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Has very tasty and juicy flavor and when cooked, it comes out crispy so chewing it is not so difficult. I like how it matches my waffle and salad. I also like using it for my homemade pizza and many other recipes.

Hormel is hard to find except for Walmart- Smithfield everywhere. I prefer the Hormel since it doesn't have preservatives.

Smoked. It really taste better. The pieces seem to not shrink as much. They are just as crispy as when you fry them. Start with the oven cold and it doesn't splatter as much.

Applewood has a better taste than the regular one and it tastes less salty and available more often in more stores. I have to go so far to find it. Most stores I shop don't carry it. I would ask the person stocking the package meats to see if they would carry it. Oven bake tastes better and absorbs the grease if you use a cookie sheet with sides. Temp at 350 degrees. No need to flip it.

Hormel is pretty much the standard of what I consider Bacon to taste like. It's the brand I grew up with and it's just a bit of nostalgia with every bite. The old fashioned way I grew up with was cooking it in the microwave with where it was covered with paper towels. I guess it gets all the grease out. I only get it once in a while nowadays but it's never breaking the bank when we do get it.

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I like a variety of bacon flavors, to pick one it'd be hard. It depends on my mood, some days I like sweet, some smoked, rarely do I like peppered, unless it's a sweet peppery bacon. I'm lucky in that my store will allow me to fill out a form at check out counter for items, after enough are completed, they'll order it. I prefer to fry it in a well-seasoned cast iron skillet, sometimes I like to rub brown sugar and cracked pepper all over it and let it sit for a while before cooking.

I typically just buy the basic type. I don't care for the varieties offered. Although at times I will buy the thicker sliced bacon. We only have two stores in this city - Safeway and Walmart. They both carry Hormel bacon. I prefer the Black Label brand and they always have it. I typically just fry it in the pan. I recently saw something on Facebook saying that you should add about one-fourth cup of water to it while it fries. Not sure I noticed any difference.

I like it either smoked or with a maple/brown sugar flavor. I really don't know why - I've just always preferred bacon and sausage a little sweet. I don't have any special technique. I fry them in a pan and flip when they're half cooked. My husband sprinkles white sugar on the bacon strips when he's cooking it. I also occasionally make it in the microwave, but it's not as good.

Prefer various flavors, this gives me options to have variety each time I want it. I cook in the pan the way it always is done in my home. I just like the brand I buy and it has the taste and flavor I expect to enjoy.

The maple smoked bacon that Hormel has is the best in my opinion. It has that great Smokey flavor with a wonderful hint of maple. It's perfect in many recipes. Sam's near me always has Hormel bacon. However, you can always request a store to stock something and most will do this gladly. Baked in the oven. I just put it in the oven on a rack in a cookie sheet. 350 for 20. I use it in many recipes as well. It gives a great smokiness to tacos, casseroles, soups and salads. Occasionally I sprinkle red pepper flakes on it, just a little to add a nice bite! Nothing would stop me from purchasing bacon.

Hormel is very consistent with flavor and marbling. If they were not, I have a second favorite in Oscar Meyer. We love bacon and would have to save in other areas of it got too expensive. Hormel bacon comes in precooked package as well as raw. I use both. Precooked is great to wrap around your favorite snacks, chicken, lil' smokies, shrimp or cheese. It crisps better. Then I use the raw bacon for all of the other dishes. Hormel bacon has the best flavor to my family. It is marbled perfectly and it's consistent in flavor from package to package.

Smoked - more flavor. I do not need it to be sweetened, but savory is what I look for in a bacon. I usually do not add anything else. I also prefer thick sliced and I prefer hardier pieces. I do not recommend any special spices or add-ons. A good brand of bacon will be fine on its own merits and anything special would be up to the consumer. Bacon is expensive and I usually try to purchase when it is on sale, which can happen at any market at any given time. My bacon is great and I usually try to stay away from fatty bacon. I prefer a reputable brand and on sale, if I can. In spite of price, it is worth splurging for.

Hormel Black Label Low Sodium is our go to brand for bacon. We do prefer uncured bacon but that is very hard to find in our area despite the amount of stores and variety of stores in our area. We tend to shop around to find the uncured bacon. There are only a few stores that carry it in an area with a population over 200,000 which is weird. When I cook bacon I cut it all into thirds, heat a stainless steel pan until it is medium hot then add the bacon. I then let it cook for about 8 minutes until the edges start turn brown then flip it. When the bacon is a uniform caramel color I pull it out to a paper towel to drain and enjoy.

