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Original review: Aug. 13, 2010

Noticeable declination in quality of products over the last 3/4 decade. I was quite proud when I started integrating Broyhill into my household furniture needs. The original pieces are still well built. The new ones (Breakfast table, chairs, bar chairs, and two end tables) are simply garbage. Cheaply built w/ extremely poor durability in physical wood integrity, quality of assembly, and cure of final lacquer finish. I'm moving on to Thomasville and Amish Built now. You get no second chances with me and my money. A disappointing fall from grace indeed. Only about one ladder rung better than cheap walmart furniture now.

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Original review: Aug. 8, 2010

I purchase a complete bedroom set (king-size bed and mattress, headboard, two end tables, two-piece chest,and dresser w/ mirror) from the Broyhill store near me. This set cost me $7,000. The store where I purchased them in 2008, no longer exists. None of the drawers on the end tables, nor the chest stays closed. It is very annoying that I paid too much money, yet none of the drawers stay closed, and of course, there is no one to contact or complain to.

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Original review: July 22, 2010

I bought a nice Broyhill living room set before deploying last fall. We bought two loveseats, a couch, and an ottoman. They have a corduroy material, which seemed really nice in the store. The furniture was delivered about a month after I left. Seven months later, I came home, and the "new" furniture is frayed on every edge of every piece of furniture. I do have little kids, but they hardly spend any time in the living room. And my dog is not permitted on the furniture. This furniture has barely been used and it looks like hand-me-downs.

I paid nearly $4,000 for this set, thinking I was getting a good product which would serve my family for a decade. Not so. Broyhill makes crappy furniture these days. I called their customer service department, and the first thing they said is, "Well, why don't you call the store you bought it from?" Why should I call them? They sold me a furniture set below the retail value. I don't have any problem with them; my complaint is with the manufacturer. I told them the furniture store went out of business, and they seem to have accepted the responsibility for the problem, saying they can reupholster the furniture with a new material since they've "had problems" with this particular material. So now, even if they fix this, I get to spend a few months with no living room furniture. That's the best case scenario. We'll see how this plays out. Don't buy Broyhill.

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Original review: July 2, 2010

I have not bought a piece of Broyhill furniture for several years and will not until the furniture is not sent to a foreign country for manufacturing. Broyhill and many other furniture producing companies have and are continuing to ruin their reputation(s) because greed has taken over their companies. Broyhill is more concerned with money rather than the quality of furniture and pride in which it is produced. Broyhill is helping to ruin the city of Lenoir, NC, which has been known for its excellent quality of furniture production for generations.

That was true until several years ago when Broyhill and other furniture companies began sending furniture to be made in China! This idiotic idea lead to the decline and closure of many factories in Lenoir, NC. That in turn forced many American furniture factory workers to be laid off permanently from the trade that was handed down to them by their fathers/mothers, grandfathers/ grandmothers, great-grandfathers/great-grandmothers and so on down the ancestral line. What a shame. Just to save a "buck", a company as wealthy and prosperous would dare to turn their back on the American citizens of Lenoir and the surrounding area and send work to China, a Communist country.

I am furious with this and will go to any legal lengths to try to stop this horrible error in judgment. Broyhill, wake up and smell the coffee! You are helping to ruin the American economy, you are ruining the American way of living and the American dream! Bring production back to Lenoir, North Carolina. Give the hard-working people their jobs! It is going to be too late if you don't respond! Many people are buying Amish and various types of furniture because they know it is made well and made in the USA!

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Original review: May 17, 2010

A red Broyhill ($1,500+ tax) was delivered to our house & it had a cut in the arm. They took it away & said that they would order a new chair. Approximately 1 month later they delivered a "new chair". To make the long story short, it was not a new chair. They had repaired the cut & passed it off as a new chair. There is also a problem with the back of the chair & the seat is not holding its shape. We were "rooked", lied to & treated very very badly!

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Original review: May 12, 2010

I purchased a table and six chairs from Broyhill Furniture on 02/08. On 04/06/10, I sat down in one of the chairs to have it fall apart and I landed on the floor! I'm not a fat woman, just average size, so there was no reason for the chair to fall apart. I contacted the company to ask for a replacement or repairs. Customer service told me that the chair was out of warranty and they wouldn't help me in any way. I feel cheated! I paid a lot of money for this set and I got junk. Hey Broyhill, haven't you ever heard that you have a happy customer they will tell one person. You have an unhappy customer they will tell 10 people. I have made it my personal mission to tell everyone I know about the crap that Broyhill sells. Buy from Walmart, you'll get the same quality and for less. In this economy, it makes better sense.

