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Public Service Credit Union of Colorado

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Last updated: Oct. 4, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 4, 2017

I called in asking for help, I was having trouble logging into my account both online and through the phone. The lady I spoke with was very short tempered and very rude, telling me she had no trouble logging into my account. After a few moments I asked her to transfer me to someone so I could make a loan payment. She hung up on me instead. How do you expect people to make their payments if your employees don’t even care if your customers do or not?

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 21, 2017

Do not get a loan through Public Service Credit Union. They set you up to fail by not sending (mail or email) any bills or payment reminders. Don't you dare lose that original letter with your account info! When you do try to pay, the online system is disturbingly out of date. It does not remember any information so you have to reenter all of your personal and account info each time. And to pay over the phone includes a $7 charge! I tried to pay down the loan only to discover that the online system has a $2,000 maximum transaction.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 19, 2017

I purchased a car through a dealership in November 2015, I had set up financing with a company out of California, at the same time I set up insurance with the most retched awful company on earth. 3 days later we were in an accident (what happened next is a whole different complaint). The first finance company ended up dropping the loan about 12 weeks later. The dealership resubmitted my loan app and I was finally financed with PSCU in April 2016. On August 19th I received notice that PSCU was force placing insurance as I didn't have coverage, which in fact I did I had paid through the end of October. I sent them the proof of insurance and was told that the lien holder was still listed as the original finance company. I called the insurance company asked them to change the finance company and fax the new letter to the credit union.

In October I received notice that my payments would be increasing $85 per month to cover the interest and premiums for the CPI. I received this notice AFTER my October payment was due and they charged me a $15 late fee for not paying the full new payment amount. I called the credit union and explained AGAIN the situation they said they never received anything from the insurance company, my original policy had since ended and I was on month to month for November and part of December until I switched to a far superior insurance company (who in fact had already notified PSCU of the coverage beginning 12/25/16). She told me they will credit me the remaining balance after 12/25/16, and will refund and apply to the principle anything I had paid (minus the late fee that I never should have had!) to the principle if and when they get a notice from the insurance company.

I contacted the insurance company again, which didn't end well and is a whole separate issue, I have still yet to see the updated proof of insurance naming PSCU as lien holder. HERE IS THE REAL PROBLEM!!! The CPI insurance that PSCU is charging me for is back dated to the original date of the loan, 4/21/16. So they are holding me responsible to pay the CPI premium plus interest from 4/21/2016-12/25/2016. I must be thoroughly confused on what insurance is and how it works. Is it not to cover what COULD happen? How do you charge for insurance for days that have already passed??????? If that's how insurance worked then why wouldn't we wait for an accident, then set up insurance, then file a claim? I have yet to see an adjustment to my loan balance and it is now 1/19/2017, I have another late fee, and I am paying interest on $1,073 that I never should have been charged in the first place.

I should have dropped the crummy insurance company and switched earlier but I didn't. If PSCU feels that I had inadequate coverage then fine I will pay for coverage from 8/18 (when PSCU placed the insurance) until 12/25/2016 when my new insurance took over. But I will not and should not be paying for insurance for 4 months prior to the date of the letter, I clearly had no accidents, no claims or loss of the property. It just makes absolutely no sense.

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Original review: Jan. 17, 2017

I was directed to you from an Infinity dealership in Highland Ranch, CO, a suburb of Denver. You gave a fairly descent rate and so I accepted it. I made my payments on time, every time it was due. Since the scheduled date of payment was on the 30th of each month and people, such as myself, get paid on the 1st of each month, I asked if PSCU could change my billing date from the 30th to the 1st, being 1-2 days. I was told that they would not do that for me unless I paid them another months payment. I just paid you $601 and you wanted another in that two day segment of time, as I remember? Poor Customer Service.

I decided, after this, to pay my loan off of around $31,500 and had asked for you not to take the payment on the 30th as I would pay it off on the 1st and what I owed was tabulated on the phone to the Trust accountant for payoff. PSCU took it out anyway and now I am forced to overpay and will probably not get the difference right away until the Cashiers Check Clears. Another example of Poor Customer Service. Another problem was calling PSCU for me and for my Trust accountant where we had to wait a very long time, maybe 30-45 minutes just to get through. Again, very poor Customer Service.