When we can find the Hormel uncured bacon, it tends to have a lower sodium content as well which is a definitely bonus. Yes, bacon is indulgent but drowning it in salt brine is not beneficial to anyone and lends itself to wonder the quality of the meat and what that brand is hiding. If we cannot find the uncured bacon we will suffice with the Black Label Low Sodium as it has good flavor and the meat to fat ratio is satisfying without cooking the majority of your food away from the fat.

I like the availability of a variety of flavors to enhance the bacon experience. I still can't get Hormel Jalapeno flavor locally. I have to get it in Texas when I visit that state. The flavor was here in Louisiana for a short time then pulled from shelves and marked down. Fried on the stove top. Iron skillet, medium temp, fried in garlic butter and turned frequently. Then put on paper towel to absorb any excess oil. Slap Ya Mama seasoning liberally added and maybe some cane syrup.

Smoked. Classic bacon flavor. Delicious! My grocer stocks Hormel (and my 2nd choice Smithfield) regularly, but if I found them lacking, I would tell the manager... and they would stock... it has happened for other products and worked out. Always WATCH your bacon closely. Timing the first slip as you see the bacon fat begin to curl. Smoked bacon does NOT need ANY spices. It is perfect on its own.

I like mine plain. I find artificial flavours like smoke and maple ruin it for me. Brown sugar to candy it when I use a frying pan. It makes a bacon caramel that will blow your mind. I deglaze to pan with a bit of whisky or dark rum. I've even put it on ice cream. The fact that package sizes have gone from 500g to 375g has me buying bacon less often. I'm just so mad about it that every time I see it I get mad and walk away sans bacon. I miss bacon.

Turkey Bacon as it is low in fat and healthy. I have found that several of the local markets do not regularly carry it. But Costco does except for a few months when the consistency was not up to their standards. Cooked until it is quite crispy. I do not like anything that is chewy as it tastes raw. This is what I like about the turkey bacon as it always manages to be cooked evenly and using the microwave is the best way that I have found. Since I usually buy it at Costco the prices seem more reasonable. There I can buy like four pounds and split it up and freeze it.

Smoked because I like the basics. I'm not into different flavors, simply good old smoked bacon. Brings back memories of my childhood. Baked in the oven. Possibly using parchment paper because it seems to eliminate some of the greasiness by absorbing some of the grease. Also, patting with paper towels after cooking. Once it starts getting over 4.50 or it's not on sale I won't buy it. I'm on a fixed income and as much as I love bacon I'm not going to buy it and have to forgo something else.

Thick smoked because the smoke flavor gives it a "cooked outdoors" taste and thick sliced gets crispier fat and tender meat. Cookie sheet lined with foil with the bacon on a baking rack. Sometimes I sprinkle a little course garlic powder over the top for a little bite. I would quit breathing before I quit eating Bacon... well, I'd at least lay in bed and mope for a while. Anyway, I guess if the price became too much higher than it already is I would cut back but I don't think I would ever quit eating bacon.

Grocer regularly stocks this bacon and if the grocer stopped selling this bacon, I would go to another grocer who stocked the bacon at a reasonable price. Ensure before purchasing that there's more meat than fat. Most people are naive to this fact and wonder why they are gaining weight.

Smoked, applewood, maple, honey, mesquite. I lived in Alaska many years + we prepped all our own cached meats. My favorites were the meats we smoked with a variety of flavors from our own homesteads tree barks and herbed/smoked flavors. I love the idea of my husband and teenager learning my sourdough days as I feed them just like in my sourdough days. Our son enjoys bacon and - with much bacon comes much responsibility. He's a champ in school and at home. Bacon, still part of a champion's breakfast! Our chain Albertson has a reputation for cust satisfaction and special requests. They did our bridal feasts, my requests thru the years for unique baked goods, meat cuts, cheeses, and keeping diverse bacons in regular stock.

Fried on the stove top. We halve + freezer grocer's widest + thickest slabs as ends + pieces in our region are 90% fat 10% scrap. We put half in user-frig if pork, full if beef. Sparse paper towel swab oil-season (olive, never corn or Crisco) 12" caste iron skillet, preheated (never cold) gives flattest strips + nicest most evenly gold-browned, flip when well on side 1. Flame off when flipped (1950s Tappan gas range), grab triple paper towel layer. Metal spatula toss all med-well crisped in jumble stack on triple layer + top w/ 2 blotter paper-towels on top. Serve up piping hot in heirloom 6"x10" bacon platter from preWW2 w/ engrave fam motto + klang the farm triangle.

