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I like either smoked or peppered because it seems to have the best flavor. My store stocks it well. I don't have to worry about not getting any or I don't worry about having to go somewhere else. Fried on the stove top, I don't have any special techniques other than cutting the bacon in half then it makes me think that I'm eating more in which I'm not. I don't eat bacon a lot so it's a treat (cheat breakfast) when I do purchase the bacon. I usually expect to pay a bit more than I typically would on breakfast.

I like the precooked. Saves time, oven energy and wasted grease and still tastes better and gets crispier than most other cook from scratch varieties. Only available at Costco but well worth the trip. May be microwaved but I prefer, when I have time, to pan fry. Because it tastes better, is crispier and cooks more evenly. I wouldn't spend the extra money if quality was inconsistent.

I really prefer the Apple Wood bacon the most. I get this at Costco. It is always there when I get there. I don't have to ask anyone. It's always available to me anytime I need it. I use my Nu Wave oven. Cook each side for 7 minutes. Not difficult. It comes out perfect every time. It is not sitting on its fat either. I buy the kind with no preservatives or colorings. It's made with turkey.

I love Smoked bacon, woody taste. I usually love to use a skillet pan. It helps have a better taste to it. You can control the how crispy you want it. I usually don't need to add anything but sometimes I put sweet onions and pineapple.

Smoked. Though in fairness I haven't had sweetened which could be awesome. I've also heard candied is good. When searing in the pan I carefully use a fork to stab one side of the bacon in order to flip them over. That seems to work best. I like mine a little crispy so they tend to cook longer. Primarily I'd compare it to the pricing of the other bacon around it. I'm not a bacon connoisseur so I generally go with the best deal. I remember reading somewhere that for the money, Costco has the best bacon.

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We enjoy our bacon as is smoked! Because it does not hide the real flavor! Bacon is the best and can be used in many different ways. It is always available! That's Costco for you! We know that it will always be there when we shop! They stock amounts worth buying and one can check out the other packages. Baked in the oven. We enjoy bacon, crisp so can turn it over for a few minutes, when under the broiler! Use a special broiling pan! Drips of fat just remain under the bacon and then throw it out in the garbage! We still enjoy using our bacon in old fashioned recipes passed down through the family! Kraut and Klase (using bacon) perogies (sauerkraut with potatoes and bacon. We just love bacon!

Plain is our preferred. Kirkland Bacon says it has smoke, but I do not recall the type of smoke being identified. Alder and maple are often available and are very neutral for use in recipes. We tend to prefer the saltiness of cured bacon as it is, it added to the flavour and other spices in the mix. Always seems to be available and in stock in both Canada and Washington. We have tried some other brands that were often hard to find and when you do find them, the quality is not consistent. On the griddle or flat top, flipping is every minute or so. We seldom use additional spices or flavour enhancers. There are much better bacons with respect to flavour, but for all around day to day use, Kirkland suits our needs.

Kirkland seems to be an average cut, not too thick, not too thin. Cost is always a consideration, we might have to rethink our use and purchase if the price doubled. Kirkland is an all around reasonable bacon. Griddle, pan fry is preferred, but microwaved is also ideal for small amounts. The average thickness and marbling provides good results and is ideal for BBQ and grilled appetizers.

I choose Kirkland brand because it has a lower sodium option. I find regular bacon way too salty, so I only buy reduced-sodium bacon. Kirkland is the Costco store brand. Occasionally they will be out of bacon. In that case I go to the Real Canadian Superstore and buy their no-name brand of reduced-sodium bacon. Fried on the stove top. If I need crumbled bacon, I chop the bacon first and then fry it. I don't fry whole slices and crumble them afterwards, although this is what recipes always tell you to do. One of the reasons I buy Kirkland bacon (or Superstore no-name bacon) is because they come in multi-packs which is much cheaper than buying single packs of name brand bacon. I love the flavor of my Kirkland bacon (or Superstore no-name bacon) because it is not as salty as other brands of bacon. It is also sliced quite thin. I don't like thick sliced bacon.

