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I opened my bag and began to eat my fruit snacks when I noticed something white in one of them, so I cut it open and there was a white powder in it. I was grossed out and it looked like a crushed up pill, my first thought was that it was a drug. Even though it was gross I will continue to buy their products because nothing like this has ever happened to me and I love to eat and they are one of my favorite snacks. But Welch you need to get it together and figure out why there are so many gross things in your products.

I opened my pack of mixed fruit snacks and the grape one looks like it is covered in mold! I had already eaten two of the fruit snacks and am now extremely concerns about getting sick. Does anyone know if this is indeed mold? It is hard and a white color. I loved eating fruit snacks as a quick snack, but after this I am so nauseated just thinking about it!

This was in my daughter's fruit snack. When I called to report it was told this was impossible but coupons would be sent. What if she had allergies. FDA will be notified.

I don't know what I found in my Fruit Snacks, but it is creepy. Yuck.

One day, I found a piece of wire in a Welch's fruit snack pack I was eating. Luckily, it was not my son eating from that package. I stopped giving him these snacks. I emailed Customer Service to file a complaint. They asked for the package and said they would investigate. No one has ever got back to me to follow up. Reading all these complaints, I am wondering if FDA has ever visited them to see what is going on in their facilities.

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I love Welch's fruit snacks. While eating three packs I noticed a white spot on a red raspberry. I made a decision not to eat so opened with my hands and noticed a white powder substance inside and placed box in back of cabinet so daughter don't eat. I don't know what it is but hoping it's just sugar. A lost of an appetite for my favorite snack.

Okay, so I went to go make a pb and j and I sniffed the jelly. It smelled like rotten eggs. Then I sniffed again and it smelled like alcohol!

Not sure if this is the correct expiration date.. but it's April 30th 2015 & my package says 2011!!! I just bought them today!!!

I just found a piece of fingernail inside one of the Welch's fruit snacks! Gross!

I will never buy a Welch product again. I have bought several boxes of their fruit snacks and never tasted soap, but these last boxes I bought they all tasted like soap. I don't know what they coat these snacks with but it's nasty. The taste lasted two days in my mouth. I brushed my teeth several of times used Listerine and still the taste was there in my mouth in my nose it was horrible. I had to wash my hands over and over again to get the smell off my hands.

I purchase Welch's yogurt and fruit as a snack for my 2 years old son. I seat my son in his high chair and put its table top on, Grab a pack and place them on his table when i notice a maggot on the fruit. Removed from my son's table and pick up the phone and call Welch's (1-800-3406870). Talk to Consumer Affairs' call center. They said, "I'll send you a coupon in the mail. 9 days after I get the coupons -- 1.50$ in coupons and a free box -- that all you get for having a maggot in your food. Never again will I give this to my son. My Family loved Welch's Juice and snack but not anymore.

My 2 yr old son was eating Welch's fruit snacks and found a sharp chunk of wood in his gummy snack. It is very sharp wood. Has some coloring and smells of the fruit. Buyer beware. Look inside each pack before giving your child.

Grape juice - We used small bottles from six packs to prepare the Lord's Supper for church service, the bottle's date was 10_15_15, it was bad. I opened a second bottle from same package and it was bad too. I am going to assume that the rest are bad too and take them back to store.

I wish I had found this site sooner so I could of shared my rather unfortunate and disgusting experience I had with Welch's product 2 summers ago. I had purchased a 5oz bag of Welch's mixed fruit snacks earlier in the evening for a snack on movie night. I eat them by the handful so I have no idea how many of these creatures I was ingesting until my sister sat next to me and asked if she could have a couple. I handed her the bag and she pulled a fruit snack out and immediately gasped, dropping it on the coffee table. I asked her what was wrong and she said there was a worm crawling in it!

Upon closer examination, it was indeed a small, no bigger than 1cm worm halfway sticking out of the fruit snack. I immediately dumped the remaining fruit snacks out of the bag onto the table and sure enough we counted about 3 or so little worms crawling on them. I was already half way done with the bag and could not believe I was eating worms! I tried not to vomit and called my friend over. She said they were fruit fly larvae. I wish I had gotten a picture at the time but I was too disgusted to even look at these things any longer. I guess I let this slide as I have not completely stopped eating Welch's products today. Still, I am more careful now and inspect my candy before I eat it.

