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Best meal delivery services for seniors

Eat well in your golden years

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Maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet becomes increasingly important as we age. If you’re dealing with limited mobility or dietary restrictions, though, wholesome, regular meals can be hard to achieve.

Fortunately, there are meal delivery services specifically designed for the unique needs of seniors. These services bring nutritious meals right to your doorstep, limiting trips to the grocery store and time prepping meals in the kitchen.

Our top picks for meal delivery services for seniors:

Top meal delivery services for seniors

Silver Cuisine by BistroMD

  • Cost: Starting at $4.69 per meal
  • Type: Prepared, ready to heat
  • Tailored to seniors: Yes

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Silver Cuisine by bistroMD offers chef-prepared, precooked meals tailored to seniors. These frozen delights are individually wrapped, packed with dry ice and delivered via FedEx. With a selection of over 150 meals every week, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, seniors have a plethora of choices. All meals can be heated in the microwave or the oven.

Silver Cuisine offers a per-meal pricing structure, with some meals starting at just $4.69 each. Shipping costs $19.95 per order (free shipping for orders exceeding $99).

Silver Cuisine caters to various dietary preferences and requirements, including heart-healthy, gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, low-sodium, low-carb, menopausal support, dairy-free, Mediterranean and vegetarian dishes.
People seem to appreciate the ease of using bistroMD. A customer from Indiana said in a review on our site, "Last summer, I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Meal planning, shopping, and preparation was daunting to me. As a widow at 67 years old, I just no longer wanted to deal with all that, so I just didn't know what I was going to do. … Then I found BistroMD, and what a relief!”

Top Chef Meals

  • Cost: Starting at $7.95 per meal
  • Type: Prepared, ready to heat
  • Tailored to seniors: Yes

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Top Chef Meals delivers customizable frozen dishes that can be ready in as little as three minutes. There are over 75 meal options, including seasonal specials. You can choose from à la carte options and curated packages starting at $6.95 per item or $49.96 for four meals. You can also adjust your sides, protein and sauces.

Top Chef Meals prioritizes freshness and sustainability, providing free shipping in select areas and delivering orders in recyclable cooler bags. Customers aged 60 and above can enjoy a 10% discount, and the company caters to specialized diets, including kidney-healthy, diabetic-friendly, low-carb, low-sodium, gluten-free, low-fat and dairy-free options.
Happy customers report quick delivery and good taste. One customer from Texas said, "Top Chef Meals is the fastest one I encountered overall, and my friends introduced me to this great service and without it, I don't think my family would enjoy my cooking as much anymore, and now I can finally get my little ones to eat healthy. Really reliable and fast, and tastes amazing with my family and we love eating now.”


  • Cost: Starting at $7.49 per serving
  • Type: Ingredients, ready to cook
  • Tailored to seniors: No

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HelloFresh delivers fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes to your doorstep. Its flexible meal plans include two to six recipes per week, tested through 45 trials to ensure delicious and easy-to-prepare meals. Like several of our picks, HelloFresh also caters to various dietary preferences.

With HelloFresh, you can customize your plan, skip weeks, change recipes or cancel at any time. With options starting at $7.49 per serving (and $10.99 for weekly shipping), HelloFresh offers culinary freedom and convenience for individuals of all ages.
A reviewer from New York told us, "I love the convenience of my meals coming straight to my apt, and it's one less thing I need to think or worry about. It adds ease to my work week when I can just start cooking with all of the ingredients and instructions ready to go.”  

They continued: “I never need to run out to grab an ingredient that I don't have on hand since HF has it all in the bag. I also save a lot on groceries since I'm only buying the basics now and not dinners for the month. I mainly order the recipes meant as dinners but have been adding more and more lunch items since they are so easy and quick to make during a busy workday. I love that I get to try new recipes that come out weekly, and I always have a new favorite dish!"


  • Cost: Starting at $138.99 per week
  • Type: Prepared, ready to heat
  • Tailored to seniors: No

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Diet-to-Go offers personalized, fully prepared meals delivered weekly to your doorstep. It has four diverse menus that cater to various needs, including vegetarian and pescatarian options. You have the freedom to pause, cancel or customize meals as you wish. There are two starting price plans: $138.99 for 10 meals per week and $203.99 for 21 meals per week. Shipping starts at $19.98 per order.

Diet-to-Go promotes nutritionally balanced diets for weight loss, diabetic needs, vegetarian lifestyles and keto enthusiasts. You can also reheat the meals in just two minutes.
Reviewers on our site seem to appreciate the taste of Diet-to-Go’s meals. A customer from California shared, "After a week of Jenny Craig, I realized I wanted something different. I wanted to try a few different meal plans and see which one I like the best. I have tried 4 so far, and Diet to Go has been the best. … It was always so tasty and I felt really full with it."


