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Went tonight to celebrate my daughter's 4th and arrived at 9:20. Waited 15 to be seated. They only had one waiter, but wasn't that busy. First I order a salad. They didn't have nuts. When I asked for something they brought me some on the side. They couldn't sing happy birthday to my daughter because they had to close. Asked to speak with manager jen. She didn't have nothing to say. Very poor customer services.

Sunday, open at 7 am... first one there. 7:20 coffee delivered w/ menu. 7:28 placed order (2 eggs, coffee, toast, bacon & home fries). While waiting I'm looking around. Place is filthy. Table sticky. Floor dirty not vacuumed. Windows so dirty I can't see out. Then the food came... 7:49. Eggs - cold. Toast - old. Bacon & home fries - burnt. 7:53... complain. Waitress - "looks OK to me." I ask "is that burnt." Waitress "no but it is close." 8:05 paid 10.00 and left. Never going in that deplorable building again. Friendly's Mineral Spring Ave North Providence R.I. Building should be torn down. I will explain to friends how you couldn't even see out the windows. Just a dirty dirty building. I guess I was lucky enough to not have had to use the restroom. (I didn't eat.) NOT SO FRIENDLY.

I wanted to write a review about the Riverhead Friendly's that has bad service... They don't treat you right and had been waiting over an hour to get my ordered taken like really my son was hungry and wanted to eat pancakes and no one came to take our order. My family was with me too!!! There were 5 of us and my son. I asked the waitress why wasn't she taking my order and she didn't say anything. She just said that my waitress was running late. Meanwhile another group of people came after us and she helped them out, took their order and brought them appetizers. She told them the same thing that the waitress was running late but she went ahead to take their order!!!

Meanwhile my family and I been waiting over an hour. My son was starving and she didn't wanted to take my order!!! I walked out with my family after I saw that and the waitress just stared and smiled like really that's so much disrespect and unprofessional. Never again going to this place. Definitely going to tell more people about my experience!

Friendly's yet again. We live 5 mins from Friendly's. My young teen son decided to walk down to get ice cream from the take out window. No one at the window. An hour later, my son had not returned. l called him on his phone. The next thing the door opens and in walks my son. l asked him, "Where's your ice cream?" He said "people saw me at the window but nobody came" so all in all he had waited over an hour and a half for an m&m ice cream.

You make me sick Friendly's. l shall never go there again and l will tell all my friends, all my church friends how badly you treat people. The headman at Friendly's needs firing as you need a complete overhaul in these chains of so called restaurants. You need to train all your staff and buy fresh produce and don't be so darn rude by ignoring my son for that amount of time and my son told me 3 people looked at him but just carried on ignoring him. Friendly's head person why not get Gordon Ramsay? I'm as that's the only thing that's going to save your restaurants as you can see they have all gone to the dogs so all l can say I'd bye bye Friendly's as you shall be shut down shortly l am sure.

I had wrote to you people about me going to your friendly restaurant in Waterbury, CT. on Reidville Dr. and that I was very upset with their service. Well I went to the Friendly's in Naugatuck CT. on Rubber ave. I want to say that I was treated so very well by this young lady by the name of (Amy). She was very prompt and courteous and well spoken. I will be returning again very shortly. Thank you.

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The Philly steak and cheese sandwich I got was honestly so disgusting. The bread was soggy with butter, and the steak was so oily it's not even funny. The whole sandwich was just a mess of oil, salt and steak and I have never been so disappointed in a sandwich before. The ice cream was the only thing I enjoyed here.

I used to go to Friendly's all the time with my mom. They closed down at the Oakdale mall in Johnson City, so we slowly stopped going. We started missing it so we went to the Endicott NY Friendly's and the Friendly's by the mall. Both bad experiences. Horrible waiters and waitresses. Extremely rude. This place used to have FRIENDLY'S workers. Now all are just rude. The people we actually like are gone now. Horrible service. I do not recommend.

