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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Lipton Tea?
    • 4,482,017 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed Aug. 8, 2021

    Terrible taste and smell. I started drinking Lipton cold brew in May 2021. Started noticing change in taste and smell in July. In August I purchased my last box which the smell and taste was intolerable.

    Reviewed July 23, 2021

    Been drinking this for some time however the last box we bought had a strange smell to it once opened and the tea tasted as bad as it smelled when brewed, smell was like some grassy definitely did not smell like tea...

    Reviewed Jan. 24, 2021

    I but at least 3 box’s of tea every week, and this was the first time I’ve gotten a box of 7 tea bags from a box of 20. I drink hot tea all day long every day because I love your tea, I guess you could say I’m a tea aholic.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Nov. 5, 2020

    I purchased one after not having one for some time. I injured my left hand trying to open it and it won't open. Seriously. I am worried I may have torn something so that tells you something. Apparently this has been a problem for 8 years and they will never correct it. Never again purchasing and highly suggest you don't so you can save money on a product that is practical to open.

    Reviewed Oct. 31, 2020

    This tea smells of very strong and concentrated chemicals. I did not drink it neither did the rest of my family. I cannot describe the smell but it was horribly repulsive. Maybe a fishy smell. I just bought this tea but I am sure not to do so again. I used to love and drink Lipton tea.

    Reviewed Aug. 7, 2020

    I read a lot of the reviews on here and I don't know what is wrong with these people. Maybe they don't know how tea is supposed to taste. For years Lipton has always had a lot of Tannic Acid aka Tannin. It is a pungent tasting chemical that has a drying taste. In fact it is used to clot blood. It is the most present flavor in red wine. Try a glass of white wine and then a glass of red, that "dry," bitter flavor is tannin. You also taste it when eating grapes of any color because it is in the skins. Red wine allows for greater contact with the skins. Yes, some white wines are made with red grapes but the skins are not fermented with the juice.

    Anyway, back to Lipton tea. I always hated that tannic flavor note and never drank it. I always bought Tetley, Salada, Red Rose, or Twinings. I recently had to buy Lipton because that was all the store I went in had. I was pleasantly surprised by the disappearance of the tannic acid. I will now buy Lipton more often. Lipton, thank you.

    Reviewed May 29, 2020

    Recently Costco stopped carrying Lipton tea bags. I think I now know why. This was when lipton changed the packaging. I have no problem with the new packaging but the new taste is abominable. I switched to Tetley British at that time and was (and still am) very happy with their product, but with the COVID-19 pandemic Walmart ran out of stock, offering the new Lipton bags instead. I didn't suspect that the new Lipton bags are not only physically different but the taste is atrocious. Thank you lipton for producing a horrible brew; you must have turned into sociopaths. So now I have to throw my packs of new lipton bags into the garbage. I hope I'm not violating hazardous waste disposal laws.

    Reviewed Feb. 26, 2020

    Weak taste. Tea greenish brown in color not rich brown as before. I have been drinking this product for about eight years. When I purchase the cold brew I generally buy 4 boxes at a time, boy I wish I hadn’t this last purchase. Which will be my last purchase unless Lipton wakes up!!! Has Lipton never heard of New Wave Coca Cola, duh!!!


    Reviewed Feb. 4, 2020

    For the last 3 years or so, Lipton has been packaging their teabags in a gold mylar "freshness pack" of 25 bags. When you open the gold pack, the 25 bags are loose inside. This is not useful, since I travel and cannot take a few bags with me. This is not useful either for cafeterias, hotels, and hospitals, where teabags are displayed in a basket for customers to select. I complained twice to Lipton, using the lot number on the box. I was traveling in California and noticed a huge pallet of Lipton tea at Grocery Outlet, selling for 1/2 price. I thought, "Good, they're getting rid of that awful packaging."

    Back home, I bought a box at the grocery store--the outside of the box did not show the gold "freshness pack," so I thought Lipton had understood customers don't want it. I opened it and-darn!--there were the gold sleeves again. I thought to myself: "How many other customers like myself were fooled?" Lipton had taken the customer feedback, and instead of putting the bags in individual paper covers like before, they had only removed the information from the outside of the box! I believe the company was bought out by someone like the Koch Brothers perhaps. Someone who really hates people and loves money only.

