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I phoned in at the above number for the seven-day free trial as offered to me via e-mail. I chose not to accept the offer and tried to phone to cancel as instructed at time of registering. The number is now no longer available and with no way of being able to contact Wizetrade. My credit card has been charged. As there is no information on other ways of contacting them, it appears this is a scam which I will have to battle to get out of.


In October 2007, I went to a seminar about a program you can purchase on stock trading. The group giving the information was from the company Wizetrade. The presentation was well informative so much so that I bought the program for either $3,995 or $4,995. This included a 3-day training program to get you started. After receiving the quickly paced training, I went home, downloaded program and attempted to learn the in's and out's of trading stocks. At first, you do not have to use real money. They have it setup so you have an account with imaginary funds to try what may work or may not work. I could never get ahead so I enrolled in a personal training program where I am one on one with a personal coach to help me learn. This personal coaching system was in the amount of $11,425 for 21 sessions with your coach.

My first lesson was on January 17, 2008 with Mr. Brad **. I had approximately 4 lessons with him then he stated he was moving on and I would have a new coach assigned. I was then assigned another coach, Mr. Irwin **. He lasted only 3 sessions and stated he was moving on and again, I was given a new coach, Mr. Gary **. Again, he lasted only 3 sessions and he was moving on. This time, when they were going to assign another coach, I told them that I would think about this. Here is my situation: I was hardly half way through and already had three coaches with different types of strategies and this became very frustrating. On top of this, I was getting ready for my fourth coach. What is his way of teaching, I may have to learn even another way.

So I called the following September and I was going to try on my own for a little while. I played around for about six months and decided this was not going to work. I called Mr. Jim ** and stated my situation and asked if he could help me get even a partial refund. He replied, "I have asked my counterpart at the training Academy, Mr. Nathan **, to contact you in response to your refund request. I am confident he will do so and will have an opportunity to state your case." Mr. ** did not respond. So two weeks later, I emailed Mr. ** again for him to have Mr. ** contact me again, but no response. So another email to Mr. ** and he stated Mr. ** said that I waited too long to request a refund.

I told Mr. ** I was not asking for only a partial refund from $500 to $600; $3,995 of this money was to fly to Dallas and have three days of online help with a coach right there. I stated I would never have the time to get to Dallas due to my job restraints. So this all boils down to all I wish is a partial refund and nothing more. I will send all text books, CD's and any other material which I received. Just a note that I had an attorney write three letters but no response from anyone.

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