  • Cost: Starting at $10.50 per meal
  • Type: Prepared, ready to heat
  • Tailored to seniors: Yes

MagicKitchen.com delivers main courses, side dishes, soups, breads and desserts right to your doorstep. Each meal comes with reheating instructions, ingredient details, allergen information and nutrition facts. It offers holiday specials, a mix-and-match menu, bundled meal sets and à la carte options. MagicKitchen.com is available in all 50 states, and its meals are shipped with dry ice to ensure freshness upon arrival.

MagicKitchen.com offers a $10 discount on orders over $80. The service caters to diverse dietary needs, including dairy-free, gluten-free, low-carb, low-fat, low-sodium, diabetic-friendly, kidney-friendly and vegetarian meals. With individual meal bundles starting at just $10.50, MagicKitchen.com provides an array of choices to suit various taste buds and dietary preferences.
As of publishing, there are no reviews for MagicKitchen.com on our site.

Mom’s Meals

  • Cost: Starting at $7.99 per meal
  • Type: Prepared, ready to heat
  • Tailored to seniors: Yes

Mom's Meals specializes in collaborating with health care organizations, state agencies, case managers and individuals seeking nutritionally tailored diets for specific health conditions. Its meals are refrigerated, and you can warm them in the microwave according to the provided instructions.

Mom's Meals offers a wide range of nutritionally tailored options, including those for general wellness, kidney-friendly, diabetes-friendly, gluten-free, pureed, vegetarian, heart-friendly, cancer support, and low-sodium diets. The meals have 400 to 700 calories per serving.

With over 60 breakfast, lunch and dinner combinations, Mom's Meals offers culinary diversity that caters to customers' personalized preferences and needs. It’s also fairly affordable, with individual meals starting at $7.99 for standard menu items and $8.99 for pureed, kidney-healthy and gluten-free options.
As of publishing, there are no reviews for Mom’s Meals on our site.

How to choose a meal delivery service

To choose the right meal delivery service for you, consider your specific dietary restrictions and preferences. According to the Administration for Community Living, nearly 50% of older Americans are malnourished, which puts them at risk of various health challenges.

Malnutrition can lead to infections, slower recovery times, weight and muscle loss, frailty, balance issues, falls, broken bones, disability and loss of independence. It can also worsen disease complications and increase the likelihood of hospitalization. By finding a service that aligns with your needs, you can get proper nutrition and thoroughly enjoy your meals.

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Convenience is another vital factor to consider. Many meal delivery services now offer easy-to-order and easy-to-prepare meals. This added convenience promotes safety and health, allowing seniors to enjoy nutritious meals without complex cooking processes. It also saves time and effort, reducing stress and anxiety related to meal planning and execution.

Also, consider what type of plan works for you: Some deliver groceries from your written lists, some deliver fresh ingredients for recipes you select and some offer fully prepared meals that just need reheating. The frequency of delivery also varies from plan to plan, though most services offer weekly deliveries with the option to adjust and pause deliveries.

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Meal delivery services typically charge per meal, with complete meals ranging from $6 to $15 per serving, while breakfast items and snacks are usually less than $10 per serving. Look for potential discounts and savings, especially for seniors and first-time customers. (Keep in mind that shipping charges may apply and usually range from $9 to $20.)

Pay attention to reviews on pricing, food quality and delivery convenience — this will give you an idea of whether the service aligns with your needs and preferences. Be wary of services with multiple unsatisfied customer reviews; this may indicate potential issues with the service.

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What are the top nutritional needs for seniors?

As people age, their nutritional needs may change due to decreased metabolism and changes in body composition, among other factors.

Seniors typically need an adequate protein intake to maintain muscle mass and support immune function; calcium and vitamin D to prevent osteoporosis; fiber to aid digestion and heart health; vitamin B12 for nerve function and red blood cell production; potassium for heart and muscle function; omega-3 fatty acids for heart health and inflammation reduction; antioxidants to protect cells from damage and sufficient water intake to stay hydrated.

In general, aim for a balanced diet with nutrient-dense foods such as lean meats, fish, dairy products, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds. Your individual needs may vary based on health conditions, medications and lifestyle factors, so it's a good idea to consult with a health care professional or a registered dietitian to create a personalized nutrition plan.

Can meal delivery services accommodate seniors with mobility or accessibility challenges?

Yes, meal delivery services are designed to be accessible and convenient, making them suitable for seniors and those with mobility challenges. Deliveries are made directly to your doorstep in most cases, eliminating the need to venture outside. Most services also offer user-friendly online platforms or customer support to assist with ordering.

Do meal delivery services accommodate specific religious dietary requirements?

Some meal delivery services may offer meals that adhere to specific religious dietary requirements, such as kosher or halal options. If you have such a dietary need, inquire with service providers about the availability of these options.

Can I manage the meal delivery service account on behalf of my senior loved one?

Yes, many meal delivery services allow family members or caregivers to manage the account on behalf of seniors. This can be especially helpful for seniors who have difficulty navigating online platforms or placing orders.

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