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Founded in 1998, Superior Debt Relief Services is a debt settlement and consolidation company committed to helping clients become debt free. The company attempts to negotiate the consumer’s debt to lower the total amount due. The firm uses ethical approaches to reduce debt for qualifying clients.

  • Credentials: All Superior Debt Relief Services’ consultants and negotiators are accredited through the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA). Additionally, the debt negotiation officers are tested and certified by Arbitrain Training Systems. The company belongs to the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators and is a member of the U.S. Organization of Bankruptcy Alternatives.
  • Services: Superior Debt Relief provides debt settlement, debt consolidation, credit counseling and Chapter 7 bankruptcy services to clients.
  • Negotiation experts: Superior debt relief focuses on negotiating with creditors in an attempt to reduce interest rates and total debt payments for their clients. The company has on-staff attorneys available for consultation at no additional charge.
  • Fees: Superior doesn’t get paid until the client reaches a debt settlement. After settlement, Superior will continue to offer debt management advice to clients if they need it.
  • Best for people with excessive debt loads and consumers looking to have their debt interest payments lowered.

Question and Answers - Superior Debt Relief Services

What problem is Superior Debt Relief Services trying to solve?

We are a debt settlement company looking to increase our Internet presence while driving more traffic to our site.

What sets Superior Debt Relief Services apart from the competition?

Superior Debt Relief Services is different from the competition because we have on staff attorneys to consult with clients, almost 20 years of business experience, and A+ rating with BBB, a no fee until debts are settled model and our legal expertise and financial education are part of our program.

What needs do your product or service fulfill, and how does Superior Debt Relief Services fulfill those needs better than your competition?

We get our clients out of debt for about 40 cents on the dollar, avoiding bankruptcy. Most other debt settlement companies cannot claim results this good, and our retention rate, the clients we keep, is near 90 percent, far above what you will see from our competition.

How does Superior Debt Relief Services measure success?

Success is a client that we successfully get out of debt and graduates our program. The education we provide as our clients go through the process serves as a model for how they should budget and manage finances in the future. We never want to see a repeat customer, but referrals are always welcome.

What’s the most common misconception consumers have about your industry?

That debt settlement companies are a scam/rip off. While there is no denying that there are a lot of companies out there that are scams, and it can be difficult to find those with a solid reputation, there are a few that put the consumer first. Our on staff attorneys here for our clients demonstrate our determination in getting the best possible results.

How has your industry changed in the last 5 years to 10 years?

The government (FTC) has come down hard on the debt negotiation industry. There were several fly by night operations that have since disappeared or been fined into oblivion. In the last ten years, about 90 percent of the companies have gone out of business. As one of the few survivors, we believe this is indicative of the strong consumer driven business model that we have always adhered to.

What is something you wish every consumer knew about Superior Debt Relief Services?

We actually care! We are not in it for the money, we want to help people get out of debt. It makes us proud to be one of the good guys - fighting a predatory industry - in the interests of the consumer.

How has Superior Debt Relief Services grown or evolved?

Our company is constantly evolving to meet the demands of a changing industry.

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Superior Debt Relief Services
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2625 Redwing Dr. Suite 140
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