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All natural, no preservatives and no sugar are a plus. I shop at 3 different places so I am always able to find what I need. Bacon is not a weekly planned item on my list. Therefore when I do need it I shop at specific location. Bake 10 mins then flip, cook another 10 minutes. Put on paper towels. Wait to cool. Then eat. Put extra in fridge for another time.

Hickory bacon tastes great. I have to buy this from whole foods. This brand is hard to find elsewhere because a lot of stores don't carry it and it is an expensive brand. Cook in iron pan to give it a rich flavor, temp should be 475 degrees. I do not add any additional spices.

Organic & a overall good bacon taste. I can't taste the preservatives. It's new in most safeway stores. I've seen the turkey version of it as well but I'd rather stick with bacon vs turkey. Baked in the oven. You can microwave it or bake it. I have not pan fried it. I don't want to ruin the flavor by adding anything else to it. It can be more expensive than hormel low sodium. I used to buy hormel all the time. Started to taste preservatives and salt.

I like the smoked variety. It tastes best to me. The sweetened type makes me sick to my stomach! I cannot eat it. I also like the peppered, but only if it is hardwood smoked. When it has been unavailable, I asked why. The store told me that it was too pricey for the market. When I was told the price, I agreed. When the price returned to reasonable, bacon was available again. If the bacon is too fatty, it is NEVER worth the price. IF the price is too high, I will leave it. It is an expensive treat as it is. But, if quality goes down, but price is reasonable, I still would not want it.

Sunday Bacon is the best. It gets nice and crispy just the way I like it. We live in Brooklyn and usually use Fresh Direct (food delivery) for our groceries as there are no convenient grocery stores that carry organic food. Fresh Direct DOES NOT carry Applegate Farms but I would imagine that almost every decent brick and mortar grocery store does. Fried on the stove top. Med high temp, flipped when starting to crisp, cooked in an All-Clad pan. This is totally dependent on how crispy you like your bacon. I like some fat on my bacon but I don't want it to be mostly fat. This is expensive bacon but it is worth it to me to not have antibiotics and nitrates. If it were $8 per package, I'd have to reconsider eating bacon. Would be nice if all bacon were antibiotic/nitrate free so that everyone was eating healthy. No one needs antibiotics in their meat!

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Smoked is my favorite flavor because its taste like fresh barbecue. I have consumed it for more than 48 years and it will be my favorite brand until I die. I love it with fried eggs, whole wheat toast or home fries and orange juice and coffee for breakfast. I also like to sprinkle smoked bacon bits over salads and soups. My grocer always have my favorite bacon. If not, the customer tell him to order it and the grocer always satisfy the customer or lose money. I don't care paying more for my favorite bacon and when I can't buy I am not gonna die if I don't eat it. Frying the bacon on its own fat will allow you to remove the fat and enjoy a healthy meat. Also placing the bacon over a paper towel will remove the remaining fat, so you won't regret it.

I prefer thick cut bacon that's smoked. At times I try the peppered variety. I've never purchased sweetened bacon. It's always in stock at Trader Joe's and sometimes I purchase it at Meijer. But it's always available when I shop at either place. I usually bake it in the oven at 400o in a cast iron skillet. If I use the stove top I use the cast iron skillet because it conducts heat more efficiently. Too thin bacon that becomes stringy when cooked or too much fat so that it doesn't crisp and remains fatty. Or if the flavor changes a great deal.

Plain bacon best, but do like hickory. I shop at 2 stores and it always there. Giant Eagle and Walmart just about always have it. I look for marbling of the meat with a little more meat, not too much fat and I look for it on sale, and stock up. Stores well in freezer.

Uncured apple turkey. Has to be uncured for health reasons, and minimally processed. Free-range meat only. More expensive, but worth it. You may have read that processed meat such as bacon Americans currently eat is now known to cause cancer. I go to Sprouts or Whole Foods to find it. Kroger here in Texas generally has it as well, although yesterday they did not.

