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I am a 25-year-old single mother. I started drinking Rock Star Energy drinks to help me study and focus during a class I was taking. I would drink the smaller cans of Red Bull about twice a day, once in a while 3 a day. Then I started drinking the larger cans twice a day. Eventually, I started drinking Rock Stars because Red Bulls seemed like they have side effects, and I thought Rock Stars had less caffeine. Over a 1.5 month period of time, I started experiencing these symptoms: foot drop, foot and leg partially numb, tingly. If I sat too long in class my right foot and lower part of leg would stay partially numb/tingly for about 3 hours. I had to walk differently due to right foot not working right, its called foot drop.

After a period of time, experiencing these symptoms, the right side of my body had dull nerves, tingly feeling, not intense but noticeable. I got anxiety, irregular heart beats, loss of sleep, etc. Finally, after I felt a rush of heat from my left shoulder to my left hand, and that hand stayed hot and my right had was freezing, I went to the ER. They did MRI and CT scan thinking I had multiple sclerosis symptoms, but I didn’t, and they never figured out what was wrong with me. Finally, after 4 days in the hospital, I left. I have not drank one energy drink and my foot numbness is gone, my anxiety is almost gone, and all these symptoms were results of drinking too many and too often, those Rock Stars and Red Bulls.

I ended up in the hospital, missed work, missed my 5-year-old, I have no health insurance. The doctor had me stay 3 days! They did MRI and CT scan but found nothing. I did mention I drank energy drinks when I first got in the ER and saw the doctor, but right away he thought he knew what it was, (multiple sclerosis), so he basically didn't listen to me and what my symptoms were besides foot drop. But I had no idea the effects were actually triggered/caused by that until I read into it on the Internet. The doctor's test only concluded that I didn't have multiple sclerosis which is all they tested for, and I am angry because they could have done a thorough body scan looking for clots or anything, but instead they only did brain and spine, when my numbness is in foot and leg. So I will be expecting a hospital bill in the upper thousands, and they didn't even diagnose me. I am feeling back to myself now that I was there about 3 days not drinking energy drinks. My blood circulation is 98% better, but if I sit too long at a desk in the same position, my right foot still gets a tad bit numb, but it clears up a lot faster than before. I have a 100% healthy body before this and no history of heart disease, blood clots, or anything of the sort.

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