I took the Cashiers Check to Air Academy Federal Credit Union, one of your partners and they could not find my account number so I went all the way back home to get it. It took me quite awhile but I found it online. Then I went down to the same Credit Union and they still couldnt help me. I think your service was down or something like that. So I called and called and called, to be put in a circular telephone dilemma. First it would say, Please enter the extension number and then it said, we will direct you to an extension, then again it said, Please enter the extension number, and this repeated over and over and over again.

Then I decided to drive around 10 miles across town to go to your physical branch to pay it off. You guessed it. Another problem! Youre closed on Saturdays. When almost every other Credit Union and bank is open, you are, for your own convenience, closed! Another example of poor Customer Service causing me to drive back home wasting 20 miles of gas and maybe an hour of my time. By the time that I got back and sent messages to PSCU online it took me at least 2 hours of my time or more. A good chunk of my day was wasted on you. Do I have to say it again? Poor Customer Service. Because of you not being open I will, most likely have to pay 3 more days of Interest, over $15.00 I believe, because of YOUR POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

So I am paying this off right now, today. I dont feel that I should be stuck with a company that gives me such Poor Customer Service with the amount that I am paying. If anyone asks me where I bank or get a loan as a reference, it will not be PSCU. You have given yourself your own black eye, as far as I am concerned and you had a very good customer with me. I always pay my bills on time and every time.

By the way, when you send me back the refund of this overpayment include the $5.00 I have in savings. Also send me the title of my 2014 Cadillac ATS. Sorry for cutting this short but I have to take a shower, shave, and get ready to drive another 20 mile round trip to your branch to pay this off. Being a Disabled American Veteran, that is fairly difficult for me to do. By the way, I am 63 years old and have done business with many financial institutions. You were the absolute worst. Hope you take this information to improve or you will most likely lose other customers.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2016

Doc/ notarizing/ apathy/ - 10 in customer service - I went in with my mortgage lender to get some documents notarized. She failed to follow through and basically was rushed off and from the top down comparatively to poor customer service. I was yelled at by the regional manager and said that they and he specifically said quote, "that we don't taking accountability to the services that we provide." Do not do business with them. At all! Warning! They have no compassion for the people they provide service for. Along with arrogance, and hateful intent. Unless you make them money. The failure notarize, a document correctly, cost me $40,000. I was interrupted, by Eric, the Regional Branch Manager. Unbelievable!

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Original review: Sept. 8, 2016

My son paid his rent online and received a confirmation number for the payment. A few days later he received a notice to pay or quit. Come to find out that after the banks agreed to pay it he became .24 cents short, so instead of covering it (as he had his direct deposit pending) or even paying it and charging an NSP fee they refused to pay it. That .24 cent shortage cost him $65.00 in a late fee from the management company and 33 dollars from PSCU. We went in and the manager was pretty much a jerk. He did agree to refund the NSF fee but didn't give 2 ** that they refused to cover a .24 cent charge. PATHETIC! I would have closed my acct.

Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 10, 2016

I went in to open a new checking account. Was told I had to open a savings account for 5 dollars. The lady who's name is Michelle didn't tell me that the 2 accounts would have separate numbers, and that I would be charged a non-sufficient fee if one or the other account was overdrawn. Had recently got paid, thinking that my hard earned money would be safe, well I got online to check my account as I had just paid some bills, the savings account was overdrawn, because there was only 5 dollars in it, so I immediately transferred the money from my checking into the savings.

I called the Credit Union and told them the situation. Was told I would have to go into the branch, so on my lunch hour I went in and was told that my accounts had 2 different numbers. The manager went ahead and refunded all the insufficient funds, however I had recently ordered checks, but didn't realise that it was for the savings and not the checking, again I got hit with insufficient funds, and as I type this I am on hold with this pathetic Credit Union.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 14, 2016

So there are a few things here that I have to say about this bank. I was involved in some fraud, it put my account over 400$ in the hole. Well at the time I was unemployed, told them this, told them I would put money in as soon as I could, and even told them about the fraud. They ended up closing my account. I also have a car loan through them, again was unemployed so I got behind. I had talked to the guy I've been dealing with for a year now in regards to my car, and he kept telling me oh I need to pay this and this and this, summing up to a total of 592 and some off change, because they tacked on their overly priced insurance (rip off), making my 357 car payment to a 600$ car payment.

