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On 9/20/07 we purchased a dinette set from Fortunoff. The product has not performed well. The leather chairs are wrinkling and peeling and suddenly the material is falling apart. We are disappointed and upset. I don't know what our recourse is, since Fortunoff is presently bankrupt. We have receipts showing proof of purchase. We understand that there is a 10-year guarantee and hope the manufacturer could give us credit toward new chairs. We hope you can help us resolve this unfortunate problem. Thank you!

I have a $100-gift card that I was unable to redeem in time before they declared bankruptcy. It has been sitting in my desk because I just didn't know what to do with it and it was worth $100. I was told to file a complaint in hopes of some sort of compensation.

I had received my gift certificate before they closed, and of course, was one of the individuals that was turned away, being told they were no good. The balance was $200 and the sad thing is the fact that this happened is like Fortunoff stealing the money. They received 100% profit for taking the certificate money and not letting anyone use it. Anyway, when I was told it was no good (this was in Feb 2009), I just threw it in my dresser drawer. But was recently told I needed to file a complaint. The individual that bought it for me lost $200 and I lost $200 worth of gift.

Before Fortunoff close for business I returned a piece of jewellery and I picked another one for less expensive, plus a credit $26.75 ( gift card) to use any time. Now that my balance is $175.00 with no finance charge, but if not fully paid before 11/20/2009 finance charges dating back to the date of purchase will be added to my account. I would like to use $26.75 toward to my balance.

I spoke with a customer services representative and also with a supervisor Mr. Bob M. and told me that can not be possible to do. I understand is only $26.75 but is an amount that I can use toward to my balance, is my money! and I think is not fair. I will really appreciate your help. I would like to know if it is possible to do this.

I purchased an ottoman and they sent the wrong color. I returned it and they never sent a new one because they went out of business. They gave me a website to file a claim but it does not work. What do I do?

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I have a $200 Fortunoff gift card that I would like to claim. I understand that all Fortunoff stores are closed out and the website and customer service line are no longer in service. I don't think it's right that I lose the $200 and would like to get that back in the form of cash. I received a gift card for our wedding and it's a shame that I can't get my money back. Someone paid $200 for us and it's not right that I can't get the reimbursement.

I received two gift cards worth $100 for Christmas 2008 from Fortunoff's Store. After reading about their bankruptcy in late March, I immediately went to the store to redeem. I was told I missed the deadline of March 8 and they are no longer valid. Is there any recourse and/or filing with bankruptcy firm to get monies back? Please advise.

I got married almost 2 years ago and although the wedding was in Maryland, I registered with Fortunoff since my whole family lives in NJ. I haven't used all of the gift cards up yet since we don't live in the area and have pretty much run out of storage space in our tiny condo. Fortunoff sure sent me emails and letters about buying things from my registry after the wedding, but not a single notice of their closing or refusal to accept gift cards. What a Rip Off.

I received a $100 gift card in January 2009 and I can't use it less than two months later.

about november 2008 i purchase living room set using my debit card for dekivery march 13, 2 weeks prior to this date i called fortunoff and inquire for the delivery and the person i spoke to assure me of the delivery date. when i heard from the news that they are on the process of bancruptcy i went to the store in westbury and inquire about the delivery, the sales lady inform me that the company cancel the delivery. she check on the computer that the particular style never arrived.

i called the the debit card issuer (td ameritrade visa) cant do anything since a debit card was used and consider as cash. when the card was used i did not use my pin number which is the usual thing one uses with debit card.

I purchase patio furniture and umbrella from fortunoff and it was delivered but now the umbrella is broken and their are other defects in the furniture. I was told I had a one year warranty and it is within that time frame. I also have a deferred payment due on 8/1/09. I don't want to pay it unless they can replace the damaged products.

The jewelry department would not honor a $50.00 dream gift card purchased from Fortunoff. The bankruptcy court should never have allowed Fortunoff to get away with defrauding the public by not accepting gift cards while the store remains open...
The only answer Fortunoff employee was able to give us is that they were not allowed to accept gift cards beyond March 8th date. If they are still accepting money for sales/purchases they should be forced to honor gift cards...

