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Waterbury, CT

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Okay, now it's been 2 days. I sit here at 6:51 am two days after depositing this IRS check and this stupid bank is still holding it! I could have gone to Wal-Mart, cashed it, and made smaller deposits and had more money available to me now! I do plan to contact them at 8 am and demand immediate funds availability on this IRS check. If they refuse to do so, I plan to contact an attorney about this problem. This is ridiculous! Holding a federal check for two days! Believe me, it's properly endorsed and all - my husband and I both signed it. They are just being **!

This will definitely cause monetary problems, especially by tomorrow, May 20, 2010, when I have my car insurance payment automatically coming out. I now have an available balance of $148, I'm depositing about $120 today, but this car insurance is $267, and I have other checks outstanding still.


On Monday, May 17, 2010, I deposited an IRS check in the amount of $3203. This was after 4 p.m. but before 9 p.m. According to their schedule, $100 would be available on Monday, May 17, 2010, and the remaining $3103 on Tuesday, May 18, 2010. On May 18, 2010, I withdrew $400 in cash. At that point, my balance was sufficient to cover this. However, by the end of the day, it advised me that I had a -$9.19 balance.

I contacted the bank immediately. The representative's excuse is that they didn't expect me to make that kind of deposit. Wait a minute - they're profiling me now? What kind of excuse is this? Meanwhile, during today they would have seen that this was an IRS check. I am so angry, I could pull out hair!! This was my husband's birthday, we went to the casino, and now I just put $180.00 in there, so I'd have a positive balance. This man claims I won't be charged overdraft fees, but I'm hard-pressed to believe that!! If they do, I plan to file a small claims action against them. I've been a customer for 21 years and this is how they treat me?


I was charged $240 in fees for insufficient funds for less than $50 in charges. When I complained and told them when all the smaller charges were done, the money was in the account. I should have been charged 1 fee for a $100 charge that came in against a balance that was less than $100. I was told that the bank rearranges charges according to the dollar amount regardless of the time stamp on the charges made.

So this means that they can charge me 7 times $34 even though in reality I did have the money in there at the time the charges were made. Why is this legal? I understand that the bank needs to charge a fee for overdrafts, but to purposely cause the most damage they can do financially to a person has to be illegal and maybe border on racketeering. I would give anyone interested in investigating this all access to my account. It is not fair.Our taxpayer money is used to bail out institutions that have zero regard for our well-being.

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