Bacon flavor stands on its own. If it can't, I'll switch brands or flavors. For the type of bacon I use, there is minimal grease. So I get a cast iron pan, put organic coconut oil in it, and cook my bacon in the oil. I'm not married to having to have bacon. When I didn't find my favorite brand yesterday at Kroger, I simply decided I'd go without for a while. I have drawn a line that I won't consume cured and highly processed bacon. If the only thing available is cured/processed bacon, I'll pass. I'll pay up to $8 for 10 pieces of high-quality turkey uncured free range bacon.

Smoked - I like the taste. I would shop elsewhere and let my store know that is why I stopped shopping with them. Baked in the oven. 400-425F for 15-20 minutes depending on how crisp I want my bacon that day. Sometimes I have some crunchy and some chewy. It is also easier to drain the grease from an oven pan and less messy than cooking on the stove. Camping and doing in an iron skillet over an open flame is also awesome. I prefer meaty bacon so I go through the packages to find one to my liking. It usually is easy to find. I prefer to buy in bulk and freeze to minimize bacon withdrawal.

I like applewood or mesquite smoked bacon - it adds some depth to the flavor and it's awesome when you do BLTs to keep the flavor from being too basic. I get a couple types of bacon. One is Salt Pork, and it's extremely tough to get unless I go on the day when the shipment arrives (which I do, because bacon is amazing). I wish they did more buying on the Salt Pork end, but for the most part, my grocer is good about supplying fresh cuts of bacon from the butcher. Baked in the oven. I do a 350 degree oven, baked at around 20 minutes, but I use two trays, and I rotate at 10 minutes. I also pre-heat the pans for even temps. If there is too much fat and too little lean meat, I am less inclined to buy. I really like a 40/60 ratio of fat to lean meat. Sprouts, where I buy my bacon, has really fantastic pricing, so I'm never stuck worrying that it's too costly.

I prefer uncured the most, smoked comes second. I adhere to the rule "The cleaner the ingredients are, the better". Then I can add as many salt, pepper, other spices to my own liking. I agree to pay more for cleaner, healthier foods, but there's a certain limit to everything. Or, if the price stayed the same, but the weight of a package considerably diminished. I don't eat much bacon; compared to others I barely consume it. I never eat bacon by itself; it's just to enhance flavor of other dishes, create succulence. I love uncured bacon since it's the way to control the taste, amount the extra ingredients put into the product, show creativity with food preparation.

Sweetened when available - it has the best taste and is not as fatty as other bacons. If we cannot get sweetened we go for smoked - but that is really high in sodium. Cook on a griddle so the fat - or most of it - is extracted. And we cook eggs and mushrooms at the same time - so all have a great flavor. If we feel that it is becoming too expensive, we would stop buying all bacon. Being retired means that we want quality food but at prices we can afford - I have a feeling that Applegate will come down in price eventually. Not the cheapest but it is healthy - more healthy than the others.

I love anything smoked. If bacon isn't smoked, it's not bacon. I also love the sweetness imparted by certain woods - applewood in particular. Fried on the stove top. Cast iron pan on medium to start. When the bacon begins to give up some water, flip strips to keep them from curling. Turn pan down to low (iron retains heat) and flip again as needed to keep from curling - maybe a total of 5-6 times.

Low heat, not crispy to the point it crumbles, just enough to be firm but not overcooked because we know now that contributes to cancer. I don't eat it very often because it's hard to find clean food in this country. I would purchase more but it's just not available and sometimes too expensive and also the slices have too much fat on them. I don't want to eat animal grease anymore than I have to.

Smoked and sweetened are both quite palatable and go good with eggs, pancakes, toast, or waffles. Not to mention as an ingredient in an omelet. Tastes good by themselves also. My wife brings it home pretty regularly, at least often enough that there is generally some on hand in the fridge or freezer. I like it cooked in a skillet when I'm camping. At home it gets cooked in a skillet or microwaved, depending on who does the honors. In the microwave I find that I can get it nice and chewy without too much effort.

