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Oscar Mayer Butcher Thick Cut Hickory Smoked - I prefer thick cut bacon because it is usually less fatty and bakes to a more even meaty texture rather than being either too soft or getting too crispy/crumbly. The hickory smoke flavor also goes well with the brown sugar/cayenne mixture I like to bake on my bacon. I generally split my shopping between Reasor's (for produce and meat) and the Neighborhood Walmart nearest me (for non-perishables and dry goods).

Since for my family, bacon is usually an impulsive meal choice, and Reasor's is further away, I tend to get my bacon fix at the Neighborhood Walmart, which rarely changes the products it stocks. So I haven't had an issue so far. Brown sugar and cayenne mixed together and patted on the raw bacon! Also good is a little pinch of bourbon in there. Considering how cheap pork is to produce, I feel like bacon pricing has gotten a bit out of hand, but since it's an occasional treat and not a staple for our family, it's never been an issue.

I typically get just the regular variety because I often use bacon when making New England clam chowder. Regular flavor works best in this soup. The 2 grocery stores I use always have the bacon because it's a popular brand. If it became unavailable, I'd request it from the store manager. Fried on the stove top. Don't cook it on a too high heat. It will burn and smoke. I typically flip it several times to make sure it doesn't get too brown on each side. Life is too short to deny yourself occasional bacon. It's not something I have every day or week, so I don't care about the cost. Bacon is great for many treats not just breakfast. Even the pre-cooked bacon is good especially if you are in a hurry first thing in the morning. I do typically fry bacon for sandwiches or soup, not breakfast.

I like the smoked and sweetened best but overall I prefer sweetened. I feel that the sweetened just enhances the rest of the bacon flavor. My product is usually on the shelf so I assume that more people like the type of bacon that I prefer. If my store didn't carry the brand I like all the time it would be okay. Baked in the oven. I do not use any special preparations for when I fix bacon. Even though I like my bacon cooked and crisp I have found one way that it does not splatter all over the kitchen and that is to Microwave it by putting it on a plate covering it with a paper towel and microwaving it for a minute to a minute and a half.

It is already not worth my purchasing bacon as it is right now. With the range of prices steadily going up I can't afford to purchase Bacon. I have tried many varieties of bacon but feel that Oscar Mayer overall has the best flavor of all the brands I have tried. Sometimes when you are cooking on the stove-top the bacon shrinks away to nothing even though it may still have a unique flavor associated with bacon. If there is a way to keep bacon from shrinking a person could make a mint.

I usually just get plain regular bacon. Although I do try to get the center cut type. Less fat that way in my mind. Every once in a while I will get smoked if regular is not available. My grocery store is in an area where there are a lot of Mexicans, so unfortunately they cater more to the Mexican taste. That means they don't always have the "good" bacon in stock. They tend to sell the cheaper stuff. I don't do anything special except that I do fry on the stove top. BUT I only put about 6 strips in the pan at a time and use a lower temp. I flip the pieces usually once. I take out and place on paper towels to drain any fat. And I take them out of the pan BEFORE they get too done because they continue to cook a bit once they are out of the pan.

I love bacon but to be honest I don't eat it as much as I would like too. With all the hype about it being bad for you. So price isn't important since I don't buy it all the time. And I try to get it on sale and freeze it. I do not like bacon that has a lot of marbling and I won't buy it if it does. Even if it was inexpensive. There is nothing like bacon. I always try to buy just the center cut type, as there is less fat. If what the store has is too fatty I will pass since I don't eat it all the time. I can wait until I can get some nice lean bacon. And I always drain it on paper towels and even blot it to get whatever grease I can off of it.

We buy the Hickory Smoked and I love it. It cooks up nicely and the flavor is so very good. It is my favorite bacon of them all. That is the only one we buy now. All the grocery stores regularly stock the bacon I like the most. We have not had a problem yet with finding what I like to eat or my family likes to eat. Very easy to find. I have not had to ask to stock my brand. They always carry it in the stores. We get it baked in the oven. We cook our bacon on a metal pan with a sheet of tin foil, line the bacon strips up and cook at 390 in our oven and we do not flip it at all. Takes about 20 minutes but check it, cooks beautifully, the strips come out straight and not all curled up. You can fold the foil up when you are done and it cools and just throw it out and call it a day. Yum. I don't want all fat, want the taste I expect and Oscar Mayer is very good at doing just that so have no complaints.

