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About Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds

Craftmatic sells adjustable beds and mattresses in twin, full, queen and king sizes. It offers three models with various features like wave massage, child safety locks, anti-snore positions and built-in lights. Each model comes with a remote control. Customers must order an adjustable bed over the phone and can return any product within 30 days.

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  • Wireless remote controllers
  • Safety lights and locks
  • Programmable positions


  • Can’t order online
  • Must pay shipping for returns

Bottom Line

Craftmatic offers a number of adjustable bed options. Its models have different levels of comfort and convenience. Each model offers a wireless remote for easy use. You have to call for pricing and purchase.

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Original review: Sept. 23, 2007

My husband and I purchased a Craftmatic bed Feb. 2, 2007. The salesmen Kurt & Bart were in our home for hours telling us the benefits of the adjustable bed which sounded great because of several medical conditions that I have and we thought that it was a great solution to several problems. We agreed to purchase the bed on a payment plan that was do-able. However the finance by a Revolving account is not the way to puchase any long term account.

On Aug. 31,2007 i made a payment by phone that I normally would have made online. The phone payment cost an addtional $5.00. But because the payment was not credited to the account until 9/04/07 a delinquency charge of $39.00 was also added. The finance charge was $111.59. New charges was $44.00-and by the way I do not know what that is, was also added. The original payment was $120.00.

When we got our statement -the previous balance was $3899.77 and our new balance is $3935.36. Also the finance charges which were already ski-high at 23.34% jumped to 29.99%. We were told that the contract was non-negotiable. I ask to speak to a manager but was told that the manager could not help becase we would the same thing.

I am disabled but my husband works and we are looking at payment that are not progressing to an end but are increasing. We cannot sustain this type of financial blow as our finaces are not flowing but stagnant.

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Original review: Sept. 18, 2007

We were told that the bed was very quiet and that is not true. The motor on the bed awakens everyone in the house, not just in the room where you are sleeping.

We were told that we would get a king size bed when indeed we received twins beds locked together. The mattresses are very uncomfortable. Since we received the bed, I have experienced my old back and neck pain coming back. The buttons that let the bed up and down does not always work and the mattress is sagging on one side.

We were given 5 days to send the bed back, but the 5 days were before we received the bed or had an opportunity to try the bed out.

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Original review: Sept. 17, 2007

July of 2006 I purchased a bed from Craftmatic. The Rep told me I was entitled to receive a free TV. When I received my bed the delivery man said the TV was on back order.

After a year of waiting and calling I spoke to a rep who told me that I did receive my TV. I told her "no, I didn't". My daughter took the call and asked the rep to please fax over this supposedly signed delivery form. My signature was FORGED! Someone apparently copied my handwriting to a delivery form.

I was in shock and very angry. My daughter spoke with the rep again who said they would investigate. She said she would talk to her manager and call us back in a week . It is the middle of September and I still haven't heard from them.

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Original review: July 31, 2007

We were interested in a Craftmatic bed so we arranged for a salesperson to come to our home to discuss. We were told that the prices quoted would be good for a year but the salesperson said the price quoted is only for this evening 1/25/07. She was a very high pressure salesperson. Came with a coffee cake and a plant for me.

The price of $7000.00 was entireley too expensive for us. She called her supervisor, so we thought, and for that night only they would lower the price to $4900.00. We said it was way too expensive, she did a credit check and said we can afford it. My husband is a double amputee and she said the bed would be excellent for him. She was here over 3 hours, at which time we agreed.

The first week the bed developed a dip in the middle, the mattress, FOAM, was replaced. We still complained and was told we would have to get used to the bed. She would not return our calls as we were very dissatisfied with the bed, customer service said no refunds. My husband has a secular wound on his bottom and had it at the time of the sale. A visiting nurse, for the wound, has said that he needs to be in a hospital bed. Side rails for the Craftmatic bed is $900 which is outrageous.

