Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union

Live Oak, TX

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We have used RBFCU for over 20 years and their lack of accountability and responsibility is a disgrace. They have continuously FAILED to explain bank processes. WE ARE NOT BANKERS AND DO NOT WORK IN THE FINANCE INDUSTRY!!! We are absolutely positive that they expect us to know their processes and procedures through telepathy or osmosis. We are sitting in the lobby of our branch, waiting again!!! As if we have nothing better to do than wait around here... This is our second trip here today. We are doing the smart thing this time and closing all 6 of our accounts and our safety deposit box. We are done!!!

RBFCU failed to exercise any discretion by ignoring your own check cashing policy by cashing ($1000, two $500.00 in the same transaction) out-of-state checks to an 18-year-old with an extremely immature banking history in a face-to-face teller, then promptly removed the $800 from my account. Furthermore, their branch manager boosted of her knowledge of the commonality of the scam perpetrated upon my son and then pointed out that due to his age, he is also the primary target of these types of scams. Their marketing into high school encouraged young people to open an account. Had I known that you would be so reckless in safeguarding my money, I would have not been joint on his or anyone else’s account.

The Branch manager admitted that they screwed up. I offered to go in halves with them. She presented the plan to her managers and they flatly rejected any compromise.

RBFCU sent out notices to members informing them they had sold their financial information to a third party "identify theft monitoring" agency. We will begin being charged unless we call this 3rd party and 'opt out'. Inconvenient to stop during work hours to call. I don't feel comfortable with another agency, I know nothing about and didn't hand select to have access to my personal/private financial information.

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Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union