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My husband and I were paying a first and second mortgage. We have seen commercials speaking about "paying too much" and "combine first and second". So I googled and found ULG. I should have done research, but desperate times to save money is on my mind. I was told to fax and send a copy of ALL CREDIT CARD BILLS, COPY OF 1ST AND SECOND LOAN. Meanwhile they would FedEx a contract for my husband to sign. We had to pay $1,500 along with contract and future payments would automatically be deducted from my account. I was informed that I pay ULG and they contact all my creditors to arrange a smaller APR % and they make the payments. Also for my mortgage, they said they would contact Wells Fargo and let them know they are representing me.

Here I was thinking I had a weight lifted off my shoulder, but I began to get my credit card statements with past due amounts and no payment make. I call ULG and they told me once there is enough funds in my ULG account then they can start paying and to not worry. I was thinking, they must know... they're a Law Group. Then I get calls that my mortgage has not been paid and they never heard of a ULG. I got concerned so I called. I was told that they are dealing with it and to not answer my phone when they call. I was to make a log on what time they called and date they called, then fax my log in. As for my credit cards... same thing.

They began to call, so I call again and ask what is going on. I was told they have made payment arrangements with all my credit cards and they have been sending payments. I told them about the statements showing NO payments made and again they said to fax the statements and they will call them and for us not to answer our phone, make a log on which creditor called and write time/date and fax. This was a several month situation. Finally, I started worrying when I was getting certified letters from Wells Fargo about payment not being made. Then came then DEED OF TRUST letters. I called ULG and I was told it's just a threat and to ignore them.

On my son's 2nd birthday we actually had two men on my sidewalk taking pictures of our house. I started yelling at them, and my trust in this company has stopped. I called Wells Fargo myself and asked if there has been any phone calls from ULG, "NO". I called my creditors and asked the same thing, "NO". I asked if Wells Fargo would personally help me from losing my house. I was charged attorney fees from Wells Fargo to do a forgiveness of payments. On top of that I had to make my normal payments for my 1st and 2nd. As for my credit cards the past dues were so high I was paying an over the limit fee. I went from a 702 credit score to a 500 in just a few months. I lost my credit cards but still had to pay. End result on my house I was paying more than I was before because of Wells Fargo fees. I lost my house and I can't purchase another. I don't even qualify for a gas card. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. DO GOOD RESEARCH FIRST.

I contacted ULG (United Law Group Inc.) in November/December of 2008 to help me save my home. They took my money and ran with it. I was told by them several times to send any papers to them that my mortgage company was sending me. They took my money, all my information and helped my house go into foreclosure! Do not use them! My credit is now bad and I no longer have my house nor am I able to get a home now because of Countrywide (Bank of America) and United Law Group Inc. I now have read that the place I was sending all my info and payment to will not help me and has now been raided by the FBI!

My parents paid United Law Group money to modify their home loan. ULG ripped my parents off and their home went into foreclosure. On March 16, 2010, my dad hanged himself in the garage because he was so distraught that ULG had ripped my parents off. I beg anyone who is considering using ULG to modify their mortgages, please don't use ULG! They steal from people who are in need of help! They are sick people!

United Law Group Fraud - They did not help and did not care, and I don't think they knew anything about real state. They're here only to steal money from good people losing their houses and now with "them" losing our few money in this hard economic situation. I almost lost my house, if I had not found Bertha from (HUD) US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

In 2009, Brandon ** called me and asked me if I wanted my mortgage rate down. I said yes. We started the process. I was told I had to pay $1,500.00, so I paid it and nothing was done. My bank called me and I said that United Law Group was representing me. They said they got a paper from them but it was nothing. It didn't make sense after that. I never got a hold of Brandon ** anymore. But John ** came on the phone and he started telling me about bankruptcy. I did want to apply for it so I said yes. They wanted $1,800 so I gave them that. To this day, I hear from no one. The numbers are gone. I can get on line and see just what happened back then but that's all. I called B.B.B and small claims court but I'm still waiting.

