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Applewood smoked just does it for me. Sometime I sprinkle a bit of onion and garlic powder on for a little flavor boost. I cook it on medium heat slow with the lid on, then turn up the heat at the end to crisp it up

Always available, price usually average. Purchase in bulk. Sometime available on coupon websites. for 1.00 off. Also store sale for 4.00 per pound.

I have found that Smithfield Bacon is usually in most of the stores that I frequent. I use a cast iron bacon press when frying, to keep the bacon from shriveling up. I don't have this problem when I microwave bacon, but to me, as infrequently as I eat it, frying just tastes better. I rarely eat bacon, for health reasons. So I buy it, even if the price is higher than other brands. I always look at the package to make sure there's not all fat.

Like the peppered and smoked - although sometimes salty. Regularly stocked item - do not have to search or contact managers. Would just pick something else - too time consuming to track down manager. No brainer how to cook bacon - in the pan med-low heat. Flip when done on one side and cook on opposite side till done - what else is there to do. Too expensive - only purchase bacon when it is on sale. Smithfield or Oscar Mayer - rarely store brand all tastes salty.

Smoked, I like the flavor. I buy mine from Sam's club. It comes with 3 in the package. I'm not an everyday eater of bacon, but whenever I get a taste for it I have it on hand. I prefer the oven. There's no flipping, it cooks evenly, not too crunchy, and a couple of minutes before removing it we sprinkle it with a little honey. Delicious! The price has risen and there's less than usual. Quality is always a choice for me as well. Groceries has risen SO MUCH over the years; so I want to make sure I'm getting the best that I can for my family.

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I'm not partial to sweetened bacon but I love all the rest equally. I've never had a difficult time finding Smithfield bacon anywhere. I pan fry my bacon in a square cast iron skillet and pour off the bacon grease often. I have no special routine for frying bacon. It always tastes great no matter how I cook it. My wife would stop buying bacon when it became predominantly fatty, while I insist on a large quantity of fatty meat in my bacon.

It is available most times when I shop. It is rarely not available and that is because of the variety of other brands being sold. Baked in the oven, Fried on the stove top, Microwaved. Depending on the time I have to cook I will bake in the oven for less shrinkage. Microwave when in a hurry - not recommended (bacon becomes hard). Pan frying allows for a great aroma throughout the house. Price has a lot to do with it. I shop at the commissary and the bacon is priced reasonably for now compared to the local supermarket.

Thick cut, maple. Because it makes everything better. Harris Teeter has a great variety of delicious pig parts. That's what I call customer service. Baked in the oven. Baked on a sheet pan with a rack. Fresh ground black pepper and occasionally, a bit of a brushing with honey. Usually no need to flip.

Low sodium with great flavor, good smoke, high quality taste, easy on the wallet with loads of applications besides eating it plain. The bacon is regularly stocked at Food Lion, Weis and several other locations, but I prefer Wegmans but they do not have lower sodium. Baked in the oven. Add on a little black pepper, sometimes brown sugar, add a little love and make sure you watch it so it does not burn and turn to Cajun bacon on you. Double in price is best but high quality is worth the price, must use less. I sometimes switch to fresh bacon or pork belly at times to change it up when prices are not good.

NO special seasonings at all! Smoked is just okay, but the regular, thick sliced bacon is the best for breakfasts, lunch, and added with dinners! We've never had a problem with our store not ever having bacon in stock. When it's on sale at a really low price, we'll purchase a few packages and freeze a couple. (They're just as delicious after a couple months). Fried on the stove top. No special prepping or seasoning goes onto the bacon. We do turn/flip the slices in the pan but that's it. When turned/flipped it's just as the ends begin to curl ever so slightly, and then finish it off for about 1 minute.

We've loved Smithfield for more than 20 years! Their bacon is always meaty, and the rest of their products are close to being as delicious as their bacon! We place the strips of bacon, (usually 5 or 6 strips at a time) into the pan. NO oil or butter, simply bacon in the pan, because as the bacon fat cooks down, it will release enough liquids to cover over the slices and cook. Once you notice the ends beginning to curl, it's time to turn/flip and finish it off for another minute. For the remainder of the bacon just repeat the steps. We do this for our breakfasts and sandwiches. Baking and broiling come with different recipes.

