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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

I've purchased several boxes of Ritz crackers over the past few months and have noticed a big difference in the quality and taste. They crumble before you can remove them from the sleeve, with a spread or a dip they crumble in the dip... what a MESS!!! The look and the saltiness changed. I now buy Keebler Townhouse cracker and must say they are quite good. Why would Nabisco ever change an iconic product like the Ritz cracker, which has always been a great go-to cracker for generations!!!

Hadn't bought graham crackers for years because we don't snack much but we thought it would be good to have a box for when there is nothing to snack on. Paid a premium for Nabisco Original Graham crackers. We both ate a few last night. We both thought they didn't taste like we remembered from about 8 years ago. They made husband's teeth hurt. (That was weird. He has good teeth.) They made me sick all night. First, after about 10 minutes I had an allergic reaction. Severe. Had to take ** to stop sneezing & wheezing. Trouble breathing. After an hour or two, still felt sick & went to bed. Read reviews this morning and these are making people SICK Nabisco. My package was made in Mexico. Contacting company. Will NEVER again buy Nabisco. Who knows what they've done?

I have had the pleasure of eating these chocolate wafers and they have been a tradition in my family for over 75 years. They do not taste the same at all - the chocolate is weak and inferior tasting and the wafers crumble too easily - too thin! No one else makes these delicious cookies and they cost over $5 a box! What has happened to the original recipe??? Please bring it back - write to Nabisco and tell them of your dissatisfaction with their products - is this the result of making them overseas???

I bought a box of Nabisco Chocolate Graham Crackers on 6/26/2016. I open pkg and ate a few pieces. I started having this horrible aftertaste that tasted like a chemical. No matter what I did I haven't been able to get rid of it. My daughter came here to this site and told me to read the reviews. I feel like I was poisoned.

The company better do a recall. This is awful. My daughter is the executive producer for our local ABC affiliate. She is going to produce a segment on this.

Just returned home where my husband put the Honey Maid crackers on table and said he started eating them and he got on the 2nd cracker and he noticed something he has never seen before on the Honey Maid, because he loves them and eats them a lot... It looked like snots or dried blood, just a turn off. Yuck!

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Oreo's cookies are really sweet and I like it especially the Double Stuf -- double the filling, double the fun! Even when you do the twist, lick, dunk, or just plainly eat it, it's heavenly!

Like many here the only crackers ever in the house were Nabisco. Then they turned to crap. I found that the store brand sold at Kroger tastes like the old Nabisco and that's all I buy now and at half the price.

My father during the 1970's loved Pinwheels and keep them in refrigerator to eat after dinner. I took up the same habit. I loved the combination of the Chocolate and marshmallow. But yesterday I had the new and improved Pinwheel. Yuck. The chocolate was wrong; it was too sweet and had none of the rich chocolate flavor. What in the world did you do to screw this wonderful cookie?

Nabisco's Chips Ahoy and Oreo have always been satisfying treats since I was a child. Oh, I so love 'em. These are not-so-hard, not-so-soft type of biscuit. It doesn't crumble quickly when dipped in milk or even in a hot cup of coffee. They also have different flavors from not-so-awesome to awesome. You can choose to your heart's content. I love the classic and double stuff Oreos. They also already have the mint, which is also a good one. As for the Chips Ahoy, it comes to me rarely, but I do love the original, the gooey, the chunky, everything. Oh hello, weight gain. Haha. To top it all off, nothing still beats the classic ones. They're more expensive than local brands (I'm sorry to say this. I also love some other local products, but this is a different story.), but you get what you pay for.

I love Oreo cookies. I think Oreo is one of the best cookies in the Philippines. However, the price is not attractive to the masses because it's one of the most expensive "mainstream" cookies and biscuits in the Philippines sold in the nearby stores... (The price of a pack of 3 Oreo cookies costs about Php. 9 or US$ 0.19, which is higher than the prices of the "mainstream" cookies of their competitors in the Philippines (such as: Rebisco, Universal Robina Corp., M.Y. San Corporation). The "average" price of OTHER "mainstream" cookies is about Php. 6 or US$ 0.13. Nevertheless, Oreo has been everywhere in desserts world. They are "star" ingredients in many desserts and drinks. Plus, the cookie base has been AWESOME!!! Although, the spread (whether it's the vanilla or chocolate) complements the cookie base, it can go to a higher level. I think they can work on the spread. :)

Honey Maid Grahams. Brand Seal #0-444630-7. They have a very bad smell like mold of old bad latex paint, with a bad taste that will make you sick. Wish I knew the CEO's address so I could send them to him to eat. Then maybe I could get my $11.00 back I spent on the two boxes of them. After looking up complaints about this on other sites, I see over 600 complaints on just one site for the same thing. What gives?

Growing up, the only saltine crackers my mother would ever buy were Premium Saltines. I noticed a couple of years ago that the taste had changed. The last box I purchased tasted old and stale even when the box is brand new. I no longer purchase them and opt to buy Export Sodas instead. They are at least edible. Why would you change something that has been a staple in so many homes for so many decades?

I don't know what's happened with Oreos and Ritz Crackers lately. The company doesn't share its production problems with the public of course, but I've recently noticed a marked decline in quality. I'm tired of giving them second, third, fourth chances, so I'm officially DONE. I don't know if it has to do with being made in Mexico, but I've stopped wasting my money on the gross inferior stuff they're now making. I'll stick to Newman's O's, and if someone can recommend a good cracker please let me know. Thanks!