Now a VA doctor has also verified that he needs to be in a hospital bed. We did not realize that there have been so many SENIOR CITIZENS that have been misled with high pressure salesmanship for the Craftmatic bed. The middle of the bed has dipped again but we have not contacted them as now we are at a point where we are ready to pitch this bed into the nearest dumpster.

The wire for the mechanism to raise & lower the bed keeps falling down and will not stay secured. Today I wrote a letter to Craftmatic. I will see if they acknowledge the letter.

We are out $5000.00 for a product that does not live up to its name. We will have to get RID of the bed, as now the VA will be providing a hospital bed for my husband.

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Original review: July 19, 2007

Was contacted by the company during an extended illness..Sales pitch about all the health benefits I would receive from owning their bed. I was desperate at the time for any type of help to improve my health and after approximately 6 hrs I agreed to purchase the bed through a loan.

The bed is broken, will not work, and I have not been able to contact anyone to receive assistance even though I was told it had a lifetime warranty. The number listed on the website apparently has nothing to do with customer assistance, probably sales related only from what I could determine.

The benefits stated/promised have never been true, the bed was extremely overpriced, and and now cannot even use any of the features/raising/lowering, massage, etc due to being inoperative.

The financial strain has been great, the physical benefits extremely limited, if any. Unfortunately I was weak and vulnerable due to the illness which continues.

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Original review: July 3, 2007

We called the company in response to a promotion for a chance to win a free bed. Next thing we knew we had a man in our house selling us a bed we could not afford, sight unseen. We feel we were pressured into signing the contract and when we tried to cancel we were told we couldn't it was too late, I was no longer dealing with the Craftmatic Company, but a finance Company, the best we could do is get the payments reduced and the time extended, so now we owe over 8 thousand on a bed that is very uncomfortable, squeeks terribly when it is adjusted makes horrible noises when the massager is used, and you can't really feel any benefit from the massager anyway.

There is no chance of ever getting it replaced as who would buy it from us, We can't just toss it out and buy a good bed we can sleep on not after paying for this one. We can't afford to pay for it, it is ruining our credit as we are on disability and on a limited income.

The salesman said it was the answer to all our health problems and gave the bed all these wonderful reasons of how it would help my husbands heart problems and his recent neck surgery and my leg edema, and help with our sleep apnea, the stress of how we are going to pay for this monster has only made our problems worse. I wonder how many other disabled and elderly people craftmatic is taking advantage of. He also told us if we tried to cancel our order he would get fired, at the time I felt bad for him, so we didn't, afterwards I realized he was just trying to make a sale.

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Original review: June 15, 2007

My elderly mother purchased a Craftmatic bed. Within a week the mattress was sagging so badly that she had to hold on to something to stay in bed. I have called customer service to see if we can remedy this problem, all they can tell me is they will send someone out to take a look but they never do.

My mother has slid out of bed on two different occasions. The problem is she is not able to get up once she falls, fortunately, we have Lifeline and she is able to summon help.

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Original review: June 13, 2007

Bed was delivered broken, with a bar protruding through the mattress and creating discomfort in our lower back.

Mattress was exchanged for a pillow top style that has a plastic foam core which sagged immediately.

This was exchanged for a foam insert that is too large for the zippered mattress and bulges in the center.

It is impossible to get a good sleep in this bed. The mattresses are slanted and either indented or bulging. Of course when I contacted them about another alternative, I was told that there are none and that they would not accept a return of the bed. I was also told that the Baltimore distributor I apparently purchased the bed from had gone out of business.

Paid $4,000 for backpain!

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Original review: May 8, 2007

My handicap father purchased his Craftmatic Adjustable Bed under the impression it was covered with it's Lifetime Warranty only to be told that to receive a new mattress (because the one he has is literally nearly bent in half) he will have to pay an additional $500.00 because the distributor he purchased it from went out of business. He spoke to two different customer service reps at Craftmatic, one being the supervisor, both of whom were extremely rude with no interest in the consumer whatsoever. He has done nothing but complain about this bed since it arrived.

