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My boyfriend and I have purchased a queen mattress set plus frame and a sofa w/ ottoman at Adam's furniture on 11/20. I have made all of my purchases in cash. Prior to making the purchase, I have communicated to the manager Nina that I will need to get the items by Wednesday, 11/23.

On 11/23, the same day I was expecting my delivery, Nina, the store manager, called me to let me know that the items will not be delivered under the reason that she thought the location for the delivery was Pasadena, CA instead of Arcadia, CA as specified in the receipt she had me fill out in front of her. I have communicated to her that it was a misunderstanding because one of her staff who was assisting me prior to her did not know where Arcadia, CA was and that is why we told the staff it was "near" Pasadena, CA.

When I explained myself, Nina explained that it was not possible because of the delivery schedule and then some type of explanation of the manufacturer/vendor fulfilling the order.

So I gave her the benefit of the doubt and told her that I can take in the delivery on Friday, 11/25, under the condition that the delivery had to be made before 4 PM and that delivery person calls me 30 minutes prior to the delivery time since I was working that day.

On 11/25, I took in the delivery of the furniture but the promise to call 30 minutes prior to the delivery was never honored. But it was okay since the delivery personnel waited for me to get to the place of delivery. When I got to my place to take in the delivery, the personnel smelled of alcohol. I just wanted him to move the items to my place and I signed the piece of paper to acknowledge receipt of the items and leave quickly.

The delivery did not include set up. I was not communicated by the delivery personnel nor staffs at Adam's furniture that I was to open up the packages from the delivery to make sure that all items were in good condition and the correct size. After I came back from work, I opened the packaging to set up the furniture and noticed that the foundation box for the mattress was of a different size and the mattress was dirty. The mattress had brown streak marked stains on one of its side and stain of what looks like a shoe imprint on top and a small stain on the opposite side of the streak marks.

The next day, we called the furniture place to explain our situation. They hardly answered our calls as if they were screening our calls and addressed the situation poorly. It took Adam's furniture 5 calendar days to correct issue with the incorrect size of foundation box. In addition, they have instructed us to send pictures of the dirty mattress to their e-mail address at in which I never received a response to.

When we followed up on Thursday, 12/01, they said they were not going to correct the issue for the dirty mattress I have received. When the same delivery personnel came to switch the foundation box and requested that I return the plastic cover of the foundation box, it made me think if the furniture store sent me a used mattress what was recovered in plastic.

There was no resolution because Adam's furniture claims that I have signed the delivery slip. Please help me in replacing to a clean brand new mattress or providing a discount for taking in an old mattress. I can also resort to getting a full refund for the products we purchased.


I had put some furniture on layaway, at the time my husband and I were both working and we didn't think it would take us long to pay it off. We then lost our home to foreclosure, my husband lost his job, and I was in school only working part time. I asked if we could just cancel the layaway and just purchase what we had already paid for, they said no, stating that we had "special ordered furniture". I said most of what we picked, we picked from the showroom floor...they said yes but we have to "special order our furniture"...,you guessed it, the fine print on the contract said there would be no refund for specially ordered items.

We had continued to pay as much as we could, until finally just this past March, we got it paid off... What we received was boxes of furniture which we paid over $3,000.00 for, I'd expect boxes from IKEA... not another store, oh and there was assembly required. We purchased a couch set, coffee table, kitchen set, and a full bedroom set, all in boxes and disassembled. When we took the chairs out, they were scratched, and all needed to be leveled, as well as the bureaus and the 2 nite tables, the head board was cracked on both sides and needed to be returned. I called the store and spoke to the owner Ken, and tried to explain all the problems, Ken told me to bring in the damaged chairs, which he then spray painted the scratches in his warehouse upstairs... where I'm guessing all those "special orders" are kept as for the unevenness he handed my husband "used" slides and told him to hammer them on the bottom of my chairs or bureaus and we could just go buy more at any hardware store if need be.

As for my bed, we needed to look through a book where we were to pick our next bed out of(equal or grater value), nothing had a price on it,so we were to guess what the prices were. I picked out another bed, iron this time, rather than solid wood, it was 3wks of waiting and another $100.00 added to our bill, Oh and we had the broken bed in our spare room the whole 3wks. They'd pick that up when they dropped off the new. I have to also say that the owner Ken, had insulted me at this point, 3 times with comments of my pregnancy... I'm not pregnant nor was I at anytime that he had met me.

Now, my new bed comes, the delivery men drop it off in my bedroom, take away the boxes this time and also the instructions on how to assemble the bed! I immediately called the delivery man back, he had called from his cell so I had the number, he said okay, and what I thought was that he would drop it off. I then received a phone call from a worker there, who told me I could come at any time and pick up the instructions they were there in the store in Pawtucket. This is where I lost my cool, I told her I was not leaving my house, that the guys who came and brought the bed could bring it back and that this had been going on for a month now, and that there was also hardware missing for the bed! My mother had just come home from extensive surgery the day before I wanted a phone call from Ken, the insulting man, who when my husband tried to explain what the first bed looked like and how it was broken, held up his hand and said "lets not go there", and grabbed another book for us to choose from. He called and started to speak to me, I said I was too upset and he needed to speak with my husband, he said, "Oh yes I don't want to deal with you in that state".

Now, I was even more mad than before... the 2 men that had come to deliver were now on their way back with my instructions and hardware. I made a comment of how their boss was very insulting and demeaning and they both actually agreed with me! Although my husband is Caucasian, I am Hispanic, and I have seen many Latinos in that store and the delivery man was either Hispanic or of African American decent, and he was the first to agree with me about his insulting boss. The men put my bed together, and the screws were placed in backwards, I now have 2 holes in my wall from the point of the screws, I know a little sparkle and paint but it's the principle!

I don't know if this man Ken thought lower of me, but I sure feel like he did and I feel like he takes advantage of people that might not understand the words that he may say to them. I was not brought up in the "slums" as he may think, I have an education and I don't think just because I might be a bit chubby, that the pregnancy thing has to come out of this mans mouth 3 times! He was a rude, insulting, little man who wouldn't look me or my husband in the eye, he ran around his store like a mad man and when someone came in, he would go to them, shout out some words and walk away. Is this how a business is to be run? I have worked in a service based industry most of my life, being a waitress, a hair stylist and now a Medical Asst, all of which I deal with people, all kinds of people, and I sure hope I have never treated another person to make them feel the way that man made me feel! So much for the customer always being right!

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