After grace we chatter after grace while its meat tug-o-war and chow down 15-25 mins before warming up car, truck, motorcycle to blaze freeways 45 mins. First to excuse table rewards cat's stove-side bowl w/ bacon crumbs + creamer dregs his saucer if his hunt dropland shows (evidences successful hunts) or if hawk scats show (then, he's worked nocturnal spares w/ them + gets double bacon + cream to neutralize/offset tough critter tails etc). Fam breakfast is 1 to 4 half-slices per person, per day's agenda (teen: 2 if no tests-proj-reports, 3 on community service days or chess meets, 4 on finals or grade benchmark presentations; husband: 1 if working remote from home office because we'll lunch early, 2 for his in-office days + 3 on Board Directors or corp full staff meeting, speaking or presenting days; me: 1 on home-only days, 2 on errand days (2-5 hrs driving); any leftovers go into next biscuit doughs.

Our summer breakfasts are bacon as meat of choice over sausage (too rich), hard boiled half egg, fresh fruited multi-grain cereal w/ milk, creamed coffee, 4 oz fresh squeezed oranges off our vintage tree, honeyed + buttered toast or english muffin halves or pop tarts or fresh grilled shredded coconut w/ multi-grains, 12 oz each cranberry juice, water bottle + vitamins. Note, bacon is important to our a.m., and husband is sure it fends his allergies. Note pls too that schools in county check that kids eat a meat w/ breakfast (course work loads are heavy and also each student carries approx 30 lbs of backpack books + gear). We won't do as other parents - kid-size Starbucks + beef jerky or such travesty as 'breakfast'. Besides, mom would spank me from the grave if I thought to do less. America's made of families, and here where cattle land began, its dinner steaks and morning breakfast bacon or we're gonna know why not.

I enjoy the maple flavor. I also like how the bacon is not too thick. It seems to cook just right and everyone at the table enjoys it also. I cook on the stove top which I prefer because it comes out crisper than the oven. Also cooking in the grill is another way.

Hormel microwave is one version, but very tasty. Simply place the pouch in the microwave. Just do it for 2 and one half minutes in a 1100 watt microwave. Comes out just fine. This is microwave bacon in a pouch, simple and easy. It's more expensive using the microwave version, but it's worth it. Sometimes BJs wholesale club carries it in addition to my local Publix store.

Black Label... orgasmic. I do not make a purchase if I cannot find what I need, or want. Bacon is a cosmic experience, and cannot be substituted with **. Bacon must be lean, with only enough fat to leave a fair amount of grease for adding to green beans or fried eggs when needed.

I usually get smoked. I do not have a problem finding my brand, however I have purchased other brands that might be on sale and have awesome quality. Bacon should have thick meaty slices, not slices with 90% fat. The quality must be poor in order for me not to purchase and it really should not cost more. It is already expensive as it is and most brands have these skinny thin slices which is ridiculous and overpriced. I am forced to get thick or slab all of the time. In all reality, I purchase the brand that had the thickest, meatiest bacon.

Smoked - dont like the apple. I like Hormel but the problem is the pricing goes from $3.50 one week to almost 7.00$ the next. Baked in the oven, I use a cast iron sheet pan, set the oven to 350 and bake for 14-16 min and its perfect every time for thick cut.

Hormels Black Label Original since 1891, then peppered while cooking. Four generations of my family has been shopping in this store chain and they have always carried this brand. When Fairway has a product that the customers prefer they make sure to stock it and this brand is a great seller for them. Fried on the stove top. Only All-Clad for a pan, cooked over medium heat slowing peppering one side then turn and pepper the other side then let sit and simmer until first side is about half done then flip and repeat. I have tried others on sale and even tried other Hormel bacons but always go back to the Black Label. I don't waste my money anymore.

Applewood smoked bacon and Natural. But the healthier/Hormel brand that I most like is rarely on sale. I would stop if prices continue to go up, too much fat, change flavors, less bacon per package and more preservatives than are current.

I can usually find what I'm looking for at my local supermarkets or Sam's Club. Meijer and Jewel have a nice selection as well. Baked in the oven. I usually add some garlic pepper and rosemary. Sometimes do a rub with spices and then wrap them around chicken breasts or pork chops. Yum. Price does not matter when it comes to bacon. Hormel and Oscar Meyer are the most consistent when it comes to less fat with bacon.

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Founded in 1891, Hormel is one of the most recognizable brands in the food industry. The company's bacon products are among its most popular foods, as there are numerous premium varieties.

  • Every type of cut: Hormel offers thick, center and standard cut bacon to ensure each customer's preferences are met.
  • Classic flavors: Maple, hickory, applewood and other flavors continue to be standouts among Hormel bacon products.
  • Alternative options: Hormel's Canadian bacon is particularly popular with customers.
  • Fully cooked bacon: Those who want bacon quickly can purchase Hormel's fully cooked bacon.
  • Always available: Hormel is sold at nearly every major grocery retailer.
  • Best for Classic bacon lovers, chefs looking for quality bacon at a reasonable price and newbies to the bacon world.

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