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I have a car loan with Wilmington Trust Company (WTC) for a 2010 Ford Fusion. I have Nationwide Insurance for my car insurance. Each time my policy renew,s I get a letter from WTC stating that I need to send them evidence of insurance (per their requirements) because "we recently received notification from your insurance company that your policy has been canceled or expired. "

After complaining about this to a very patient customer service person that this was a waste of my time, he explained that the reason for WTC doing this is that the insurance companies have stopped sending them information. So, I asked if they stopped sending you this information, why does this letter say WTC received notification about cancellation/expiration? He said that the information in their system shows that expiration date, so they assume it has expired or cancelled!

Technically, they are not receiving any information from my insurance company. The information is coming from their system. The point of me being insurable, having tremendously excellent credit, etc. is so that I can do without these inconveniences. And the inconvenience is not the point--as much as the consequence threatened--WTC purchasing insurance and then adding it to my bill. Let's just say that if I had known this routine updating of info was part of the load arrangement, I would have found another way to get a loan.

I have an installment loan with this bank for an RV I purchased in the year 2000. The loan was nearly $18,000 when it started and it is now $805.98. I would like to say first that I have never filed bankruptcy and have always paid my debts. There have been times when I was late, but I paid dearly in the form of additional fees and sometimes marks on my credit. I called Wilmington Trust as my loan had run 60 days late. This was due to hardship, as my husband was in accident that put him in a Trauma Center for more than three weeks, the center was an hour away. Besides the emotional toll from the distance, it also created a financial toll because of the rooms, travel, food etc.

I was unable to reach the representative, Althea, so I left a message for her. She chose to return my call the following day and left me a message. During that time, we played phone tag. I received a certified letter from Wilmington Trust. In this letter, they used the term “embarrassed”, in reference to me. They also claimed to have left numerous phone messages, which is not true, as I have received none and I had the same cellphone for eight years. They also claimed that they have sent me several letters. The letters were addressed to an old address even if I informed them previously of my move.

I was angry when I called this Althea, however at no time I was verbally abusive towards her, she just did not like the content of my message, as I explained I was not embarrassed. I believe I said that there was “no shame in my game”. I, in fact did not like the content of their message. I had been paying this loan for 10 years, and I am not a dead beat. She then asked why I hadn't called. Well I called! This is why we were speaking. At this juncture, I asked to speak to a supervisor and I was transferred.

I then played phone tag with the supervisor Kelly **. When I reached her, it was clear that Althea and Kelly were more than just co-workers, but girlfriends, because I was immediately attacked. In fact, in their letter, I was offered a deferment of payment most likely due to my consistent payment history for over 10 years. Well this offer was not only revoked, but I was also told that paying the November and December payment would not be enough, that U had until Monday, the 24th of January to make three payments or my loan would be “charged off”. I explained that I could make November's payment immediately and the December's on the 25th. She said, “well, you can make the payments but she will still charge off the loan on Monday, the 24th for non-payment by the end of business day.”

I spent the weekend reading the Equal Credit and Opportunity Act and banks are also under the Federal Trade Commission. I believe these threats were with malice and willful intent to injure me as a consumer. I also think they were just plain unprofessional and terrorist in nature.

How can you charge off a loan if it is only due for the current month for non-payment, especially when I believe there must be a 180-day clause somewhere. I spent the weekend sleepless and trying to figure out how to come up with this money. I actually had to get a title loan to make two payments, as it was due to my accident insurance taking so long to pay my benefit.

Hi! I purchased a vehicle through Porter Nissan and the loan through Wilmington Trust (unbeknown to me) and it has been one hell to another to say the least. They increase my monthly payments like it's a cardiac machine or whenever they feel like it, and when I reach out to them, they give me this cockamaime story about my insurance- they automatically purchase insurance on your vehicle claiming they are protecting their interest (this was not a part of the initial contract I signed at purchase, and in addition the coverage only protects the lender and has no provision for anyone in the vehicle.

I have infants! When sort of coverage is that? I don't understand what insurance has to do with my payments, if I lapse the State I live in hits me with a fine and Wilmington trust Jacks up my payments, in addition I still have to make my insurance payments so I am being slammed all over the place. I got GAP insurance through Porter after pressure from my wife when I purchased the vehicle and it was another 2,000 added to the loan amount, when we had an accident we were informed that the GAP insurance was no good- thank God we had insurance at the time.

Furthermore, when I walk in to speak with a Wilmington trust associate, no one seems to be able to speak with me or help me with my concern, stating, "This is not my department, I am sorry I cannot help you," No one seems to have any answers and my payments went from 280 a month now to 441 a month! I am stuck in this crap and I don't know how to get out. Could you please help!

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