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I've purchased only Chicken of the Sea tuna all my life, as did my mother, even though noticing the deteriorating quality through the years, but still believed I was purchasing the best quality that was available. Last month I purchased a few cans of Albacore chunk, wanting a better quality than the reg. tuna that was getting mushier and mushier. Good grief - it was much worse than the reg tuna - just a soupy mush of goop and 3 times the price. Tried to squeeze out the liquid with the lid, and all the stinky goo oozed out the small slit and down the drain. Emailed the company and no response to my email - then today received two coupons in the mail from them. Will be returning the coupons - with more complaining about the quality of their tuna. The tuna was soooo awful and so back to the store and got a can of Wild Planet tuna - OMG, opened can and it was filled with a solid chunk of fish - beautiful and tasty. Will never buy Chicken of the Sea again.

Nate in Huntington Beach wrote a spot-on review of this product. I made a lovely salad, working fast and not paying much attention to the tuna. However, I do recall it looked almost identical to the photo Nate included (mine was in the salad prior to taking a bite) -- nasty smell, brown/sickly pink/yellow colors. His picture says it all. I'm done with Chicken of the Sea which I've eaten for many, many years! Apparently it is all about the bottom line, corporate pride and responsibility be-damned. YUKE... shame on you C of the S!!

I am usually not one to complain and I've truly had a bitter sweet experience with tuna. Initially I started eating tuna because I was told of all the health benefits that can be gained from eating it. In 2005 I totally gave up eating all red meat and chicken as well. I thought that I had finally found the perfect diet. In the beginning it was just that. I put myself on a weight loss tuna diet and I literally lost 50 pounds in 13 days, sounds amazing but it's true of course I was exercising my butt off to get those results. My diet consisted exclusively of tuna. I continue eating tuna after I had lost the weight and have been successful at keeping the weight off. Now 11 years later I have my first issues with the product. In 2012 I was diagnosed as having out of control hypertension. Nothing to worry about I thought I still continue pouring in the tuna usually eating at least one can a day up to 10 cans in a week.

Well fast forward to 2014 while working I began having terrible stomach pains. I was rushed to a hospital in New Jersey where they said they were not able to save my life so I was airlifted by helicopter to a hospital in Philadelphia Presbyterian Penn. While under doctor's care it was discovered I had an aortic dissection rip from my stomach to just short of my heart and was told my kidneys were beginning to fail. After every test imaginable was performed (except mercury) the doctors were unable to determine what caused my out-of-control hypertension, the aorta dissection or why my kidneys were beginning to fail. Fast forward to 2016 while at home I began coughing up blood (which was later diagnosed as pneumonia). I was told my aorta dissection had gotten worse. In fact it had gotten so bad. I was told there was no way to avoid having an open heart surgery.

After checking myself out against doctor's orders from Halifax in Daytona Beach and Memorial Regional in Hollywood I decided to go back to Philadelphia where I was first diagnosed with the aorta dissection. The good news is the operation was a success without any complications. One of my nieces who is studying to become an RN saw the amount of tuna I was consuming while visiting and told me that if I'm only eating tuna it could be just as bad or worse of a health risk as eating other meats. She went on to say that it is a good chance that I may have been mercury poisoned and that I should contact my physician to have a blood Mercury test scheduled. After my doctor scheduled to have the test administered by a private lab I was told my results would be faxed to my physician.

Well prior to me going to see my physician I was contacted by the Department of Health and was told that I was flagged because my Mercury level was way above the acceptable limit and that other complications would soon occur if they haven't already, if I continue eating tuna. My biggest issue is that when reading the tuna cans they boast and brag about the omega-3 health benefits which may reduce the risks of coronary heart disease and how heart-healthy they are in general. Nothing on the cans tell you that you could become mercury poisoned. Not to mention all sorts of health problems as well. It is now known that my out-of-control hypertension, my order dissection and also my failing kidneys are all attributed to me eating the tuna. I just wish there was a warning to consumers that eating a diet rich in tuna can be fatal.

What a horrible product. I bought several cans of the Chicken of the Sea chunk light tuna. I was switching from a store brand that I had become unhappy with. When opening the can I found a shredded wet mushy mess. This tuna is so broken down and so wet that it's impossible to drain it properly. The taste is just as bad; over-salted and fishy. Does not taste like ocean fish. The fishy taste gagged me and I tossed it out. I don't even want to give the remaining cans to charity. I don't know why some canned tuna is this mushy, bottom of the pot mess but I'm really sick of it which led me to look online to find out if others are having the same experience.

