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Smoked and normal thickness. I buy bacon at either Schnucks or Walmart. If it's too ** high, I don't buy it. However, it's a "stock up" item and usually one or the other has it on sale. Best way to do bacon is for us, all by itself until fat renders grease. Then, slice potatoes with pepper and sunny side up or flipped eggs. Finish the crisp level in a microwave.

Low salt and soy free. Product is very consistent from package to package. Would be reluctant to make a switch. Nothing special. We keep it frozen until we are ready for it. Then zap it in the microwave. Usually have to reposition on the tray to balance exposure.

I like smoked, it feels outdoorsy. I flip often so that the bacon is very evenly cooked. I also cook it over pretty low heat so that it doesn't burn, and I empty the grease out before putting more in the pan so it doesn't cook too fast.

I like peppered because it has a sharp taste. I cook it in a pan on medium heat. Turning quite often. I like it crispy. This works better if the bacon is thick, which is what I like. You can taste the flavor.

Wood smoked...applewood, cherrywood, oakwood, etc. The grocery stores in the area (30-mile radius) don't seem to have any problem keeping Farmland thick-sliced bacon in stock and on sale most of the time. I use a special rack that I found several years ago that would hold the bacon on the edge and pretty much out of the pool of grease. I like my bacon mostly crisp.

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I prefer extra thick cut or maple bacon for the flavor and thickness. I don't care for peppery bacon, thin cut, or fatty. Also not a fan of pre-cooked bacon. I have never experienced an issue finding Farmland thick cut bacon at my local Reasor's or Wal-mart. They typically have other varieties of the same brand as well. Baked in the oven - 400 degrees for 22 minutes on a seasoned baking sheet in a conventional oven. I don't flip halfway through, and it ends up well cooked and crispy, just the way I like it. Farmland extra thick bacon has a consistent flavor while being budget friendly. It's not too sweet or salty, and also isn't overly fatty so the size of each strip maintains pretty well even after cooking. I recommend for bacon lovers that don't want to spend a fortune.

I'm partial to smoked bacon if I'm using it in a dinner dish, and sweetened bacon if I'm going to be consuming it for breakfast. My go-to store is always fully stocked with Farmland bacon, and it is generally on sale, which is why that's my go-to brand. I use my non-stick Caphalon pan to cook bacon. I have never added additional spices, but now seriously thinking about it.

Smoked bacon is my go-to option if I have the choice. I like the smokey taste of the meat after it is cooked in the oven when it is not burnt. My grocer regularly stocks the good stuff. Long as they have some thick sliced tasty looking bacon available, I am OK.

Applewood smoked bacon. Farmland's is the best flavored that I have found locally. The flavor is perfect: not too smoky. The thickness is perfect. Most Applewood bacon is thick-cut and I find it hard to chew. Farmland's is a normal thickness. Walmart was where I discovered the bacon. Slowly, other markets have begun to carry. You have to be careful when buying it because those stores will charge the same price as Walmart but for 12 ounces instead of 16 ounces.

Don't cook on a heat higher than medium or it will burn. Turn the bacon frequently for even browning. Use nonstick for easy clean-up. Breakfast isn't breakfast without bacon sizzling on the stove. Years ago I discovered Applewood smoked bacon made by Neiman Ranch at my local Trader Joe's. The flavor was out of this world. Then Neiman's was sold and the flavor changed, so I started looking for another brand. There were not many out there at the time and all were disappointing either in flavor, texture and thickness. Then a Walmart supercenter opened near me and I found Farmland brand Applewood smoked bacon. I haven't looked back since.

Smoked seems to me, more flavorful, and crispier than other brands that I have tried. The Farmland brand that I tried about 3 weeks ago shrinked too much when pan fried. This brand is well stocked at my local grocer, and is usually overpriced for my budget, is lower priced than most of the other brands in the store. I have found that when pan frying the Farmland brand, I get less shrinkage when I use low heat. There is also less shrinkage if cooked in the microwave, but has a tougher chew. I have found that the thick sliced, smoked bacon fries better and is more flavorful. Oven fried bacon seem to be crispier. Crumbled bacon used in salads tends to give an added flavor.