My daughter and I was coming from a doctor's appointment and she ate the fruit snack. She asked me to pull over so she could vomit. She noticed a bug inside of the fruit snack she was about to eat. I examined it thinking it could not be an insect inside of a fruit snack! It was, so I called the number listed on the back of the package. The representative told me to send it in an envelope that she would be sending. We have taken pictures of it for our evidence. But we also have the remainder of snacks in our pantry. My daughter has been vomiting saying that she never wants them again.

I was sitting home eating Welch's Fruit Snack and a big bug wing was stuck to one of my gummies. I'll never buy from this company again. Been eating their products since I could chew. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about what me and my family have been eating all these years.

I just took out a bottle of white grape cherry juice that was purchased/opened less than 2 weeks ago. The entire top is covered with thick white patches/film. It doesn't expire for 9 more months & has been in fridge since opened. Unfortunately, my 3-year old is the only one who drank from it, and half the bottle is gone.

I just bought a 2.25 oz bag of Welch's fruit snacks and the grape one looked like it had mold on it.

I just bought 2 packs of the Welch's Fruit Snacks. As I was eating them, I noticed in one of them, there was a baby worm like a bug on it and the second piece had a white powder-like substance in it. This is terrible. From the reviews for this company, Welch's needs to be shut down! If you can't do any better than that, then you don't need to do anything at all. Kids eat this stuff. They won't know to look for that. What are you trying to do, kill kids? I will contact a lawyer about this.

I recently purchased a bottle of Welch grape juice in the 3qt (96oz) plastic container. At 3AM we heard an explosion. Apparently, the bottle had exploded. Upon inspection, it appears as though the grape juice had fermented inside the unopened container which caused the sides/bottom of the plastic jug to expand and then explode. This resulted in damage/discoloration to a white, popcorn-like style ceiling. Damaged/discolored walls, discolored carpet and ruined family keepsakes. I have multiple photos of the damage to the home as well as photos of the exploded bottle. I have sent a report to Welch by the contact us feature. I have been purchasing Welch grape juice since my children were very little. So pretty much 17 years of being a loyal customer to them. I have never had an issue with any of their products until now. I'm so disappointed. Not sure if I will trust their product again.

I bought a box of Welch's Fruit Snacks. Manufactured in one of the pieces in one of the packs I opened was a bug.

I'm the pastor of a small Presbyterian church and we just had our Ash Wednesday service. In our tradition, I'm served communion last. I may need to change that in the future for quality control purposes! The six pack has a "best by June 1, 12" date on it and the code is LT11F02 03 07. The juice tastes very plastic like and nasty. I'll look to purchasing a brand packaged differently in the future.

I would like to know about as to why the flip top bottle cannot have a bright color cap.The dark blue is hard to see for seniors. I had just as soon to have a jar jelly than hunt for 10 minutes for the flip markings to open it. I have never had any problems with this product. This is a good jelly. How about a bright cap for us old timers. I would be your poster boy.

I drank 1/4 bottle of Welch's 100% grape juice (24oz) and noticed mold in bottle neck. Lid inside was also covered in mold. I poured most down the drain and there is a large mushroom-shaped glob in bottom of bottle. I called Memorial Hospital in Chester, Il. They referred me to Il. poison hotline (1-800-222-1222). They said I may feel ill but not to induce vomiting. My initial concern was for botulism, but they did not think this would be a problem. On 9/14/11, I received a total knee replacement and I hope like hell this does not create problems with that. I intend to contact my physician as soon as possible on 10/14/11.

I am the Dietary Manager at Chester Mental Hospital in Chester, Il., a large maximum security mental hospital. I purchase large quantities of food on a daily basis and recognize that shelf life on various items differ. I also understand that "best used by" is not the same as "do not use" or "expired". We receive and use food items with "best used by" dates regularly. We never use expired items. This bottle has "best used by" of 7/8/11. I did not see the date before drinking, but we have not had this bottle very long. My wife prepares Communion for our church and purchases your juice regularly. I had no idea it was past use by date.

