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The Tax Club took me for over 25,000.00$. They were to help me with the business. They also had their affiliates call me and offer their service and they don't do what they promise and when I call them I only got the answer machine and ask me to leave a message. I left them a message to call me as soon as possible to no avail. But I got A letter from the FTC that they took them to court and they got money from them.

I got involved with the Tax Club in 2010. I believed they were going to help me get my real estate venture (renovating houses to be group homes for people with developmental delays) up and running. I bought into the different services they offered because it all sounded good. I made a big mistake. Services were never delivered. $45,000 dollars later I finally stopped giving them any more money. I then tried to get my money back. That didn't work. I spent long hours talking to a Mr. **, who, when he actually returned my phone calls, told me that I signed contracts and that I can't ask for my money back. I filed all the reports with the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General of New York. I then had to claim bankruptcy because I couldn't keep up with the minimum payments on my credit cards. I don't know which is the most bitter--losing all that money, or being taken for a fool.

I became a member in 2007 due to purchasing websites. I paid the tax club $1500.00 to setup a business account with them. I started out paying 29.95 a month and then it jumped to 39.95 a month. I'm just finding out they are being sued. I've tried to contact them to no avail. I just submitted my 2014 tax to their VTO tax refund site last week (3/16/2015). I don't know where I need to go from here to help resolve my situation. They are not answering their phones/or not in service any longer.

I paid approximately $1,500 for a lifetime membership in 2007. I paid $19.95 a month to keep the lifetime membership. In 2014 I was notified I had to pay $39.95 to keep my membership. That is breaking the contract that I had agreed to. I didn't know others disagreed with the rate increase until I saw this website. I think they should be required to pay us back the difference and honor the original contract.

I also paid an upfront fee of $1600.00 then.. was suppose to pay $19.95 for life & then this last year they decided to charge an annual fee as well as double my monthly fee to over $39.00 per month. They should honor those already in contract.

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I joined in 2006. Paid over $1500 one time fee so I would only have to pay $19.95 per month for life. No other fees. All was fine until this year. They added a one time charge of $47.50 and raised the monthly rate to $39.95. That was not the deal.

Was looking to see if there were complaints about The Tax Club. I am a long time member, paid a huge one time lifetime fee for a $9.99 monthly fee for life. I recently received an email that my monthly fee was raised to $39.99 a month. I complained and asked how they justify not honoring their contract and raising my fee 300%. They stated they have the right to raise the fee to whatever they want. Is anybody getting anywhere with this? My attorney is sending them a complaint letter.

In 2010 they made me a C corporation and business plan. They promised to help me with my taxes and to return my investment in the e-store. Overall they took over $5000 dollars including over $1000 from me to file 2011 taxes but they still haven't finished it. Now they claim that I still owe over $600. Be careful when you deal with them.

Lifetime membership since 2004. For $9.95 per month business & personal income taxes done. They decided to raise fee to $39.95. I wanted them to prove that they had a right to increase. Complained to CR CD co they refunded & cancelled acct.

I have been a Tax Club member for 10 years. As the rest of the posting listed on June without warning, monthly fees quadrupled. Thinking it was a mistake, I contacted them asking them to correct the error. A very cut and dry answer implying take it or leave it, no explanation. Just that it was the new rate for old members. No consideration to the fact that I paid the highest join-in fee to get the $9.95 for life. A couple of years, I started getting a yearly surcharge for $39.95. I called but could not get it refunded. My problem now is that the manager of billing would not give any explanation or even listen to my concerns.

What are the new terms of this change to my membership? How long will this new fees will be for? How often will the increases take place, etc... To add insult to injure, the so-called manager I have been dealing with has no manners to deal with customers. I am not expecting her to sugarcoat the increase but an explanation is not unreasonable to have, nor an answer to my questions. We are being imposed a significant fee increase without notice or choices on their change of terms.

This is not the way to do business. This is not a dictatorship. If they are trying to get rid of the old customers, at least give us the choice to leave or accept higher fees. You cannot expect us to pay higher fees without even knowing for how long. Is there anything we can do as a group? Has anyone found anyone helpful in Customer Service?