No longer have jelly package on the table for breakfast, only jelly available strawberry. No coffee pot left at table.

The local Friendly's has 2 really bad issues. 1 being the insanely poor customer service and lack of following health codes in the kitchen. The attitudes all around starting at the top. The main concern #2 is the worst and I hope OSHA comes in for the health of customers and workers. The a/c units as the managers and associates so freely tell you 2 of the 3 units have not worked in some time. It's 104 degrees in the building, they say that corporate hasn't approved the repair on the units yet. It's a inhumane work environment, yet managers and corporate can't even buy fans for them to try to cool down a bit. The ice cream melting too, food not kept at right temperature, soon people will be fainting or sick in these poor work conditions with no effort by anyone at all to address it immediately. The local TV now knows as well. As all of your reviews are bad, you need all new leadership starting with Top. Sad when customers need to be the voice of the workers.

My mother and I often eat at the Pennsdale/Lycoming Mall Friendly's because we are both Senior citizens and could get the free sundae after the meal. The food was always good, the service friendly. Since I cannot eat sugar I was delighted also to be able to get a sugar free sundae. Not anymore! Friendly's is getting out of the sugar free dessert market. The waitress and manager were very helpful in getting me the information for Friendly's headquarters, which I have since contacted. I will need to leave this very excellent restaurant until they upgrade their sugar free dessert menu.

I visited the Manchester CT restaurant and was very disappointed with the service provide - actually, with no service provided. Our server had an issue with her previous customers which she told us all about while taking our order. After that, we never saw her again. Later on we found out that the managers felt it necessary to take her into the office to discuss her previous customers and totally forgot about us. After waiting for a while, we requested to speak to the manager who came over and continued with the customer drama issue, explaining to us the reason why our server did not come back to us and was still in the office with another manager.

Per the manager, it appeared that our order was not even put in. After 15 minutes, we decided to leave. Horrible customer service. What type of manager takes a server from her job/customers and does not replace her nor has the common sense to deal with an employees problem after customers are taken care of. These people are in desperate need of some customer service training. Word of mouth is the best advertisement - please take your job seriously.

I just got Friendly's with my friends and I am very angry. It tasted like crap, the service was horrible, and we all threw up afterward. I am sick of food places like this. The ads and commercials are inaccurate and that is by far the worst food I have ever had.

Had gone into your restaurant for a small snack and then a three scoop sundae to go. The waitress handed me bag. I looked inside and I couldn't believe the size cup they used there was no possible way they fit a three scoop sundae in that cup - it was a kiddie size cup. The waitress then was arguing with me that the scoops are much smaller now. I still said "Look and feel how light this cup is. There was not even any whip cream or hot fudge." Does the person know the difference between a happy ending one and a three scoop one?

My family of 4 which is parents and two teenagers walked into Friendly's restaurant. We were sat right outside the kitchen doors which personally l believe should never have a table there due to comings and goings and the noise of the kitchen. 2 burgers were ordered, they were ok. The fries came in these ridiculous metal baskets which controlled the amount of fries everyone got, adult and children. The table was stained, the cutlery was dirty and sticky. l myself ordered the crispy chicken salad - the chicken was so hard l could not bite it. The only thing accompanied my hard chicken was baby tomatoes, 2 of which were black with dirt at the stem, wilted lettuce, bits of a boiled egg sprinkled on the top with some black crispy chips that looked like hairy spiders legs - nothing like the picture on the menu.

When our dinners arrived, the cooked food burgers and a grilled toasties came out first delivered by a gentleman dressed in black who had to put the tray on the table as he passed the three cooked meals around the table. I noticed how dirty his fingernails were. He apologized as he had not delivered food out before as he works in the kitchen. On watching him go back a few steps to the kitchen, l noticed how dirty the kitchen floor was. l did eventually get my salad as described above. l did advise my family not to eat their food because of the above but my 2 teenagers were starving and running late for a basketball game. They did, however, leave a large amount of food on their plates.

