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My son's car broke down. He could not go to work. In a desperate moment we borrowed $3000 to get him a car. I already paid $7,400 and they're still taking money from account. They never send invoices or statements. I called and ask why. They said everything is "online". I told them that I will close my bank account. This is too much. I read their contract but it's not clear how much they will take. I understood 100% of what I borrowed. Still a lot but I was willing to pay the double from what I borrow. But three times? How can the law allow this people to abuse desperate people? Why is nobody to stop them from doing that? They threaten me when I said that I will close my account. Instead of trying to make a deal with me, they told immediately that they will take me to court and garnish my wages for $1500 more than they said I owe. Can somebody help? This is about $9000 In interest for $3000. Outrageous!

THIS IS A WARNING. Please do NOT BORROW anything from this company. They are THIEVES. Getting over on those that are truly in need. I borrowed $1100 in 2011 and still paying in 2013. I had to end up paying almost $3500 for $1100. They took 36 payments of $93.88 which is just highway robbery. If you don't really need the money, please don't borrow it from them. It would be better to do a payday loan or anything other than this company. It really isn't worth it. You will be paying the loan off for three years and it seems as if you will never be done.

I took out a loan with this so-called company 2 years ago. I paid back way more than I borrowed. This was an internet loan. After I paid back twice the amount I borrowed, I stopped payment as I was getting nowhere with my loan amount decreasing. Eventually, they started garnishing my checks which put me into a devastating financial crisis. I finally had to file bankruptcy because with my checks being garnished, I fell behind with all my bills. All the payday loans should be shut down as they are all very deceiving and huge rip-offs.

After making a inquiry about refinancing my mortgage I was contacted my a represenative of Quicken Loans. Their spill sounds good and legitimet but as I was to find a complete con. After filling out the necessary paper work I was told I had to put up a $500.00 deposit with a credit card before they could order and appraisal on my home. I told the represenative that I was hesitant to put up any deposit as I had been taken before and lost my deposit. I specifically asked if the loan as locked in did not go through would I get my $500.00 deposit back.

The represenative to me unquote We are a reliable company and we do not keep deposits if the loan does not go through. I said ok if you are sure I wil sign and she assurred me that this would be the case. The house was appraised way under value by approximately $35,000 so I was only offered $115,000 instead of $130,000.

When I inquired when I had not received a copy of the appraisal, I sent e-mail after e-mail requesting a clarification why the house was appraised at such a low value. The representative that lead me through all this denied that she told me that I would get my deposit back. I said I sure wish I had taped the conversation and she said it was recorded. I said great send me a copy of our conversation and I will prove to you what you told me.

Today I was finally contacted my another represenative who stated that they did not keep my deposit only the amount for the appraisal. I asked where is my refund of the balance and where is the copy of my recorded conversation. She told me flat out she would not provide me with a copy of any recorded conversation and I advised her that I thought according to law she had to.

I was then asked why I wrote the appraiser a letter of complaint and showed her that she was wrng in my opuinion. I asked what business is that of hers? She told me I had no right to contact the appraiser.

I once again asked for a complete refund of my $500.00 because I was lied too as well as a copy of the appraisal which supposidly I have paid for and did not receive as well as a copy of any and all conversation I had with the represenative. She flatly told me she would not do none of the three and that I had been refund part of my deposit already. I then informed her that I have receive nothing from their company to date.

What a rip off.

Robert ******

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