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When I learned badminton sport way back in 2003, Gatorade has always been my sports drink to rehydrate my body. I'd play 5 hours straight and consume about 2-3 liters of Gatorade. I never experienced cramps and it's because my body is fully hydrated all the time. Their grape flavor is the best tasting flavor for me. To amplify the taste, I add a little bit of sugar so I have something to burn. It's a little expensive compared to other drinks but it's still the best drink whenever the sport takes its toll. I've tried Powerade and it's not as tasty as Gatorade.

I tried soft drinks but I felt weak at the middle of the games and I could feel I slowed down and the reaction time is a little longer. So it does not only rehydrate my body, it also increases mental alertness. My friends' choice is Gatorade too and the badminton court I play at sells different kinds of drinks. So I guess, Gatorade gives them a better experience than other drinks. When we bet, we don't bet for money, we bet for Gatorade. Whoever loses will pay for the drink at the counter. I will always patronize and stick to Gatorade until I find a better one.

My son was about to open a Gatorade orange drink with expiration of 11/15/2016 when I noticed under the light that there was something dark floating in the drink. I did not open the bottle and just continued to turn it and see and I took pictures of it. There are 2 floaters which appear like mold maybe but has a jelly-like matter around it. This is quite concerning as I'm sure there's plenty more in circulation where people could get seriously sick. I'm just glad my son did not drink this!

Gatorade is a very good thirst quencher especially after a strenuous activity under the sun. I usually bring a bottle with me when I'm out on a day hike. My husband also likes this drink, especially after playing basketball. We both like the Blue Bolt the best. It tastes very good when served cold, however, it has a stinging effect if taken in warm. They say it's good for replenishing lost electrolytes, however, it being unnatural, it still should be taken in moderation. They have glass and plastic bottles, and though heavy, I still recommend to get the Gatorade in glass bottles for lesser health risks if ever.

What is it in Gatorade which makes me want more of it? It's my go-to drink whenever I work out or after a pickup game of basketball. It quenches my thirst better than water and instantly replenishes any nutrients that I lost after sweating so much. No wonder it's endorsed by athletes such as Michael Jordan and Dwayne Wade, Peyton Manning, and Derek Jeter. If you wanna be like Mike, drink Gatorade. I wish that they create an apple flavor variation. I would really want that. If they wanna win over their serious competition, they just have to outwit Powerade which seems to have taken over a huge market in the Philippines.

I love Gatorade, especially Blue Bolt. I don't even know what the heck is in it, but it's the best damn sports drink on the planet, PERIOD. After I'm done working out, Gatorade gives me the necessary rehydration that only it can provide. The only thing I hate, which is in no way the fault of Gatorade, is that almost every single time, the bottles are bent because of the careless transporters and crews that put the Gatorade bottles inside the refrigerators in stores. Would it kill them to be a little more gentle?? I mean yeah they're made of plastic, but that doesn't mean that it's okay to just throw them around and not give a damn about how they end up in the consumers' hands. This is especially true in the Gatorade bottles at 7-11. So get it together, 7-11! We don't want to drink out of bent bottles! And keep up the good work, Gatorade.

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I have been consuming Gatorade for quite some time for now. My favorite one was lemon and recently I have noticed there were floating particles inside the bottle and I do not know what it is. Might be a larvae or some other particles which got in on the time of packing. We have a lot of natural drinks given by the nature, it would be better if we start consuming those instead of have these artificial drinks which gives us temporary satisfaction and who knows what awaits us in the future if we keep on using these.

I was going through all the reviews on Gatorade drinks here on this site and was horrified by all of them as the majority described how their Gatorade drinks had green blobs or mold, if not a white slimy jellyfish-like substance floating around in their bottles while some were even unopened. Many have mentioned how this made them ill in several ways and that just scared me. However, this is quite a surprise to me because personally, in all my years of purchasing Gatorade, I never had this experience. Perhaps it has something to do with where the drinks are being manufactured? Or maybe how they're being transported?

I'm thinking maybe during the process of transporting those drinks, they were exposed to the heat of the sun for a long period of time or something, causing chemical changes, but I don't really know. I live in the Philippines and all the bottles of Gatorade I've ever purchased here were in great condition for consumption. So far, up to this day, Gatorade has been a reliable refreshment especially after running or working out. I've tried almost all flavors--tropical fruit, blue bolt, grape, and lemon lime--I like all of them.

Gatorade Tropical Fruit flavor is my favorite. Blue Bolt comes at 2nd. :)

I drank about half a small bottle of orange Gatorade before I could fully taste the product. In short, it had a horrific chemical taste and within 2 minutes I was violently throwing up including blood. I do not know what is in this bottle and am wondering what health agency I should contact. I hope I did not do any permanent damage to my kidneys.

When I'm tired of walking under the heat of the sun, I drink Gatorade and my feeling of tiredness has relieved. I'm highly refreshed. It seems that my lost fluids has replenished when I drink Gatorade. I would highly recommend Gatorade if you want to be refreshed from a grueling activity. It's very refreshing.