I eat my bacon probably at least twice per week. I eat it just by itself most of the time. Just love it. Great on a BLT as well. It is so easy to cook the cooking sheet way on the foil and so easy. Twenty minutes is not too long to wait for an outstanding batch of bacon. This method of cooking is much better than pan frying and you don't get hit with the grease. But most of all it is just a good quality of bacon. It tastes great and as long as the flavor is good, we will continue to buy it. I have a large pack in the fridge.

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I just get the regular bacon which I think is smoked but I'm not even sure. I don't go looking for any special kind of bacon because bacon is expensive enough as it is so I don't look for ways to make it even more. I fry my bacon in an electric skillet at 350 and turn it when it looks done on one side. I don't bother to time it, I look at it. The only thing I add is a little bit of salt after the bacon is cooked. If there were too much fat consistently I would buy another brand but that's unlikely because I check the bacon very carefully before I buy it. I only buy it when I get a good deal on it. I simply buy what looks good and fits into my budget.

Bacon is a pork protein. I prefer it "as is" without anything special done to it. It has been a breakfast staple in our home for literally generations. Oscar Mayer is a well-known brand so I usually do not have a problem finding it. It does fly off the shelves rather quickly, so I usually buy several packages at once. This is the proverbial way my grandmother cooked - We cook it low and slow and turn frequently so it has a nice doneness to it. Buying a well-known brand you have consistent flavor and marbling. Bacon may have become an expensive treat to some, but it has always been a breakfast staple for our family. Bacon has always been part of life - breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It adds flavor to hamburgers and a sprinkling over salad. It is a staple ingredient in my quiches.

To us bacon is bacon and as long as it tastes like bacon and goes well with other foods we are content. Never had any problems finding the brand of bacon we prefer. Sometimes we will switch brands if they are on sale and look just as good as our regular brand. My thinking is that if you want to buy a product and have a craving for it you will pay the price listed. I've consumed bacon for all of my 73 years, never worried about any of the ingredients that some in the media claim may do me harm. I enjoy it with eggs, in a sandwich as a BLT or just as a side with other meals. It's tasty and complements many foods. I'd never stop eating or craving for it.

Plain old bacon... Fried on the stove top. Just fry it until done but not too crisp. It is already too expensive. Sunday would not be Sunday without bacon & eggs.

Turkey bacon for me since it does not have the fat. Turkey bacon, better value and good taste.

I love the sweeter bacon but my hubby loves the smoked. But whatever bacon we buy, we are happy with it. I wish companies would give out more coupons for bacon- we would be happy to use them. My grocer always has a good selection of bacon. I just wish more coupons were available for different brands. I would like to try some different flavors and brands. Just frying it up in a regular frying pan is the best. But the bacon has to be extra crispy. The flavor is the best when crispy. If it has too much fat (marbling), I won't buy it. Also, I have noticed the price is rising and instead of getting a sixteen ounce pkg., you now only get a twelve ounce package. We love bacon but if the price continues to rise (and the packages keep getting smaller), we will not be buying it very often. It will be only a special purchase now and then.

I just prefer regular bacon. If it comes smoked, that's okay but not a necessity. I just like quality bacon consisting of fine, even cut, low fat on the actual bacon itself. Oscar Mayer and a few other brands (Smithfield, Hormel, etc) are the name brands I normally have to buy in order to get the quality bacon I want. It's kind of pricey but the alternatives today are just ridiculous. I have experienced some brands where there was more fat than bacon and bacon was in pieces, not slices. My brand is a national brand and is always in stock. I do not have a problem finding it in any stores.