The fat content would have to be greater than the meat content to make the purchase not worthwhile. As of yet that has not made the price prohibitive. The thick slices are definitely a plus, as is the meat being lean. Shrinkage is minimal with the aforementioned attributes so it makes the purchase easier to make and when it is served you feel like you're eating something of substance and not experiencing a "where's the beef" moment.

I do not eat pork smoked due to the nitrates that damage kidneys. Kosher bacon is only a few brands and Hormel also has it too but it is not always available. I do talk to the meat department about it. Fried on the stove top. I chop my bacon up and cook it with fresh garden herbs and add to leafy greens or with scrambled eggs. Bacon is also good as a topping for dips and twice baked potatoes. If it gets any more expensive as that is nuts.

Plain. I don't like flavor added. Fried on the stove top. Any pan. Keep watching. Don't walk away. I keep turning it until it's done and move around the pan to make sure it's all evenly cooked. Inconsistent flavor would end my preference. I also like sales on bacon and stock my freezer. My boyfriend sometimes buys Costco brand. Not bad.

I like sweet and smokey!! Yes, I have no problem finding Applegate products at most markets... no nitrites seems to be catching on and the taste is really good as well. Baked in the oven, microwaved. Nothing special.. I use microwave or oven but husband prefers pan and then cook eggs in the grease as an occasional treat but not a daily thing. If the price keeps climbing I guess. I don't buy it all the time as we have HBP so we watch the sodium but if prices kept creeping it would be even less often.

Maple flavored is my favorite. If they were not in stock I will ask them if they have some in the back, if they don't have them in the back I will tell them then I will have to go somewhere else. Fried on the stove top. I use non stick pan so I don't have any bacon stuck in the pan. I want all bacon not half of it. I use tongs when it comes to flipping the bacon feel like I have a better grip on it. Bacon is worth it. I would say it's not like I eat it everyday. Or I would try to go for the bargain brand if I didn't have a lot of money. You can also try to get bulk bacon. At time I do believe it can be too expensive, I always say why does bacon cost so much, maybe because there is a demand on it.

I prefer smoked or natural (uncured) bacons. I can usually find the brand I like, but I base my purchase primarily on affordability and will purchase a different brand if it is a type I like and the cost is lower. I purchased the store brand this week (Publix) because it was $2.00 less than its regular price and my favorite brand was more than what I wanted to pay. Baked in the oven, Fried on the stove top. I just broil it or pan fry it. I don't add any additional seasoning. The stovetop pan is a large Cuisinart pan. When frying, I let the bacon cook almost through on one side before turning. I don't purchase bacon when it is too expensive. I am on a tight budget and allot a certain amount each week for groceries. Bacon is not my first priority so I will go without if no brand meets my cost vs. flavor value.

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Jim Angelus has 25 plus years of restaurant experience, and he brings this experience to his food truck. Bacon Bacon is a place where foodies and bacon lovers generally can find mouthwatering meals in a friendly atmosphere. Jim opened his food truck in 2010. It is now a popular bay area food truck and sandwich shop, open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch. Bacon Bacon has appeared on Food Network, CNN and Discovery Network. Most important to Jim, he has a successful business that allows him participate in the industry he is most passionate about and be home in time to put dinner on his family‚Äôs table.    More about Jim→

Applegate produces a wide range of natural and organic meats, including bacon. Founded with a mission of changing the way consumers eat meat, Applegate sets high standards for its products to ensure buyers trust what they are eating.

  • No antibiotics - ever: The organic and natural meats sold by Applegate are exactly that.
  • No growth hormones: The pigs are never administered growth hormones.
  • 100% vegetarian diet: All pigs are fed a healthy vegetarian diet - without any animal by-products.
  • No nitrites: or those concerned about carcinogens in bacon, know that nitrites are not added, which means the bacon is uncured.
  • Turkey bacon is offered: Those looking for a healthier alternative can purchase organic turkey bacon.
  • Best for Applegate bacon suits health conscious meat lovers, traditional bacon lovers and those who emphasize humane treatment of farm animals.

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