck. I called the Jason’s store and was told that no sofa was going to be delivered on the 17th. I actually lost my temper and did use profanity which I should not have.

I asked to speak with Roger who is the store manager. I was told that he may have left for the day. I informed the receptionist that I was coming down there to get my money back. She tells me I cannot. On my way to the store, I called Roger's cell phone and he answered. I asked where my sofa is. He acted like he did not know what I was talking about. He said he was out of work for the week because of a death in his family. This is not true since on Monday, I and my nephew met with him and he claims the sofa was to be delivered on the 17th. He actually lied to me and whatever he did on the computer to order the sofa for delivery on the 17th must have been a fraud. I was so upset and exhausted waiting for them all day to deliver a couch that they never even ordered from Ashley.

I drove to the store. I know I had lost my temper and was screaming at them and I was in extreme pain with my disability and upset that they charged my account for furniture they never even ordered for me. Roger, the manager, called the police and I was told to file this complaint with you. In the meantime, I went to another furniture store that sells the same Ashley Sofa and this manufacturer produces hundreds of these sofas weekly. There is no reason why I should not have had this sofa within one week.

This other furniture store will have it delivered Thursday, July 22, 2010. The problem with Jason’s is they fraudulently sell furniture to people, charge their account and keep the money. They do not pay their furniture vendors so this is why they cannot get the furniture customers’ order from them. I want my money back from them. Thank you.


I picked out a sleeper sofa and a loveseat on 3/5/2009, left a $550.00 deposit. I was told we would have it in 4 weeks. In April 2009, still no furniture. And still in May 2009, then June 2009, so my husband and I went there and they will not refund. Instead of the sleeper, we then asked for sofa and loveseat for original price of $699. No furniture. We went back in 7/11, looked at the furniture, picked out another set, 4 to 6 weeks. My husband and I want our money back. The stress of working 13 hours a day for me is enough. My husband is disabled and I have my 81-year-old mother-in-law that has COPD and heart problems. I want my hard-earned money back, no excuse. I have never ever dealt with such an unreliable company. I work for 21 years at UPS and this is unacceptable.


I need my furniture looked at as I have a problem. How do I get some one from the insurance department to come out and see it? My order number is **. I am getting the run around sending me from one department to another and also from one store to another. Don’t they stand up for things a customer pays for? I feel physically sick. These people do not follow thru on their terms that I have paid for.


Nov. 2006, I purchased a set from Jason's Furniture by putting it on layaway. Nov. 2009, I finally paid for it and went in to make arrangement for delivery hoping to have my set for Christmas only to be told three different thing: 1. As we speak, your set is being delivered here to the store 2. Your set was damaged 3. Your set is no longer available and you will have to choose something else. Being extremely hurt, I came in a couple of weeks later, Jan 2010 and picked out a new set, I was told it would take 4-6 weeks.

Now I had a credit because the first set cost more than the second set and was told I could not get that money back. I was told I had to buy something else out of the store. I went through such an ordeal getting that money back. After two months, I was constantly being told my set is on back order, my set is on the way in another week or two, finally it came and took more than a week for delivery only to find out I only had half my set and could not even set it up because the main pieces were not with the set.

Then I was told it would be 4-6 weeks before the rest would come, after that I called only to be told my second set is no longer available and I would have to come in and choose a third set. No more! I have requested my money back several times only to be told I have to pick something else out. I don't want anything else I have looked through all their catalogs to find nothing to my liking. I just want all my money back and be done with Jason and their crooked lies.

Because I work at night, and found out the night before my Mother had gone into emergency surgery, I set up for Jason's to deliver early Friday morning, so I could get to see about my Mother, which they didn't. I waited and waited, I fell a sleep woke up hours later, called and they still had not come. I had to go back to work and never got to see my Mother that day. I set up Saturday morning, they were two hours late. They were suppose to set up furniture but couldn't because only half was there and main pieces were not. The delivery men left all the furniture in huge boxes in my bedroom, my old furniture is in my living room, my whole apartment is in disarray, and cluttered like the hoarders on television. I can not have anyone over it's hard to get to things I need daily and it is just disrupting my everyday living. I really like a neat and clean environment this has made me so depressed and anxiety ripped daily. It has effected my overall living.


I brought a sofa sectional in February 2009. I started making payments with 0% interest on the purchase. The couch was delivered at the end of May 2009. Around January of 2010, I noticed the non sofa part sectional started to dip and found that the front framing is off the front, which causes the material to rip and the springs to come through. I contacted Jason's Furniture store in Toms River and they told me that they only had a 90-day warranty. Ashley has a 1-year warranty on this furniture. When we bought the couch, which was my second purchase from the store, there was a lifetime warranty on the framing of all couches. We have not even finished paying for this couch, but have only 300 left to pay on it. I am in dispute with Wells Fargo Billing department. Jason's was to charge me 60.00 an hour for someone to come out and look at the furniture.

This is ridiculous. Wells Fargo also had the nerve to charge me late payments two or three times. When I bought the first couch, I made my payments either before the due date or a little after and never got hit with late charges. This is supposed to be 0% financing as long as you pay for it all by the end. This is not a regular credit card payment. They seem to change their policies and Jason's lies about their warranty policies on the framing. Can someone please help? Economically, I am out the money and I cannot use that furniture. Now it is 5 months since I have been trying to resolve this issue. I want my money back and interest on my money paid outed.


I ordered a leather couch. They told me two to four weeks after five. I called the store and they set up a delivery date. The couch arrived damaged and I did not accept it and sent it back. I was told I would have another one in 10 days. After five days I was called and told another couch was ready to be delivered. I asked them to check to make sure the couch was not damaged before they send it out and they assured me it was okay and inspected by the warehouse manager.