I give this tuna to my one of my cats. He doesnt like cat food. My other cat isnt so finicky. The tuna eater is now sick and not eating anything, and throwing up, barely drinking water. My other cat who usually tries to steal the tuna bowl, walked over to it, sniffed it and walked away. I opened a new can, same reaction. I started googling and saw there was a recall on Chicken of the Sea but my can #'s were not listed. Well, there is something wrong with this tuna fish because the cats wont even eat it. I went to the store, bought a different brand, and even made sure the fish was from another part of the world. They ate it. The # on the cans are P951L 5ZCLG.

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I've never bothered to voice my complaints about something as trivial as a little can of tuna fish, but recent experience has pushed me over the edge. I've eaten this product all of my life, but in recent years, the main thing I've noticed is that there's less and less tuna in the can. Today I'd planned on making a couple of tuna fish sandwiches, so I opened a can and proceeded to strain the water out by pressing the lid on top of the tuna and turning the can upside down in the sink. To my surprise, the lid pressed almost to the bottom of the can and left me with a thin wafer of tuna mush at the bottom.

This has happened before, but never to this extent. I've always been able to make two sandwiches with a 4 oz. can, some mayo and a little lemon juice. What was in this can isn't enough to make one sandwich. I'll be posting pics to Facebook and hopefully this will get around. I suppose since it's canned in Thailand, there's simply no-one to speak with in the U.S. I'm done with Chicken of the Sea. They should call it Odd Spot of Mush from Thailand.

Chicken of the Sea 4 cans purchased. Extremely disappointed in this product. Shredded mush, certainly not white, more like light!!! Do not plan to purchase again.

My husband and I would eat nothing but Chicken of the Sea chunk light in oil for almost 28 years up until now. We are not big on fish and we liked the tastes and texture of Chicken of the Sea, no other tuna. Starting about a year ago the odor and texture is not what it has always been. When hunting for a way to contact company to complain with no luck. Like others have said the tuna now has a foul odor and is more like grated mush rather than chunks. The color is lighter and the oil is more like water. Will no longer purchase this brand because it is no longer eatable. Company just tossed 3 decades of total loyalty to their brand.

I would prefer giving no stars, but that doesn't seem to be an option. I hesitate to complain about any company, however, after reading the reviews already posted I am even more angered about my experience, frustrated by the lack of response from this company and their callous disregard for the safety and well-being of their customers.

I recently purchased CoS Solid White Albacore Tuna in water (S(O?) 54CCASKP15:55 Best IE used by 03/05/18 Product of Thailand) Upon opening the can I was overwhelmed by the odor. I had to place the can in a plastic bag before doing a physical examination and found the color, consistency and moisture content to be suspicious. This was definitely not "Solid, White or Albacore".

I have found that when offered a product which may cause illness or worse my pets are often a more accurate barometer of condition of a product and confirmed my suspicions once again. My cat, who loves an occasional tuna treat, took one sniff and hastened away. (Domestic animals will not eat anything that will endanger their health.) I would never expose them to harm.

To expect any response or appropriate course of action from this company is obviously fruitless so I have decided to take a different course of action. I will be taking this can of mystery fish to either the county or state lab or both for testing as I have reason to believe that their questionable quality control practices endanger the health of anyone foolish enough to consume or offer to their family or pets whatever it is that they are trying to pass off as Albacore. (In your description of your clients, "Companies that work with ConsumerAffairs want to quickly address the complaints of their customers". Do you always find this to be true?) PS.. I'm sorry, but I don't normally keep grocery receipts. It's never been an issue...

I threw the tuna salad down the drain. And got sick at the thought of your quality control dept. That will be the last can of any kind of tuna I buy.

I ran out of cat food the other day so I opened two cans of Chicken of the Sea Albacore Chunk Tuna. And I was mashing it up. I separated it on 3 plates. I then saw something. I grabbed it and I was SHOCKED to find a thick long bone. I'm glad my cats didn't eat it. Or our dog. He's a 7 month old german shepherd. Or my kids who have tuna a lot. They could have choked bad. It's totally unacceptable having this size of bone. And not a soft bone. I found out my husband found one in his tuna too once. Seriously you guys can't do a better job in checking for bones? People or animals could get seriously hurt if they swallowed it. I put a pic on my Facebook page to warn my family and friends. A lot of them thanked me. They didn't know big bones like that are in tuna. I just wanted you to know. Thank you!!