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Original review: April 30, 2010

I bought my first new couch for our house in July of 2009. We wanted good quality furniture that would last. We shopped around and loved this big couch at Broyhill by Hudson’s. I paid $2300 for it, but figured it would be the last couch we would buy for a while. The day they delivered it, we had to call and complain because the fabric was horrible and worn looking on one of the recliners. They replaced it, no problem. Then the fabric on the whole couch started looking like that soon after we bought it and they said it was "fraying" and it was meant to do that. Well, I didn’t pay $2300 on a couch to "fray" right after I bought it.

Then the bottom of the foot rest on the recliner started falling out. There was stuffing all under the seat. A repairman came and stapled it back together and said that he did a bunch of calls on this same couch already for other people. Now a couple of months later, it's falling out again. We also bought a chaise lounge for the end of the sofa that they didn’t let us try out at the store because something was leaning up on the back of it. So we didn’t know that when you reclined it back, the back cushion and seat did not meet so it’s pretty useless. When we were complaining to the store manager, they told us it’s been too long to return it. On the website, it does not give a time limit for returns. They did say we can exchange it for another couch, but we would still have to pay the rest of this one off. Why would I pay for something I don't own anymore? I feel cheated and wish I never made the mistake of buying from them.

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Original review: March 24, 2010

I purchased a plaid pattern couch and chair (Providence Attic Heirloom) from the store and when delivered, it had a tag attached saying it had been prepared. I called and talked to the salesperson (Monica) and she told me they had no more in stock so to keep that one until others came in. The solid matching chair also had glue on the cushion. It was about 6 weeks later and they delivered another couch and chair and the pattern were mismatched and very noticeable.

I called the store and said they would deliver another from the warehouse in Ohio and when it came, I asked the delivery guys to let me see before taking off the truck. It was mismatched worse than the one I had.

I called Monica the next morning and she said she had asked them to inspect the ones in the warehouse before sending and said they would deliver the next evening between 1 pm and 4 pm. They never arrived and did not bother to call. I called her the next morning and she told me that they inspected all the couches and they were all sewn crooked. I told her to have them come pick up the furniture and give me a refund as I had paid cash. She said I would receive a check within 10 days which would have been a week ago and still there's no check. Plus on the receipt she sent, they had deducted the amount I had paid for the spray protection. I had always thought Broyhill furniture was a good company but never will I purchase their furniture again.

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Original review: March 18, 2010

I have purchased through a local Broyhill dealership a new couch, loveseat, chair and ottoman. The items were custom made with the material I selected for the furniture. This would take 6 to 8 weeks to manufacture. The items were made in 6 to 7 weeks in the material I ordered. For whatever the reason is, the couch and loveseat are very uncomfortable, unlike that of the chair and ottoman. In no way is the feel similar to that of the chair. I contacted our dealer who advised me that Broyhill does not offer different firmness on the seat cushions. Having a bad hip, I had to remedy the situation. So I ordered new foam inserts from an out of state manufacturer. When the replacement foam came which required me to remove the Broyhill foam I had to remove the upholstery to access the Broyhill foam insert and what do my eyes see? Dead ants! I am appalled.

I understand that it is not a standard practice to remove the foam on a new couch and I guess that is very lucky for Broyhill seeing they manufacture the furniture with dead bugs! I contacted Broyhill furniture and never received a response, then I called and they claim that they did write me. Again, I requested to resend the email and I never received that one. Verbally, they told me to contact the dealer that sold the items. I did that, yet, feel they have not a thing to do with the way Broyhill manufactures furniture. They sent someone out to my home to insure that the wood on the couch did not have carpenter ants within it and it did not.