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Original review: April 27, 2007

The story and events described in the craftmatic West Virginia story were almost exactly the same. Sales guy comes to door, stays an very long time, makes promises, pressures single elderly woman to buy bed, sets up charge account with no disclosure and customer service at Craftmatic no help.

Collector now calling threatening litigation to collect the outstanding balance. Elderly aunt unable to discern what has happened and tells the Craftmatic people she didn't want bed and agreed with sales person to get them to leave.

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Original review: April 25, 2007

I have been getting calls from this place for a very long time. I and the only other resident of the house have told them to stop calling. The person on the other end will NEVER give their name and they continue to call. Tonight I got home and saw that they called and I called them back on the 800 #. When I first got through a female took my name and the spelling of it, while saying that she was going to put me on the do not call list. She then states that she was not calling for me, but rather for my fiancé. I advised her that he has answered before and told them not to call. She replied Oh well, too bad, we will continue to call and hung up on me.

I am tired of them calling very early and very late. I work long hours and I would like to get my sleep without interruptions of a rude and inconsiderate company!

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Original review: March 9, 2007

July 26,03, I bought a two Craftmatic Adjustable Beds for $6000.00, Was told they would help my back plus help lower my Blood presure, After about a year the

Mattress started to get lumpy and we could not sleep on them, I call them they said they would change them which they did. Here it is two years later we got the same problem, Only worst, I cannot sleep on the mattress at all now.

I called, talk to three or four people, they keep transfering me around to different people, who keep saying they will call me back, never do. I feel after spending $6000, they should do something for me, I can't afford to buy Mattress every two or the years.

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Original review: March 2, 2007

My father was talked into purchasing a craftmatic bed before christmas 2006 he did so and he paid them when the bed arrived he told the gentleman that he had received the wrong mattress and the thing that had pushed him over top and buying the bed was the fact that he could get the heated mattress he was told that there was one in the warehouse and he would receive it next week well it has been 2 mths now and no one from the head office or the distributor will return my calls I have to say that now we are looking into just having the bed returned and the money back.

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Original review: Feb. 23, 2007

They are phone harassing me. They call with their recording 3x a day and will not accept that I am on the do not call list even though I call them back at 443 573 0232 and I think the Craftamatic telemarketer is mad at me and is now into revenge. He keeps calling, he is mad. I am frightened.

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Original review: Feb. 19, 2007

This company contacted my mother at home even though she is on the National Do Not Call List. She was informed that she had won a free craftmatic bed. My mother was skeptical about this windfall gift and questioned the marketer, at least 3 times, whether this was a ploy designed to obtain a sales appointment etc. She was told absolutely not, that she had won a bed.

My mother asked if I would be available on the day she was to receive the new bed. I agreed. Just prior to the salesperson's arrival, I went to the Consumer affairs website and found the article on Craftmatic and its penalties in West Virginia. I immediately called the Craftmatic office to cancel the appointment.

The salesperson demanded that I give them all my mother's personal information, which I refused. I gave them her name and phone number and told them to contact the salesperson by cell phone. The craftmatic rep on the phone said that would be impossible. Within 2 minutes the outside sales rep for Craftmatic shows up at the front door. He questioned why we were cancelling. I told him to contact his office.

He then asked if he could come inside and use the phone to verify the cancellation. I told him no that he could use my cell phone outside while I listened. He then admitted that he had his own cell phone in his car. I am convinced that this was a ploy to gain acces to my elderly mother. Within 5 minutes of his departure, we received a call from his supervisor who demanded to know why we were cancelling. I told him to stop contacting this number and he abruptly hung up!!

This event has had a very detrimental effect on the psychological health of my mother. She is quite depressed at the fact that she could have been duped by Craftmatics high pressure sales pitch .

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Original review: Jan. 30, 2007

We purchased a craftmatic bed on 1-18-2005. We are having a problem with the mattress (it is lumpy) and the motor or something has leaked oil on my carpet. I called the customer service rep. Diane Peltser and she said I had to pay 116.00 to have someone come and look at my bed because our distributer went out of business. Therefore any warranty that I had was not in effect.

