A queen sleeper (couch) and a matching loveseat were bought for me and my wife as a wedding gift from my mother. It was ordered in early June, 1999. On July 24th, they were delived and the couch was damaged. It had a tear in it.

When I called to complain, Castro said they had to send someone to inspect it to see what course of action to take. Someone came on August 4th and concluded the fabric needed to be replaced. I was told it would be about 3 weeks.

I called again in September because I hadn't heard anything yet. They said the order was delayed and they would call to make an appointment upon arrival. Castro came on October 9th to re-upholster the couch. It wasn't until after I placed the cushions back on the couch, after the tech had left, that I noticed the print was on an angle and the couch back did not match up correctly with the cushions. I called again that same day, and again they said they needed to send an inspector.

On November 23rd, after not hearing anything, I spoke to the manager, John D., who told me he would have to call back because the computers were down. He never did. On December 16th, I called John D. again and he transferred the call to Annette who takes service calls. She told me someone would be in touch by Monday, the 20th. I called her back on December 29th. She said she put the order in to service. She also confirmed it was in the computer and she couldn't understand why the order was ignored. She felt sorry for me and gave me the phone number to call headquarters in California.

I called and they, again, told me the order for service was in the computer and that someone would contact me for an appointment soon. Later that day, someone did leave a message at my work phone stating that someone would come on January 3rd between the hours of 8am and 1pm. On Sunday, January 2nd, someone called me at home to confirm the next day and to ask for directions. They even said I would probably be the first stop around 8:30. I stayed home from work on January 3rd. 8:30 came and went, and so did 1pm. I tried calling in the afternoon but only got a machine.

On January 4th, while at work, they left a message on my home phone stating they will come on January 21st. They never even mentioned missing the appointment. When I got home, around 5:30 pm, I called them up, and again got an answering machine. I have just about had it!

I bought brand new furniture. The price that was paid was for brand new furniture. Why do I have to be stuck with furniture that looks like second hand? If they replace the material, I don't believe it will match-up with the rest of the couch and the matching loveseat, especially that it is already 6 months old. If I bought a product in a store and was not happy with it, I would be able to return it for a replacement or a refund. I think that should apply here as well.

We do too and we think that Christopher should send a certified, return-receipt requested letter asking for a full refund or replacement. If he doesn't get it, he should go to Small Claims Court.

On March 30, we asked Christopher for an update:

In a nutshell, since the new year, their service company stood me up twice and then denied it both times. I think at this point in time, being 10 months, repairing it is not an option anymore. I either want the product replaced, or a full refund.