Well here's the kicker, my mother also banked with them, and is on the car loan as well. She had her account closed as well, and she went to re-open it. They opened it back up, however they didn't bother to mention that they would be taking funds from her account, they took 90% of her check. And when we called to complain about that, all we got back was "Well you signed a contract stating we could do this." Great! You should still notify people, and what's with taking 90% of someone's check? Even garnishments only take up to about 65%. These people are crooks, and if I can manage not to get my car repo'd then as soon as I can refinance I'm going to, just to get away from these crooks. DON'T BANK WITH THEM!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 7, 2016

I opened an account with them because they sold me on what a great CU they were. After finding that they couldn't online transactions with other banks, I went in and closed my account. THEY processed a transaction of something I didn't authorize AFTER I closed the account and then held me responsible because they said I had given them permission to conduct banking on my behalf. Then because there was a negative balance for 45 days, they turned it over to collections, saying that they closed the account on me, and it screwed up my credit rating as I was trying to purchase a house. When I talked to the RUDE Jeff about it, he didn't care and basically told me "too bad". He argued with me that I had not closed my own account and that they closed it on me because that's what it showed in the system and told me my problem was with the company that made the charge and I should get the money back from them.

I told him I don't care about the money at this point, I care about the bad credit rating and having a closed account against me. He didn't care. Again... too bad. This is the WORST demonstration of customer service in the credit union industry I have ever experienced. I would CAUTION ANYONE looking to join a credit union to go anywhere OTHER THAN Public Service Credit Union!!! There are many many options out there, and many of them willing to meet your needs. I have been researching other credit unions and would be happy to share other ones that I think treat their customers well. DO NOT GO TO PUBLIC SERVICE Credit Union. They will treat you badly and your credit score will suffer in the end!!

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Original review: June 29, 2016

So our account got some fraud activity and they clearly knew it so instead of not paying what was charge to our debit card they pay it and tell us that it is too late. We will have to fill out a dispute form. I have another bank account with a different credit union and they always call if something looks funny and will not cover the charges if it was not me personally that made the charge. For this bank to not be able to reverse the transaction knowing clearly that we were not out of town is ridiculous. They take advantage of customers. Especially when we have been with the company for over 10yrs... No excuse for not being able to take care of customers.

Original review: April 18, 2016

This credit union wants you to fail. One day I had $60 in my account and then wake up to -271 and come to find out $231 of those are fee's from the bank which means it was only $40 bucks in the whole... I will never bank with this place. It's a setup for FAILURE! DON'T BANK HERE!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 23, 2016

To be direct about my review, after voluntary vehicle repossession PSCU auctioned off my car for not even 30% of the bluebook value. I could have sold it for more, guaranteed. The sad thing is I can't do anything about it. I'm basically paying a large debt for vehicle I no longer have, while they benefit both ways. I was a member for a decade and am extremely disappointed of the way my situation was handled. Word of advice for current members financing their vehicles. Be sure your insurance does not lapse or you'll be added an additional $3000 to $5000 of coverage that still won't cover you. You will also be liable to pay this in addition regardless of new or reinstated policy. My payment increased dramatically which was the reason why the voluntary repo was my only option.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 29, 2015

I acquired a business loan for 60,000 and paid it off April 2013. 2015. I'm in the process of refi on my home and the loan is still on my credit. PSCU will not provide a "release" form because they say they can't find anything on the loan!!! They claim since it's so old (2 years) it's not showing up on their systems!!! What a bunch of **. They seem to cater to you when you want a loan but once they have your business they're done with you and could care less if it affects your credit and personal life. I've spoke to 7 different reps in 3 days and they all point to Mr. Sean **. He's way too busy to call back so I now have to seek legal venues to resolve this because NO ONE THERE CAN PERFORM THEIR JOBS!!! THEY DON"T CARE.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2015
I was having car issues at the beginning of the year, and rather than paying another $750 to fix up the piece of junk I had, I decided to purchase a new vehicle.