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I paid $3,000 to United Law Group (ULG) to do a home loan mortgage modification in December 2008. They promised me I would have my interest rate reduced and most likely have some of the principle on the loan reduced as well. The only thing I got out of it was a short and unprofessionally written letter sent to my mortgage company asking for a loan modification. I could have done that for 44 cents! They would not send me any other documentation of any proof that they did anything else.

After multiple attempts to speak with Sean ** on the phone months later, he finally called back. He yelled at me over the phone and asked why I was calling him. I said, "Because I hired you to do my loan modification and I want to know what's going on." He then threatened to sue me. I never dealt with the man before in my life and that was the response I got from him. I almost lost my house because of ULG's bad and wrong instructions to stop making mortgage payments. When I called ULG about the foreclosure notice, they told me not to worry about it. The next time I called, they said they would take care of it. They never did anything so I asked for my money back. They said no!

I then had to hire a real attorney to get out of the very serious mess caused by ULG. I didn't realize my property was really going to be auctioned off and how close I was to losing my home because of what ULG told me until I consulted with my new attorney.

My new attorney had to request an emergency hearing at the courthouse to stop the auction. After spending another $7,000 in attorney's fees and $17,000 in back mortgage payments, fines and late fees, I got to keep my home. The money I had to pay came out of my money saved for retirement. I had to pay the penalties for early withdrawal and pay the taxes too.

I have never been late or ever missed a mortgage payment before all this. More damage came when I learned that my credit score dropped to the worse level. My great credit rating was destroyed! I cannot get any credit now and it will take years to rebuild it. This is what my money bought me! Sean ** should be in prison for what he and his group has done!

I filed for a loan modification. After paying $2,000, they did not help with the modification. I did not get call backs regarding my status and then my home went up for auction.

I am very displeased with the company.

We paid them over $7000 to help us save our home from Chase bank taking our home away. Nothing was done and then my wife and I tried getting a hold of them but would not return our phone calls of messages. Finally, we were told that they filed for chapter 13. We would like to get help of finding out how to get our money back and getting some answers. Thank you.

I hired the United Law Group to assist me with a modification and was asked immediately for $4,300.00 up front. They gave me such an outstanding presentation about how Bank of America was refusing to do the right thing with homeowners, and that would get me a secured modification. I waited a few months, was sent paper work to fill out, was strung along for months and was called back by someone later stating that they needed more money because they needed to file a class action lawsuit. Then, I was called because I was told by another person who stated that I needed to give them $2,800.00 for a financial work up for a rest program.

I told them that I had no more money to give and that I was not giving the United Law Group any more money. They need to do whatever they can to help me as they promised me in the beginning. They also filed paper work in court for a class action lawsuit but I have not heard anything from them at all! As usual, no one answers the phone and I believe now that these people, who just took all of our money during this economic hard times, just ** all of us hardworking Americans and took advantage of the situation. This is my email address if any of you out there want to file a class action lawsuit against ULG. Please write me.

I called them for help. I wanted to file for bankruptcy. They told me they could help and to send $1500 in cashier's check so I did. Then they sent a welcome package to fill out so I did. Then they said I had to take a class. It costs $50 more dollars then they kept telling me resend paper work so I did. Then I never could get them to answer the phone or faxes I sent. I want my money back. Something needs to be done with these people. They are getting rich off poor people.

In August of 2009, I hired ULG to modify two of my home loans. I paid $6200 up front. They were never available by phone and when someone did contact me, it was almost impossible to call them back. When the house we were living in went into foreclosure, they talked me into filing bankruptcy for $1500.00 and file a class action for another $1500.00, to stop the foreclosure.

I lost the house and still have not had the bankruptcy filed. The other loan still has not been modified. I tried to get my money back, but no one wants to talk to me. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau to no avail, ULG failed to respond. They are con artists, warn everyone! I spent $9200.00 for nothing. I lost my home. The foreclosure has damaged my credit severely and jeopardized my employment.

Just as all the other complaints about United Law group say, I in good faith paid them 3500.00 and filled out their paper work. I could never get a hold of them and we ended up doing Home Affordable Loan paper work on our own. The modification was $100.00 for a 3 month trial period and then returned back to 3200.00 a month.