Last month, after years of great service and paying only $9.95 a month due to a phenomenal one time start up fee, they raised my monthly fee to $39.95 a month instead of the $9.95 a month. I contacted them (at least 25 minutes of waiting) and was told that my original fee didn't have anything to do with not getting an increase in monthly payments when, in all reality, that is the exact reason I paid the one time fee: I wanted to pay only $9.95 a month. Otherwise I would have to pay more a month. I asked him if I was to be refunded the original amount since they broke the deal? His answer was no, and I should be satisfied because CPAs charge a lot more. It doesn't matter what they charge. I paid extra money in a lump sum so I could pay only $9.95 a month. If they are not going to honor that original deal, they should pay back the original lump sum of money.

This month I was charged $39.95 again but it didn't end there. I was also charged the $9.95 on top of the $39.95 monthly charge. So, what will happen next month, a $200.00 dollar charge, $39.95 charge and $9.95? Who's to say that they can't raise it any time they want, contracts be damned! What happened to this company this year; did they suddenly get bought out by some sleazy online company and went for broke, deciding to take everyone for as much as they could get? I think everyone should complain to the Trade Commission. They might be able to get a fraction of the money back to us victims.

I have read the recent complaints about The Tax Club and I have had the same experience. My monthly fee went from $7.95/mos to $39.95/mos with no notice or reason whatsoever. I was told when I signed up in 2008 that the upfront money that I paid would allow me to only pay $7.95/mos for as long as I was a member. This is the first time that I have had a problem.

I have tried for several days to reach The Tax Club by phone and have not been able to do so. A voice comes on and says all circuits are busy. The one time that I did get through I was on hold for over 30 min. and no one came on line to talk to me. I have even emailed them through the Tax Club site and no answer. Not sure who is running the company now, but I think it has turned into a crooked operation. It is time to CANCEL.

I like many others that have posted, got the hit of $39.95 per month after years of the lower rate due to paying a premium when I signed up. Now they are saying there is nothing in our agreement that states that they cannot raise my rate whenever the "market place" deems it a fair price. They told me I am free to "shop around" for a better price. I guess I took the bait hook, line and sinker when I signed up and was told the upfront premium would keep my monthly rate the same, but never made them provide me that statement in writing.

I came to this page to complain and found Rick's post below to be my exact experience, so I won't repeat everything he said. But I just found out today that my bank account was charged $39.95 instead of the regular $9.95. I called the Tax Club and was told they raised their rates effective this month. Thanks for the warning Tax Club! I find this to be an absurd amount to pay for what has become questionable in terms of their quality service. I would recommend people stay away because my experience is this isn't the same, reliable company I joined about 8-9 years ago.

I've been with The Tax Club for many years. When I joined, the rate was $1500 to join and then you pay $9.95 for as long as you remain a member. If you want additional services, like a nice cover for your return, you'd pay extra. Otherwise, you get the PDF download at no additional cost. The VTO has always been funky and buggy to use. However, it did improve over the years. It was a good service that did my business and my personal taxes each year.

Then a few years ago, out of the blue, they started adding on a $38 a year "site" fee. I called to remind them that this was not part of the deal. They would waive the fee, but I had to call each year and ask again and again. Today, I am just plain angry. I got a letter from The Tax Club telling me that my monthly rate was going up from $9.95 to $39.95 a month! That's a 300% increase per month! This was NOT part of the original deal when I joined. Clearly this is a dishonest organization and they should be shut down for misleading people. There is no point in my demanding they stick to the original deal because now I know I do not want anything to do with these people! STAY CLEAR OF THE TAX CLUB!

I have been using The Tax Club to prepare our returns for the past 10 years or so. While I find their online system (VTO) that you need to fill out cumbersome and frustrating at times they have generally done a good job for us. This year I am ready to scream. I submitted my info over a month ago. Today is April 15th and we still do not have our returns for 2013. I assume we are going to receive a refund so will not have to pay a penalty, but the lack of communication and response from them has been horrific this year. Now they are costing me money (in terms of interest on our returns) and they are not even answering their phones. As I said in the subject line, if you have any other options, I would use them.