The company I had purchased from was great, however one downfall, they ran my credit to get me the best rates possible and I got stuck with PSCU. I was financed, awesome! But wait. You cannot make payments with this company online. The "branch offices" are not open on the weekends or after hours, so you cannot make a payment on your account at that time. My first payment was late because of these 2 issues. Finally, I got ahold of someone. I asked him if he could set up auto payments as well so I didn't have to worry about making my monthly payment and just have it pulled from my account. Check, things were great.

But wait. The next month rolled around, I was charged late fees. No not because of the first 2 issues I had with the company. The moron that I spoke to the first time, didn't take money from my bank account with my real bank. He actually just took the money and transferred over to a bank account with PSCU (which I didn't ask for or opt for in any way shape or form). I also thought I had automatic payments being pulled from my bank account with my bank, so I missed my second payment. (I ended up being charged another late fee). So now I owed 2 payments on my auto-loan as well as 2 late fees. I had to call again. The second gentleman I had spoken with, after about 10 minutes of talking on the phone, found the mistake from the first moron, and took the second payment. He did not take off the late fees though, which is absolutely ridiculous. At least my payments were current.

Come to find out, I actually have to fill out a form that he sent to me in the mail to get automatic withdrawals set up. Cool, check, I am finally getting somewhere with the company. They need a check to set it up, well it's a good thing my bank gave me temporary checks when I opened up my savings/checking accounts. Month 3 rolls around, I get another late fee. This is the point I start getting harassing phone calls about 5 times a week, along with letters from the company. They sent the letter back, HIGHLIGHTED, asking for a check. I had to call again. The customer service portion from the company at this point in time is ridiculous. She looked into my account again. Had to make a payment over the phone, AGAIN. And she explained she needed a real check.

Now I had to get my bank involved. I had to go to my bank, pay $35 dollars for a box of checks so I could send 1 "real check" to this incompetent company. The 3rd person I spoke to on the phone with PSCU sent me another copy of this ridiculous form for me to fill out and send my check back to get automatic withdrawals set up. Filled it out, sent it back. And bam, I should be caught up again. Month 4 rolls around, I get charged another late fee. This time they didn't pull the money out of my account, with all the information I had provided, the money I spent on a box of checks to send 1 check, they didn't pull the money out automatically. Since that point in time, I have emailed the company explaining the situation at least 4 times, I have received 1 phone call in response to those emails.

I have received at least 1 letter for the past 6 months, every month, stating I am being charged a late fee for a past due payment (when they are pulling money from my account every single month). The first 2 months after that I was receiving at least one phone call a day inquiring to my account status (they hadn't received a payment). Moral of the story, this company is extremely incompetent and lacks customer service skills. They should not be a business any longer for the lack of business ethics that they hold. If I could refinance through another company, I would definitely go that route. For yourself, do not finance or bank with Public Service Credit Union.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 13, 2015

Back in 2013 I bought a car from another dealership. When I was close to the end of my payments I went and traded that car in for a newer car. Which was through PSCU. They bought out the 2500 that I still owed and charged me for the newer car - a 2008 Chevy. So all together my car was worth 17000 which was pretty ratchet but I was making payments on time, had insurance, and everything till I lost my job from a scam. Wasn't able to pay for insurance.

When I was finally back on my feet after communicating with PSCU that I don't have insurance for one month they started talking immature nonsense that I didn't have insurance for three months when I first got the car and I would have to make 12 payments of 500$. I just dropped the car off at the lot as voluntary possession and from never heard what happened to the car. Five months later I get a letter stating I owe 11,288.54 from a law firm saying they might Sue me from this PSCU. I know it's some pretty unlawful ** for a car I don't have anymore.