United Law Group did nothing for us and charged us for all kinds of paper work, we basically did on our own. Bottom line they took our money and did nothing. And when confronted about it, they say they did. We are now foreclosing. Bank of America need to be looked at too. They receive all this bail out money and have helped no one.

We have struggled to make our 3200.00 house payment the last year because my husband lost his job. We really thought we could get help and that is why we have held on so long. My husbands income went from 4000.00 take home to unemployment. We can't make the house payment. We would be willing to refinance anything but no one will help.

ULG sent letter offering for 1$1,700.00 to renegotiate our mortgage, took our money and it was all a big scam on their part. House was sold at sheriff auction after ULG assured us they would stop sale. Ruined our credit. Exacerbated health issues. Lost thousands of dollars. Major stress.

I contacted ULG in April 2009 about a mortgage modification after seeing an ad on television. I was upside down on my mortgage and when I talked to someone from ULG I was told that was a good reason for modification and they could help me get my principal lowered. I paid them $1700.00 to start the process. They sent me official looking papers and said they had contacted the mortgage company. I stopped paying my mortgage starting in June 2009.

By September I had not heard from anyone at ULG so I called them. I was able to actually talk to my negotiator and received several e-mails from them concerning my case. They did nothing as far as remodifying my loan and in the beginning of March 2010 I received a notice from my mortgage company that they were going to auction off my house in three weeks! I called ULG and actually talked to someone from legal who said my only course of action at this point was to file bankruptcy.

Like a fool I paid ULG another $1500.00 to do the bankruptcy and they sent me a packet and asked for a lot of papers. I tried to fax all the information they wanted to them but they said the fax was poor so I attempted to FedEx it to them. This was on March 11, 2010. The next day March 12, 2010 I receive a call from FedEx saying the package could not be delivered as there was no one at the address we had given them in Irvine, CA. Come to find out this is the day the CA office of ULG got raided! I frantically tried to call and now the numbers are disconnected. I ended up having to use a local bankruptcy firm and ante up more money.

The following week I was able to leave a message at ULG (phones back on) and finally on March 19, 2010 I hear back from someone. This is a week later and my house was going to be auctioned on March 24th. That would have left them 5 days to try to file the bankruptcy and save my home. Plus at this point they didn't have any of my paperwork since they never got it due to the raid. Since then I have tried repeatedly to call ULG to ask about getting my money back for the bankruptcy since they didn't provide that service but of course, it is a big run around. No one ever answers the phone and if someone does it is the answering service and you never hear back after you've left a message. I actually have the extension of the person I have been dealing with and when I call him his voice message comes on with the correct date but he never returns my calls.

This is so frustrating. I feel like the biggest fool having been taken like this. I am an honest hard working American like so many others out there and it amazes me that there are scum out there taking advantage of people. How can those people sleep at night? Let's hope there is a real God and these con artists get what is coming to them one day. Luckily I was able to save my home but I would like my money back for the service they never provided.

United Law Group scammed us out of money with the promise of home loan modification. Nearly three years later, no modification was done, and our negotiator has changed about six times, 100 minimum phones calls to ULG with not one returned phone call. The receptionist states that the modification was underway; don't make payments, don't talk to mortgage company representatives or you will mess up the entire process.

My home is a month away from foreclosure and I have four children. What now ULG!

If you are dumb enough to trust them like we were, don't expect a refund either. I hope every one of you from ULG and all who back them burn in hell! You may not have to answer to the people whom you harm, but you will have to answer to your maker! Our home, that we built from scratch and the only home that my children have known and grown up in, is now being foreclosed on!

As I have read the complaints against The United Law Group, it almost looks identical to the complaints that I expressed during the last year with anyone who would listen (even though it seems to have fallen on deaf ears). We all were scammed, it seems we all lost money (not to mention the 24th hour to save our home that went in to foreclosure) and I want to make sure that if there is a class action suit being made against this unethical bunch of liars, that I be contacted to join in. I have a boat load of documents! In addition to a year of mental stress, the loss of $3000.00.

United Law Group is a marketing organization dedicated to scam. The people who work there are trained as front line guards to protect the managing partners. They said they could help me modify my mortgage loan for $3,400 and handle my bankruptcy for $1,700. They almost convinced me to give them another $1,700 for a class action lawsuit against Bank of America. I paid them the money and almost immediately they disappeared.