I signed up with a company that said I had to use The Tax Club. That company was a scam and shut down by the US Postal Inspectors. I informed TTC what happened and figured I should quit using them. They talked me in to doing Drop Ship since I spent so much money with them. They sounded convincing that DP would make money and they said they would build the website to run it. They needed more money of course. After a while, I asked about the website and they told me it would be ready in a few weeks.

After several months of asking and no website, I asked again and they said they needed more money to make a better website. I said no and canceled. They gave me a hard time but finally gave up. In the meantime my credit cards were maxed out and no business to pay for them. I defaulted on the cards because I could not make payments. It took two years to get out of that mess which included lawyers and court time. Too many so called businesses out there stealing good people's money and ruining their lives including The Tax Club.

Attention, Texas victims of the Tax Club, et al. I was registered with the do-not-call (DNC) list of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), but was telemarketed anyway by first the Tax Club, selling its own incorporation and tax services, and then by Tax Club telemarketers selling bookkeeping, credit development, logo, business plan, and other purported services of other affiliates. Various promises made to me were untrue or unfulfilled.

From what was said to me, I thought the Tax Club was the seller during the phone calls for the second and subsequent transactions, but then other documents--including billing transactions reflected on my credit card statements, agreements forwarded to me for approval after billing already had occurred, and the dispute communications with the credit card companies that ensued thereafter - referenced the other affiliates, not the Tax Club, as the sellers for those transactions.

Billing dispute responses from the sellers reflected the same. I had no business relationship with the Tax Club prior to the telemarketing of its purported services, and I had no business relationship with any of the seller affiliates prior to the telemarketing of their purported services. The agreements I signed, and the cancellation deadline specifications given me, flunked content requirements of Texas law and flunked requirements that Texas law sets as prerequisites to the submission of a telemarketing billing to a credit card company or bank. I was also billed for things for which I never signed anything ever.

Texas law on telemarketing, and related Texas law on deceptive trade practices, is strict. State laws are not trumped by, but rather co-exist with, federal law and FTC telemarketing regulations, according to the FTC itself when the FTC first proposed and adopted such regulations in the 1990's. A summary of my experience, and the specific misrepresentations, failures, and transgressions of the Tax Club and its seller affiliates, and the numerous illegalities we allege to have been committed by them, are the subject of a July 1, 2013, letter 8 pages in length, from my attorney to Tax Club counsel. Elaboration we have prepared fills 48 pages and 193 paragraphs, and contains specific chapter-and-verse citations to Texas law, federal law, and FTC regulations.

We have pursued and are pursuing several angles towards obtaining redress. We are very interested in making contact with Texas complainants David, Monica, Stephen, and Jennifer, who have posted complaints against the Tax Club to this website in the past year, and making contact with other Texans who consider themselves Tax Club victims.

Such complainants, for such contact purposes, may telephone **. You either will reach voice mail from me or will be able to talk in person to me or to my attorney’s assistant who is male. Please be ready to identify yourself by some verifiable means (such as first and last name, Texas address, and/or phone number), so that we can assure ourselves that you're a bona fide victim rather than just a snoop. I myself am a bona fide victim who has lost, like you and other complainants, a lot of money. Thanks.

On 11/10/2010 I was phoned by Dominic ** from Tax Club. At the time, I thought he was with Online Hosting Network, which had obtained $4,075.73. This was because all Americans sound the same on the phone to me. I told him I already had a company by way of above, but he told me I could get into Walmart and I could get back $10,000 from the tax dept by setting up the company. Very unpatriotic, I thought, by offering to a non-American. I stated I had lost my MasterCard, but he told me to give the number I thought it was. I even told him I had cancelled it and he told me I had not. I then tried to look for it and he told me not to hang up. With the thought of the previous mentioned online hosting, I thought I would lose more money.

I eventually found it and gave him the number. He then told me forms would be sent to set up the business. After the phone call, I checked on the internet about Tax Club and found comments were not favorable. I was then unable to cancel the agreement, which they said I could within 3 days. I had $5,076 70 taken from my MasterCard account. When the papers arrived, I found out there was another $100 required to be paid. When I was phoned up a week later by a Jessica, I blew my top knowing I had been scammed. I told her, in abusive terms, that they had taken my money.