When the waitress who took our order came back at the end of our meal, she looked at the remaining food on our plates, looked at me, and stated the obvious, "You did not like it." l explain about my salad but she either did not know what to say or her mind was elsewhere but no reply. On ordering dessert, we asked, "Could we take them to go, would that be possible? Because if not, we would stay." She replied, "Oh no problem, we have special cups we put them in." So we put an order in, we got a brown bag with our dessert as we only live 5 mins from Friendly's in a car. When we got home, l took my lid off to eat my dessert when all l found was chopped up peanut butter cups in the bottom with watery cream, one large cup for a few pieces of chopped peanut butter pieces. The bill came to around $45.00 with tip. So l thought l would share with you my personal experience at Friendly's in Naugatuck CT.

My husband and I ordered take out from Friendly's. When we arrived to get the food, it wasn't even ready yet. As we were waiting for the food, we noticed a cook SCRATCHING his head with his gloved hand and then he proceeded to touch the food and prepare it. When we said something to the manager, she acted as if it was ok that he had scratched his scalp and touched the food because he was preparing someone else's food, not ours. She said our food was being cooked by someone else. This did not matter to us because it still meant he had dug in his scalp and then continued cooking and touching people's food. That is RIDICULOUS. I feel sorry for whoever had to eat the food he prepared with his filthy scalp-scratching hands. Needless to say, we will NEVER eat there again!!!

I went to Friendly's in Liverpool, NY and had breakfast. I always enjoyed having the coffee pot left at the table so we did not have to wait for the waitress to return each time to refill cup. Well they changed the policy and stated that the management wanted the waitresses to pay closer attention to the customer by refilling each cup.

Well, the next time I went to Friendly's guess what, I got the cup of coffee and could not get a refill until after I had finished my breakfast. They lost my business as the only reason I went to Friendly's for breakfast was for the ease of getting coffee the breakfast itself is only soso! and without the coffee pot not worth the wait. With this, they have lost approximately 10 people that I know who went there for the coffee pot and ease for refilling our own cup. Maybe management will learn that sometimes just leave things the way they were.

So I ordered a salad at Friendly's on June 21st, and luckily I always toss the salad around before eating. To my surprise, there was nothing but dirty old disgusting lettuce at the bottom. They did offer to make another one for me, but I don't believe in sending food back in restaurants to get something else because I'm sure we've all heard horror stories about that.

My grandson passed his driver's test and I was treating him to lunch on the way home from the DMV. He said, "Let's go to Friendly's because I like it there." We ordered and then the waitress came back and said, "I'm sorry, we don't have any burgers until the truck comes in." It was 11:30 AM so it is not like they ran out for the day and the place was not busy that early. What a disappointment to my grandson when he couldn't get his favorite meal at Friendly's. How could they run out of burgers?? He had to get a grilled cheese sandwich (not the same). :-(

I want to complain about the Friendly's children's menu. I recently brought my two young daughters 10 & 6 to your restaurant in Chicopee Ma. They recently earned 2 free kids meals by completing a reading program that earned at school. We were all so excited about this accomplishment. So we planned this "special" night out and went on 2/20/2014. To say that we were disappointed is an understatement. The so called child servings are laughable. They each ordered the Mac and cheese with the hot dog meal and what we received was enough to feed a toddler. The Mac was served in a side dish cup which to my estimation does not measure out to even a 1/2 cup then the hot dog...tops cut off then cut in half then quartered. Just to make it clear my children are not obese - they are not greedy but they were still hungry after eating at your establishment. Seriously? I mentioned to the waitress how small the portion sizes were and she agreed...pretty sad. At the end it was not a great nor good experience at Friendly's...I will not be visiting your establishment again.

