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14 Travis Credit Union Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 6, 2018

Since February 2018 I have notified and talk to more than three personnel at Travis Credit Union loan department for cars. Mercedes was one. The main one there was a Sarah and Julie and also a John and others. I've notified the myself that Ford dealership buyback with purchasing the vehicle back and paying them off due to the Lemon Law act of the song of Beverly consumer Warranty Act of California civil code section 1790 5.8.2 D to a b and c. Ford dealership was on the phone with me and contacted them as well and ask them for my payment history because you need that on a buyback which we received and notified them that they were purchasing the vehicle from them so they needed a buy off which came out to $23,577.65. They needed to know how many payments I made which was 11. The amount of $379.63 a month and if there was a I can't recall what the other thing was but have the paperwork to prove this and so do they.

We were given everything that we were needed. Matter of fact it was given on 2/22/18. Ford buyback in I have came across some road blockage in the buyback with the original dealership that I purchased it from and it took a little bit more time than we thought to get the information we need it to wrap up this whole buyback situation. Through the situation we have kept Travis up-to-date and continued to notify them of the situation. This is where things get extremely out of control. Last month March of 2018 Travis a representative from Travis Credit Union contacted me so I've never spoke to before and ask me what is going on.

I told her everything, gave her the phone number to Ford and the name of the representative that's called Travis and her supervisor who's call Travis and turn and their extension and she stated to me that she did not believe me and that it was unbelievable and there was a problem in this and was the car located at my house. I said "No. I voluntarily surrender it like I was told to do by Ford." She then proceeded to tell me that I was in the wrong. They did not own it. They did not make any type of promise. We don't have it on record. We've never talked to them. We've never talked to you. We don't know what's going on. You're a liar. Quote you are a liar. This would not happen. Got off the phone with me and then pursued it to put a repossession on my record. So now my credit states that Travis repossessed the vehicle that they are not in possession of that the dealership has and that Ford Company is sending a check to pay off.

Do you not see the problem in this? They are trying to eat their cake and have their ice cream too. They're trying to get the full payment of the car and keep the car. Then yesterday for 8 2018 another representative called me. Rude, disrespectful and mean. I could not take it anymore. I hung up on her. I was done. She notified me that they were going to repossess a car that once again I do not have not had for over 2 months now and that they have already placed it on my credit as a repossession and that I owe them payments now. That part is true. I am one payment behind and this month I don't have to pay until the end of the month so technically one payment behind. But did you know we have kept Travis up to date and continued to notify them up the situation. This is where things get extremely out of control.

Last month March of 2018 Travis of Representative from Travis Credit Union contacted me to I've never spoke to before and asked me what is going on. I told her everything, gave her the phone number to Ford and the name of the representative that call Travis and true supervisor who's call Travis and their extension and she dated to me that she did not believe me and that it was unbelievable and there was a problem in this and was the car located at my house. I said no. I voluntarily surrender it like I was told to do I forward. She's in pursuit it to tell me that I was in the wrong. They did not own it. They did not make any type of promise. We don't have it on record. We've never talk to them. Leave never talk to you. We don't know what's going on your liar quote. You are liar. This would not happen. Off the phone with me and then proceeded to put of repossession on me my credit.

Now 4/8/18 another representative calls me rude and disrespectful. Very disrespectful and tells me that if I do not pay because I'm 66 days behind which I just paid them two payments because I was behind but now I owe them for last month and this month just started that they will repossess the car and put a repo on my credit. I told her that I was not. I just made the two payments that I promised and talk to a representative about I owe for March and now it's April and my payments aren't due until the end of this month so technically I only owe you for one month which has already been established that I would pay at the end of this month. If by any chance you have not received the buy off payment yet. She went on to say all these things disrespectfully as I was lying. I was done. I did not want to hear her anymore. She said that she was going to send someone out to take the car and repossess it.

I told her, “Fine. Repossessed the damn car. I don't care. I don't have it. I don't own it anymore.” I am so over the stress that Travis Credit Union has given me. It has put me into the hospital, has me seeing my counselor and Dr. It is ridiculous. I am truly overwhelmed by this company. This company is wrong. They say that they're there for you. They say that they hear you. They say that they listen. They are there for the money and what they could take from you and how they could hurt you. I have just found out that I am able to take them to court due to the fact that I have all this evidence and this falls under harassment and they have been notified numerous of times of the situation and that the Ford is purchasing back the vehicle they have promised to pay and send them notification of the purchase so why are they harassing me? They need to contact Ford buy back and harass them not me.

So now I still I've what they did to me on my credit. And did you know by California law you have 90 days until they can repossess a car so why are they harassing me. I hope that this helps someone out there. Just to be careful. Just to keep your documents to write down each and every time that you've talked to Travis just to be safe because honestly they're no joke. Don't get me wrong. Some of their personnel that work there their customer service are extremely kind, are extremely helpful and there to hear you and to help you and then there the few that are there to tear you down and those are the ones that does not need to work there because they're making that company look bad tremendously bad and they're hurting the people out there like me that's trying to do the right thing. Notify everyone and just get another car.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 10, 2017

I was surprised to learn people wrote negative reviews about Travis Credit Union because I have always had a positive experience there. We have had accounts at Travis CU for many years. Alloc the staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend banking at Travis Credit Union.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2017