We were told our warranty was good for a lifetime and would even pass down generations. They promised us the world and now we find we have nothing. The woman I spoke with was rude and had no interest in helping me. She said there was nothing she could do because our distributer went out of business. This seems strange because after a salesman was at our house I spoke with the craftmatic company and had somethings changed before I got the bed.

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Original review: Jan. 12, 2007

I cannot sleep at night I have to get up in the middle of the night and sleep in the chair to get rest.

The Craftmatic I Sleep system was sold to us with the assumptiion that you would beable to sleep better and your breathing habits like snoring would be stopped or reduced. The bed was suppose to help you sleep better but it does not. I have had back surgery and I can not hardly sleep in the bed. I would not recommend or purchase a bed like this ever again. What makes it so bad is my Mother-In-Law purchased one as well. We are two families that are very dissatisfied.

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Original review: Dec. 20, 2006

I bought a craftmatic bed and my sales rep died. It no longer works and I have tried numerous times to contact the company for help and no one returns my calls

I am medically disabled and used this bed 3-4 times daily for fluid retention problems and for a major back injury.

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Original review: Dec. 14, 2006

I ordered 2 beds 11/2/05 to include heat pads. I've had to call several times due to not receiving them when told they would arrive. On 12/14/06 I spoke to Mr. Vaughn who claims to be a supervisor that once again told me I would receive pads at my door in 7-10 days just like I was in October. I asked what reassurance I had and he said he is taking care of it himself this week. I told him that is what I was told last time. He asked what he could do and I requested a letter stating the product would be at my door in 7 to 10 days. He hung up on me.

I immediately called back and asked for a supervisor in which I got Mr. Vaughn again. He stated he was very busy and didnt have time to write a letter and he has told me 7 to 10 days. I asked him who his boss was and he stated Mr Magary. Of course there is no way of contacting him that I know of. My order was paid in full on 11/2/05 the day I placed the order but they have not fulfilled the order as of this date.

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Original review: Oct. 24, 2006

Salesperson dropped in at about 2:00PM. Didn't leave until about 8:00PM. Starting price was about $6500.00. Call after call was made from my home to Denver when I wouldn't accept price. Finally deal made at $4500 with condition that I pose in TV ad (never happened). I still owe over $3000 on the beds. I got 2 twin beds.

I'm a totally disabled veteran and my wife has had extensive back surgery (before getting the beds). We were told that the beds would alleviate many problems both she and I had sleeping. Told my sleep apnia would improve greatly (NEVER DID). We've had the beds almost for just over 2 years and both of them need to be replaced. Both the box springs and mattresses are collapsing. I have to sleep on the far right side of my bed or I role out of my bed during the night. Many times I have had to spend the night on the floor, not being able to raise mysef. I can't adjust the bed in any form to keep from having extreme pain in my body. I could go on and on but time constraints keep me from doing so at this time.

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Original review: Aug. 24, 2006

In June we were called by the craftmatic co. We are on a no-call for solicitors.They got through anyway and wanted an agent to call on us.They promised we would be entered in a contest for a free bed.The agent came the 20th of June and nothing was said about entering us for a free bed. He claimed the bed would be beneficial for my sleeping and snoring which I have trouble with and my wife has back problems and he said the bed would help that.

We bought a bed and when we read the papers he gave us, the company disvowed any claims. We paid $3800 for it and the mattress should have been top of the line quality.The bed did not help any of our problems.

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Original review: Aug. 3, 2006

In July I saw Craftmatics ad. on t.v. I called to enter in sweepstakes and to get information on buying bed.A few days later a Burl Mahl contacted me to set up an appointment to come to my home.I honestly felt it would be safe to allow him in my home. This would be the first salesman I have ever let in my home.