I was told I would receive a call the night before letting me know when they would be delivering the couch. No call ever called. I called the warehouse early the next day to get a time and was told the drivers had already left but he would try to reach them to get me a time. No call ever came. At 5:30pm, the couch arrived damaged and I refused to accept it and sent it back. I called the store and asked for the manager and was told he was busy and would call me back.

After one hour, I called back and was again told he would call me back. Forty five minutes later, he called and told me I would get another couch. I told him no. I did not want anything else from his store and wanted my money back. He told me he could not make that decision and I had to wait until the account manager came back from vacation sometime the next week.

I told him I would just come down to the store to get my money and he told me I could come down but I would not be getting any money. I then told him I would come there and let people know about the rude terrible service I was receiving. He told me he would call the cops and hung up on me. I emailed the parent company who advised me to call the store. No help from them either. I have called four times with no return call. I am not sure if you can help but I would appreciate anything you can do.


Showcase Decorators (same as Jason's Furniture) on 919 Hwy 35N, Ocean, NJ 07712: On 11/18/2009, I bought a series of furniture (set of living room, 2 bar stools) totaling $3,696.85 and paid through a debit card (cash). On the delivery date (11/27/2009), I received only the living room furniture. The stools were broken, and the delivery guy told me that Mr. ** decided not to send the broken stool because I did a big purchase in cash and I didn't deserve a delivery of broken furniture (which I have to give him credit for). Besides the living room, they sent a coffee table, which I didn't buy. I told the delivery man I didn't order a coffee table, and he replied that I needed to speak with Mr. ** (Manager) about it.

I accepted the delivery, and 2 days later, I returned the coffee table. Mr. ** wasn't there but was called to let him know I returned the merchandise unopened. I requested a paper stating I returned the merchandise unopened, and it was given to me. He said by telephone he needed to speak to his supervisor about the return. I came back to the store when Mr. ** was there and gave the same story, and he needed to speak to his supervisor (manager of the store). I came back again, and I was told that a refund will take 10 days. I told him (Mr. **) he debited my account right away, why I needed to wait 10 more days, when I already waited almost 10 days for my return. He said it was the policy.

Today, December 17, 2009, I have not received any refund or credit to my account. I told him that I needed my return right away, I gave him plenty of time to return my money, and they were playing games with me. Also, I'm still waiting for my bar stools, because according to him, they are special order and it will take a little to get it. He asked me if I could pick them up at the store instead of delivery to my house, which I agreed to thinking that was ok. Now, I found out the reason they want for me to pick it up at the store, is because they save money (which is not my business) and they replace the bar stools with other parts of the same stools in the store.

I researched this company and found out that it belongs to Jason's Furniture. Jason's furniture keeps announcing going out of business for months and months, filing for bankruptcy and opening other stores (such as Showcase Decorators). They're misleading customers and making them believe the store doesn't have anything to do with Jason's Furniture, which in reality is the same store. When I bought my furniture, I asked Mr. ** specifically if the store was related to Jason's Furniture, and he told me no when in fact when I requested my return, Mr. ** told me he needed to speak with the Manager (Jason's Manager). Then I found out he lied to me, because the store does belong to Jason's and he made me believe it wasn't.

If I knew that Showcase Decorators was in any shape or form related to Jason's Furniture, I would never buy anything from them. I was misled and lied to, and I feel this company, besides returning my money, owes me an apology. I just want to make sure the people stay out of buying from Showcase Decorators and Jason's Store.

I purchased a sectional for roughly $1200 in early November 09 from the Jasons in Brick Township on Rt. 70. When the sectional was delivered it was damaged. There was a large tear in the fabric on the back of the sofa portion of the sectional. The delivery guy told me a new one would be sent. I have called the Jasons Furniture in Brick and Ocean Township and have got the "run around". They keep telling me next week.

I have been a customer of Jasons Furniture for many years now and I will never buy another piece of Furniture from them in the future. The customer service is terrible. The employees act like they dont care and pretty much lie to you. NEVER AGAIN. BOYCOTT JASONS FURNITURE!


Buyer beware! Don't buy furniture from these people! I ordered a headboard for $455 from these people on July 3. It is now August 21st and I still have not received this item. I called and went into the store and received the same story - "it will be here in another 2 weeks." The contract states that Jason's has 90 days to deliver the furniture - the only reason I signed the contract was assuming that I would receive what I paid for. If I do not have my furniture in the 90 days, I will take them to court, call the news, and write an editorial in the paper. Ugh, I'm so frustrated.


I have paid for a purchase of couch insurance with Jason’s Furniture stores for the furniture I bought at the Neptune branch. It was more than a year ago. All these while, on and off whenever I remember and had the time to call, will check with them on phone to ask when they are going to mail me the couch insurance policy. At times I had the branch manager to put me on hold for hours. At times they will tell me to hold on for a long time and never get back to me. There are times they said they cannot trace the records, in which I have my invoice.

It is the $80-00 I have paid to Jason’s Furniture to purchase for the insurance. It is not a big amount so I kind of not aggressively pursuing it. It has come to a point that I felt very degraded with such treatment as if they thought I can be pushed around as they like. I want them to give back the $80-00 with interest of something around 20% or more as if it is the credit card rate for late payment charge. I paid by credit card.

Also, I want them to compensate the time I spent and the phone calls I made for all this year chasing them like a fool. They really undermine their customers as someone they can push around the way they want, or just ignore them. I will then give that compensation to a charity with a receipt back to Jason’s Furniture stores! It is aggravating and time wasting. I was taken as a fool that they pushed me around for a year now. I want them to do something about it.

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