My complaint is dead bugs within the furniture! I find this a deplorable and even question if this is a health issue! When I told Broyhill furniture of my dismay and that I felt this to be a health issue, I was advised no reply other than to contact the place I purchased it. I also told them they made it, not the distributor, for Pete's sake. I feel this is a matter that needs to be brought to the public's attention since as consumers, we do not typically removed upholstery on furniture and who knows what the bugs have been sprayed with and then the consumer lays on this stuff and Broyhill does not care. I have items of which I am unable to unzip to check out like my ottoman. Broyhill's reply to me was do what I need and offered no resolution. Hence, my complaint of the manufacturing of furniture with dead bugs.

Additionally, Broyhill advised me the email which I never received came from a *** if this is of any assistance to you. I to this day have never received any communication from this individual or organization. Furthermore, when the person came to my home to inspect for carpenter ants, he also stated how hard the couch and love seat cushions are opposed to that of the chair that Broyhill manufactured. I have no clue what they have done and most disgustingly--dead bugs! I do have pictures of this if you require or would like to see. Understand, it is not 1,000,000 dead ants, but clearly enough to draw attention to what the heck is this and make one sick up looking at it! I feel this is a health issue when Broyhill manufactures cushions and upholstered furniture with dead bugs!

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Original review: March 8, 2010

In December 2008, I purchased a sofa from Buford Furniture Gallery. October 2009, I noticed the material was pulling away from the back. I contacted Buford Furniture and they turned the matter over to Jim **, rep for Broyhill. In February, he said the back had been shipped to a company in Thomaston, GA and they would repair my sofa. I spoke with Richard (in Thomaston) and he does not have the part to repair my sofa. I would appreciate your help in this matter.

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Original review: Jan. 27, 2010

We special ordered our Broyhill Audrey sofa in June 2009. It was delivered on July 28, 2009. There were lots of loose threads and the pillows were very poorly made. We contacted the dealer and requested new pillows. In late November, I noticed a piece of sharp metal poking through the back of the sofa. The dealer took pictures of the damage and indicated that the Broyhill rep would likely authorize a repair of the tack strip and a stretching of the fabric.

I refused to allow the repairs to be made in this fashion. There is a hole in the fabric so stretching it would be the last thing I would want to do. After more than a month and 3 calls to Broyhill headquarters, I finally reached someone named Connie who suggested replacement of the back panel of the sofa. She was going to call the dealer to discuss the option with him. I just hung up from the dealer and he told me that the Broyhill rep had authorized new fabric for a new back panel but the authorization was done with hesitation.

Apparently, the Broyhill rep (who has not seen my sofa) believes I have abused it and broke the strip by hitting the back of the sofa with my vacuum. I had asked for a refund as I believe this sofa will not last. Frankly, I will be surprised if it lasts more than a couple of years given the shoddy workmanship. Loose threads are still working their way out of the piece although the sofa is seldom used. I ordered this sofa as it is the same style of Broyhill sofa I have owned for 20 years. I wish I had recovered the old sofa rather that having given it to my brother. I just thought the new piece would be of the same quality as what I had previously experienced.

Learn from my experience, Broyhill has no pride in their product. It is the dealer, not Broyhill, with whom you will communicate since Broyhill's rep and consumer agents don't want to talk to customers. If you have a dealer like mine, who is so artless as to repeat comments made by Broyhill representatives, you will understand why I will never buy Broyhill again and will never again walk in the store that sold it to me.

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Original review: Jan. 18, 2010

I bought a beautiful leather chair for my office. 2 years later, a wheel broke. The chair is still in excellent condition. But I was stunned to learn that Broyhill would not sell me a replacement wheel! And I can't find a generic wheel anywhere that fits. So I'm about to throw a leather chair in the garbage, because of policy of Broyhill!

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Original review: Dec. 15, 2009

In the very beginning of November, we bought an Albany leather sectional from the store. We were told that the delivery will take 4-6 weeks. The estimated delivery on papers was December 21 but we were told that it says that just to be covered. It has been 5 weeks since and we were not contacted at all about the possible coming delivery. So, we called them and found out that it's going to be "couple of weeks more". Disappointed, we asked about the exact date of delivery and we were told that it's going to be the first week of January. This is not my first time in buying furniture but it never took so long. We were also very very upset because it looks like we are going to spend holidays without furniture. We thought that buying sofa at the beginning of November would give us enough time.