(844) 267-8862 contact #. I finally got around to making a complaint and provided UPC codes and stamped dates. This has been going on for over 1 year and the product still taste fine, it no longer has any substance. My wife purchases 18 cans every two weeks for my diet, in the last year it has all been mushy. I was told during the processing of the product and water added it will break down the texture, my problem with this statement is the product is not that old to have an issue. I was informed that they would escalate this information and I should be contacted and they would send me for coupons for any of their products. I will add more as time progresses and I receive new information.

Today I bought 4 cans of the above, maybe after several years. I was looking for white, chunked, dry tuna in water. What I got was a can of squishy, mushy, tanish pieces of tuna, smelling quite like the non-albacore tuna. Like other reviews I have just read, the product is not what is advertised -- definitely not chunk, definitely non-white, and just a can of soaked bits of tuna flesh. I think the labeling must be changed as it is fraudulent as present advertised. In fact, I may just return it to Walmart for mislabeling!!!

My wife purchased the product listed above at our local grocery store. When we opened the product we were disappointed to find the product was not what we expected based on our previous experience with Chicken of the Sea. The product looked and smelled rotten. Here is the Lot numbers found at the bottom of the can: 4308CABCKP 18:50 BEST BY 11/04/17. UPC: 0 48000-03355. We have been loyal to this brand for years and do not believe the executives would knowingly let product of this terrible quality get into the consumer's hands. Someone failed in the Quality Control Dept. Shame on them! We will not buy this product again until we see and hear what Chicken of the Sea has done to resolve this issue.

I purchase Chicken of the Sea Tuna in oil frequently. I was surprised when I took a bite & found a 1 inch bone that hurt the back of my mouth from my can of tuna. It was not a weak bone that would dissolve in the mouth like salmon. I shudder to think if I had given it to my grandson or my cat (who likes a bite or two).

I opened first one, then eventually four cans of CoS chunk light tuna in an effort to make lunch for my kids. Each one had varying amounts of an odd creamy opaque substance clinging to the tuna and the lid of the can. I've never seen this substance in any can of tuna of any brand before now. The meat looks fine; it's chunky as promised and a decent color, with no funny smells, but I am totally turned off by the substance around it. I am throwing away all four cans, and will not buy this brand ever again. All four cans are dated best by 11/27/17.

This is the 3rd can of CoS Solid White Albacore Tuna I opened up today, and they were all rotten. The color of the tuna looks rotten. It has dark yellow and brown spots. It smells rotten, and it taste horrible, just from 1 bite I have a bad stomach ache. I took pictures of the product, and my entire family neighbors, were all disgusted from the smell and look of the Tuna. I bought Kirkland tuna (Costco Brand) and it was very fresh compared to this nasty junk.

Chicken of the sea chunk light tuna - I purchase this brand frequently. Unfortunately I had two cans that were spoiled + fouled smelling, both from the same exp Dates 9/19/17.

Who had the bright idea of changing your Chicken of the Sea Minced Clam recipe? They are now shredded, mushy, and watered down without any flavor! We've been making clam dip for years and these cans of clams are no longer appetizing! The previous "mincing" recipe used to have spices that gave your clams flavor. They were then packed in clam juice, which we always drained from can and used for flavoring dips. Now, this mushy mesh of clams is packaged in a watery, flavorless soup! Where did the chunky clams go? So disappointed in this new standard. It sounds like you are using the same processing techniques on your tuna now, as well. Bring back your previous product that was comparable to Bumble Bee!!

Opened a can of CoS chunk light tuna in oil only to be overwhelmed by the "fishy smell". Hardly any oil. Very dry, with no flavor at all. They have no business selling tuna. Should've stuck to my usual, delicious and juicy generic brand.

CHUNK means Chunk, not mushy, stringy, stuff floating in water. I have seen better looking cat food! Not even good for tuna salad or sandwich. Just disintegrates to mush! Ended up using it for very expensive cat food!

Opened my can of tuna fish white albacore and found what I believed is paper wrapped in my tuna. I haven't pulled the paper out yet but that's gross and nasty. Please see picture below.

A couple of days ago I bought some tuna from a nearby Kroger. Of several brands available, I bought two cans of (5 oz. size) Chicken of the Sea Chunk White Albacore Tuna in Water. "Best by 02/13/17" Lot # "30K6Z ACWAS 15:64". Yesterday I opened one can and found the tuna was not white albacore, was not "chunk", but smelled ok. I gave the cat the tuna juice, which left around 2/3 of the can left as tuna meat. The tuna was ALL IN SMALL FLAKES - not a single chunk. I took photos of the label and the can lid with number data, to email to Chicken of the Sea, and found when I got to this website there seems to be no way to communicate with the company except by this "review" section.