I continued to get a bill for $28 per month to run the company. These stopped after 6 months. I have not received any refund and have not phoned back after the way Dominic spoke in an aggressive manner.

In the Oct 2010, one of Tax Club's telemarketers, Gary, called me on my cell phone. I have no idea how he obtained my number. He told me that he would set up an online business where I would make thousands of dollars per month. He charged me roughly $5000. In November, Gary phoned again wanting to charge me for marketing, he did so to the tune of $8000. Later on, in November, Chris and Tony of the Tax Club phoned me concerning accounting services that The Tax Club could provide. They charged me roughly $13,500.

In late December, Mike of Online Essentials (The Tax Club) phoned me, regarding creating the website. Mike stated that he was working for Online Essentials and was based in Seattle Washington. He charged me roughly $16,500 for this fake business. In early January, Gary phoned me to charge roughly $8000 for other services that he said I needed for this so-called business.

They always said that my money was safe and that I would earn a minimum of US$200,000 per year which is what other clients and also they, personally, were making this amount of money. I was promised an online business opportunity that would generate a lot of money. I have never earned one dime. I have been scammed. I was clearly taken advantage of and have been in deep agony and I am hurt, depressed that The Tax Club left me cold and hungry. I want all of my money back and my life as it was before The Tax Club came in and ruined my life. I am requesting a full refund of all of the money that The Tax Club has defrauded me. I have added up the credit card transactions that I have and I have called my credit card companies and the others are being sent to me. Thus far, I have added up over $42,000 with the statements that I have now. I just want my money back.

My experience with Success Planning Group (aka The Tax Club et. al.) has been remarkably similar to the ones I have been reading about here: numerous calls which convinced me to buy services that would allow me to establish an online business. Each call ( the salespeople all have different names) persuaded me that further services would be necessary in addition to the ones I had already purchased. The prices for these services were very steep, quite a bit more than what others were charged. There seems to be little consistency in the prices. In all, I have paid approximately $47.7k to this organization and do not have a viable business to show for it. It is true that I do have a website but it is completely invisible on the web as their SEO does not work. I paid $20k for it and it turned out that I was required to complete the SEO process myself. This proved extremely difficult using the tools they sent me and were almost impossible to use due to the lack of instructions. I would have thought that $20k would be more than enough money to get my website come up at the top of any Google search.

When I complained about this, they asked for another $5k to complete the process for me! By then, I had realized that the money spent had been wasted and have filed complaints with the BBB and the FTC. (The BBB site reports that their operations have been shut down by the FTC while an investigation is conducted.) Unfortunately, I only recently discovered that Success Planning Group had an F rating from the BBB when I first agreed to engage their services. They did not disclose this to me when I could not find a listing for them and asked them about it. If I had known about the F rating, I would never have done business with them in a million years! My conclusion has to be that this is a fraudulent organization and the people involved are guilty of fraud and deserve to be given lengthy jail sentences.

They are also known as Success Planning, Success Online, Ikongo, All Access Books, Business Success Online, Business Credit, Resource Solutions, The Traffic Wizard and Online Solutions. I have had contact with Andrey, Stephen, Savannah, Vincent, Adam, Simonia, Toni, Dharti. My nightmare started in March 2012. My story is the same as all of the others, as far as all of the plans they said I needed. This cycle of calls just goes on and on. Every week, it's just another salesman selling you a new product; never any real coaching. Then, the next call is for website Trust Shield and a merchant account. Then, comes the website cost, initially $4,000.00, and then when I said I couldn't afford that, it was miraculously discounted to $1,997.00. Next was website design and business cards by iKongo (cost $895.00), and Small Business Credit. Finally, the last call was for the website marketing plan, and I didn't even have a website setup yet! The cost was $4,000.00! I was contacted by The Tax Club after purchasing a mentoring course from another company. I was caught in a web of deception that escalated to financial distress every step of the way.