We went to the store to cancel the order so we could start looking for something different at a different store. The salesperson and the store manager came to assist us. They said that they were very sorry and would work with us to hold the deal. The manager showed us two other sectionals (which we did not even consider first, mostly because of the price) and said that he would work with us. The condition was that we would take display items as is. Later, he said that one of those sectional he would not be able to give. So it really seemed like he was trying to get rid of that display sectional plus we would end up paying more money for it. Or he was going to offer a gift card so we could buy like a floor lamp or something? And this was after I said that I did not come for deals or for discounts, I just wanted furniture in the house for holidays. I did not want the floor lamp and the display item was not a "steal" how he called it. I would pay more money for the display item which I did not even want!

It really seemed like he was trying to make a bigger sale instead of really helping us. If he really wanted to help us, he could have offered a loaner for the holidays till our order arrives but as I have said, he probably just wanted a bigger sale. When we bought the sectional we paid cash (big mistake, don't repeat it!), so the guy said that it would take 10-15 days for us to get the check and then he started to ask questions about how soon we needed money. I said that if we send the check faster it would be nice; however, he said that he could not. I really did not understand why he even mentioned that. He also said that we should give them "friendly reminders" about that check. After they've totally screwed up and did not help, I should give them reminders to get my money back? Not acceptable! Never coming back (even for a floor lamp)!

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Original review: Dec. 11, 2009

I purchased a set of Broyhill Vantana tables back in October of 2007. I got a set of 4 including a coffee table, 2 end tables, and one spare round table. Well, in January of 2009, I started to see what looked like a shiny spot on a few of the tables and after taking a look and trying to wipe whatever it was off, the finish started to wipe off along with the stain. I have tree sap coming out of the wood of a few of my tables. Little did i know until after I flipped the table over that it's made in China.

So now, 3 of my 4 tables are damaged and I cannot see getting them refinished as there is something wrong with the wood. Has anyone heard of such a thing as I described? I have sent a nasty gram to Broyhill via email so we will see what type of lip service I'm going to get. I don't care if these are out of warranty. This should not be happening. It may be time to get an attorney involved if Broyhill decides to not do anything.

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Original review: Nov. 19, 2009

I ordered a couch and loveseat from Broyhill in Springfield, OR in early October 2009. The loveseat was available and delivered as promised. However, the couch seems to be a missing piece. It was promised not later than October 30, 2009. Well, ever since, it has been one excuse after another. We sold our previous furniture anticipating the arrival of our couch. It has now been well over six weeks and no one can seem to track it down as it comes from China and they say (they being Broyhill) it is hard to communicate with them.

So we are therefore heading into the holidays with no couch. First, they promised to give us a loaner but couldn't find one suitable. Then they offered us $50 off the price. It seems as though they should not promise an item to be delivered at a certain time when they have no control. Now they say the end of November or maybe beginning of December. Unfortunately, no one knows for sure. I suggest if you buy from Broyhill, you need to pin them down on a delivery date when you purchase it or have some sort of recourse if they don't follow through.

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Original review: Aug. 24, 2009

I purchased a Broyhill bedroom set some time ago. I like the maple set but have a problem. The drawers cannot be removed so you have to empty the drawers to be able to move the furniture. If there is a secret to remove them, I would sure like to know. Please respond.

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Original review: June 25, 2009

In July 2008, I purchased a Broyhill Heirloom dining room table and chairs. Two months later, the spindles on the back part and bottom rungs started to come loose. I called Comfort Zone in Hemet, CA where we purchased the set and they came out to re-glue the loose pieces. About three months later, I had to have them out again for the same reason. In June '09, I had to call them again to fix problem plus one spindle has cracked due to pressure when you sit back on the chair. I was told they contacted Broyhill and that is common so they are no longer going to repair the chairs. I am very disappointed. My husband and I are the only ones in the house so this furniture is not used roughly. On top of that, the repair guy used some sort of glue that turned white and you can tell every place he glued. I have not contacted Broyhill yet but I intend to do that soon.

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Original review: May 2, 2009

On February 17, 2009, I ordered a sofa and loveseat to be custom covered in a special fabric that I was told was durable and would wear for many years. I paid several hundred dollars more for this. I was told it would take at least 8 weeks and it did. I was willing to wait to get quality furniture. It was delivered on April 10, 2009. Upon delivery, I showed the deliveryman how the front of the cushions were all rippled looking, the binding uneven and the sides of both pieces the material looked crushed and whitish (the color is burgundy). So this really stood out. He said he would put a report in. On April 12th, the first time we sat on the sofa, we saw all these whitish marks when we got up. It did not flatten or crush. The material was actually coming off. It is a raised material and the raised part was rubbing right off. In fact, when I vacuumed it, I gathered a Ziploc bag full off the top of just 4 cushions.