What a scam.

$50.00 monetary loss, not to mention the lack of trust and confidence in Retail stores to provide honest service to the consumer.

Today, 6th of April, I went to Fortunoff thinking I should use my merchandise card before the store closed. When I went to make my purchase, I found out that they were not accepting my card. There was no prior info from them in email or letter form. This is cheating. When we, as the public, owe money to these retailers, they would never let a penny go, but who gives them the right to keep our money? They owe it to us and I want my money back.

Like many other people, I received a $75 Fortunoff gift card as a wedding gift. Although married in the northeast, my husband and I do not live in the northeast and, therefore, never saw the commercials advertising Fortunoff's going-out-of-business sale. We only found out about the liquidation this weekend (April 2nd), which appears to be after the March 8th cutoff. What can we do?

I have a gift card for $50 as a Christmas gift card and now I cannot use it. I was out of town with my sick grandmother and now that I've gone online to use my card, I found out that it is no longer valid. I feel as though there should have been better advertisements about when the cards were to be used last.

I received a gift card for my wedding last year, and just recently found out I coudn't use it. It is worth 200 dollars!!!! I am beyond upset about this!!! Please help!

As others have experienced, I just heard about Fortunoff going out of business and that they are no longer accepting gift cards. I am at a loss of over $100. We should have the right to a letter mailed to us saying that they would no longer accept these gift cards, rather than them taking our money and running! Over $100 lost.

A gift certificate was offered to me for the birth of my daughter. On the beginning of march 2009 I went to the store in New-Jersey (drive for 1hour from Connecticut) and they refuse to accept my gift card.

Iam losing $50 on merchandising. The stores FORTUNOFF are still open and they should accept gif card OR at least mention to it to the public.

I was just made aware that Fortunoff declared bankruptcy. I saw a commercial on TV saying they were going out of business. I have a merchandise credit ($277), which I just found out is no longer valid. What recourse can I take? I am just supposed to lose the $277?

Fortunoff has elected not to honor their gift cards. This is a breach of contract as well as FRAUD to the consumer.

I have two gift cards totalling a $500. loss.

Fortunoff would not honor my gift card I recieved for my wedding shower in June. My Mom got sick with Cancer in October and I took care of her until death in March 7 - it wasn't unil planning her funeral that I was aware fortunoff was going out of business, when I went on 3/13 I was turn away with too bad. So in my opinion they stole $100 from me.

I very bothered how Fortunoff is not honoring their gift cards!! Today i went to use my $150.00 gift card and when they were ready to ring me told me that my gift card was not valid!! I told the manager how absurd that was for them to give a cutoff date for the gift cards. She said there was nothing that she can do. I am very upset with the whole the situation. I believe they should honor their gift cards until their last day of operation. This our Money!!!!

Never advertised the cutoff date for excepting Gift Cards. I lost $200

I received a gift card for $100. Hearing that Fortounoff was going out of business, I went to Fortounoff the first available time that I had which was yesterday, March 15th. I shopped at the Woodbridge, NJ locatation. I was ready to make my purchase, only to be told at the register that they are no longer honoring gift cards.

I went to the FORTUNOFFS to use $250 in merchandise credits and was told they would not honor the credits. I am furious. This is a reputable store and the closing of the stores should have been disclosed in tv advertisements. Also I should have been notified through the mail. They constantly sent weekly advertisements to entice the customer into the store with wonderful promotions. Therefore, we should have received similiar notifications that the stores were closing and that gift cards/ merchandise credits would not be honored.