Graham Crackers recipe/oil content have changed significantly in the last several years! They will no longer break at perforation, they just crumble to many small pieces! They no longer soften up if exposed to air. What's the skinny? These are terrible. I'm tired of buying these thinking maybe it's just a one off. I'm moving to alternative brands such as Trader Joe's. It's sad they moved away from their old quality control standards!

I opened two new seal packets of Nabisco saltine crackers and both had small bugs crawling all over them. I will NEVER purchase anything from this brand again. This is beyond disgusting!

Dear NABISCO: I want you to know that the dear designation is a reference my fond memories of your products when I was in my youth. That said, I'm an aging boomer. I asked my lovely wife the other day to bring me a box of NABISCO Graham Crackers the other day because for some reason I was craving that NABISCO Graham Cracker taste. Without going through all the minutiae, when I opened the box (which I didn't recognize) and ate one cracker, I was deeply saddened. What I ate was not what I remembered. After accusing my wife of getting the wrong thing I started looking into the product. I went to your customer care website and read similar stories as mine. I think you need to rethink your current formula and strongly consider going back to the old recipe. To say the least, this imbroglio has left a bad taste regarding your products. No pun intended. An ole customer.

Was totally appalled at the taste of these Honey Grahams. Been buying them off and on for years, but no more! Read on the box that they are made in Mexico. They are horrid. You should be ashamed to call these food items. Gross and nasty.

Honey Maid cinnamon grahams - I was craving these and chose the Honey Maid brand because the picture on the box looked so good. They were a huge disappointment. They had so little cinnamon and sugar that I thought I might have bought the plain ones by mistake. I could have saved a dollar and gotten the store brand. I am not buying these again. If you want to trim the sugar don't show a picture that doesn't represent the product in the box.

I didn't notice anything 'off' while preparing the crust. I made the filling (with about $20 worth of ingredients). I proudly brought my creation to the table after dinner & promptly threw the whole thing in the garbage. The taste was horrible from the crumbs- rancid, chemical. Hard to describe the taste other than awful!!!

Dear Nabisco, your Honey Maid ads are deplorable. They are devoid of morals and the American Culture. You are foisting the offensive lifestyle of a small counter culture on humanity. I will respond by no longer purchasing your products and I will use whatever influence available to ensure that my friends and acquaintances do not patronize your parent or subsidiary companies!

For some time now, I have noticed the poor quality of Nabisco Ritz, saltine, and graham crackers. I have been a loyal, lifelong customer, but I have decided to give up buying Nabisco products. The crackers are extremely thin and crumbly and have an unpleasant aftertaste, making them inedible. I am insulted that Nabisco has altered the recipe of products that consumers have relied upon for years assuming we wouldn't notice the difference. It is clear from the number of complaints here that I am just one of many who have noticed and who have decided to go to another brand. So disappointed.

Unwrapped a new sealed wax paper wrapped package of Nabisco Graham Crackers and started to eat one of the crackers when a toxic foul chemical laced taste overcame me. I immediately started spitting out the cracker and proceeded to rinse my mouth. After gargling and brushing my teeth, I still could not get that rancid chemical taste out of my mouth. I drank a cup of coffee and the taste is still there. I feel sick, dizzy and nauseated. Nothing I do seems to get rid of that awful taste.

Honey maid - The taste is terrible & they are very thin. I have always used their graham crackers for my cheesecake. The crust was very hard. I had made it the same way I always have. Please tell them to change it back to the original form. I am now looking for another cracker. These are awful. Thank you.

The last 2 times I purchased Ritz crackers. They were horrible, totally different cracker and the chips ahoy cookies taste like they have sand in them or something, they were horrible. I will be a lot more Conscious not to buy Nabisco anything anymore. It's very disappointing for you companies to change the quality of our food to using cheaper ingredients! Sorry, you lost another customer of 40 years! Shame on you.

BAD taste and very weak on graham flour. 8th ingredient down the list of ingredients. Very bad quality. Like eating baby food compared to a good pizza. And they are made in MEXICO yet!!! Mondelez International owns Nabisco now. I have eaten Nabisco Grahams for over 40 years, but no more. The remainder in this box is in the trash.

My wife just got home from a friend's... She ate a few of the Nabisco Honey Maid Graham Crackers purchased recently at Walmart. They smell like chemicals and made her sick. I've seen many other complaints about this. What is being done about it? I'm going to avoid Nabisco like the plague.

I have been buying Pinwheels for years despite the high price. The best part of these cookies was the rich dark chocolate. Well, I recently purchased my first package of "new recipe" cookies. Today I took my first bite. It was the last package I will ever buy. The new chocolate has totally changed the experience of biting into a Pinwheel. Why oh why did Nabisco ruin the only cookie I liked?

I don't buy cookies too often, but when I do, although they're very expensive, I buy the Nabisco pinwheels. The chocolate is horrible, what happen to the yummy dark chocolate? I could always see the tempting cookie in the package. Now I know why you can't see them. They look just like the generic. Why mess w/ a good thing? I was shocked to see the comments on your other products. Thanks for the warning folks!

Purchased a box of Honey Maid Graham Crackers at a local Family Dollar store here in Concord, NH and all (3) of the individual packages smelled like acetone or maybe more like turpentine. It made me very nauseous!

I have been buying a package of Pinwheels every week for years despite the high price. The best part of these cookies was the rich dark chocolate. Well, today I purchased my first package of "new recipe" cookies. It was the last package I will ever buy. The new chocolate tastes really cheap and has totally changed the experience of biting into a Pinwheel. I tossed them into the trash. Why oh why did Nabisco ruin one of my life's sweet pleasures?