Finally, it was my gut that told me to stop listening and call a halt to everything. By then, however, I was nearing insolvency in a financial life becoming chaotic. Lack of continuity from one step to the next of this business building process and supposed coaching from the success team - I had a different coach almost every week. This lack of continuity was bewildering and affected my decisions. These men took the freedom to ask for more money and I was subjected to the high-pressure sales. At the same time, a coach might sound concerned and would encourage me to keep going as everything would turn out great. And as others have said, I did finally clue in that I really did not need an LLC and I too had been promised huge tax savings even though I had no income as yet. This business building was unnecessary because I did not know what I wanted to put into my primary business.

Well, by the end of September I knew then I was not going to get any help as I was promised or they would hold my hand through the start of my website so I cancelled everything as I had lost a lot of money and was devastated. I had many sleepless nights not knowing what I was going to do. I knew I needed to get a job to start paying off these debts. It is truly disheartening what they do.

They are also known as Success Planning, Success Online, Ikongo, All Access Books, Business Success Online, Business Credit, and Online Solutions. I have had contact with Ryan, Joe, Lee, Wes, Michael, James, and Kevin. My nightmare started on 11-7-12. My story is the same as all of the others, as far as all of the plans they said I needed.

My husband is dying from cancer. I signed up with Avenue 5 as a consultant to help me learn about starting a website. Next thing I know, I am contacted from The Tax Club, leading me to believe you are part of Avenue 5. I am persuaded into believing that I needed all of these different programs to succeed with my quest, only to be swindled out of around $24,000.00. I have not received anything from some of the programs this company advised. When I try to contact them, I get undelivered e-mail. I e-mailed in request to cancel certain items and even sent in registered mail with the same request. Boy was I contacted quick then, only to persuade me to not cancel by promising me a cheaper price and the additions of certain upgrades if I did not cancel. Needless to say, I did not receive any kind of a refund nor have I been able to reach anyone about the upgrades I was to receive.

My quest was to make additional income so I could possibly go part-time and be able to spend time with my husband before he died, while at the same time make additional funds to help pay for the thousands of dollars we are in debt from the chemo. All this company did was max out my credit cards, which I can't even use now to help keep the bill collectors off my back. If my husband knew, it would literally kill him. He is so stressed out now from the amount of debt he feels he will be leaving me with when he dies. I myself cannot sleep or eat, knowing that I have been so stupid in allowing this company to take such advantage of me in my goal to just want to be able to spend more time with my husband. Instead, now I am working more overtime to make the payments on the credit card bills that I have nothing to show for.

I will do everything I can to file any kind of a lawsuit against this company. I want a refund. In numerous responses on the Federal Trade Commission website, this company responded by saying, “Contact us and we will work something out.” Well, I have had e-mail contact with Jessica **, and she was to call me yesterday, and she did not. I e-mailed her and asked her to call me this morning, which she has not. So here is your chance. I am reaching out to you as you said in your many responses to complaints filed against you.

After I had received an email about a week ago saying that they were changing their name to something else, I looked up and scratched my head. I knew something felt weird about this whole thing. I'm $40 grand down. I haven't gotten my website from them that they said they were working on with me. While I've been waiting for them to finish the last 3 months, I decided to finish it all by myself instead. It puts tears in my eyes reading other posts of the same complaints. No money, no delivery, no website, no help either. I just don't get how people can be so ** up and put so many people's lives in debt. Karma will have its play with these crooks. Eye for an eye. You play with fire, you will get burned! May God have no mercy on your souls. I pray for everyone that got scammed from these people that money with prosper.

My experience with The Tax Club was much like the many reviews I just read! High pressure gorilla tactics disarmed me as I believed they had my best interest at heart with the smooth talk and an impressive address. My tax returns had the wrong Social Security number! Calls then came from Ikongo and Chuck ** at Success Internet. More dollars are invested in the American dream, thousands when I decided to cut bait. Hang up when they ask for your credit card number and tell you the call is recorded. They are all scammers!

I am an Affiliate Marketer with They sold me a program - (bronze) - that cost $2497 to send traffic to my site. I got a call telling me I had to upgrade to the Gold and I would have lots of traffic to my site. That cost $2750. This site has a dashboard, members area, no graphs. It's a fake site!

Check this out!