If I could give them a zero I would have. They don't even deserve 1. I will never deal with Travis Credit Union ever again, they are very irritating. A vehicle that was given back voluntary, May 2016, got a parking ticket in June 2016, I have tried to have them take care of it and get my name off the vehicle and over a year later it still has my name on it. I am still receiving the ticket for a vehicle I did not own when the ticket was issued. Now it is in collections and they say they can't do anything about it. Now I have to do the runaround to get my name off of it. I have to call the company they handed it over to, to auction it off. And I have to go to DMV to try and take it off there. Travis Credit Union will not send me out the papers that they picked up the vehicle, so I can't do anything at DMV. I hate them so much. I am just sorry I have another vehicle financed under them. I will never ever use them again and would never recommend them ever.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 6, 2016

Aileen ** and Jasmin ** are racist, ageist. We're getting a lawyer. My father and I more than qualify for a loan/refi and him going on "tittle" while I deal with an illness is appropriate. It's been 90 days into escrow, no end in sight. Lie after lie, prying into accounts and told "poor little baby, daddy's gonna take care of you." I'm ** dying idiots, I'm terminally ill and you belittle me. ** idiots, non stop stupidity. Zero clarity.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 13, 2016

I do not normally post things like this but I am so irritated with TCU that I needed to DO something. I read several of the posted reviews and find I am in agreement with several. I have moved out of California but kept my TCU checking and savings accounts because I have a TCU car loan. I have been trying to get a formal statement about car loan payments since October (6 months). I have called, written, called again, written again, etc. etc. I end up on hold for long periods of time (long distance), have had extreme difficulty in getting people to call me back, have asked for certain things in writing but what was sent was not what I asked for. I would like to pay off the car loan so I could close the accounts but they can't seem to send me a statement as to the balance owed. This concerns me, as when I do pay it off, I wonder if they will be able to manage to send me the title.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 28, 2016

Last fall the TCU updated accounts and services. The first incident concerned access to our accounts. My husband had to go in to take care of that situation. Now we cannot get a mortgage statement. We call up to 3 times a month and every month they tell us they will take care of it, call us with an update, send us the last statement and begin sending us new statements. 5 months nothing is resolved. It is just a matter of sending off a statement. The lack of professionalism has been incredible.

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Original review: June 19, 2015

I had an account in a good standing and a car loan that was always paid on time. We had to file chapter 7. The bank closed our account without letting us know and is holding the payroll deposit.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 3, 2015

I recently went to open an account and was denied. My girlfriend who lives with me opened an account a couple of weeks before at this branch and she had the same basic information as me. A little firm financially than me, and they had no problem getting her an account. She is **, no job or permanent address. I have 3 jobs. I own my house, and financed and paid off a car through their bank. I am not **, so I sit in their bank for an hour. Provide more information than my ** girlfriend and get denied. Good to know Atwater and Merced have an all ** bank.

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Original review: Aug. 24, 2012

This branch is terrible. The Travis Credit Union on Ygnacio Valley is terrible. I now drive the 30 minutes to the branch in downtown Concord. The staff (minus this one guy) is terrible. They are unfriendly and rude. They are complete liars and will threaten you if you do not give them information that they need. It's terrible and they should not be working in customer service whatsoever. Go to the Travis in downtown Concord off Willow Pass. They are much better and more friendly!

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Original review: Sept. 22, 2011

My husband has been with Travis for 30 years and when we got married I made it my home, too. We have always kept our checking account in perfect order, never one overdraft. We ran into problems because I can no longer find work in my field of Real Estate and had to file a Chapter 7. We had a Visa with Travis. I tried to be proactive and called them to let them know what was going on and they were very rude and unhelpful. I wanted to know what would happen to my checking account, but they would not give me any answer.

They then took away my online banking. So to be safe, I took most of my money out. Then without sending any notice to me, they closed my checking account and transferred it to my savings account. I never heard a word from the bank. If I hadn't called to check, I would not even know what was done with my money. So after 30 years this is how you are treated. I'm done with Travis and I think they are a very non-caring bank.

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13 people found this review helpful
Original review: May 26, 2011

our car was taken out of our property stating that car payments were not done. This happened Sunday the 05-22-11. On Monday after we gather all payment information from our computer (18 months back), all the payments were there. then we contacted Travis office and spoke with a lady called Shelly, who was really rude and unservicial, we demanded to talk to her immediate supervisor, which she transferred the call to a lady named Janet. Then she said she will gather all the information and fax it back to u. After we faxed all the payment records for a year and a half, she responded back stating that the car was repossessed because a payment in 2007 was not made. I think this is not a rational decision and I believe it is illegal for a car that is showing almost 5 years of payments.

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Original review: April 24, 2011

Travis Credit Union, worst customer service award. I have banked with Travis Credit Union for many years. I am retired from the Air Force and a proud veteran. I would expect a credit union that was built, backed and paid for by military personnel to be more service oriented to military personnel and their unique situations. This is not the case with Travis Credit Union.

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Original review: March 15, 2009 When I attempted to terminate auto payment for AT&T they tried to charge me 18.00 for the service. I have written them many times about the excessive fees. The company CEO has not responded to my calls and written contacts to her.
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Original review: March 7, 2009 Travis credit union repossessed my vehicle. My vehicle had a trailer attached that did not belong to me nor was it part of the financing I received from Travis to purchase the truck. The repossession company did not report the repossession within 4 hours as is CA law. It has been 3 days & has still not been reported. I have spoken with Paula in collections for Travis Credit Union and she would not tell me where the truck & trailer is so that I could return the trailer to the rightul owner. Also, I have personal belongings in the truck including a car seat to transport my 8 month old.
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