Baked in the oven- I use one of those bacon drip cookers where you hang the individual strips of bacon on microwavable rails to cook them and you cook for two to three minutes in the microwave oven. All the bacon grease drips into the microwavable pan shape dish to get rid if all the greasy fat. I have to put paper towel over the bacon to prevent grease popping all over microwave but worth not having to clean whole microwave. If it gets too expensive I can give it up. I do like to buy it regularly, especially when it's on sale I buy it in bulk. However, I have gone months at a time without it solely because of price. There is only so much I will spend on bacon and my limit is $4.00 per 16oz package if I have a coupon. I see name brand bacon as high as six to eight dollars per pound. Ridiculous.

I use to buy cheapest bacon available until a few years ago because the quality of the bacon had gotten so bad it was like the company didn't even care. It was about sixty to as high as eighty percent fat on actual bacon and the small percentage of actual bacon. The bacon was by Aberdeen and it wasn't really that cheap ($2.88) considering how bad the quality of the bacon was. I just stop buying it. I once had that same experience with a name brand bacon (Carolina Pride). The quality of the bacon itself wasn't as bad regarding fat to bacon ratio but instead of (12) slices of bacon I got (24) to (36) pieces.

I did contact the company and explain to them my dissatisfaction with their product. They did respond accordingly and furnished me with (3) coupons for (3) free products from Carolina Pride. Because I love bacon so much, I did use those coupons for more bacon and am happy to say that the previous package must have been a fluke because the next three were of the quality I was expecting. I do still buy Oscar Mayer, Carolina Pride & Hormel when it goes on sale and I have coupons. If not, it's Sugardale, Hickory farms, Gwaltney or Bar S. Those are some of the cheaper brands in my area that have better quality.

I never noticed but I think the only flavor I might have tried was maple. I never really picked bacon because it was smoked or flavored. I've never had an issue finding bacon in any of the stores that I shop at. Usually I go to large grocery stores so that could explain. In a frying pan low heat to avoid too much splattering of grease. I also drain the grease periodically throughout the course of cooking. I frequently turn the bacon over with a fork. We like our bacon slightly crispy so if the bacon is too fatty the pan will be filled with grease and the bacon will shrink down to nothing. We like Oscar Meyer but we've tried John Morrell and for the price it's a very good brand of bacon. We have been trying turkey bacon. It's okay but I prefer regular bacon from pigs.

Peppered - the flavor is enhanced with a kick. Most bacon is extremely salty and the pepper tends to mellow out some of the salt, while adding a little spice to the meat. My grocer does stock my brand. If they did not I would talk to the meat department to request bringing in the product not just for myself but for others to test. Fried on the stove top. Skillet on medium heat using a screen to catch spatter, a little lower heat prevents bacon shrinkage and grease spatter. Turn bacon after slight browning on the downside and continue to turn approximately every three minutes until cooked to your liking.

There have been several times when I did not make a purchase because I could see far too much marbling in the several packages I examined. I prefer a regular or thin slice of bacon because of the fat (marbling) content and the experience the these slice thicknesses tend to cook (brown) better than a thick slice. Plus I get a better (crunch) or crispiness with this thickness.

Smoked bacon is neutral enough to serve a variety of guests. Flavored bacon is best served when you know your choice will make all at the table happy. I usually chose Oscar Mayer because it is widely available at a variety of supermarkets. I do however try other brands when they go on big sales. Baked in the oven. Use a deep cast iron pan in the oven so that the rendered fat does not dirty the oven and turn on a range vent to keep the smoke alarm from activating. The price keeps going up among all brands and the fat content is too high. Often you get very little bacon out of a pound after cooking. I love bacon in almost everything. The secret is to use just a little to spike up the taste of the bacon. Also, sometimes defer from eating bacon if you are making a special weekend treat using bacon as the main ingredient so you will enjoy it a bit more.

Everybody stocks Oscar Mayer bacon. Just fry it up in a frying pan. I buy several packages when its on "SALE" and freeze them. When I'm in the mood for it, I defrost in microwave, then cut strips so I have 2 half pounds, refreeze one, then place other 1/2 in pan and cook them. Mmm Good! Also crush strips up and put them in egg salad. Strips also make a good snack.

