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About Quicken Loans

Quicken Loans is a mortgage lender that provides a variety of home loans and refinancing options through Rocket Mortgage, its online mortgage platform. The company is licensed in all 50 states and is one of the largest mortgage lenders in the country.

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  • Available nationwide
  • Multiple mortgage options
  • Easy online application


  • No USDA loans
  • No in-person services

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Quicken Loans offers a streamlined online application for home loans and refinancing. Those who want to purchase a home, lower their mortgage payments or get cash out of their home might find its services helpful.

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Original review: May 4, 2006

I thought I would use Quicken Loans for a mortgage since I hear advertisments all the time on the radio/tv. I then received a charge on my credit card for $200. I called Quicken and I was told that this fee was incurred because I did not find a house in 120 days.

I was never notified of this charge from the loan officer and apparently its stated in the contract in "fine print" (according to the customer service rep). So my conclusion is that Quicken loans basically takes advantage of thier customers by charging them $200 and not being open about it.

I did dispute this with my credit card company and had the charges reversed....

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Original review: Jan. 2, 2006

After reading an advertsiment for Quicken, I gave them a call to refinance. The service was poor at best. Our appraiser never stepped into the house. It was almost a drive by apprasial. Of course, it was lower than one I had done three years prior. So Quicken calls to offer me a deal.....meaning a higher interest rate and more points to buy. If I wanted a better apprasial, then I would have to find 3 houses which sold in the last year within one mile of me for a higher price. Which almost every house sold was for more?

I asked why they would not accept the apprasial from CountryWide done three years prior. I also added that I had done a $36,000 flooring and appliance update since last year. When I contacted them again, to see if they could use the old apparaisal, the interest rate and type of loan I could quailify for had gone up again. We used another company but had to pay Quicken Loans $500 for the apprasial. The whole time I felt like the appraisal was used to upsell me.

I lost my $500.

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Original review: Dec. 24, 2005

I applied for a mortgage preapproval. I was advised that there was no fee for this until/unless a property was located and the loan process was initiated in ernest.

I did not find a property I was interested in, and I also found the terms accompanying the loan offer unacceptable, because it required me to sell my present property, which I am not interested in doing. I informed Mr. Russell when he called that I had decided to wait awhile instead purchasing a property right now. I asked him to close the preapproved account so that a credit line would not be reflected on my credit report.

I never authorized a charge to my credit card and the contract with quicken reflects that no charge has been authorized, yet a charge for $300.00 has been issued by quicken to my credit card company.

I have received no service from the company and I want my money returned to my account.

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Original review: Sept. 15, 2005

I applied on-line for refinance of a small balloon mortgage loan. I did not finish submitting because they asked for SSN and other information which I wasn't prepared for. Later received a call from Scott representing Quicken Loans to see if he could help.

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Original review: Aug. 1, 2005

I paid $500 as an advancement toward a mortgage with Quicken on May 30, 2003. After waiting three months, I was never even contacted that my loan date had expired and was canceled. Scott claimed that my appraiser was late in handing in his report therefore the loan was denied.

After going to another company E-Trade and closing, I found out that if it is not the consumer's fault, the company should have refunded me the $500.

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Original review: June 29, 2005

This individual with Quicken Loans, Nick Pryomski, had spoken to me about their current loan rates as I requested. I thanked him and said I would let him know when and if I wished to refinance my home. However, he continued calling my home repeatedly and again I told him I would let him know if I was interested.

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Original review: Oct. 12, 2004

Around May of 2004, I decided to refinance my mortgage because I was paying 7.5% interest rate. I called Quicken Loans and James Hamilton was my loan counselor. He told me that before I can start with the refinancing, I had to have my condominium appraised. He said that it would cost me $500.00 to have the place appraised, but he will credit that back to me regardless if I decided to have my mortgage refinanced or not.

Since I felt that I had nothing to lose, I agreed. About a month after my condo was appraised, I decided not to continue with the refinancing because with closing fees and other fees, I would still end up paying the same mortgage amount per month.

I asked for a credit back on my account, and Mr. Hamilton insisted that I go on with the refinancing. I refused, and so he emailed me promising to credit the $500.00 back to my account (I have the copy of the email he sent me if you need to see it). I wrote Discover card after a month the charge was posted on my account disputing the charge, but the problem could not be solved because Quicken Loans insisted that I had signed papers online, which I never did.