We had an awful experience at the Friendly's in Cherry Hill, NJ, on Marlton Pike. We met friends there who we only see 1x/year. Not our favorite place but our 9 y/o and 5 y/o like it. I'll just list what happened: Took forever to have initial order taken. Got drinks, but also took forever to receive food. Bits of other people's food on two of our plates! Food is terrible (barely any cheese on grilled cheese, burnt sliders). Waitress seemed nervous shaken. No one came to check to see if we needed anything. No check to see if drink refills needed. Waitress finally took ice cream order. She seemed upset. No ice cream ever came. Customers around us also waiting. Finally hear that our waitress walked out and quit.

We hear 3 people quit. Other wait staff seemed to find it funny. We're asking for water for kids - asked for just their ice cream to go. Our ice cream order had never been submitted by waitress. After waiting again, nothing happens. Ask again and they finally give our kids ice cream to go. Give my son wrong ice cream. We get bill from new waiter - no discount offered as an apology. My husband talks to the manager who gives us 20% off bill. I'm thinking this terrible meal should have been free! After 1 1/2 - 2 hours we leave. Dad of our waitress comes in yelling that his daughter was physically attacked! Police come. Our kids get to see all this. And that sums it up.

I went to the Friendly's restaurant in Hornell, NY with my parents who are both in their 50's. My mother walks with a cane because she has Multiple Sclerosis, and when we were seated, we were seated in the back of the house right next to the kitchen. It was as if the person who seated us had no consideration for the fact that my mother had mobility issues. Needless to say, it was almost 2 pm, after the lunch rush where there were tables not so far from the front doors available. We sat at the table for about 2 minutes and were given our menus and had our drink order taken. Although that was prompt enough, the waitress who served us seemed very rude. We were served our drinks within 5 minutes and placed our orders. That's when my dissatisfaction started.

The waitress who was working our section had maybe 3 tables to wait on if that, yet she walked by our table several times, never acknowledged that we were even there, never asked us how we were doing, nothing. We kept sitting there for approximately 35 minutes and were still not served. Finally, my father said enough was enough. He walked up to the waitress and said, "Listen, this is ridiculous. We should have been served our food over 10 minutes ago." He offered to pay for the drinks but informed her that we would be leaving and would not be paying for our food. We went to the local diner down the street and were not only able to sit close to the door, but were given menus and had our drink orders taken immediately, but were also given our food within 12 minutes. I can't believe that a chain restaurant would be so poorly managed and staffed. If anything, boycott them, they aren't worth anyone's time or money.

Me and my daughter and granddaughter went to go eat at Friendly’s in Chicopee, MA on Memorial Dr on Thursday night about 5:30 for supper. My granddaughter ate the kids meal it had homburg sliders. She ate one. We went back home and then later that evening she was complain of stomach. Then about a half hour later she was vomiting. We had brought the home that she didn't eat and later my daughter ate it and was vomiting. I called them and went over there. On the phone they told me the district manager would call me back, I got a phone call after I went there to complain. Her name Is Lori, I try to call back but no answer left a message. I would never go back to Friendly again nor my daughter.

My husband stopped at the Windsor Locks, CT Route 75 store, to get me my usual treat (hand packed chocolate almond chip ice cream). He asked for two individual sides of hot fudge. Usually, this costs around $5. His order was taken by the shift manager (around 8:45PM on 5/29/13). The bill came to over $7 which my husband paid. He asked to see the receipt. The ice cream was $3.49, the two small containers of hot fudge was $3.98. My husband then said to the manager that the hot fudge cost more than the ice cream. The manager said nothing as I stared at him. I then said I did not want the hot fudge, just the ice cream and that I wanted my money back. When two tablespoons of hot fudge cost $4, then your sense of value has been lost.

I waited for over half an hour for someone to serve me at Friendly's Restaurant at Yonkers, NY. The place was dirty and the staff was rude. The waiters were just sitting around and talking. The manager had to have control of the staff. There was food all over the floor behind the counter, and I am sure they violate at least 10 health code violations.