I like this brand of bacon because it isn't too smoky or sweet. It has a nice "balanced" flavor to it that our family prefers. I really dislike bacon that is too smoky tasting. My grocer stocks the bacon that I like, as well as Target and Walmart (where I regularly shop). I have never had an issue finding the bacon I like. Low and slow is my method - low heat and slow cooking (takes about 45 minutes in my house to cook!); also turning it often so that it gets cooked evenly is very important as well. If I had an issue getting quality bacon (too much fat, not enough lean) that would be an issue. I don't think bacon could ever get too expensive for me to buy! I LOVE it! The bacon that I buy, Oscar Mayer Naturally Hardwood Smoked bacon is just perfect for our family and I think it is quality bacon. It has a nice fat/lean ratio that I like and the bacon tastes great. I am picky about bacon and this is the kind I get every time, and I'm never disappointed.

The new one that does not have nitrates. It allows me to eat more of that delicious fat without the nitrates. Love it in many recipes. It is a healthier option if you can even say that in the same sentence as "bacon". Baked in the oven. I usually go with just the way it is. But I have used brown sugar on occasion. I use a sheet pan with sides or sometimes a bacon rack. It allows the fat to drip off. Oscar Mayer knows what it is doing and keeps the quality consistent. The pricing varies. I love this bacon. I use it in recipes, for bacon, lettuce tomato sandwiches, in grilled cheese, wrapped on scallops, wrapped shrimp and wrapped dates. All yummy.

Bacon is Bacon and all flavors are good, but if I had to pick one then Smoked would do it for me rather than the others. Fried on the stove top. Adding coffee grounds? Why would anyone do that. Just put it in a pan and fry till golden brown and crispy. That's all. I try to find a lean package, but the price has never been an issue for me. In fact, I don't know how much bacon costs, I just throw it in the cart. Bacon adds flavor to everything. Crispy is better than soft although there are people that like it soft. Matter of taste and opinion. Just don't add it to Ice Cream.

I prefer center thick cut. Not much into the sweetened or peppered bacon. Bacon should be as is. Either regular or thick cut. You can find Oscar Mayer in all Supermarkets in many different varieties. Never had any problems finding it. I like getting it on sale and if not, I get Smithfield. Use a spatula to move bacon around pan. Pan must be cold to start. Cook over low heat and flip after a few minutes to cook other side. I love bacon however only eat it once a week. I prefer to fry it over oven and make sure I pat out the fat before consuming. I've tried the ready bacon that you microwave and find this to be a good choice when time is limited.

I buy low sodium, I find regular bacon too salty. I do buy slab bacon once in a while. It's good but even more expensive than packaged. Even though we enjoy bacon, it's not a staple of our diet. Actually I use the microwave most times, although frying does tastes better, I put paper towels on a microwave plate and cover the bacon, not rocket science. Lol. The bacon we purchase seems to be of good quality, but the prices have risen as with a lot of products we use. Most times there is a good ratio of pork to fat and Oscar Mayer is the only low sodium bacon I know of.

Smoked is great but microwave only. That is the only way I would cook it. Do not like to fry. That is much too fatting. I am a diabetic. Prefer the easiest no other better way. Microwave is the easiest and safest way to be healthy and great for easy way to get the best results if you have health problems. Oscar Mayer is the best tasting and have tried many other brands. There is nothing better.

Smoked... Just the flavor favorite. Not a big honey flavored fan. Like it to taste like it did growing up... And that's the good old fashioned smoked. I shop three different stores. One always has it. Sometimes none have it worth buying cause it's too fatty though... So, I wait which means I might buy it every week or it could be a month or so before I have bacon again. Simply fry it by itself with nothing else added. Don't bother if it's really fatty. It's always fairly expensive even if it's on sale and off all to taste is fat with no actual bacon flavor is a big disappointment that turns you away from buying it again for awhile.

Smoked is my go to bacon. I like my bacon lightly salty, no peppered bacon. Bacon shouldn't be sweet! "Plain" bacon allows it to be paired with many more things. If the bacon is sweet or peppered, or seasoned in any way, then it limits what I can add it too. My grocer typically carries the brand of bacon I like, but when I do have problems getting the items I normally buy I go directly to the store manager and make him aware of my complaint. If that doesn't resolve the issue I communicate directly with the home office and file my complaint there. I make it a point to tell them that if I can't get the items I use frequently at their store then I'll take my business elsewhere!!! Most often I cook my bacon in the microwave either between paper towels or on a special microwave bacon rack which allows the grease to drain off and the bacon does not wallow in the drippings.