I re-disputed this charge about a month and a half ago with the copy of the email Mr. Hamilton sent me, but on Oct. 5, 2004, the charge was back on my account. I dont know what else to do. I feel that his email is enough proof that he promised to credit the $500.00 It has been 5 months, and the credit was never made into my Discover card. When I call to talk to Mr. Hamilton, he insisted that I signed papers via email. I had never signed anything online. I feel that he lied to me to get me to give him my credit card number by saying he will credit everything back even if I go on with the refinancing transaction or not.

Please help me with this problem. I truly cant afford to pay the $500.00. I am currently in grad school, and I am barely making anything to make ends meet. My rent is 450.00/month and I cant even pay that for next month. I dont know what else to do. Please, Please help me. I am begging you. I would be forever grateful if you help me resolve this problem.

Thank you so much for your time.


Marietta *******

Discover Account # **** **** **** ****

Phone number **********

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Original review: Oct. 8, 2004

I completed an online refiance application. The next day at work, Kari Rose of Quicken Loans contacted me and we discussed my present mortgage, interest rate and initial home appraisal which was done three years ago. That appraisal was for $170,000 dollars. She then send some good faith forms showing a loan of $153000 which I signed and sent back in.

She required a deposit of $500 dollars to get an appraisal started. A few days later a man came to the house to appraise it but my wife said he only looked a two rooms and didn't ask any questions as to how many rooms etc. A week went by and logged onto their web site to check the loan. The new loan value was 124,000 instead of the 153000. Obviously this was not in accordance with our phone conversation. Below is copies of email with her after that.

----- Original Message -----

From: Rose, Kari

To: Lloyd and Ellen *******

Sent: Monday, September 20, 2004 8:29 AM

Subject: RE: Questions on Loan


I just got into the office this morning and we received your appraisal back. It came in lower than what we needed it to come in at, the value by this appraiser was 155,000. So with this value the underwriters are moving numbers around to make this work. I will call you today with a solid answer as to how the final figures will need to look with this value. We will still be able to do something for you however it may need to be 2 loans again, but we will still save you some money. I will be in touch today. Thank you *****.


-----Original Message-----

From: Lloyd and Ellen ******* [mailto:********@jam.rr.com]

Sent: Sunday, September 19, 2004 10:52 AM

To: Rose, Kari

Subject: Questions on Loan


I just logged in to check on loan status. I noticed the rate was not locked in yet while I thought this would be done when I made the deposit. Also it shows a loan amount of 124 thousand and I thought it was more like 153.

Just email me at work tomorrow.

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Original review: Aug. 7, 2004

I talked to Jeffery Silverman about refinancing my home mortgage. He asked me how much my current balance was and how much the property was worth. I gave him the balance and the last appraisal value. He asked me if he could do a credit check. After he checked, he said my credit was excellent. He said that we definitely could work a deal. He told me he needed $500 to start the process.

He sent an appraiser out to my property. The appraiser came and did a quick appraisal, which was not thorough or very professional at all. The appraisal came in $25,000 lower than the last appraisal that I had gotten with the North Carolina State Credit Union just over a year ago. The appraiser completed the appraisal and had it back to Quicken Loans in less than 24 hours, which was not adequate time to do comparable property searches.

Jeffery and I conversed about the appraisal and both agreed that something was wrong. He contacted the appraisal department and they said they had to stick with what they had. He told me if I sent him more money he could send another appraiser out. I told him that I could not send him any more money and I thought this was very unprofessional. I asked him to send my money back; he said he could not.

I asked him to send the appraisal back and I have not received anything. I have contacted them several times about this issue and have had no results. I told Jeffery that I thought this was very unprofessional and very much like a scam. I would appreciate your efforts in looking into this so that it will not happen to someone else.

I have never had any problems getting a home mortgage or any loans and I am very disappointed in my dealings with this company. My loan application number is 4673496667.

Thank you for your assistance.

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Original review: April 24, 2004

i recieved a good faith estimate on a refinance and was asked for a $500 good faith deposit with my understanding being the deposit was to be refunded it the loan wasnt closed. I was declined and the deposit wasnt refunded. I went thru proper channnels to try and settle this with no avail.

Futhermore I closed the exact same loan with another lender within 2 weeks of Quicken Loans decline.

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Original review: Dec. 5, 2003

Quicken Loans is unscrupulous and just ran me through the wringer with the worst experience I've ever had with a service provider.