My boyfriend and I went out to eat at the Friendly's in Farmingdale, NY last night and our experience was awful to say the least. When we walked in, we were not greeted and it literally took them 15 minutes to ask us what we wanted to drink. We ordered our food with our drinks and waited at least 30 minutes for our food. Keep in mind, a couple behind us ordered their food about 1 minute before we did and they had already received their food, eaten and were paying by the time we got ours. When our food arrived, my boyfriend's was cold (it was a hot sandwich) and mine had mustard all over it when I had specifically ordered it without. The waitress seemed more annoyed than sorry for replacing it and said, "Well, I guess we are just going to have to remake it." Another ten minutes later, my sandwich arrived and someone else delivered it saying, "Are you the one who sent back her sandwich?" in a snotty tone. Our waitress never checked to see if our food was okay or if we needed anything.

We ordered ice-cream to go when we were done and it took another 10 minutes to get it. Keep in mind, there were only a few other people in the restaurant! I saw our waitress holding our bag with ice-cream walking around the restaurant with it as the bag kept hitting chairs and flying all over the place. Nice. When she gave us our ice-cream, she gave us our check as well and hovered over us like a vulture waiting for her tip. Yeah right, lady. That was the first time I didn't leave a tip at a restaurant. It was the worst experience I think I have ever had at Friendly's and we usually love going there. Something has changed and we will not be going back.

Non profressional - I went into store 7020 in the White Marsh Mall and got seated. My waitress was out of uniform with an orange Aeropostale shirt. She takes my order and starts kissing, which I hope was her boyfriend. I let it pass and come to find out he works there and was on lunch in a cut-off shirt because he made his way to the kitchen. I watched this older couple come in and stood there for almost 10 minutes before another waitress who was on her cell phone on the floor, so I made a comment that the call must be more important than the customer. And when leaving I guess it was the manager, which I hope to God it wasn't or they need new staff, who asked if everything was okay. So, I explained myself and she was wearing a maroon shirt that’s untucked with a 5 o'clock shadow.

Today I went to the Friendly's in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The server we had was "Kim." She was nasty, rude and cheated us by telling us lies about how it would be cheaper to order things. But it turns out that she made us get the more expensive alternative instead of the cheaper one. And if they don't like you, they will stick you in the section where all the crying two-year olds sit. I made the mistake of leaving her a six-dollar tip, but I wouldn't have left her one at all if I knew she cheated us out of our money.

Friendly's on 281 Cortland - I called around 11:55PM to place an order. I got a chicken wrap and fries, they said 15 minutes. I got there at 12:10 and had to wait until 12:26 to get my food. There were only 4 tables being used, they were not even busy. I got back to work just up there and went to eat and the chicken was so bad. I'm not very happy at all.

I went to the Friendly's in Newington, CT. I have never had a bad experience at any Friendly's. At first, my food was made wrong and my partner's food, her sandwich she ordered was a turkey club on a wheat bun. The bun was as hard as a rock. I couldn't even cut through it and I let it be. Then the sandwich was made wrong. So I only had my salad so we decided to just order ice cream so we ordered the strawberry cheesecake waffle ice cream even though it took 25 minutes before we received it. Actually, it was the best part of our visit I asked for a manager and they were so busy that I ended up paying my $29 bill and left very angry. I don't know if I will ever return to that spot.

I went to Delray Beach Florida Friendly's on Atlantic Ave. I ordered the turkey dinner plate for my son; it was green and smelly, covered with gravy. It's spoiled food. Sad, very sad. After my better judgment, my friend invited me yesterday (4/1/2012). We went for ice cream, which only made the waitress dissatisfied for the "small" order. I ordered the lava cake which was so dry that the butter knife could not cut it. And her banana split had a rotten banana, and her son's "clown waffle cone" was stale.

The food is old and spoiled and gets served anyway. It's awful; service was terrible, and nobody cared to collect payment. I hope you will go out of business. You deserve it. I will never enter your restaurant again, and I will tell everyone about it.

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