It adds additional flavor, and can then be used in many situations. For breakfast I like smoked. A little sweet for sandwiches. I shop at BJ's, they always have it. If they didn't I would go to another store to find my brand. Take bacon out of refridge about 1 hour before frying. Also I use a baster to remove some of the fat to use later. The dripping are great for frying french toast. I shop at BJ's Wholesale club. They sell Smithfield bacon in a three # package. I love BLT's and I fry at least 2 #s of bacon. If I'm going to get messy I doing a lot. I save the cooked bacon in the refridge in foil. I will add it to my salads or anything I have cooked to add a little kick.

Smoke, just the way I like it. Have the pan hot, cook till nice and crisp, flipping now and then. The only reason I bought the last bacon purchase was because I needed it for a recipe. I paid for the thick and got crap I couldn't even take apart. I bought it to Smithfield and received a coupon for my trouble. I think that there was a problem, as I never asked for anything. I just wanted them to know how dissatisfied I was. I think the price of bacon is a big ripoff. It is a luxury and not really good for anyone. I would like to know how they justify 7.00 and more for a pound of bacon when everyone blamed fuel for food prices going up.

I prefer just plain bacon. I've never cared for all the favors. I also don't care for thick sliced. Flavors do nothing for me. We also like cooking in an iron skillet on the grill to avoid smoky grease and smell in the house. I don't have a special technique other than to not overcook. Usually only buy when it's on sale. Keeps well if package isn't opened or can be frozen. Can cook a whole package and freeze what isn't immediately used.

We prefer center cut because it is leaner and has better flavor. I love bacon and wonder why we went for years in our fat phobia mode and didn't enjoy such a delicious food as bacon. Some people are now putting it on ice cream and other foods which is a bit excessive. How can you go thru life without a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich in the summer?

I like the applewood bacon because it has a great distinctive taste for me. I also will eat the smoked. I also like it a little thick but not too much so. I find that some supermarkets are better than others with variety and keeping things in stock. When I know I am looking for bacon I make sure I go to the store that I've never experienced a problem getting it. Fried on the stove top. Start with a cold pan. You need to regulate the heat to get your desired outcome. I start high and then turn it down. I flip the bacon several times. I don't like it overcooked. I never buy bacon if it's over $6.00. Lately I've been finding a lot of sales on bacon products. I prefer to buy Smithfield's but will buy another brand on sale. I like a thicker bacon because for me it cooks better. Thin bacon curls up too easily. I cook it well done but not overcooked, I like crispy bacon. In order to get it this way you have to turn it over several times. Do not overload your skillet.

BJs Wholesale Club always has Smithfield. I highly doubt they will change that. It is such a great deal and delicious every time we cook it. Fried on the stove top. Flipping when it is just starting to brown on low-medium heat (we have a gas range), then making sure there is a plate with paper towels on it to soak up the grease. We sometimes fry our eggs in the leftover grease in the pan.

We buy from BJs Wholesale Club, so it's $9.99 for three pounds versus almost $4 for a pound at our local grocery store. If BJs got as expensive as our grocery store, then we would find a substitute, like sausage. We prefer bacon with not a lot of fat on it, but not too little either. We also use it more than just for breakfast or BLTs. We do bacon-wrapped tater tots, bacon-wrapped mozzarella sticks, bacon-wrapped pork pieces with jalapeno - use your imagination!

I prefer smoked bacon and peppered. My grocer always stocks sufficient brands of bacon for me to find what I need. Before I give up bacon it would have to be little more than fat. I eat bacon generally in the morning with scrambled eggs and toast or as a sandwich. I also eat bacon with my grilled cheese sandwich. I infrequently will eat a piece of bacon by itself.

Maple or Hardwood smoked is my favorite. For some reason it Reminds me of the Great Smoky Mountains and being a little child. My grocer tends to carry it regularly. I guess I'm not the only one with great taste in bacon. If they didn't have it, I'd ask to see if it was in the back and not stocked. Fried on the stove top. A good old cast iron pan that has been seasoned and a few minutes on each side over medium low heat does the trick. I'm a pretty avid bacon fan though, so I don't know that I've had a bad batch of bacon. Maybe it wasn't cooked to my liking, but not the bacon's fault. My household consists of 3 males and 2 females, all huge meat eaters so it takes a lot of bacon to keep them satisfied. We've tried less expensive bacon, ready cooked bacon, heat and eat bacon, you name it. Nothing compares to Smithfield's maple flavored bacon. We eat it for breakfast, supper, snack, anytime. There's no wrong time for bacon.