    Reviewed Feb. 2, 2020

    My family has been drinking Lipton Black Tea for three generations now. Its iced tea alone made for some fond memories and truly terrific tea punch. No more. The current version ranges from bland to rust-tasting to straight-up bitter, no matter how many boxes you buy or stores you purchase them from. It takes ten-fifteen bags to make a pitcher, where it used to take eight or less; and at least one bag breaks open the minute you pour hot water on them. My grandmother used to say never buy cheap sugar, flour, or tea. I never thought that would apply to Lipton, but it does now in spades. You guys have major tea competition out there, so what’s with this cost-cutting crap? Shouldn’t you be upping your game instead of cheating loyal customers? Until you get this straight, we’ll be drinking Luizianne’s tea, thank you very much. Major letdown...

    Reviewed Jan. 28, 2020

    Lipton tea bitter now. Like so many others I thought my taste buds were off or I got a bad batch. Sadly. After 55 years of being a Lipton tea drinker I am going to switch. I used to carry bags with me. In case the restaurant did not carry lipton. Sad to see this brand crash and burn.

    Reviewed Jan. 18, 2020

    Unfortunately, I’ve recently noticed this year my tea taste different. It seems to be leaving and awful bitter after taste and even making my tongue burn after drinking it. What have you changed? I use decaf instant and the brewing tea bags. That’s a separate issue as they are all broke open. Disappointed Loyal TEA Drinker.

    Reviewed Dec. 30, 2019

    No more Lipton Cold Brew Tea for me! For the past year it has had a horrible bitter taste. I thought there was something wrong with my taste buds. I will no longer buy Lipton products. Bye-bye Crappy tasting tea!

    Reviewed Oct. 22, 2019

    Lipton, What happened to your quality products? First of all, the tea does not taste the same. Put back the blend you have for YEARS! This new blend is bland. Secondly WHY DOES EVERY BAG break when they are put in a cup of water in the Microwave. I have not had this happen with any other brand JUST LIPTON! It happens EVERY time for the LAST YEAR! Looks like I will be going back to Red Rose Tea. You will be missed!

    Reviewed Sept. 26, 2019

    I'm a lifelong Lipton customer, but now I'm done. A tea bag has exactly one job: to keep the tea leaves inside. Lipton's don't do this anymore. When I tried to contact the company to complain, they wanted to know the lot number. It doesn't matter--this has been going on for months with multiple boxes! Clearly this isn't the result of some slip-up in manufacturing--it's a design problem. If I wanted that mess, I'd use loose tea and a tea ball. So, adios Lipton. You lost a loyal customer for good.

    Reviewed Sept. 20, 2019

    Really glad I googled this! What did the Lipton Tea Company do to us? The tea tastes beyond bad!!!! I’ve been a faithful consumer for over 50 years and I’m done! I thought it was a bad batch, I opened my new restaurant style 3 box pack and thought they had gone by! I bought a small pack to see if they would be good but they were terrible! The after taste is really weird, it actually hurts my throat, it tastes like chemicals! What the heck is going on? I feel like I’ve been poisoned and I think we deserve answers! Can anyone recommend a different brand of tea bags? I WILL NEVER BUY OR DRINK WHATEVER THEY ARE PAWNING OFF ON US! IT’S GROSS! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!

    Reviewed Sept. 9, 2019

    I'm a regular Lipton tea 100 natural. And now here comes this black tea. No original tea. Nowhere. Please bring back the original. This black tea leaves a nasty taste In my mouth and to think I bought the big pack. Waste of my money. I'll be giving it away or it will go to the garbage. Not good at all.

    Reviewed Sept. 1, 2019

    Bring back my orange pekoe! I too have been drinking Lipton tea for decades. The product on the store shelves is sub-par. The taste is dark and dirty. It's also made my reflux much worse. Lipton has either completely sold their soul, or some executive’s child had an idea... a bad one! I'm switching brands.

    Reviewed Aug. 10, 2019

    I don't understand why they are only selling black tea now. It's gross. I used to love making sun tea. Now I refuse to buy their tea until they bring the regular tea back and I know a lot of disappointed people and my 11 year old daughter makes a disgusted face when she sees the tea.


    Reviewed July 6, 2019

    Looks like Lipton Tea has gone into full cost cutting mode. Each tea bag used to come in a paper bag, which kept each tea bag safe. Now with them all "naked" and rubbing against each other, bumping about during shipping, stacking up on each other, etc. results in torn or small holes in each tea bag. I used to enjoy the tea, now each tea cup ends up with lots of tea floaters and dust at the bottom of the cup. The taste has gone downhill too - more cost cutting it seems on quality of tea. Time to move onto another brand which is customer focused, not cost focused.

