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I have never formally complained about anything to anyone, but this company is wrong and should be shut down. I'd sue these people if I could, and I've never said the word "sue" on my behalf ever. We ordered this "SAT Bed" on 1/16/06. Everything seemed as ordered upon delivery. We followed the setup instructions explicitly, and this bed had problem from the very first time we slept on it, sinking on one side. I complained verbally and was told to try some things to adjust it. These attempts did not prove positive results. Through email I was given "canned" responses from a computer-generated database. We tried to return the bed prior to our 90-day trial period expiration and we were again talked into giving it another try.

I developed chronic back pain which required medical attention. My wife offered to switch sides to appease me. In 2010 I attempted one last time to return and/or repair and again they had me try adjustments that don't work, threatening that if returned parts were deemed functional, I would be billed extensively for a very expensive component. My wife is now suffering from chronic back pain and it's clearly a direct reflection of this saggy, non-supportive bed. If I knew how to go after them and get my money back, I would. Complete crooks! I feel duped.

Oct. of 2005, purchased a new mattress with 20-year warranty. Product failed within first 3 months. Developed a 3" deep low spot in center. Customer Service representative told me not to sleep in middle of mattress! I called the owner and have not received a response to this date. Back pain is worse than before I purchased the mattress.

I bought this bed maybe 9 years ago. I have had nothing but problems from day one. The air mattresses seem to split at the seams. I have had to return them about 5 times. The 6th time, I called, and they demanded a deposit of $150 per mattress, and as there are two of them, so I would have to come up with $300 for a deposit. I could see if I had issues with returning any of the other ones, but I always replaced immediately and FedEx always came to get the bad ones, to ship back to the company.

Because I cannot come up with the $300 deposit, I am stuck with a mattress with blown air mattresses. I have had nothing but back problems because the air mattresses leak out air each and every time I lay on the bed, and by morning, I've sunk into the mattress. If I had known this company had such shoddy air mattresses that break at the seams after a short period of time, I would never have spent the $1500 on the piece of garbage to begin with. With the limited money coming into the house, I cannot afford to give this company $300 for them to sit on for weeks while I wait to get refunded.

Ordered 6 Cushion fillers paid by chequie this was cashed 3 weeks ago still no cushions. May only be 26.00 but we both work hard for our money and this is a rip off

The management at the hotel is making car service drivers charge an extra 10$ for airport calls, and I believe that is considered a kickback. Kickbacks are illegal, so I would like to know what can be done to stop management from doing it.

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Originally ordered from Custom Direct, custom height queen size mattress mistakenly. Returned for custom height full size mattress. Second mattress was not custom height as requested. Company refuses to accept return of mattress or send custom height jacket (which would meet request) without charging for jacket ($130). Company has 90 day return policy but will not honor on second mattress because first mattress was custom height despite spoken agreement that if I returned a second mattress, I would have to pay for any custom made parts.

It was an ad in a magazine. I never heard anything from the company after I received the bed in the 3 hugh boxes. It is the worst bed I have ever slept on. At first it seemed OK, but my husband worked out of the country at the time, so It was just me. When we both are sleeping on the bed we go to the middle and it is so bad.

We have turned it around so the 2 sections (the comfort part I assume!) is at the bottom and we are sleeping on the bottom of the bed.This bed costs $1700.00 dollars and it is a shame that so much advertising was done and none of it was true.

On or about March 3- 05 I spoke with this man Kevin over the phone about this SAM mattress that he had advertised on his website Comfort Direct. He said that they sell all types of mattresses and the SAM was the best. The description of it looked great. But it is not as it is seems to be. It does not perform as He (Kevin) says it performs. I want a refund of the mattress price wich was $ 1700 but cannot seem to get in touch with him. How convenient for him. Beware this bed and beware this product this bed has two bladders that you fall between while trying to sleep. It has a concave middle caused by stiff outer foam edges. It is supposed to use Buyles law and refill once you have gotten off of it, but it does not. It remains sunken in in the middle. I was told Kevin has been sued several times but gets away with it anyway. Unfortutalely I do not have the money to sue him and at least get my money back.