I applied for a home refinance loan through their headquarters in Livonia, Michigan. I told the loan officer, Sarah Poglits, that I had a home equity line of credit on the loan that would have to be closed out. We discussed it in detail, and the payoff amount for that loan was calculated into my new mortgage. I was told the loan was a go and was going through final processing.

I received a voice mail from the loan processor, which said, I checked your records and see you have a home equity line of credit open, I need you to tell me what that's all about." I returned her call and explained that Sarah and I had talked about the loan, that it was figured into my loan. The processor said Sarah must have made a mistake in my documentation, but that my given the new information my loan was not going to go through.

I asked to speak with Sarah. Sarah said that she had asked me if the home equity loan was a line against my house and that I had said "no." I replied that she had never asked me that, that I would never have said that, and weren't home equity lines always a lien against a house. I asked to speak with her manager. To him she had stated that I had never told her anything about a home equity line of credit whatsoever.

I spoke to the manager, Tim Birkmeier, a Vice President at Quicken Loans and told him that Sarah and I had discussed the home equity loan, that I had sent her documentation on it, and that the payoff was calculated into my new loan. I asked for a refund of the deposit they charged me--several hundred dollars--because my loan, which I had been told was set was later denied, and this due to their error. He told me he would repay it "if Sarah had made a mistake." I asked him to call me the next morning with an answer.

When he didn't call, I left a message asking him to call me ASAP about the refund. He left a message late that afternoon saying that Sarah was sticking to her guns and that I had never mentioned a home equity loan. So he said he would not refund me the money for the loan I had applied for because he contended I had given false information.

At the end of that day, I received a message from Sarah saying she had made a mistake. She had confused my account with another. We had talked about the home equity line of credit. She said my loan would be approved again.

There was no way at this point I would have considered doing business with them. Their behavior was so unprofessional, they had made a big mistake, they had accused me of lying.

As I had been told my loan was denied I started working with another bank. All I wanted from Quicken Loans was a full refund. I had been told I would receive one if my loan was denied. Tim Birkmeier told me I would receive one if Sarah had made a mistake. And finally, they completely screwed up and wasted my time and generated a lot of stress with their mistakes.

I had another conversation with Tim Birkmeier to ask for/demand a refund. He refused. He put me on speaker phone and started recording the conversation. He said the only way they would refund the money would be to take it from Sarah's pay. The he refused to give me a refund. The conversation became heated; he said there was no reason for him to consider refunding me the money. I asked him who I could talk to beside him. He said "no one, I'm the Vice President and you're not talking to anyone other than me."

To conclude, I cannot tell you how shocked I was by the treatment I received from them. There was no protection for me, the consumer, who was being treated unfairly. How can a national service company maintain exhibit such atrocious behavior to the customer?

I'll never again use a company that has even the slightest resemblance to a Quicken Loans. Shame on them. And I have to say that I've never had a conversation with as slimy a business person as Tim Birkmeier. How do such people wind up as VPs? I guess by working for companies that care little about the customer and who promote utter asses who walk all over whoever is in their path so that they can get the most money from the consumer. How offensive!

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Original review: Sept. 4, 2003

My husband and I inquired about a home equity loan. The rep told us in order for them to continue the loan process, we would be charged a small fee. We gave the rep a credit card number to have on file in case we accepted their offer and to continue the loan.

We contacted Quicken again only to ask additional questions about the loan. The rep processed a $300 fee against our credit card. We called to request a refund and were told it would take 7 to 10 days to reverse the transaction.

We never accepted their offer! The credit card transaction shold not have been processed! We learned our lesson.

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Original review: July 21, 2003

I recently sent out emails to different mortgage companies regarding my interest in refinancing. Quicken Loans replied with an interest rate considerable. I gave my information for a credit check, and was asked to complete an application over the phone. I was still however researching offers from other companies.

Tom Mackey from Quicken Loans told me that there would be a $500.00 processing fee that would be refundable if I proceeded with the loan,I was also interested in a home equity line of credit as well which he quoted me a fixed rate. Tom asked which credit card I would prefer the processing charge to be applied I told him

A few days later I had agreed to go with another loan company because their rates were much better. Tom ended up sending me a copy of the over the phone application with the Home Equity loan interest rate at a ARM instead of fixed. Prior to me deciding to go with another company, I had spoken with Tom and told him that I wasn't ready to lock in a rate, and also notified him that other loan companies were still considerable due to their lower interest rates.

