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I bought the mattress on October 2008 and it has been changed three times already. The mattresses were sagging in the middle for one and half inches. I filled out the warranty application on June 30, 2011. Until now, I still have not received any call from your company. Please, I need help. The mattress really bothers me.

We purchased a head board for $577.50, a bunk bed for $650.00, and two mattresses for $550.00. The problem was with the head board, there are staples poking up the top of the board. The finish of the whole bottom part is not well done. You can see the bumps in the upper side of the board. We were not happy, and phoned the guy to schedule a return. He said he wanted to come out and inspect it first, then make a decision.

He came out and we showed him the damage on the board. His options were to either fix it, or come and pick another one, but no returns, because all sales are final. We are not satisfied with the product, and would like our money back, and so he said that he had told us all sales were final, and there is a re stocking fee of 15% when we bought the product (which is a lie he did not mention anything as such then), and he said this is not a high end product, so this is what we get. I asked if I could see a contract or a policy that state what he had just said, and he said that it is still in the process of completion. He mentioned a restocking fee as well, which we are unaware of, and it is not on the receipt, or written anywhere. we have spent so much money buying all these products from them. It is only fair that if we are not satisfied with a product, to get our money back.

He is now trying to avoid our calls, and has no customer service anymore, after all the money we have spent with them. My husband took the products back to the store on the weekend to return, but he was rude, and ignorant, and told my husband to leave the building, or he will phone 911. The head board that we saw at the warehouse was much nicer, and well finished, but it was not what he sold us. We have not built the other bunk bed yet, so we don't know what to expect. I regret doing business with them, and would like to warn others to please be careful. We have had to transport this product at our cost to and from the warehouse. There is no customer service at all, even after they took so much money from us.

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