I prefer either the plain, simple bacon or occasionally the peppered kind, just because it is a little like beef jerky that way. I usually shop at the Kroger stores and generally here in my local area. They have it in stock always. If not I buy another brand. Other than using a splatter screen on the stove top, I add nothing to it so I get its natural flavor as it was intended to have.

I always check the pricing. If it's too expensive I'll put that dish on hold and wait for it to drop in a few weeks. I'm always watching for poor marbling and too much fat, there's got to be some meat on it for good flavor. I inspect each package to the best of my ability & prefer packaging that allows you to see most of what you're buying. Any brand that the package hides most of the meat is not a consideration for me.

The plain bacon... smoked is good too. I guess I just like bacon. I occasionally have tried sweetened, but I do know I don't like pepper, so peppered isn't something I care for. We have Walmart, Food City, Aldis, Save A Lot, SAM'S Club and Cosco in the area, plus a few small grocery stores. So if it's not available at one, try another. Fried on the stove top - water in the skillet at the start, or just let my son fry it or cook it in the microwave. Sometimes it gets it crunchy. Otherwise I just buy precook end or bacon bits. Sometimes it gets crunchy when cooked in the microwave, you have to watch it closely. Adding water at the start of cooking helps it lay flatter. If the bacon is too thick it will curl up unless you cut slits in the sides of it.

Smoked is always best. Yes, the good bacon is always in stock and that's good cause we use plenty of it. Bacon wrapped olives are my go to snack but I also love it on grilled cheese. Medium heat in a cast iron fryer and only flipped once, and never really crispy but fried soft. Cut in half before frying so it fits better in the pan. Expense is always a factor and the price keeps going up but inconsistent flavor or concerns over food safety would definitely make me think twice.

Publix usually stocks Farmland but sometimes only the thick sliced. I have told several employees and the manager how good Farmland is and Publix should continue to sell it. I've tried many brands but none can match Farmland in any category or test. If I can find it, that's what I buy. At times I've had to use something else to my disappointment.

Applewood Smoked Bacon. I shop primarily at Publix. It's rare for them to be out of stock, very rare. Unlike Wal-Mart, who is oblivious to what people are buying. Iron skillet for frying. Heavy baking pan for oven. For the microwave, I use one of those special bacon platters that allow the grease to drip off. It would have to get real expensive before I would give it up. Quality and safety are always on my mind.

Thick applewood smoked. Publix always has my bacon in stock and on the shelf. Sometimes on sale and buy one get one. Rarely when I ready to purchase is it not available at a good price. We've frozen it for future use and it freezes well. Baked in the oven, I use a jellyroll pan covered with foil. Place in oven and turn oven on at 400 degrees. Allow to cook for 17 minutes, turn bacon over and continue to cook checking at 2 minute intervals.

The biggest problem I have is finding a bacon that is not smoked. Cooking on the stove top seems to be the easiest method for me. I have never tried doing it in the oven and I don't have any special equipment to do it in the microwave. Bacon being too fatty will keep me from buying it again - and, of course, being smoked, since I do not care for smoked bacon.

Farmland Classic Cut - Applewood. Like the taste better than smoked, peppered. As long as store carries it, I have no problem. If they stop carrying it, I would request they bring it back ASAP and bug them until they did. I PREFER fried on stove top but USUALLY microwave it to save time. I place it on 1-2 paper towels and put another on top to get rid of some of the grease. I do this about 1/2 way thru and then turn it and replace paper towels with new. Some bacon is EXTREMELY fat - I won't buy those. I will go thru every package to see how the back looks and usually can tell. Farmland is pretty good.

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Farmland Foods is one of the largest agricultural producers in North America. The company is known for its large collection of bacon flavors, cuts and types.

  • Slow smoked: To give its bacon the maximum flavor, Farmland slow smokes it over real hardwood.
  • All sorts of cuts: To satisfy the preferences of every customer, Farmland offers standard-cut, thick-cut and center-cut bacon.
  • Uncured bacon is offered: For those concerned about additives, Farmland also produces uncured bacon with a smoked hickory flavor.
  • Excellent technique: Farmland hand trims select cuts to guarantee the right consistency.
  • Widely available: Farmland bacon can easily be found at major retailers, making it accessible to nearly every customer.
  • Best for Bacon aficionados will enjoy testing all the different types of bacon offered by Farmland, and those looking to add bacon into certain dishes will find the range of choices useful.

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