I relate to what you're saying. I, unfortunately, did buy into all the BS Anthony Morrison was spouting off. I was instructed that when I attended the workshop that I would be given the tools and information to have a successful business. I paid the initial fee of $4,500, which was hard to come by as it is as a single mother. However, I had a feeling of "Okay, now I'm on my way." I think I even started to hum the theme song from The Jefferson's Moving on up. Shortly after that initial fee, I started to get bombarded with calls from them wanting more and more money. They were saying I needed money for all these services in order for me to have a successful business, everything from web development to payroll to bookkeeping. I did not need many of these services as it's just me. However, again, I paid the money.

After each time, a different company name was on my credit card statement. Never the same one twice. Why did they charge me under different names? A legitimate company, one that provides the services that it claims to, charges under the same name. For all I know, Billy ** in Tumbleweed, Arkansas is getting my money. I've called them on numerous occasions and every time getting a different answer. I have been told that Anthony Morrison or Adrian ** would contact me and I have yet to hear from him. I'm starting to think they don't even exist. Who does business like this? You're very fortunate on having not fell into Anthony Morrison's trap. I wish I would've never done it.

I mean $17,400 later, I am now on food stamps, facing a potential bankruptcy, and God knows what else all because I trusted these people and they didn't hold true to their word. Online Strategies, whatever they want to call themselves, hasn't done anything but take food from my children's mouths. I can't feed them with empty promises! The worst business decision I have ever made was to get into bed with these crooks. I was struggling then and now I'm worse! I've had to change my number several times because creditors keep calling for money and thanks to PMI, I can't pay them! I thought the feeling of being ripped off from Anthony Morrison was bad. Try having to send your children to school with clothes too small because you did not have the money to buy them new school clothes or the pressure of making a little bit of money I get from food stamps stretch all month so my kids don't go hungry. This is no way to live. I mean I wanted to start a business so I would not have the worries and stressors of making ends meet.

I had to contact an attorney on the steps that I needed to take in order to get my money reimbursed and he referred me to another law firm that better deals with companies like PMI, whose sole purpose seems to be to bankrupt unsuspecting people like myself. I spoke with Richard at **. He was really helpful and considerate of my situation, which is a lot more than I received from the consultants at PMI. I did not have to pay anything upfront like PMI or Online Strategies, which gave me peace of mind. I could not afford to get ripped off again. I was required to follow up with him a lot more than I had hoped for but all and all, it has been a success. I got my money and I'm just going to do the steps of opening my business the best way and that's without Anthony's help or the help of PMIwhoops!, Online Strategies, or whatever they want to call themselves. I'm just going to stick to calling them scam artists!

So, to sum up everything, savings gone, business failed, bankruptcy almost, Government Assistance (yup), feeling like you can't provide for your children (check), all thanks to the one and only Anthony and this outfit that he's running. After speaking to Richard, I got something a lot more valuable than I thought I would - satisfaction! Getting my money back and sticking it to Anthony, priceless!

Our series of experiences with The Tax Club has been the most extreme of our life as we were caught in a web of deception that escalated to financial distress every step of the way. Finally, it was our gut that told me to stop listening and call a halt to everything. By then, however, we were nearing insolvency in a financial life becoming chaotic. Here is a list of the suspicious business practices we encountered:

Lack of transparency from start to finish: There was no upfront information at the first step about what the total cost would be. I mistakenly assumed that the first output of money was all that would be asked, but each step of the way it would take more money to complete that step and on and on it went. It felt that if I had known the total costs, I would never have started in the first place. But then, I also felt like I was too far in to stop and I was still hoping we would reach a point where I would see income.

Lack of continuity from one step to the next of this business building process and supposed coaching from the success team: I had a different coach almost every week. This lack of continuity was bewildering and affected my decisions. These men took the freedom to ask for more money and we were subjected to the high pressure sales I call guerrilla sales. At the same time, a coach might sound concerned and would encourage me to keep going as everything would turn out great. And as others have said, we did finally clue in that we really did not need an LLC and we too had been promised huge tax savings even though we had no income as yet. This business building was unnecessary because we did not know what we wanted to put into the LLC as my primary business. The vague and generic business plan alone cost upwards of $2,000.