Soon after he arrived he began to ask very personal questions. Did I have a boyfriend? Did I live alone? Would I enjoy having my hair,nails done? He only called me 'lady' never using my name.Whenever I tried to interupt him he would tell me I needed to hush. He said I must be Attention Deficient. He said he was a multi-millionaire who only works for Craftmatic whenever it suited him. He said he is in the process of buying several restaurants in Atmore, and Bay Minette. He owns several race horses who has made him millions. He is a famous chef who would love to come to my home and cook for me. He is a pro playing a piano. I was getting more scared by the minute. This went on for almost 4 hours. When I thought it couldnt get worse he got up and said Lady I want you to see this. He pulled his shirt up and proceded to explain how much weight he had lost and how good he thought he looked.

That night he started calling my home. I wouldnt answer the phone because i saw on caller ID it was him. Later he started blocking his number. I think Craftmatic is fully responsible and Im very scared if he is fired what will he do to me and my daughter.

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Original review: July 17, 2006

Linda suffers from MS and is virtually completely invalid. As such, Linda depends on her special bed, which she purchased about 14 years ago from Craftmatic. In April of this year, Linda contacted Craftmatic for a service and repair and was told that the charge for this would be $ 440.47 The repairman of Craftmatic showed up on April 20th and told her that this older bed needed a different size board (piece of wood), which needed to be ordered. Since then, we have contacted Craftmatic several times and they have visited Linda once more on June 9th.

At that visit , she was - once again - told that she needed a new footboard and thighboard. Since I am a part-time caregiver for Linda, I have contacted Craftmatic on her behalf and spoken to various people about this problem. However, despite all their promises, we still have no idea if and when they will finally repair her bed. It is now July 17th and we are truly disappointed in this company's lack of responsibility.

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Original review: Feb. 15, 2006

Upon purchasing two beds we were promised 13% financing. When the first bed was supposed to be delivered the paperwork was 20% fin. chrg. And the one bed delivered was a king instead of a queen. We returned the bed with the truck that brought it. We called and tried to cancel the order and were told that they would keep $500.00 of the $1000.00 we put down on the bed if it was cancelled.

We decided instead of losing our money we would wait on another date, and were given another date to have the bed delivered with new paperwork. The delivery time was one o'clock in the afternoon. The Craftmatic co. called me at work at 10 a.m. and said they would be there within the hour. I drove home and at 12:45 they arrived. They had new paperwork. This time the fin. charge was 17.99%. Suzanne was called and she told me to sign the paperwork and she would have new paperwork to me within the next week. I told her I would not sign a contract with this % rate and that I had sat there for 4 hours out of work waiting on delivery and could not afford to keep leaving work.

She said she was sorry and I could cancel with a full refund or wait on another bed. I cancelled and have not recieved a refund.The driver of the truck which made the delivery said he did not blame me a bit. That they lied to many people. My mother-in law who has cancer has waited on this bed for a month. Now we must try to find another bed for her comfort.

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Original review: Dec. 31, 2005

I was employed as a sales rep for Craftmatic Beds They required a $200 deposit after a 3 day training class and then took out $180 the next 2 weeks for equipment they provided us for our sales presentations. It was our understanding that after we left the company we would get our deposit back. I requested a Wednesday off on the previous Sunday on the voice time off mailbox you are required to give a 48 hour notice which I did.

They called me that Wednesday when they said I failed to show up for my 2 appointment's that day and and left a message for me that I was fired and to return my equipment. I didn't care about getting fired it was a really bad job anyway. I returned my equipment under the impression I was going to get my full refund for $380, they only sent me back $182 there explanation was tht they fined me $200 for the 2 appointments I missed even though I left a message requesting that day off. I would like them to send me my full refund. They also sent me into really bad neighborhoods to do my sales presentations there leads were not pre-qualified at all.

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Original review: Nov. 12, 2005

I went to a sales training course for Craftmatic for three days on my own money after I was told by Mr. Morris that I would be paid the first 90 days of employment and would receive $75/wk in gas allowance to run their leads. When I got there I was told there was no longer a gas allowance and that I would not be paid for the training course.I bought a box of supplies for $200 for my sales rep. job. After the first day of what I'd call poor leads and could not sell the beds. I did two demos in which I'm supposed to be paid $50/demo. I called my sales mgr. Tom at 8am I couldn't afford the gas to run the leads without a gas allowance and I would have to quit. I sent my box back and have not heard anything about getting my money back. Also the people on my appts. said they were told on the phone that they had WON A FREE BED and they assumed that's why I was there. They did not win a free bed. I was there to sell them one.

