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Matthews, NC

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I purchased a chair and a half with ottoman last November (2006). Within a months time the bottom cushion on the chair began to sag. I contacted the company rep (12/3/06). They said they would relace the cushion. I called again on 3/19/2007 to remind them about the cushions. FInially received new cushion which began to sag almost immediately. Called them again on 4/19 and was informed that they would send another cushion. No cushion came so called again on 6/4/2007 left a message. Cushion arrived 6/5/2007. Again cushion began to sag almost immediately.

Called customer service again on 7/12 and was referred to Peter Davis. Left messages for Mr Davis 7/12, 7/16, 7/19. Mr Davis returned call on 7/19 and said he would send a service tech out to look at the chair. 7/23 the chair was inspected by a service tech who informed me that this was a design flaw and he would report this to Mr Davis. He also took pictures to show the sag in the cushion.

The tech said I should hear from Mr Davis by 8/3. 8/6/2007 Left message for Mr Davis. He returned the call said he had to wait for the picture and would call me back that Friday. 8/30 called left message saying I wanted a refund and to call me. 9/13 called Mr Davis left another message stating again I wanted a refund. 10/1 Left message saying if I did not get a return call within 48 hours I would look at taking them to small claims court. NO RESPONSE.

I also paid for a fabric protection plan that was supposed to make the chair stain resistent. It has been cleaned three times by their agent and the smell and stain has returned.

I have spent $1185.45 on a chair that is becoming unusable and is causing my back to ache from sitting in a very uncomfortable position.


I bought a 2 sofas, a loveseat, coffee table and end tables from Carolina Sofa Factory in Florida 5 months ago. Besides the pillows in one sofa and the loveseat being terribly understuffed, making them too soft, the other sofa is so hard no one can sit on it! The arms are poorly put together and have unattractive dips and creases in them. Further, the seat cushions don't fit the couch and therefore sit at a constant angle.

The too soft sofa did get some attention at first. A repair guy came out and stuffed the pillows and then left us a bag of stuffing for us to do more if needed in the future. The hard sofa is totally unacceptable. The soft sofa and loveseat need stiffer seat cushions to be acceptable. We were originally willing to choose another sofa and get better seat cushions for the other, but considering the shabby service, we would rather buy from a different, more reliable company.

We have contacted them so many times that it is ridiculous. We only get an answering machine or an underling who says that we'll be contacted right away from the manager. So far, we have never heard back, other than the stuffing incident.

The total cost in furniture was approx. $2200. plus delivery charges for the pieces described above. We had company staying at the house for Christmas, which is why we bought a sofa bed and paid extra for the better mattress. Unfortunately, we couldn't use it because the sofa was so hard, no one could sit on it. We were hoping to return it, so we didn't have people sleep on it as to keep it as pristine as possible for return.

The embarrassment of bad furniture and no place to sit because sofas were too soft or too hard was terrible. We had to buy folding chairs just to sit down! I had my staff holiday party at my house and had to hold it in the kitchen and patio because of defective furniture. It's terrible to have such poor service and bad quality in the US. No wonder foreign companies do so well!


We ordered a sofa with special fabric (100% cotton)for which we paid more. I suffer from nerve damage and cannot tolerate synthetics. The sofa came with the cotton fabric, but fibers from the upholsterer stuffing poke through the fabric making it prickly all over and intolerable to sit on. We have made several phone calls to Carolina Sofa (both local and corporate)without satisfaction. They essentially told us there was nothing they could do as the subcontractor uses a dacron polyester fabric for stuffing.

We paid $700.00 for a couch which is unusable for me. The salesperson was aware of my problem, and even let me take home fabric to try. I am very upset over this because the company is unwilling to help us, even though their brochures state that the customers' satisfaction is guaranteed.


I bought a sofa/rocker recliner as a 12months same as cash. After 5 months the sofa/and chair started splitting at the seams and the fabric is actually peeling. They will not correct/repair/or replace. The manager of the store made promises but did not keep. I requested back in October for them to pick up the furniture. I have been fighting with this company since august 2000 to get them to do something about the furniture. I requested the finance company to step in and assist me before my 12 months was up, but I have not received any kind of anything from them.

The finance company is now demanding their money. They want the furniutre company to repo and blemish my credit. I do not feel I have been treated fairly by either company. My only wish and or hope is for them to pick it up and not to tarnish my credit. I have all kinds of documentation as to what has been going on.

Robbin's wish is not lucky to come true, minus a fairy godmother. She should probably start making the payments on schedule -- which she is legally obligated to do. Meanwhile, she can sue the furniture company in Small Claims Court for the purchase price and the interest expenses incurred.

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