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I purchased a bed from them in 2010 & it has buckled already. It was supposed to last 25yrs guarantee but it was short-lived, just on the normal use so I'm seeking some type of refund us something because it was false advertisement and a fraud.

They aren't any better in Merrillville, Indiana. The same story, the beds don't hold up at all. They are nothing like the showroom beds. I bought a bed and it didn't last a year. Now there are 2-inch dips. It cost 79 bucks to get them to come out and take this trash.

I have never had a salesman turn on me like ** did. I came to the Aurora New York st. store and as soon as I walked in I told him I was shopping around for prices and we talked casually about a couple of options. When I told him I was going to check out some other stores, he insisted that I bring my pregnant girlfriend in to try out our two options which I reluctantly did as well as our two year old. With my daughter in my arms ** started saying, "so what is it going to take for you to buy right now". I said "take $150 off then" he said "ok let me call my manager to see if I can get a special discount". He then pretended to call his "manager" pleading with him to give us the discount. He hung up and said "my manager has allowed me to give a $100 off only if you buy right now", while he pulled a coupon from a HUGE STACK of them out of his briefcase. I said, "ok let me shop around and maybe we'll come back". He then threw his briefcase down and called me a liar and that I was going back on my word as he aggressively approached us. I asked him why he was being so pushy and he said that I was a liar and that he would have went $200 lower than I wanted but not anymore.

I lost my temper and told him to never talk to me like that and that I am the costumer and to ** off and walked out the door which he locked right as soon as we were out. A couple was walking up and I warned them not to go in there, that the guy was a pushy **** at which point he opened the door cursing the young couple in with reassuring words and a smile. I went to 4 mattress stores in the same vicinity and told all of them what happened and all of them said they have heard stories of the same degree and nature and from the same man **, and they all knew his name without me saying. I'm going to tell everyone I know on all social media platforms and contact all of the local newspapers and their affiliates to spread the word to stay away from Bedding Experts in Aurora IL on New york st. Disappointed costumer that Bedding Experts have lost business from for LIFE!

We purchased a Memory Foam mattress and box spring in June of 2013. It is sagging terribly on the right side of the bed which unfortunately is my side. My initial thought was that the mattress is defective. Through further examination I find that the problem is the box spring. With me and my Wife both with back issues this not acceptable. When asked about exchanging we were told that we will have to pay a charge for someone to come to look at it and it would take approximately 2 or 3 weeks to determine if in fact it is defective. According to the representative, the warranty is thru a 3rd party vendor. Why should we be charged anything for defective merchandise. I will seek legal counsel on this matter.

Be aware when buying bedding products on the Blanket Factory trips (European Health Promotions SL or EHP SL) We bought a Bio Memory Mattress with over blanket and 2 pillows 8 years ago for £1000, based on the mattress having 10 years warranty, (£100 per year for extra comfort compared with spring mattresses). Whilst there has been no problems with the bedding, we were fine and pleased with the investment.

This month we went to change the mattress outer cover and noticed a large black patch on the underside, took the outer cover off and noticed the inner cover had disintegrated. We emailed the factory for assistance and advice, they told us they don't have problems with their mattresses, so we must have damp. After a few exchange of emails, where we confirmed we don't have damp and invited them to take the mattress away for tests. They told us that they were sorry for our problems and were not prepared to take any further actions. If you want to use the Blanket Factory trip for a free outing, fine, but if you are looking for a long term investment of a mattress, be aware of their poor or non-existent after care and take no notice of their 10-year warranty on their mattresses because it will never happen.

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I purchased a mattress set and headboard from Bedding Experts. I was told they would remove old bedding. When mattress set arrived (no headboard), two guys started bringing it inside. I told them it'd be easier to remove old bedding, which was only one queen mattress, nothing more. They said they don't like doing that! I showed them my receipt and called the store, and they finally removed it. When I asked about headboard, they said they didn't have it. I called the store, and they said headboard was backordered and should be in soon. I waited a week. No word. So I called again and was told it would be delivered the next day. I asked if they were going to give me a 4-hour window. The reply? "Oh, yeah, between 4 and 8 pm."

I waited at home the next day, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, going on 9:00 pm and no delivery. I called the store and got busy signals, so I went there in person to cancel the headboard which was paid by credit card. I was told I could not cancel the headboard because my salesperson was not in! Unreal. I eventually had to call Discover Card and dispute the charge for the headboard + tax. When I wrote customer service, I didn't even get a response. Every time I see those 'where dreams come true' commercials, it irritates me no end. Never again will I buy from them. I'm thinking of going to the store with copies of this story and handing them out to anyone entering.

After two months, the mattress has indentations of 2 1/2 inches and a mound in the middle. I have to pay $99 for someone to inspect and just give the same mattress.