I usually play volleyball during the weekends and I usually buy Gatorade to replace lost water in my body. BUT, since I'm very acidic, my stomach always hurt every time I drink it. But I still drink it because I think it is better than just regular water. I hope they create a product for athletes or regular people with digestive problem. I love drinking Gatorade but my stomach doesn't like it. It helps me to perform better but after or sometimes during games, my stomach would hurt so much. I have tried other sports drink but I don't like their taste. Gatorade is the best in terms of taste. But I might not buy it anymore if my stomach gets worse.

A couple of days ago I purchased a Glacier Freeze G2 with an expiration date of 11-12-16. I consumed a little less than half the bottle the first night, and was going to finish it tonight but then when I started to take a drink, I noticed a chemical smell, but dismissed it because I had some of the drink before and didn't notice anything. I took a small sip, then took a larger drink – this is when I got a slime substance in my mouth, which I promptly spit back into the bottle. I can see an opaque slime 'blob' in the bottle, and another object that has a little more of a white look to it. At a loss of what to do, I did an internet search and see that this is not a unique situation. Now that I see this isn't a one-time thing, I don't think anyone will ever find another bottle of Gatorade in my house! Given this is something that has apparently been happening for years, it would seem Gatorade would do something to prevent this in the future.

The taste is really bad. I didn't like it at all. The flavour is too chemical.

My brother drank a Gatorade after running, gulped half of it down before he realized it tasted very bad and smelled bad (because he was dehydrated from his run). Opened a different gatorade bottle, which tasted normal to confirm that the first one was bad, the second gatorade tasted normal. A small time later, started vomiting, and then started feeling drunk without ingestion of any alcohol, so he called an ambulance for himself. Turns out, is ethylene glycol poisoning, most likely from the ingested bad gatorade since nothing else he's did that day was out of the ordinary.

Due to the ethylene glycol poisoning, he (a young healthy 29 year old) had to go on dialysis for a month (caused crystals to form in kidneys). Luckily his kidney function and stats have improved, and he should be able to come off dialysis. Though we can't say this is 100% due to the bad gatorade (since he like other threw the rest of the foul tasting stuff down the sink - normal response when a food product goes bad), I am curious if anyone else has has something similar happen, with suspicion of the cause being bad gatorade.

I drank Gatorade Thirst Quench Cool Blue. I drank half and then felt something weird I spit it out and there was a green glob of gook. I was so grossed out I threw up. At closer inspection of the bottle, I noticed green stuff floating in it. About 10 minutes later I had a horrible allergy attack (sneezing). Then I had a bad case of diarrhea. I'm never going to buy it again. I tried to contact Gatorade and they haven't responded

I've had many Gatorade before and never had a problem, but yesterday my boyfriend got me a cherry Gatorade and it tasted awful. I smelt it and it smelt of Vicks. I brought it to my sister and mom and they agreed. My mom also tasted it and said it tasted toxic as well. Today I woke up with a sore throat. I'm actually scared right now for my life. I dumped the whole bottle out. If it is contaminated with something I do not want anyone else to try and drink it.

I bought and consumed Gatorade Propel water with electrolytes. It was hands down the worst experience of my life drinking water. Yes, I thought it over, and it is the worst... and I've traveled out of country many times. My first reaction was to spit it out in certain fear of contamination because it tasted and didn't feel right going down when I consumed it. Then I read other reviews insuring myself that I did not need medical attention in the immediate future, but that I was only dealing with a foul taste and consistency. According to other reviews, it is well known for its awful taste. If I could rate it with negative stars, I would immediately without discussion. Enough said.

I went to their Facebook page and was horrified by the amount of consumers posting pictures of mold and weird slime in their bottles of Gatorade beverage. The company would apologize and offer a coupon. I went back on the guests' post to page and they have known there is mold in bottles for a year. I asked why they hadn't been recalled, and soon after, the posts with the mold and slime were removed.

Ok I've been drinking Gatorade Thirst Quencher Powder forever and always see black specks in it and I've thought they were bugs but don't wanna believe it so I've picked them out and ignored it but I'm can't do that anymore. I know for sure it's bugs because I made a drink after quitting drinking this stuff because of what I thought were bugs. I saw a big enough black speck to know it's got bugs in it and always has bugs in it. I saw a long black bug and am grossed out. I'm never touching this stuff again. It was from a brand newly opened can too. Eww don't surprise me.

Though 12 years ago I was drinking from a bottle of Pepsi and almost drank a huge spider contacted them and they denied it. Well I quit buying Pepsi and refused their coupons. The spider was a rust colour from being in the Pepsi so I should have known better than buy anything Pepsi makes and they make Gatorade. Wtf kind of conditions does this company have in their factories. This isn't 3rd world here. I can't believe people are getting jellyfish in their drinks. So disgusting. They have to be the most unsanitary company in North America and they get away with it. Pathetic.