    Reviewed June 30, 2019

    I have been using Lipton Green Tea since a year and this time while having just saw something before putting the tea bag in cup. Being more concerned about what it is, I just opened the Tea Bag and there were 4 worms in the tea bag. I just couldn't understand what should I do. They were like, yukkkk. How can I have such. God knows how many would have I used without noticing. I have taken the pics also, if needed and if asked I can provide the same. Still I do have the whole new 100 pouches box of Green (Lemon & Honey flavor). Neither I'm able to connect to the customer care to lodge any compliant towards them. I have kept the whole unboxed box. Let see what happens. But my trust for Lipton products is gone.

    Reviewed June 26, 2019

    I am a Lipton tea drinker for over 40 years. I've tried others and have always come back to Lipton. But my latest box of 100 Black Tea bags purchased and opened 2 weeks ago has a different and unpleasant taste. Something similar to dishwater if being brutal. I've tested the sugar and milk, used different cups, fresh water in kettle every time, but it's definitely the tea bags. Looks like I'll be finding another brand.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed June 25, 2019

    I am 55 years old and have been a Lipton tea drinker as far back I can remember. I am known for my delicious iced tea and for drinking hot tea in my classroom. My students even call me "Sweet T"! The last box of tea bags that I bought have a very different taste that is not pleasant. It has the same taste that the Lipton Keurig cups have and I do not find it appetizing. I buy the old fashioned paper wrapped bags to keep in my classroom and they taste fine but the gold foil wrapped sleeves are not good. They leave a "perfumy" aftertaste. I am afraid that I am going to have to change tea brands after 50 years.... :(


    Reviewed June 24, 2019

    I have been drinking Lipton tea in the morning for at least 40 years. This year it tastes so different that I went online to see if they changed the tea. It seems all Lipton tea drinkers are switching to another brand because Lipton tea is not the same. What happened to orange pekoe blend? I am throwing away all the Lipton tea I have and never buying it again. Too bad the company doesn’t care that so many are switching brands. They must make more money on the overpriced bottled teas.

    Reviewed June 24, 2019

    I am drinking Lipton Loose Green from 3 years regularly but from past 3 months their packing standard are not good. One time I got green tea which has no aroma or flavour of honey and lemon.. And this time I have doubt so I make a unpack video.. Sadly this the inner silver packing was already opened. It has clearly understood that while packing they don’t check their batch. Maybe it’s time to switch to another brand.

    Reviewed June 3, 2019

    I have been using Lipton tea since 1963, for Southern sweet tea, hot tea, iced tea, punch, etc. and never have I ever had most tea bags start leaking as soon as they get wet. I am not a fortune teller, I don’t need these in my cup! If I wanted to be spitting out tea leaves a few times a day I would switch to loose tea. The packaging changed to the foil tubes, and they have lost the distinctive Lipton aroma and flavor... Paper sachets kept the tea leaves fresher in my tea caddy than this *improvement*! I used to get the 100 teabag box every few weeks... But I am so over playing with the tea strainer and reheating for such low quality taste. After fifty-six years, I have switched to a Chai brand (I know used tea leaves are a good garden soil additive, so that is where the rest of the Lipton tea bags are going).

    Reviewed May 22, 2019

    Tea taste terrible. Really didn’t mean to buy the tea already sweetened. It is so over sweetened it’s sickening. The artificial sweetener taste is terrible and I bought it from Sam's Club so I have a ton to throw out. What a shame. Changing brands after this.

    Reviewed May 21, 2019

    I have used Lipton tea bags for 45 years but have recently noticed change. Black tea horrible, regular tea has no taste, Iced tea turns milky after you put in fridge, and the tea bags break open very very easily. I have to strain after brewing. I have decided to change brands.

    Reviewed May 17, 2019

    I have been reading reviews about leaky tea bags. All similar to my experience. But I did not see any answers to the problem. I have been straining the bags through a filter. It does not affect the taste but is inconvenient. I have always used Lipton and will continue hoping that this problem is worked out. Just bought my new larger cold brew tea bags for summer ice tea. Thanks for your consideration. Judy **

    Reviewed April 28, 2019

    I’ve been having so many issues with my tea bags breaking. My sister was here for a visit. She wanted some tea. Normally I keep Tetley here for her and I ran out. Asked her if she wanted some Lipton, and she said, "Yeah." Ended up making four separate cups because the first three bags broke in the cup during heating. She said that’s one of the reasons she switched to Tetley. I’ve been having the same issues with the bags. Guess I’ll become a Tetley drinker too now!

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