I vacuumed it the day it arrived, but I used a vacuum with a bag so I don't know how much came off then. But this second time, I used a bagless one. I called the store the very next day because the 12th was Easter. I spoke to the saleslady and told her we had a really big problem. She contacted customer service, who in turn had a service tech come on 4/16/09. He took a photo and didn't say much. He said the company would get his report the next day. The next day, I was left a voice message from a lady saying the material was doing what it was supposed to be doing. I was livid. Is this what I paid over $2,000 for - material that was supposed to come off with the first sitting? I donated furniture to the homeless that was 5 years old, that looked brand new compared to this only because I just bought this condo and wanted something that fits better.

I wish I had never given it away and I wish I never trusted the Broyhill name as quality furniture. In fact, when I first ordered it, I had also ordered a dining room set by Broyhill only to find out through my own research online that they published the wrong dimensions of the hutch that would not fit in the space I had. So I had to cancel out that whole set. I also paid $100 for 2 additional pillows for the sofa and I picked them up separately. They wouldn't even deliver them with the furniture, so I had to make an hour and a half trip. They were all sealed in plastic and when I got home and opened them, the ends weren't even filled. The middle of the pillow was bulging on one side and the bottom was sewn with white thread on a burgundy pillow. So I had to make another trip to bring them back and the store manager gave my husband a hard time, saying this is the way they were supposed to be and walked away from us.

The saleslady sent them back for us. I even said to her that I had hoped this wasn't an example of their workmanship because our sofas had not yet arrived. Boy was I right. I argued with the service manager for Hudson's and he finally agreed to send another service rep for a second opinion. He came several days ago, took another photo and scratched on the surface of the material, and I could see how it was coming off. He was going to write a report, but said it could take several weeks before Broyhill would get back to me. My problem is that we are here in FL until May 20th, then will go back to our seasonal home in PA. We won't be back in FL until Nov. 1st. I want this resolved before I leave here. I have a family coming during the summer to use the condo and am embarrassed at how bad the sofas look. They look old and worn. I will never buy or recommend Broyhill or Hudson Furniture to anyone. They don't stand for quality or customer satisfaction.

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Original review: April 16, 2009

In the local Arlington shopping center, we visited a Broyhill Outlet and looked over several types of furniture. We finally settled on a couch, loveseat, and ottoman. We were told it would take 6 weeks to deliver and it would be coordinated with us. Well, 6 weeks went by and no one called. We finally went back in, found out the status, and were told another 4 weeks. Okay, 10 weeks, not a problem. We finally got it delivered and all was well, or so we thought. After just a few months, the product began to show signs of fatigue. As you sat on either the couch or the loveseat, you 'sank' in to it. Not 2-3, but between 6-8. The fabric wrinkled over the cushion, and then you started sliding off the seat. For a while, we didn't really realize this was happening.

By 5 months, we were concerned that the product is poorly designed. We went back to the store we purchased it from, it was out of business! Go figure. After writing Broyhill Company directly and waiting for a reply, they finally did so and requested a local repair shop to assess the situation. This takes from December until February to actually happen. The repair shop arrived, stated the design is poor (too wide, zigzag springs are not strong enough, etc.) and wrote a report that would go back to Broyhill and that I should hear in two weeks. A month went by and I called the repair shop. They referred me back to Broyhill. I then wrote to Broyhill again, stating the above and my dissatisfaction. Upon receipt, I was sent an e-mail that states there is no manufacture defect and that I am stuck with this product. Of course, it is a poor design, not a defect!

All I really wanted was a repair suggested by the repair shop that would cost about $200 per unit. I only spent $3,000 plus on this, so it really wasn't unreasonable. The company doesn't have a customer satisfaction policy. Their website is full of dead links and their customer service and response time is absurd. They do not stand for quality and their reputation continues to get tarnished. As a consumer, I am totally dissatisfied with the quality, service, and concern by this company. I can only imagine their future will not be very bright. At present, I am stuck with a product that is uncomfortable and I am totally dissatisfied with. When dealing with a company that provides a bogus warranty and no customer satisfaction, I will never purchase or recommend Broyhill to anyone. Sign me utterly dissatisfied with the entire process from start to finish.