I like my bacon "meaty" not fatty. Since bacon is not an everyday staple I consider it a treat, but I do try to stick to a budget. I do alternate with the brands of bacon I eat. I use Great Value and Oscar Mayer. I will say as far as "meatiness" goes the Oscar Mayer wins hands down. I also typically cook my bacon in the microwave between paper towels and it absorbs the grease more. For pre-cooked bacon it only takes about 30 seconds to re-heat in the microwave. For raw bacon it takes much longer. It does get crispy in the microwave and that is the hallmark for good bacon. It has to be crispy, not limp.

Just plain regular flavor. Yes, stores stock this version almost all of the time. For the most part, I have not had issues finding it. If regular flavor is not available, I have gotten maple flavor. Fried on the stove top. High temperatures to start; reduce heat; constantly move bacon around to cook evenly. Move pieces that are less lean into the melted fat in pan. If the stores only carried bacon that was not lean, I would not purchase it; rarely have I not found Oscar Meyer brand bacon.

Smoked. You just cannot beat the rich flavor. I never have had the problem finding the bacon I want. Kroger's always has it in stock so there is never an issue, of it not being there. Medium temp. with a lid on the skillet. Wrap in paper towels for the microwave. Oven just lay it out flat in a baking dish 350 degrees. Bacon is a treat for my family since my husband and I both have high cholesterol and our son would a whole package of cooked bacon by himself.

Regular smoked bacon is versatile. I'm not into sweet meat so I shy away from maple. The thick cut doesn't cook evenly enough for me. The bacon the past few months has been very fatty. I was so dissatisfied with Smithfield and started buying Oscar Mayer. Now that's going down in quality. Maybe it's a sign to stop buying bacon. Cast iron pan, a tablespoon of oil to prevent sticking and place strips in alternating pattern. It seems the strips farthest away cook faster so as I remove a strip, I add another and push the rest forward in the pan.

Turkey contains the amino acid tryptophan, which produces serotonin and plays an important role in strengthening the immune system. It is also a source of selenium, which is essential for thyroid hormone metabolism. Oscar Mayer is usually in stock. When it is sold out, I search for it at another store. When travelling to other cities or countries, it is not available as often, then I have to purchase multiple quantities at a time to get the store to keep it in stock. Baked in the oven. The turkey bacon is fully cooked and flavorful, it's takes about 10 minutes to heat up. I like it with boiled eggs, tomatoes, and alfalfa sprouts. I would have to abandon the treat when it is too expensive. I traveled to another country where it was double the price and still purchased it, just not as often.

I mostly go for smoked turkey bacon. I either get what they have or wait until I'm at another store. I guess if I had to then I would suggest it to a sales Representative. Baked in the oven. I simply follow the package's instructions and if need be, I'll flip it so the pieces cook well on both sides. Nothing special. Well I have gotten bad bacon before and had to take it back to the store so now I stay away from that brand altogether (Jennie-O).

Thick cut or center cut. It seems like more substantial piece after cooking. Mayer always has it. For a special treat, I go to the local butcher. They have great thick sliced bacon with great flavor and just the right amount of salt. Flip the bacon constantly. Medium hot pan. Turns out nice and crispy. Always use a paper towel on a plate to absorb the extra grease.

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Founded in 1883, Oscar Mayer is one of the longest continually running meat companies in America. Its meat products, especially bacon selections, are easily found at virtually any food market.

  • A time-honored brand: Oscar Mayer is a leader in the meat industry, and consumers know what to expect.
  • A bacon jerky option: Those who love jerky and bacon have a reason to celebrate.
  • Classic thick cuts: Oscar Mayer features a plethora of thick cut bacon selections, including hickory and applewood smoked.
  • Other options besides pork: Oscar Mayer turkey bacon is reasonably priced and widely available.
  • Uncured choices: This is good news for those looking to avoid nitrites.
  • Best for Bacon lovers who want a reasonable price, those who like making BLT sandwiches and those in need of healthy alternatives to traditional bacon.

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