If your product turns to the mess I have in this bottle in this period of time, I recommend you change the "best used by" date to indicate "expired" or "do not use after" date. Not only is this a disgusting-looking glob, but potentially a very dangerous product. I am extremely unhappy with this event and I have been a grape juice customer for a long time. I have the bottle and glob refrigerated and will be more than happy to discuss this with a Welch's representative in the very near future. I await your response.

I recently purchased a six pack of 10-ounce bottles of Welch Grape Juice. I poured some in a glass and took a big drink. It had the worst chemical taste. I then smelled it and it smelled like pesticide. I hope I don't get sick, but it's too soon to know.

Thank you for your prompt reply regarding my concerns about your product. I have talked to my brother, Robert, and am writing on his behalf. He is appalled that you would have the expectation of his providing information to you with just a generic apology tacked on to the end of an email. In an ideal situation, I believe that you could request this information and someone who had not had the unpleasant rat ** experience from drinking Welch’s grape juice could hopefully provide the information requested. My brother was extremely upset at the time and poured the Welch’s grape juice down the sink; the bar code and date code that you requested, and that would be found, on the bottle were thrown in the garbage in utter disgust. I can tell you that the product was bought in Powell River, BC.

I can't help but wonder if you have been contacted by other's concerned of the actuality of what has been found in your product. Although your concerns are noted and it would have been helpful to have this information to be able to, perhaps, recall the case lot batches of Welch’s grape juice, I am sure you can understand his distress from this experience. Robert feels quite offended that you would request this from him and feels that an apology of his inconvenience, in the usual standard format, made from consumer relations concerning less than quality assurance from your product is not quite sufficient.

By asking for this, ultimately, it actually is putting the onus on the consumer and not the company. This is not the consumer's responsibility to provide information, although it would be helpful; it is the company's responsibility to ensure a quality product that does not have contaminants, especially rat excrement, in its product. At this present time he and his family are boycotting your product, which is quite unfortunate, because he has always liked your product and enjoyed the refreshing drink of grape juice made by Welch. I presently am contemplating whether or not I will continue to buy your product and he is quite tempted to tell others of his nightmare experience so they can make the decision whether or not to continue buying grape juice made by Welch’s.

So consumer relations, although this may only be one incident, at the moment, that you have been made aware of and the ripple effect may be minor, I wonder how many people have concerns regarding your product and do not take the time or have the resources to notify you about their concerns? Had Robert wrote you about his experience, it would paint quite the picture with the use of some very colorful expletives regarding this less than fortunate incident. So, at this present time, Robert is patiently waiting and hoping for a better response from you regarding this matter. Please do not disappoint him. Utter disgust, leaving a less than savory flavor in the mouth!

I have been buying Welch's grape jelly all my life. This is the first time the jar of jelly was bad. It has a foul taste and the consistency is like a sauce. I'd very much like a refund or a coupon for a replacement jar.

I purchased a six pack of Welch’s grape juice at my local Rite Aid. I opened and sip one. It had a disgusting taste and funny smell. The expiration date is August 2010. I'm going to call the company when it opens. I feel a little queasy and would like my money back.

I purchased a six pack of 12oz bottles of Welch'ss grape juice on October 31, 2009 from a Riteaid in my neighborhood. Upon opening one of the bottles, I took a sip and noticed that it had a funny taste. I smelled it and it had a VERY PUNGENT smell. I then looked inside and noticed that it had something floating inside of the bottle. Unable to really describe what it was. I then called Welch's customer service and told the representative my findings. She informed that it could possibly be mold. She told me it wasn't anything to worry about because I didn't ingest alot of it. I am very worried and feel very disgusted. Please help. What do I do?

I bought a juice from this company Welch's and i found inside the juice a cockroach.
I called the company they told me to send the juices back to them, i asked them if i have to bring it back to publix they said not to bring it back.
Them i called publix and they said the same thing not to called the company.

Now i dont know what should i do...can you please give an advices.

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