I like thick cut bacon the best. The peppered variety is quite good. I like mine not cooked too long so that it is crunchy. I prefer my bacon to be meaty. I never seem to have any issues finding this brand. I usually buy what is on sale anyways, as any bacon is good bacon. Most brands deliver a good product. I have no special preparation techniques. I do not add any extra spices or sugars/syrups to change the flavor. I just want to make sure the final product is meaty. I have no problem buying what is on sale. Even the store brands deliver a good product. All bacon is good, and when you use it in recipes or as add-ons it all works. I love all bacon. It's great for breakfast. I also use it as an add-on for burgers, mac and cheese, and other pastas. It does a great job flavoring soups and salads.

Smoked, just like the flavor best. I have bought the sweetened, because some of the family likes it better but for the most part I buy the smoked. Fried on the stove top. Medium heat is what I use. I flip the bacon when I see it starting to brown. I don't add anything to my bacon. I like it just the way it comes out of the package. I don't buy bacon all the time, for us it is a treat. I do find bacon to be expensive so when you do buy bacon you expect that it will not be too fatty. I do not buy bacon all the time so when I do buy it I want it to taste good. I don't want a lot of fat on it. I have found with the Smithfield bacon it is consistent with flavor and there is not a lot of fat on it. It is also sliced so it is not so thin that you cannot work with it.

Smoked. I just like the taste. I also don't want sugars, pepper, honey-cured, maple-flavoring, or the thick cut varieties. At VERY LOW HEAT - it turns up much better this way and there is also less danger of it getting overcooked. I do flip every 3 minutes or so until they are crispy but not overcooked/burned. I always choose the bacon I buy on the basis of HOW MUCH MEAT I see on the edges when looking from the top of the package, and through the see-through window at the rear of the package - even the lowest priced bacon at the Commissary has got an extremely nice selection of top-quality bacon, whatever the brand. What would have to happen is bacon reaching a price of something in the order of $5.00 for 1 lb, that would put me on a hiatus for while.

I usually buy any of the brands: Smithfield, Farmland, Plumrose, Oscar Mayer, Wright's, Hormel, or basically any other brand offered by the Commissary which offers the best combination of quality, price and package weight. There is NEVER a brand that does not go on sale on a regular basis, and then it becomes even more of a bargain, and I buy it IN QUANTITY & FREEZE IT for future use. It keeps EXTREMELY well.

Smoked first, pepper second. I have found the best way to cook the bacon is in the microwave between layers of paper towels. There is less shrinkage and a lot less mess than a frying pan.

I love the homestyle bacon made by Smithfield. It is meatier than most and you get less fat. Have tried other brands but this is my favorite bacon. I like the Homestyle best. Its always fresh and tastes better than the rest. Just put it in the frying pan. Its great, especially a BLT on toast with cheese and mayo. Also good by itself. Recommend it highly. I don't care what it costs because it is so good. If I had to pay more I would. I like this bacon better than any other I've tried. All I can say is that I always buy this brand of bacon and highly recommend it. It is meaty and doesnt shrink when you cook it and it tastes great.

Whether we buy the Hickory Smoked or the Maple Flavor or just good ole' bacon, Smithfield is EXCELLENT bacon. The flavor is amazing, the slices are even in fat and meat content and when we can find thick sliced we are in little piggy heaven! It's not always available in which case we put up with other brands but more often than not we settle for another brand but nothing compares to our Smithfield bacon. Fried on the stove top in my trusty 4th generationally owned cast iron skillet. I have my meat press and nothing beats that sizzle or that taste! My Great Grandmother owned the cast iron skillet I use and I know that's what makes Smithfield taste even better!

It does cost a bit more than some of the other brands but thus far it's still mostly in the budget when we can find it. But, to buy something cheaper just means our satisfaction goes down and if you're willing to add the calories, satisfaction with the product plays a very large part of the decision to get it in the first place. My husband and I love bacon when we have our "big breakfast" weekends. We love it with hash browns and eggs, we love it with pancakes and eggs, we even love it with french toast and bacon. We enjoy it very much when I make our weekend sandwiches on french bread with 3 luncheon meats, 2 cheeses, grilled onions and bacon. It truly makes the sandwich. As you can tell, we truly love our bacon and can't imagine having to go without it for very long.