The scam is almost perfect. They send you a welcome package that says they have contacted your bank and have asked in a legal manner to stop all proceeding against you and that they are demanding that the bank produce some legal documents before proceeding. In actuality, they have done nothing. Meanwhile, they ask you to fill out lots of personal information and get that back to them. When you do that, they still do nothing. I waited 4 months for them to act. I could not reach them by phone. You call and you get an answering service who takes your message but nobody ever calls back. You keep calling and you eventually get a live person, who is rude and will hang up on you if you complain about how poor the service is.

Then I received notice that my bank was foreclosing. I called ULG to ask why the bank was foreclosing when ULG said they had everything under control, and as usual I was not able to talk to anyone. After a few weeks, my bank called me and said they had foreclosed in a non-judicial manner. It was as if United Law Group gave them my file and as soon as BOA realized I was filing bankruptcy, they chose the only property that I had equity in to foreclose on. As of today, BOA has not foreclosed on my properties they hold the mortgage to that are deficient. Bank of America is another issue.

At this point, ULG had done nothing for me, so I wanted my money back. I lost a million dollars in equity in my home plus 500k in investment properties not to mention the $5,100.00 I gave them. I call every day and are promised a return call and never receive one.

On July 5, 2010, I called and informed them that I was filing lawsuit against them for Foreclosure Fraud in Georgia, violation of Bankruptcy protection and any other charges I can discover they can be charged with.

They took the last amount of money I could have used to save my home and treated me like trash. This was with them knowing that I care for my 85 year old father as well. They could care less about anyone, anything or even their dignity.

On January 2009 I hire the ULG Inc. for the services of mortgage modification of which I paid the amount of $3,500. They charge me for such services. A year and 5 months has passed by and they have not done anything. I was about to lose my house in a foreclosure in January 2010. And when I called them to let them know they did not respond. When they did they instruct me to go to court and ask for an extension. It is almost impossible to communicate with them after they get the money. They never did give me adequate follow up to my case.

They are very unprofessional and rude when talking to you. I did comply with all the instructions they give me. When I hire them my mortgage was on time .The situation I was can only be attributed to their negligence, lack of attention and due diligence of my case which can result in my losing my home. This has caused a lot of stress, money, and days off work to look for another attorney or agency to deal with my case. I did request my $3,500 back to the office in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and the letter was returned. They are a scam.

We hired ULG to negotiate a modification of our home loan. We paid $3,200 up front. We provided all the information requested by ULG. They stopped returning phone calls. We ask for proof the lender had been contacted, no information was ever provided. Our home is going into foreclosure.

I was getting multiple text messages on my cell phone that said:

"Dear homeowner, if you are struggling to make your mortgage payment or have a recent hardship, a modification can help. Would you like to learn more about this?"

It was after the second text message that I did 3 things to stop the text messages. 1) I asked to not receive any more text messages by replying to the text message. 2) I called the number that was sending the text messages, but it would not accept phone calls. 3) I called my cell phone provider and asked to block the numbers that I received the text messages on.

The next day, I received another text message from another phone number with the exact text message that is shown above in quotes. I decided if they were going to be elusive, I would have the only option to say yes to the text messages. This way I would be able to complain directly to someone and ask to be removed from the text spamming list.

I eventually received another text that someone was going to call me. Shortly after that, I received the phone call from Casey ** who said he works for United Law Group. (The caller ID showed the phone number.) I told Casey I was not interested in what he was selling. I only needed to be removed from the texting list.

He was immediately defensive, complaining why I would answer a text if I didn't want anything. I told him that it was apparently very difficult to get removed from the texting list, since the phone numbers were constantly being switched. I asked him how I could get removed. He said you can't. He then hung up on me.

I called him back on the United Law Group phone number and transferred to Casey **. He answered, and I asked again how to get off the text message list. He said, "You will have to hold your breath." He then hung up on me again. Now, a new call from Dwight ** has occurred from the same company with the same results. I just am asking them how to get off their spamming cell text list. Their response is to hung up.