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Original review: Feb. 17, 2009

I custom ordered a storage ottoman manufactured by Broyhill as I liked the design and fabric. This was an expensive item! I know the warrenty is one year yet approximately 1 yr & few weeks, the wooden box frame on which the structure is made broke at one of the hinges. The local store I purchased it from tried to repair the piece but did agree with me that Broyhill should replace this piece. He tried for a month to have the local rep come to his store to see the piece - only excuses! My attempts to call the toll-free number have been fruitless.

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Original review: Feb. 14, 2009

I purchased a Broyhill sofa and loveseat at a cost of $1800.00 in 2001. Within 9 months, after barely being sat on, there was a loud squeak on the left end of the sofa upon getting up from it. Also, on both pieces, there is a padded fabric under the cushions across the length of the sofa that moved backwards. It gave the appearance that the two pieces were sunken in the center and broken down. This all happened within the first year. I had purchased the extra warranty on both pieces also. I spent several months contacting Roomful Express and Broyhill, and was given nothing but the run-around by both companies. I was told I would have to pay $60. an hour for someone to come to my home to diagnose and repair the problem if it could be fixed at my home. If it needed to be taken out for repairs it would cost $100.00 plus $60.00 an hour. I then said, What good was the warranty that I purchased? Short of hiring an attorney, I figured out that I'm stuck with this piece of crap for a long time. Bottom line is, I will never, ever again purchase another product from Broyhill or Roomful Express.

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Original review: Jan. 8, 2009

I purchased a Broyhill Kitchen table and matching hutch from Nebraska Furniture Mart in Omaha, NE. Within a year, the paint started chipping where the table meets to put the leaf in. All I want is someone that can match the stain/paint and I will pay for it. I called Broyhill on several occasions over the years. They are very unhelpful and don't seem to care. I, too, will never purchase a Broyhill product again. Go to Ashley, at least if it falls apart, it wasn't that expensive to begin with. Shame on you, Broyhill. Years ago, you had a wonderful reputation. What happened?

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Original review: Jan. 6, 2009

I purchased a Broyhill Sofa from JC Penney's in the Monroeville Mall. Within a year and after normal use, the cushions on one side have sunken. Within 2 years, again after normal use, the back wooden frame broke. When I called about getting it repaired, I was told that only the parts are covered and I had to find my own furniture repair person and pay for the labor myself. In my opinion, it is ridiculous that I am only entitled to a piece of wood. I will never buy another Broyhill product again.

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Original review: Dec. 30, 2008

We bought a Broyhill Sofa L479-3x curved leather sofa. We paid $2,199.99 for it. It was on sale but not a floor model. in a year and a month it was breaking down very badly so we called the store. The cussions are gone in it and the leather has streached completly out of shape. It has a very bad odor to it for some reason

Neither them nor BROYHILL WOULD HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH US. We live on our social security and this was our last big buy. Now it is since 7/31/2006 and It looks horible and like it belongs in a dorm. I am not making this up. Half of the reason I purchased this sofa was the name and thats for sure no good. The store was absolutly no help. They just said it's been a year and we can't do anything. Actually it hadn't been a year because we had to wait for them to deliver it. It came damaged and they had to do repairs.
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Original review: Nov. 26, 2008

I purchased a queen sleeper sofa in March 2003. The first 9 months I kept the sofa covered with a throw. We shopped around for 3 months to find the perfect sleeper/sofa and with the Broyhill name we thought we were buying quality furniture. I finally called the toll-free number 1 year and 2 days after receiving the sofa. I have never been treated so was just sorry, they would not give me an address or name of anyone I could contact as to my complaint. They hung up on me when I insisted on speaking to a manager or supervisor. The frame on the sofa is broken(about 1 and 1/2 years ago), the fabric was faded and worn as of the time I called, the fabric on the arms where they connect to the sofa are ripped and there are actually holes in both of the seat cushions. The only thing positive is the sleeper portion is actually very comfortable, but not practical to use as a sofa. I only wish I had known there was somewhere to voice a complaint earlier, as a possibility to inform others that Broyhill DOES NOT stand behind its products. The sofa now looks about 30 years old and the no name brand chair and ottoman purchased at the same time looks brand new. So, I guess this is A BUYER BEWARE situation. I would definately NEVER consider buying anything with the "name brand" BROYHILL and I have pursuaded a couple of friends to stay away from the BROYHILL line after showing them the sofa. I am very glad I finally found somewhere to make a complaint to because I consider a $1,300 sofa to last for 20 years. I also have a 20 year old Lazy-Boy recliner that is just beginning to show some wear. BROYHILL you should be ashamed of your product and customer service. BEWARE OF BROYHILL!!!