After coming home from the fair, I was feeling dehydrated so I got out my husband's blue Gatorade and took a swig... I felt something slimy go down my throat so I looked at the bottle and at the bottom, there saw a black blob floating around! I then realized that I must have swallowed one of those nasty things - I'm totally grossed out!!

Not impressed. Two nights ago, August 12, I grabbed a bottle of G2 fruit punch out of my fridge. Opened it. Seal was fine and as usual the bottle was hard to open. And when I stopped because the taste I noticed a white slimy mass floating around. BEST Before date is October 2015. Gatorade you have been my favorite drink for two years but that was enough to make me grossed out for life. Will think twice about buying this product again.

I bought a 710 ml G2 blueberry pomegranate Gatorade on July 23rd 2015. For one it leaked in the bag and the cap was a bit loose. When I opened it the silver peel was stuck in the top. I thought I might have did it when I twisted the cap off so I pulled it out and put the cap on and drank some. I drank about 1/4 of it when I notice something black coming out of the hole on the top, so I took the cap back off and looked inside and there was black gooey stuff inside of it. I then realized the cap was kind of cracked. So I smelled the Gatorade and it has a sour smell I didn't realize at first. It was absolutely disgusting.

This was by far the absolute worst Gatorade I have ever had. It seriously made me want to throw up. It says on the label that it has some lime flavor in it too but the cucumber flavor is so strong that it completely overrides the lime flavor, making it unnoticeable. I would never recommend this flavor to anyone!

So tired of bottles overfilled and caps that are difficult to open. End result is Gatorade spilling all over with net result sticky goo on hands and clothes! Plenty of other choices out there. So done with Gatorade!

I just went to pour a cup of Gatorade and realized there is a bunch of white stuff floating in the unopened bottle. It appears from online reports that people who drink this end up really sick. Very disappointing moment for Gatorade.

The date I drank this was 07-04-2015. The code on the bottle is: Feb 15 16 CT126 0137 UM052131 Gatorade Fierce Fruit Punch+Berry. First, I must say, date stamp on food should use a 4 digit year. With the above example, could it expire in 2015 or 2016? The default format would lead one to believe this expires in 2016, but this may not be a requirement, nor the actual case. Also, maybe the shelf life is too long. How old is the Gatorade? How far out do they set the expiration date?

About 20 minutes after ingesting about 12 ounces, I started to a sharp pain in my stomach when I sat in certain positions or laid down. I continued to drink from the 32 ounce bottle until there was about 20 ounces remaining. About an hour after ingesting I started to feel like I could vomit at any moment. I drank the Gatorade through a straw, so I may have ingested a little quicker than without a straw, but Gatorade never made me feel like this before. This is when I really took notice. The more Gatorade I drank, the worse I began to feel. I switched to water and ate plain waffle to help my nauseous feelings. 30 minutes later my nausea subsided, but started to have stomach gas for a little while later.

There was nothing floating in the bottle. It smelled fine, and tasted fine. The bottle had been in my fridge for about 3 weeks. I have not had Gatorade in a good while before this bottle; maybe over 2 years. I have had a competitive brand about 2 months before. Otherwise, I don't prefer to drink sports drinks, only when there are limited options. In any case, I will be holding off the sports drinks for a while. It is too much of a risk to my stomach for something I do not enjoy that much.

A Gatorade is a sports drink that we see all the time used by professional athletes. After having a bout with cramps on a hot day (partial dehydration) I drank a qt. of gatorade and within 20 min the cramps disappeared. Thinking this was great stuff, I started drinking it on a cross country drive. I noticed my flip flops feeling a little tighter and tighter.. 24 hr and 3 qts. of gatorade, I couldn't slip on the flip flops because my feet, ankles and lower legs had swollen dramatically. Stopped the Gatorade and 3 days later they returned to normal. Since then I only drink a qt on a really hot day, but have found I get stomach cramps, horrible heartburn and the feeling of being on the verge of vomiting. Different flavors make no difference in the experience. I don't drink Gatorade anymore!!

After drinking 1 bottle throughout the day I found that I was constipated. 3 days later still constipated. That night I inserted a tube. 1 month later I drink some of the second bottle of propel. I am constipated again today. But I don't have money for the doctor.

Drank my Gatorade a few days after I bought it, I immediately ran to the toilet and threw up. I looked in the bottle and there were small but many amounts of fuzz in the drink! I am filing as many consumer reports I can to make people aware of this!

I was drinking a Gatorade at work and had already drank over half, then when I unscrewed the cap to take another sip. I couldn't help but notice a jelly-like substance stuck to the underside of the lid. I actually reported it to my supervisor, thinking that someone pranked me by spitting some phlegm into the cap and tightening the lid when I left the Gatorade at my desk while I stepped away on a break. Anyways, after I reported it to my supervisor, her and another supervisor googled the issue and found this website. It totally grossed me out and I am also ready for some answers from the bottlers of Gatorade!!!

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