We contacted a firm originally called Kirkland Holdings to negotiate a loan modification for us. We were instructed to not make any payments or contact the bank, that they would handle everything (sound familiar yet?). Our loan was supposed to be handled by Sean **, Esq. Apparently, at some point, Mr. ** went to work for United Law Group, and our case went with him. Over the span of a year and a half, there was little contact with them. Then we started getting foreclosure notices.

Trying to get a hold of anyone there was a nightmare. When I did get a hold of anyone, it was never the same person twice. They did push back the sale date, but that's about it. The last we heard, we qualified for a new program that was coming out in the beginning of Dec., and they were waiting for the paperwork to be sent to them. On Dec. 7th, BOA/Countrywide foreclosed on our property, and a real estate agent informed us of that and that we had 30 days to move out.

Much to our shock, anger and disappointment, we learned that United Law Group did little negotiating and last contacted the lender back in October. We also learned that this Sean ** Esq. was disbarred in CA for scamming people on modifications. The last time I called ULG, they said an emergency bankruptcy was all that was left to save our home, and urged us to join a class action suit against Countrywide. Of course, this was for an additional $2500. Ha! What gall.

In May of 2009 we hired United Law Group to help modify our mortgage with HFC. In the 8 months since we used them they made one phone call to our lender, that was in the second week in November to find out the sale date of our home so they could then call us and tell us that they could not negotiate with our mortgage company and we would have to file bankruptcy to save our home.

Everytime we tried to speak with a person at United Law Group we were told our case was being negotiated, not to speak with our lender that they were just using scare tactics on us and that they would have an answer for us any day. When we finally figured out that this was all a scam we called John with United Law Group to tell him we would not be paying the additional $1700.00 to have them represent us for bankruptcy (we have already paid $2000.00 for one phone call) and John said he would make sure the additional $1700.00 would not come out of our account and he was sorry that we did not feel like saving our home.

John B. is also the same man who told us we must file as soon as possible because the sale date of our home was December 10th, which was an outright lie, the sale date is February 10th. On November 20th 2009 an automatic debit was put through on our checking account of $1700.00 from United Law Group. I saw this debit at 1:15 pm. I called John and every member of United Law group that I could until 8:00 pm with no response at all. I also sent 4 emails to the accounting department with no response. I continue to call and email every hour with no response.

We are now in forclosure on a home that we have to save, we have nowhere else to go, we are out $3700.00 with bank fees adding up because we are negative in our account. My husband is not speaking to me right now because he does not understand how I could fall for such a scam.

We paid ULG $2200 in July 2009, they pushed to collect our money immediately. We sent in paper work and have not been able to speak with anyone since. I have called everyday starting at 6am since September 1st only to be kicked off after a recording comes on to say we can not take your call due to the high volume of calls. There are no updates on their web site regarding my account nor any information on how to contact ANYONE. The following phone numbers given us in a Welcome Packet 800-960-0839, 800-670-5578, 800-680-5717 (website) after many rings reverts to a automatic message "We cannot take your call due to high volume of calls" and hangs up. The website includes NO EMAIL ADDRESSES to contact for information. They sent us cc:copies of papers that appear to have been sent to our Lender BUT...LENDER HAS NEVER BEEN CONTACTED..THESE ARE BOGUS PAPERS. Our mortgage is now 7 months overdue and United Law Group is no where to be found, does not return any calls nor respond to any fax requests (We faxed to two numbers: 800-560-0452/800-560-0452...NO RESPONSE). Our client No#114857 if ULG reads this and cares to respond.

I contacted ULG in September 2008 for my loan modification with US Bank. They took my case. They charged me ahead $2,000. They were given a power of attorney to act on my count. They asked me not to contact the bank anymore. It has been 9 months since. Two weeks ago, they called to let me know that my bank will not want to do anything. I asked for refund and they refused. I contacted a lawyer at the PPL office because I am a member. They sent them a letter to pay me back and they refused again. As consequence of their act, I am losing my house. US Bank has listed on the public auction and has started the foreclosure process. I used all my savings, which included my 401k, to pay my mortgage as long I can until recently. I am financially devastated and I want to claim at least my $2000 back. This is a law office. That is unacceptable.

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