I like the sweetened, maple flavors, the best of the varieties. However I really prefer just plain bacon for the most part. Notice the difference in aroma more than in the taste. My husband does most of the shopping and often insists that he can't find Smithfield. Not sure if it his him or not. While I prefer this brand all things being equal... we will generally buy what bacon is on sale or has the best price. We rarely cook a lot of bacon at once so I go for the pan method. If I need to cook more than two or three pieces I will use the griddle. I get the best results cooking slowly but more often than not am in a hurry and rush it. I like to have it on hand mostly for BLTs, to add to salad or use in a recipe. Rarely cook it for breakfast.

I like bacon strips that hold their shape. There seems to be a variation within a brand where it will stick together or stretch. I like Smithfield because the strips are usually consistent but I can't say that it is always true. As I said before I will purchase the brand that is the best buy or for which I have a coupon... All things being equal I generally choose Smithfield. I don't like thick bacon (my husband does) so what is purchased also depends on who is shopping. I don't think that price is always an indication of the best bacon... much depends on what you like.

Just Regular Bacon normally Sometimes smoked and usually the lowest priced. The bacon taste by itself is enough to keep me buying until it gets too damn pricey. It is normally there but somewhat overpriced. I generally find that the squeaky wheel gets the oil. One day they stopped carrying the lower cost sausage and then started hiding it in places you would not normally look for it while stocking the more expensive in the place I normally find it. I complained rather loudly and it came back.

I just pan fry them. For my lady I burn them as that is what she likes. Me, I just like them crisp but not burnt. I never use any other flavoring for bacon. Too much shrinkage and high prices will stop me immediately from buying it. I stopped once last year when they went way up. They came down some but not nearly enough. The packages are inconsistent. Sometimes the bacon shrinks a little and other times it shrinks so much you wondered why you bought it. I have switched brands in the past a few times due to the Chinese takeover and subsequent much higher prices. Now the quality is not as good and I may be switching to plumrose or what other lower cost quality bacon I can find in the stores.

I like the smoked because it gives it a more natural taste. I have tried the sweetened a long time back, it's good too but I really don't care for the peppered bacon. Most of the time they are well stocked. I have had no complaints and they always have a variety and I buy when I can - when it's on sale. Bacon must be fried in a cast iron skillet if you have one - that makes the best bacon. It keeps the flavor in and you can't beat a cast iron skillet. I love bacon. I come from the South and I love my bacon cooked to a crisp.

My grocer (Fred Meyers) stocks this bacon plus many other brands. Fried on the stove top. I zap 2 slices in the Microwave for 3 mins... Done perfectly to my taste.

I love maple, smoked and sweetened. I can always find bacon that I want to eat. Bacon is all good as far as I am concerned. Baked in the oven, Fried on the stove top. Add brown sugar. It's too expensive but still worth it.

Normal bacon tastes so good. Why would I want it artificially flavoured? I have only seen it at Walmart. When I do I buy a lot! I have not tried using any other store to carry it. But when I do I will talk to the store manager. I fry it up until it is just nice and crispy, I don't like it "raw". I don't like it burnt. Just at the point where it is pure deliciousness! I remember the good ole days when you bought a pound of bacon you got a pound of bacon. Now we get 3/4 pound for a higher cost. I want a whole pound!

Cherrywood smoked thick slice. Tastes great and cooks well. Baked in the oven. Put down parchment break out the racks and put the bacon down. Cook at 375 for 35 minutes. We prefer the meat and less of the fat. Seven dollars per package is as high as I will go.

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Smithfield is a well-established pork brand committed to quality and flavor. Founded in 1936, the company only makes pork, and offers everything from hand-trimmed bacon to slow-cooked hams.

  • Low sodium and low fat choices: To meet dietary needs of certain customers, Smithfield offers low-sodium and low-fat bacon.
  • Flavor-packed bacon: From peppered bacon to cherrywood bacon, powerful flavor options abound.
  • Traceability: Smithfield tracks movement of its pork products from the time the pig is born until it hits the table, ensuring a safe and tasty food product.
  • Committed to the environment: Smithfield has achieved International Organization for Standardizations environmental certification.
  • Bacon bits products: Those who like a little bacon on their salad have this convenient option.
  • Best for Classic bacon eaters, those who like bacon as a topping and those who want healthier bacon options.

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