A few days later Tom called my home, my husband informed him that we deceided to go with another loan company, and also gave him a chance to offer us a matching interest rate with the competition. Quicken Loans could not match the other companies low interest rate. Per my husband, Tom became loud over the phone and he accused me(Pam) of being unprofessional, he stated he had been trying to contact me, but I was unavailable, I know he had my work number in which he didn't use at the times he was trying to reach me

. Anyway, Tom shouted over the phone that he was going to charge my credit card the $500.00 processig fee eventhough we decided to go with another loan company without my authorization.

My husband tried to solve the matter with Toms' manager Jared Goldapper @ 1-800-226-6308x57404 and he assured my husband that our credit card would be refunded, but it hasn't. I called today 7/21/03 and spoke with Tom regarding the issue and he informed me that he wasn't refunding my money, and then he proceeded to ask questions about me refinancing with the other

I told him the interest rates quoted to me and he told me that I was lying and he began to cackle. I told him that I was going to report him to Consumer Affairs and consult with a lawyer, and he just became very rude and hung up.

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Original review: June 6, 2003

Go elsewhere. Too many people to deal with. They get files mixed up and with so many people involved in the loan process... you spend more time putting out fires than enjoying the home hunt process. I requested a FULL not conditional approval before going house hunting.

I got it with the only stipulation being that I provide proof of homeowners insurance and updated pay stubs. The loan processor and underwriting said "Congratulations... go find your new home." I have this all in writing. So about two months go buy (offer good to mid June) and I put a contract on a home... so what do I have to do now ? ... start all over again and re-justify my credit worthiness. By this time I am on my third and fourth loan processor, when infact I had already been approved.

It was not until the DAY BEFORE closing that I finally got my second "final approval" With the exception of one person who actually lied the most.... everyone was rude and inconsiderate of any questioning on my behalf.

When i asked a question I got "we can not make an exception for you !" DO NOT USE THESE FOLKS. Go to your LOCAL bank.

If you need more info email me at **********@yahoo.com

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Original review: April 14, 2003

Last summer my husband and I refinaced our home. We decided to do it with a company found in the interent. they promised to do it fast and hussle free. Well, it wasn't.

To make the story short, on our closing day, we found out that the good faith closing costs had almost doubled and we also questioned them about overcharging on our escrow. They said they will fixed it so we arranged another day for the closing. The second time, there was antoher mistake and they promised us that they will fixed it, so we believed them and signed the papers.

After this we tryed to contacted them by phone and send them emails to remained them about the error, but they pretended like they didn't know what we were talking about. it has been 7 months since then and all this time we felt like there was something not right and the $6,000 we added to our mortgage loan on closing costs.

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Original review: Aug. 25, 2000

I am in the market for buying a home, so I contacted Quicken Loans for information regarding a mortgage through their web site. Brian Apple, a loan consultant at Quicken, contacted me a couple of days later. He took some information from me, then called me back about half an hour later to tell me that I had been approved for an FHA loan through Quicken Loans, pending the application process and confirmation of the information I had given him.

I was very clear with him when I told him that I wanted to shop around for other mortgages and that I needed more information from him before I would fully commit to using his company. He said that he would send me a package in the mail with a Good Faith Estimate and other loan application materials, but that he needed my credit card number which would be used to charge a "Good Faith Deposit".

Now, I don't remember what his exact words were here, but I was completely under the impression that the deposit would not be charged until I had a chance to review the Good Faith Estimate and had committed to using Quicken Loans for my mortgage by filling out and signing the loan application.

This was not the case at all. At about the same time that I received the package from Quicken Loans, I noticed that a $350 charge had been made to my account for this Good Faith Deposit. I also noticed on the Good Faith Estimate that the closing costs that were being quoted were far higher than what I expected or could afford. I quickly contacted Brian through e-mail informing him that I was still shopping around for mortgages, even more so after seeing his estimate, and that I didn't expect that he would be charging me for the deposit until after I had committed to using his company.

I requested an immediate refund from him. He wrote back saying that he could work with me on the closing costs, etc., etc. I again wrote back saying that I would entertain other estimates from him, but not until I received a refund for the deposit. After I didn't hear back from him for several days, I tried calling him only to find that he had gone on vacation, so I immediately contacted his sales manager, Tim (I don't know his last name). I had a long conversation with him, which I'll skip the details of, but in essence he told me that I would not be getting a refund of my deposit and that the only way I'd see that money is by using them for a mortgage, then they'd apply the deposit towards my costs.

So my choices are to use them or lose my $350. I have now also left a voice mail message with Tim's boss, Jay Farner, regarding this situation.

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