Constant back pain constant stiff neck. Many restless sleepless nights. Constant fighting with the mattress to find comfort.

Unfortunately I purchased a SAT (SAM) mattress. After being told this mattress improved circulation so much that wounds could be healing from the inside out and the mattress along could improve health. Many hospitals and hotels/motels would only have the SAM mattress in them. Not to mention Christopher Reeves and his wife. They both slept on the SAM mattress and that is why Chriostopher had made such improvements. I did not receive any back up documentation with this mattress. No warranty, registration, model number, instruction, care of... absolutely nothing. The only documtation I have of my purchase it the $1,500+ charge to my Discover Card. Both my husband an I are not and have never been pleased with the mattress. When the bed is made you can see two huge dips where my husband and I sleep. The control adjustment makes does not make not difference where it is set(firm or soft)the bed still sags in the middle on both sides.

At the time I puchased this mattress my husband and I really needed something that would give us a painless night rest. I have arthritis and three slipped discs in my lower back. My husband also has recurrent back problems. After sleeping on the SAM mattress we both wake with stiff necks daily not do we sleep the entire night through (no REM sleep what so ever). Lately, I think the huge dip (sag)in the middle of the mattress is causing pressure on my kidneys, as I have kidney pain upon rising but it usually is gone in about four hours. $1,500 is a lot on money to my husband and I and we would have never spent that amount of money unless we really believed this bed would provide us with the rest and benefits Kevin said this mattress had given so many others.

When the mattress was delivered, the address label on the box did not even have my name and address correct. In fact it was so far from correct, I was very surprised it even managed to get delivered to me. (That sent up a huge red flag.) I had counted on the 90 days trial period and with an incorrect name and address and no paperwork regarding the purchase I could not prove anything to Comfort Direct which I suspect was the objective. Having spent $1,500 on this it will take a while to get the funds together to replace our SAM with a real mattress.

Bottom line is, not one word from this company was true and I feel Kevin was very slick to avoid having to honor the return or the warranty.

We ordered a SAM mattress and adjustable bed last Aug. 25, 2002, online. The quoted price was $3650.00 plus $200.00 S&H.; When the bed was shipped, it went to Tacoma, Washington instead of Toccoa, Ga. After weeks of not knowing where the bed was or if we were truly going to get it, Mr. Dyevich sent us two pillows for our trouble and agreed to drop the $200.00 shipping charge.

On Oct. 6, Bekins trucking out of Atlanta, Ga. called to say they had our bed, but since we lived more than 15 minutes from their distribtion center, there would be a charge for delivering and setting up the bed.

My husband then cancelled the merchandise delivery, telling them that was not what we were told by Comfort Direct. There was no mention of additional fees to be incurred at the time of delivery. We contacted American Express and had the credit card charge of $3850.00 put on hold while we debated the issue. American Express has now put the charge back on my credit card, saying that our contract does not allow us to cancel our order. We were never told this by Comfort Direct ever!

However, our argument is that we never received the merchandise because the trucking company is trying to overcharge us for the shipping that was to be included in the original price quote. Also, American Express keeps saying that we have received the merchandise, which is not true. It's still in Atlanta at Bekins. Mr. Dyevich talked to my husband on the phone and expressed dismay, according to my husband, that this had happened. However, no one from Comfort Direct has ever tried to solve our problem. I contacted them earlier and requested a credit to my card as I have absolutely no faith that we will get this bed without further charges or problems from the trucking co. So, now I have a current charge on my credit card and no merchandise. I am frustrated and do not know where to turn. My attorney wrote a letter to American Express but they still consider the bed delivered and so I am liable.

Perhaps Carol's husband should have the bed delivered and then pursue Comfort Direct for the disputed delivery charge?

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