Obfuscation about who they were and who they were associated with: We thought the success building team was part of a primary opportunity we was pushing and they never indicated they weren't. Each time we would mention that we didn't want to go further until we received pending commissions from that business. Still, they would pressure me to keep going. We exasperatedly held to the belief that that business would come through and we went there and asked if The Tax Club was part of their business and they said absolutely not and they had never heard of them. Today, in consulting a consumer advocate, we have learned that very likely we will not get a penny from that business either and that they and The Tax Club could be affiliated for the purposes of sharing a percentage of the payments we were giving The Tax Club. So, they could be associated in a hidden way and not upfront at all. This could constitute a double scam and then one is faced with wondering if in turning for help somewhere perhaps that help might constitute a 3rd level of scam.

Invasion of personal privacy and insensitivity to one's financial context in personal life and finances: We witnessed and experienced an alarming Mack Truck customer approach to the point of some coaches contacting credit card agencies themselves and asking them if they were willing to lift my credit limits or else go over the limit temporarily. This was the worst experience of all and it was at this point that we knew we had given over my personal decision making. Although we had consented to start with, we were unprepared for the lengths these coaches would go to get the money while completely ignoring my reservations and protests about doing this. The persuasion tactic at this ultimate point was that we were almost there and now my personal credit could be separated from business credit building. This again cost more money and we worked out a down payment, even though I was protesting that we had reached our limits. We did set this up and when we learned what my monthly fees would be for the next two years, I stopped everything.

Yes, unfortunately, we had signed several contracts from one step to another but we are reporting this now and we fully intend to ask for reimbursement of everything we gave to The Tax Club. In trying to retrace our steps, we asked billing to send me an account for everything but we don't believe that all is reported there because there have been different billings under different names. We have to go through all our credit card statements since the last few months of this misadventure and try to find what we are sure is missing from the accounting because some parts of the business building team's work was outsourced somewhere else.

Lastly, this misadventure with financial bullies constitutes elder abuse. I am retired and had hoped some investment in recurring income could improve our life (my wife and I) and the lives of others I care about as I proceed into older age. Instead, we surrendered the remainder of our savings (approximately, $40,000) from our false hopes and gave our independence to the pressures of questionable salespeople. They held out false promises, exacted exorbitant fees for no returns, and exemplified heedlessness about the financial rights of their customers. It feels like robbery and certainly like a setup, full of false promises leading to dispossession of many of the persons involved with them. I think the Tax Club needs to be investigated. It’s sad to see that this company has bullied and taken so many innocent people for so much money. Partial refunds are really not an option. Contracts have been signed but services were never delivered as promised.

I was called by the Success Planning Group and was offered all sorts of services I was told I needed to get my business going. I was sold numerous services and products, which I am discovering are either not needed or not providing services offered. I make calls and am lucky to be contacted to try to resolve my issues. I was bullied into purchasing all types of services that are not providing any help or service and found no help from them.

I have since started the charge back process through the credit card companies to try to get a refund because I'm not getting services or help I was told I would receive. Their tactics are high pressure and misleading and vague, and I find it deplorable the way they operate and treat people just trying to make a living. I can understand why this once great country, for which I served years ago, is in the shape it's in because these companies are allowed to prey upon others and bilk them out of their money so easily. I would like any kind of help that I can get right now as I try to contain the damage started to my once great credit history in hopes to avoid having to file bankruptcy and further damaging my credit score.

I was contacted by Horizon Learning (an affiliated company of the Tax Club) and was talked into creating an online business. This Horizon Learning company gave my information to Tax Club for them to help me legalize my business and help with my tax filling. After I paid almost $5,000 to Tax Club, $3,500 to Horizon and another $5,000 to other affiliate companies (Small Business Credit and Traffic Wizard), I haven't seen any work done by their part nor a call to give me updates nor anything. The only thing that they are good to do is to withdraw monthly payments from my accounts besides of all the money they made me pay upfront. I just had to close and cancel accounts to stop these withdraws. I lost about $15,000 between November 2011 and May 2012. I can't believe there are people out there that are heartless in taking life savings from people.

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