My husband and I purchased a mattress set from The Bedding Experts in mid February 2010 for $1800. Less than 3 months later I can no longer sleep in the sag of the mattress. It is killing my back. So I go back to the store where I bought the bed and they said someone would be calling me in the next 3-4 days. Three days later I get a call from Rick in the Joliet store who tells me that the dip in the mattress has to be more than 1 1/2 inches deep and I would have to pay $99 to have someone come to my house to measure the dip and take pictures of it. Then if it was determined that it was defective, I would have to drive to the Joliet store to get a new mattress of the same kind.

I measured the dip myself and it measures 1 inch. There shouldn’t be even a 1 inch dip. My mattress does not feel anything like the floor model mattress I laid on. And I feel $1800 is more than enough money for a mattress set (king size) and that I shouldn’t have to give them any more money to fix this problem. Where do they come up with this $99 fee? They are just adding insult to injury by charging more money! Now my mattress is making noises. I will never shop at the bedding experts store again and I will tell friends and family not to either. I have back pain caused by the sag in the mattress and they won't return my money so I can go somewhere else and purchase a non-defective mattress set. I gave them $1800 for the set and almost another $100 for a mattress cover that is also useless.

I purchased a Ruby Firm Sealy Posturepedic mattress. The mattress has sloped in the middle, a clear indentation that causes a discomfort when sleeping on it. The mattress is supposed to be warranted for 10 years; we've owned the mattress for only about 6 months. The store that it was bought from gave me the warranty store. After talking to the warranty store, the manager said that there maybe a problem with the frame. This is the same frame that's held other set's mattress with no problem.

I said to Arnie of the warranty store that this is an issue with the construction of the mattress, not the bed. He said he can put the claim through if I come into the warranty store and sign some paperwork and pay $99.00 for an inspector to come out and that if there is a stain on the mattress or the inside frame is not touching the floor, it's not a warranty for the mattress but it's the manufacturer's of the bed I own.

I feel that a warranty that's not even a year shouldn't be charged by the consumer if the product is warranted. When you try to contact Sealy, no one answers only an automated answer. I feel that it is terrible that a company can sell defective product and not be held responsible for it, because who needs to call the company about bad or defective mattress if not so?

This seems to be going nowhere. I don't want to give them any more money for an inspection that seems to come out in Sealy's favor. What recourse can be taken? I already notified our Attorney General's office, but I would just like some new mattress that isn't defective or my money back to purchase somewhere else, because there is no trust in what Sealy is selling or the company that they have been selling this product. So, who is responsible?

On September 5th, 2009, my wife and I purchased a mattress set from The Bedding Experts located on Forest Preserve Drive in Norridge. A couple of days later, we went back to the store and complained that the mattress gave us back pain, and that it sags. The mattress has a memory foam pillow top and do not go back to its original form, like it’s supposed to. The salesman at the store told us to give it sometime to adjust. On the 19th of September (14 days after), we had the same problems. We went back to the store and they send us to the warehouse, which we had to drive with the mattress and exchange it for another one, the same kind of mattress. After a few days of sleeping in the new one, we still had back pains, so we went back to the store. This time the salesman told us to give it some more time, it will get better.

After about 3 months, on January 10th, we went back to the store. This time I took pictures of what the mattress looks like, and the salesman told us that we have to call the warranty department, and I did, but now they want us to pay $99 to have someone come to our home to inspect the mattress, and we may be able to get again another mattress. The problem is we do not want another mattress because it will be the same type, it will be great if we can get our money back, or we will take a different type of mattress. But they make it sound like we will get stuck with the same type. My wife and I believe the mattress is defective. It sags in the area we sleep, and now it has wrinkles, as if the material got stretched and do not go back to looking normal. Please can someone help us? Thank you.

I purchased 3 different mattresses from Bedding Experts and they were and are defective. I can't get through to Sealy and Bedding Experts want me to pay a $99 fee for inspection. I already paid it once. My back and hip are killing me. The mattress sags very much and does not give me the support I need. I have had a hip replacement and have chronic back problems due to slipped discs. I am a senior on a low income. I have spent almost $600 already. Please help me.

My poor son got talked into a soft mattress by a salesperson and it was totally wrong for his body type. He is quite a large guy and needs some support. The mattress that was delivered was an inferior one to the on the showroom floor. It was NOT the same quality of mattress at all, a classic case of bait and switch. My son laid on it for two hours and determined it would not work out. It sagged very badly even when I sat on it and I am 128lbs. I have never ever seen such poor quality in my life. Even the fabric it was made of appeared to be something similar to cheesecloth.

It was shockingly inferior throughout and I would never allow my son to ruin his back sleeping on it. It was just not the same bed as the one he bought in the store. In the end, they made him pay over $300.00 in additional costs just to exchange it for a much CHEAPER(but firmer)model mattress. They say an exchange mattress does not get the sales discount that a new purchase does. So, he paid over 1,000.00 for a mattress that would have cost less than half that to anyone who walked in off the street. He was never advised that there are no returns and that all sales were final until there was a problem. I believe that these practices are unethical and predatory to young or uninformed consumers.

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