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Original review: Nov. 23, 2008

On October 11, 2008 I special ordered a sofa for my Florida home. The contract stated that if the sofa was not delivered to my primary residence in Georgia by November 5, 2008 Broyhill will deliver the sofa free of charge to my Florida residence. The sofa was not delivered to by primary residence on November 5, 2008. When I called to find out when the sofa would be delivered to my Florida residence I was advised by Josh, the store manager, that they would look in to it. I had to continue to call the company to find out what the status was. Josh, nor anybody from Broyhill would call me back. Finally, Josh advised me that they were not going to honor the contract. He told me I can't help if you were lied to. I told him that he surely would not let me out of the contract if I decided to cancel. His reply was we can cancel our contracts at anytime for any reason. When I told him that I was going to complain he said what are you going to do, complaint to the Better Business Bureau. It is obvious that this company and its manager does not know how to treat customers and do honorable business. I guess that is why they are going out of business. In addition, after numerous requests, Josh would not provide me with proof that I was given credit back on my credit card account for the $400.36 which was the deposit. He gave me a form that showed the order was canceled but nothing showing a credit.

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Original review: Nov. 17, 2008

We purchased a sofa sleeper from Broyhill Home Collections in Plano Texas on July 15, 2008. We paid for it and had the pillows back-ordered. We were told that the pillows would be delivered within 3-4 weeks. The store in Plano continued to call Broyhill and they were told the fabric had to be ordered and the pillows were not ready. I continued to call the store for months trying to get the pillows. In mid october, I again called the Plano store and discovered that the Plano store has gone out of business. I then called Broyhill in North Carolina and they indicated that the store in Plano is a dealer rather than a Broyhill outlet. However, the store carried the name of Broyhill and the email addresses had the name of Broyhill. Broyhill in North Carolina promised they would honor the shipment of the pillows since they had no record that they had shipped the pillows to the Plano store and they had been paid for.

HOWEVER__Customer service at Broyhill will not even return my call.
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Original review: Nov. 2, 2008

I purchased a sofa in May from a furniture store in Batavia, NY. 100 yrs in business but I'm sure, not all satisfied customers. Within 3 wks, the color was so faded on the arms. The furniture store owner noted this. Within 5 mos, it was worse. I do have all windows in the room and I did expect some fading but, not this quickly. Several calls to Broyhill and the store and they offered me fabric to cover it. I was so angry with the store owner, I hung up on him. The only thing I can do is write letters to the company. Very time consuming. The furniture was 1600 dollars and it looks like it's five years old. I will never purchase Broyhill again.

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Original review: Oct. 23, 2008

My delivery of Broyhill furniture through Caralonia Interiors was one of the worst nightmares I have ever experienced. It took over 6 months and they did not produce the furniture even though they told me it was on a must go basis-which meant it had to be produced on the next run. WATCH OUT FOR their promises they do not keep.

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Original review: Aug. 2, 2008

I bought 6,000.00 of Broyhill Furniture, Affinity. The finish is horrific! All along the cracks of every piece you can see where the stain wasn't applied. In the carved pieces it looks as if a child had tried to do it. The store owner did try to help, (even though I hinted about exchanging for other furniture in his store)he sent a repair man out a few times but it all still looks tacky. When the furniture first got here every piece except for two end tables had to be repaired, some pieces had to be replaced. Makes me feel like I have second hand furniture.

I know I have learned a valuable lesson, NEVER BUY BROYHILL! I bought broyhill years ago, when it was built in the United States and it was wonderful, not any more. Just please be aware, I truely don't want this to happen to anyone else. P.S using dark scratch cover does not do anything! I'm just stuck.

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