I will try to return the remaining can to my Kroger, and will buy another brand. I have had good luck with tuna from Costco, but this time I wanted the smaller can size. I seem to remember another disappointing purchase of "Chicken of the Sea" tuna, quite a while ago - several years - but did not remember in time so as not to purchase it this time! I will never purchase a Chicken of the Sea product again. Poor quality and misleading and untruthful labeling.

I opened a can of tuna and was instantly turned off by the smell. There was a kind of metallic, non-tuna smell. I tasted it and it had the same kind of taste. There was no tuna flavor whatsoever. I was concerned about eating it because I have never come across this in a can of tuna. I opened another can that I bought on the same day and it was the same. Guessing it is typical, but I didn't feel even safe enough to feed it to my dog. So I will not be buying Chicken of the Sea again.

Purchased several cans of Chicken of the Sea Chunk Light Tuna and when I opened the first it literally had no chunks. It looked like it had been run through a blender -- kind of a watery paste. I didn't bother to even taste it and tried to feed it to the cats. Neither one would even touch it. I don't ever remember being so disappointed in a food product and don't plan on purchasing a Chicken of the Sea product again. A major disappointment in quality. I would like to rate as a zero or even negative but since that is not possible I give it a one star rating.

Over the past several years I've noticed a distinct change in the quality of this tuna and of course the quantity you receive in the newer smaller cans. I've been a big fan of tuna since childhood. We were brought up on the chunk light and every once in awhile we'd be treated to some white albacore. Well, I don't know who the company thinks they're fooling, but I know the difference between white and other colors. The tuna they are selling as albacore white these days is actually what chunk light used to be. The chunk light they sell now is probably what they sold as cat food..... It's horrible and my family refuses to eat it anymore. I don't know what happened to the white albacore or where it's going but it sure isn't being sold to us! Most of my family now eats the canned chicken breast instead of tuna. At least that's still white and it tastes better too for a lower price.

You are now paying more for COS tuna and getting less quantity and quality. I think a class action suit should be started to address the quality issue and their labeling. It's false information when they try to pass that stuff off as white tuna. They are deceiving the public and making a fine profit as well. When I purchase a can of what they say is white tuna, that's what I expect to get. Instead, I end up with a can what to me is chunk light. They should be forced to refund the public for this deception.

Like the previous reviews, when I opened the can I noticed a strong foul fishy odor. I don't remember ever smelling that when I had tuna in the past, but decided to make my sandwich anyway. BIG MISTAKE! About 1/2 hour after eating it, I became very sick. Never again will I purchase this tuna!

Bought several cans of solid white tuna in water from Chicken of the Sea. Upon opening the first can, it stunk, was tan/grey in color, no solid pieces and quite frankly disgusting. I will never purchase this tuna again. I do not want coupons for it from the company, etc... At first I thought it was one bad can, but they were all the same.

What all others have said has been my general experience with COS canned tuna; everything from foul smells to "solid" being unidentifiable mush. The one thing I've not seen anyone mention is the fact that when you drain the can, you're left with less than 1/2 a can of whatever it's supposed to be. Doesn't the FPLA (fair packaging labeling act) have anything to say about the products contents? Can a 5 oz. can of tuna contain 5 oz. of anything (i.e. water, oil) provided it at least contains a speck of fish?

I quit buying COS products a while ago regardless the price and trying not to appear ungrateful declined COS tuna at the food bank one time. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I was use to quality seafood. Remember the COS jingle, "What's the tuna? Chicken of the Sea" What a joke. Someone else mention Costco. I found theirs to be a quality product. Recently at a grocery outlet in Seattle I found Solid White tuna of very good quality and very moderately price by Open Seas Seafood. I went back and bought 24 cans. This 5 I've opened have all been great. The only way it appears to deal with COS is to tell anyone and everyone you know not to buy the crap.

Just was eating some pink salmon (skinless boneless) from Chicken of the Sea. The 5 ounce can had the following number on the bottom: K6H2W SAMCP with a UPC code 04808606. I bit down on something very hard and it turned out to be a raggedy edged piece of glass the size of a person's canine tooth. Seems like a safety issue if there might be more out there.

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