For convenience sake, I generally get smoked Kirkland (Hormel) brand pre-cooked bacon. For special occasions, I like to get Wrights maple flavored as it adds some sweetness to good breakfast. Costco always has the pre-cooked Kirkland brand on the shelve. When shopping for my favorite, I find Wrights at most every supermarket around. Fried on the stove top. I microwave the pre-cooked bacon, and pan fry regular bacon on medium heat. I like it crispy but I see no need to add anything additional. Since I only eat a few pieces a week, it is not overly priced to me, and seems pretty consistent from batch to batch. The price would have to about double from where it is now or consistently be a real bad batch to have me stop buying it or a particular brand. I like using the Kirkland (Hormel) pre-cooked bacon. It is fast, no mess and easy to heat up a couple pieces to put in salad, on baked potatoes, or to simply have some for a snack.

Sweetened is my favorite and the Kirkland brand takes on the flavoring so well that I just love it. I don't want super crispy bacon and this brand cooks really well even when not crispy. Costco is always in supply of the packaged bacon I prefer to purchase. They also provide it in a package of 4 individual packages in one which is great. Baked in the oven. Brown sugar on a baking rack on a baking sheet in the oven or on foil on the grill. Just anyway for the bacon to drip off the grease. Price is perfect for the 4 in 1 we purchase at Costco. Delicious taste and cooks well for my preferences. Perfectly sliced strips, not overly marbly, price per package is perfect, cooks evenly in a general temperature, any way you cook it always seems to taste perfect & is easily flavored if you like to flavor it.

Smoked, I like the flavor and the way it cure when smoked. Really the way it crisps up when baked or cooked in the microwave. My entire family prefer smoked bacon. Every time I go it's in stock and I did not have to get them on the program. Maybe because they sell a lot they figure they should keep it in stock. I would be very vocal if I went over twice and they did not have it in stock. I like my just as I buy it smoked. Anything else would ruin the flavor and I do like it cooked in the microwave. My entire family feel the same way just smoked and nothing added and I do have a big family.

I like and enjoy it, I like the smoked flavor which is just right for me. I am ok with the price at this point. We have 11 member in the immediate family and all but one eat bacon at least twice a week. Never a complaint and let me tell you when they don't care for something, they can complain loudly.

Lower sodium, makes it healthier and the taste is still just as wonderful. Having the lower sodium does not change the way it looks or cooks up crispy. I buy mine at Costco, Kirkland brand, always in stock. Baked in the oven. Tinfoil lined cookie sheet, no extra spices, no flipping, just plain old wonderful tasting bacon. Bacon it does the taste buds good. I buy it at Costco, it is almost always a good buy. Bacon is a very versatile food. It can be an appetizer wrapped around a lil smokey, it can add moisture to chicken or turkey being roasted whole. It is wonderful served with eggs and as a sandwich (BLT).

I like just the plain regular bacon with not added flavors or spices. Added flavors seem to take away the best of bacon's quality. Costco always carries the bacon I like and other brands as well. I have never run into a situation where they don't have what I'm looking for in stock. When I'm in a hurry, I use my microwave oven to make crispy bacon. I lay a few paper towels on a plate, put a few strips of bacon, cover with another paper towel and cook about 2 to 3 minutes per strip. I use bacon on many dishes, especially oven baked and wrapped around either chicken, liver or beef. I also love to use it as an additive to my salads and dips.

Kirkland brand is not flavored. I have tried other brands that offered flavors, but my preference is still the plain Kirkland Brand bacon. Kirkland is the Costco brand and the only way it would not be in stock is if they decided to drop it as an item. They do that and it is frustrating. The way I use the bacon is added to what I am making so I always fry it very crispy in order to make it into smaller pieces and add it to eggs or whatever. I do not make bacon and eggs. I make my bacon so that I can crumble it in whatever I am making.