The store in White Plains still has lots of merchandise and we should be allowed to redeem our cards. This is organized theft and is the fine art of stealing. The store has had our money for months or years and we should be able to receive the equivalent in merchandise. !!!!CONSUMERS BEWARE!!!! Do not trust any other store offering these gift cards. If Fortunoff is allowed to treat us this way, than any other store will do the same. If you are unlucky and get a gift card, allows redeem these cards as soon as possible. Better yet. NEVER BUY A GIFT CARD FOR ANYONE. If you are unhappy with a gift, EXCHANGE YOUR GIFT FOR SOMETHING ELSE when you make the return and allows take the new item with you. Never walk out of the store with a gift card. The store wants you to misplace it and never use it. With so many stores closing, the government is letting them steal our money.

ANDREW CUOMO, our fine NY Attorney General, should make sure that we can redeem our cards until the store no longer has merchandise to sell. We elected him to protect us and he can continue to look out for our interests when we are being cheated. Where are the television news channels reporting on this travesty? Where are ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. informing us of this theft? Where are Ask Asa and Al Roker and Pablo Gusman? HELP!!! We need your support. We need the help of all responsible politians, news people and public citizens.

I have a $200.00 gift card and being that I work for an accountant and work 60 hours a week during tax season I did not know about the March 8th cutoff date.I simply want my $200.00 in store credit which is what the card was supposed to be honored at

cannot afford to lose $200.00 dollars as a result of a date that I was unaware of as Fortunoff has been in business for over 50 years and did not imagine this to happen

My husband and I have a fortunoff wedding registry. We received about $500 in gift cards which we had planned to use when we bought a house together. I just found out a few days ago that fortunoff was going out of business, when I went on the website and called the store they said they are no longer taking the fortunoff gift cards.

I am so upset, we were planning on using the gift cards for bedding and kitchenware and it's not fair to us and to the people who bought the gift cards for us. If they stores are still open and are still selling merchandise they should be ACCEPTING GIFT CARDS. It's just not right or just!

I registered at Fortunoff for my wedding in November 2007. I received several gift cards in addition to receiving a credit for some merchandise returned. The total outstanding amount is $957. It's infuriating when I hear the Fortunoff commercials that they are stocking the stores with new inventory every day with no regard to consumers who have been loyal customers and who had chosen to give Fortunoff their business for bridal registry.

In addition, Fortunoff did a poor job of advertising the date. Once I heard of the bankrupcy, I then heard of at least 5 different dates that they would be honoring gift cards through. I thought it was 3/14 and when I went to the store, they told me it was 3/9. Then I checked online after this and the date was 3/8. They could have at least sent something to those who registered at Fortunoff. I watch the news and read the paper and there was nothing that would help consumers to understand their rights. This is essentially stealing. There is clearly inventory in the stores that gift card holders should be allowed to purchase with their gift cards.

My husband and I work hard for our money and the fact that we can't use the money that is rightfully ours is infuriating. We are expecting a baby and this money would have been used for the benefit of our child. These are difficulat economic times and by hurting the consumer, Fortunoff is further exacerbating the problem.

I heard of the Fortunoff bankrupcy through a friend who said that Fortunoff will be honoring gift cards through 3/14/09. When I went to store prior to 3/14, they told me they are no longer honoring them. Fortunoff barely adverstised and after speaking with other friends, everyone heard a different date. I work hard for my money and when I see commericals that say that Fortunoff is stocking the shelfs with new merchandise everyday, I get infuriated. Why can they continue to sell merchandise when hard working people are out signficant money?

I have $200 worth of gift cards that I just found out today will not be honored. Why am I being penalized for giving Fortunoff business when it apparently needed it? Where does it say on the gift card that it is subject to Fortunoff's creditors or loss if the company goes bankrupt? How can such obligations be discharged in 3 weeks after the bankruptcy filing, with no notice sent to interested parties? I mean, I even have a Fortunoff credit card -- and I never received any notice about the expiration of the gift cards. Like most people, I work for a living and do not have time to read every little article in the local paper. And I am now being punished for this? Where is the customer loyalty -- i.e., the customers that actually believed in Fortunoff enough to purchase gift cards? Can someone with a conscience please look into this? It is grossly unfair.

Loss of $200.

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