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Original review: Oct. 4, 2005

I was sold a bed on 8/25/05 that was not the one my wife and I ordered and needed,my wife or I needed or ordered, she had a stroke on 3/28/05 and is paralized on left side,unable to move or transfer,.now she is suffering from back pain, uncomfortable, unhappy in top of her horrible tragedy with the stroke, this is adding to her pain and suffering and mine too.

I was cheated, discriminated against, disrespected by the employees I dealt with..Diane kept telling me that I misunderstood her, maybe because I am hispanic and and old 80 yr old. She said I was confused, that she sold me what I asked for..the mattress dont even have the right measures I ordered. I am about to call an attorney to handle this issue.

I paid $6,430.58, paid for the Craftmatic I adjustable bed. I wanted the Optima, I ordered a king, they gave me a queen. I have called them they say they are going to fix it and they dont.

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Original review: Aug. 9, 2005

I purchased a craftmatic bed and there is a problem with the remote control. the bed has had many problems since purchased. I called to get the bed adjusted although it's still giving me trouble. I had the bed serviced and I'm still facing the same problem that I had when originally purchased the bed.

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Original review: Aug. 8, 2005

6/2/05 we purchased a Craftmatic I bed for $4000. It was delivered 6/4/05. After sleeping on it for a couple of weeks felt that it was too soft (I had back surgery 4/15/05 and am worse than I was before the surgery) and that I needed something firmer to support my back. I called Chuck Falcone, Cust Svc Mgr, and 6/13/05 telling that we were not happy with the bed and asked if he had one a little firmer. He said that he would have to check and called me back 6/14 and said that we would have to sleep on it for (30) days before he could do anything for us.

On 7/13/05 I called him back and he agreed that he would changeout mattress to a firmer one. This was delivered to us 7/21/05 and it was worse than the first one and harder than the floor. I then wrote Mr. Falcone a letter dated 7/26/05 and told him that we were not able to sleep on the bed and are having to sleep in our guest room. I asked if there was any way that they could work with us to refund the $4000 and perhaps keep a reasonable amount for a 'restocking fee' since the bed had not been slept on but five days. He didn't respond to my letter so called him once again 8/4/05 and asked if we could work out something.

He said that there was nothing they could do for us and the bed was ours to do whatever we wanted with it. We are senior citizens (68 and 79) and cannot afford to lose $4000 for a bed we can't sleep on. We feel that they are taking advantage of us. We are desperate.

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Original review: April 22, 2005

I bought a Craftmatic bed on 3/26; Delivery 3/29 for my Florida apartment. I was told if I did NOT like it, I had five days to return it with no questions asked. The bed wasn't delivered for 3 days. After one night, my arms became numb. I paid $2,383.94 for this bed and realized it was not for me. I called the following day. I was told I must send the form in writing for a refund and bed pickup. I sent it certified mail. It was post marked 4/2/05! Now, they are saying it is 5 days after the contract signing, not a trial period of 5 days. I am very upset they REFUSE TO PICK UP THE BED AND RETURN MY MONEY.

This amounts to a 24 hour period that it is late. I only slept on it one night!!! I stopped payment on the check. (I am 85 yrs old and on a fixed income, my daughter is writing this for me). Donna At Craftmatic is being unreasonable. SHe states she already was paid and now it is with Telecheck a collection agency?

I am now going to put in collection for the balance, $2,083.94. I cannot believe that I am a customer, don't like the product and cannot get a refund. They want to come out and adjust the bed. I SIMPLY DO NOT WANT THE BED!!!! The salesman spent 4 hours with me until he was sweating. Can't a consumer get their money back and return the product. We're talking ONE DAY OVER THE 5 DAY PERIOD. That includes a weekend!!!

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