Love the Apple Wood smoked, thick sliced variety of Kirkland's. Best ever! The other varieties are also great! Perfect cut, great smokey flavor! The local Costco always has the Apple Wood smoked and a variety of other thick sliced bacon. Never have had a problem but would most definitely ask them to order if I found they were out on a regular basis. I'm a fryer girl! No other way to replicate the chewy greasy great texture! It's bacon after all! I personally use a grill press to get nice even slices! Specifically- don't care if it's bad for me. Life is simply too short to not indulge occasionally! Absolutely nothing tastes like great cooked fresh bacon- besides- the house smells wonderful afterwards! Want everyone at the breakfast table (lunch or dinner as well) start cooking bacon!

Smokey and sweet, the best for me. I like the flavor that it has and usually less fat and more meat. Baked in the oven- it cook more even and I can control it better. Also it does not suit in the grease since I have it on a grill and it drains down and cooks even. I like it crispy and not drenched in the grease!

Smoked because savory is my favorite. Costco always has great bacon at a great price. Baked in the oven is the easiest way and easy clean up when pan is lined with foil. Can cook for a crowd that way and it all ready at the same time. Costco always has a good price for really yummy bacon so I always buy and freeze what I am not using right away. Then I always have it on hand.

Smoked is my all time favorite. Costco normally has it all year long and has a great price, my other choice is Kroger brand when I am out, as Costco is farther away. I cook it slow and stack all of it in the pan on top of each other and remove the ones when done on the bottom. The whole package takes about 20 min to 30 min without having to split the package or cook half then the other half. I hope the price stays where it is at or does not climb too high.

Smoked just seems to bring out the flavor of the bacon. I usually purchase the Kirkland bacon by Hormel at Costco's and I must say that is always available when I go in there, matter of fact that seems to be the only place I can find a large pack of that particular brand of bacon at. For slab bacon I would recommend constant turning so as not to over cook or burn on one side, or try wrapping the bacon around other meats such as little smokies, shrimp etc.

Smoked bacon has more flavor. The bacon is regularly stocked at Costco. It is available whenever I shop even though it is quite popular. I never have to make multiple trips to the store to get it. No added spices are necessary. It is an easy preparation. I put in the microwave at one minute per slice. Comes out perfect. On stove-top I fry just below medium setting for perfection.

Smoked, thick cut is preferred as the taste is enhanced when smoked and thin just gets too crunchy. I consistently find the product I want at Sam's Club, and find it has a consistent quality, thickness and taste we prefer. It's one of many reasons I shop there regularly. For microwaving, use a ridged pan that collects the fat but spray it first with cooking spray to prevent the baking and fat from sticking. I've tried other brands and have found some good ones. Where I don't go back is generally due to too much marbling; being cut too thin; inconsistency in quality; or being too expensive.

Smoked or peppered not fond of sweetened i.e. maple. Also some are too salty and can overpower the taste of the bacon. It is the brand name for Costco so they have it all the time. One other thing I enjoy about it is that they don't kill it with salt, the natural flavor comes out in the bacon. Medium heat with regular flipping helps to brown evenly. Also I like mine extra crispy so I turn down the heat once it is browned and stay with it to flip it more often to prevent burning. Usually worth it when I can buy it. However sometimes it does have more fat than I would like, so I search for the best marbled bacon by looking carefully at the package.

Salt-reduced because most bacon is too salty. I heat my pan over medium-high heat; add the bacon, then lower the heat to medium-low and allow bacon to brown before flipping over to continue frying until perfectly crisped. Oven baking is great too, but nothing beats frying it! Bacon has consistently become fattier and more costly than ever. What is really aggravating is the fact that bacon is sold in packages that weigh 375 grams (13.2 ounces); this is so NOT a pound of bacon like in the old days! Bacon should be sold as a 1 pound package (455 grams). Fine! Raise the price, but stop reducing the amount of bacon in the packaging and reduce the amount of fat in the package.

I like less salt. It is good and a bit better for you. Sometimes it is hard to find but it is worth it when you do. I shop at Costco and it is a Costco brand. It is usually there but when it isn't I just don't buy bacon. Even if I need it. Go without rather than using salty skinny bacon. I like to fry it in a frying pan. I can make it nice and crisp and that is how I like my bacon. Sometimes I add onions, even better.