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Original review: Feb. 26, 2015

PSCU shortly after buying our car, charged us for a year's worth of car insurance. We contacted them and showed proof of insurance. They contested this proof and charged us for only two months of car insurance because they did not see the VIN number on the documents we sent. We sent fresh documents with the VIN number, sent directly from Farmer's insurance company. They continue to demand payment. They want $2700 for two months of insurance we did not need nor want. They repossessed my car over these charges. It cost us $400 to get my car out of the lot. They damaged my tires when it was towed costing an additional $350 in repairs.

Original review: Feb. 10, 2015

I have been out of the loop for about 20 years and was not aware that I needed specific type of insurance once I have acquired my auto loan. Though the credit union sent out a few notifications to address the insurance, there was a problem with my mail arriving either on time or to the accurate destination. The credit union was totally not empathetic and only cared that they received their money (which I had every intention and means to pay). They told me they did not care about my postal circumstance or that I had secured the proper insurance, I signed a contract and was expected to pay for their forced insurance as well as my actual insurance. They also reported my account to the credit bureau and said they will not recant or reverse their derogatory report to the credit unit about my account.

Though I could have purchased an automobile right off of the lot, I entered into business with PSCU to establish and build my credit. My credit is otherwise stellar and by the Lord's grace shall be restored from their negative report and eventually myriads of banks, credit unions, and lending institutions will pursue my business. Due to their greed, I am certain that PSCU will also be contacting me in the future to do business. Boy, I can't wait. PSCU: worse credit union in existence. I wish you what you've earned.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 5, 2014

Me and my husband switched from Chase to PSCU because it was supposed to be "better". Now I wished we would have never switched. They have withheld our paychecks because of their policies more than a few times. We have had to pay over $100 in late rent fees and gone hungry because the "ACH clearinghouse has not processed our check yet" per PSCU's policies. If you are expecting to be able to get your paycheck timely or on the weekend because you have direct deposit, don't. Sometimes you will, sometimes you won't, it is absolutely undependable. Don't expect to get it before 7:30 a.m.either.

There has been almost no point in signing up for direct deposit with this bank. I still have to wait about as long as it takes for me to go to work and pick up a paper check. I would not recommend this bank to families who are barely getting by and need their money asap. We have never had so many problems with money since this switch just as a result of them refusing to release funds they have. We will be switching as soon as we have the chance.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 13, 2013

I got into some hard times after my vehicle died and I was forced to quickly replace it. Credit Union of Colorado amplified the trouble I was in by tenfold. They have been charging $25 to my account for every transaction made after when I had no money, racking up huge fees to my account. I have asked them many times to remove this pay-per-incident feature because it was doing more harm than good. I can deal with not having any money, I will figure it out on my own. But to be charged $25 if I even so much as use a parking meter has started a chain reaction, a downward spiral of debt issues on their behalf.

When I first consulted them on the issue, they had me come into the branch and explained to me that there was nothing they could do other than increasing my overdraft and providing me with a credit card which I did not want. This was the first lie that they had fed me. I discovered later that I could have removed the feature to pay $25 per incident. I told them to remove it after I had acquired quite a bit of debt. They told me okay. A while goes by and I discover that they have not removed it and I was still getting charged a $25 fee. This has happened two more times and now I am on my 3rd or 4th attempt to have them remove a basic function which I don't want on my account and has cost me thousands of dollars. To sum it up, they have lied and refused to do what I asked them in regards to my account and it has cost me a lot of money and hard times! They are nothing more than a bunch of crooks, liars and thieves looking to make a buck at your expense.

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Original review: Aug. 3, 2012

You would think in these days, branches would be consistent. The branch on Evans is ran by a moron! Their customer service skills are horrible. They are rude and since they were trained by the #1 moron, most of them are just horrible and should not have jobs especially in a bank. I have shared banking, I work a full-time job and I am a contractor too. As a contractor, the check that is given to me, I'd drawn on a PSCU account. They told me that my bank would not allow me to deposit the check into my account. I told them to just cash the check then as it is drawn on PSCU. This must have confused them and wasn't willing to cash the check that is drawn on their bank. They told me to just deposit it into my account. I said, "No, just cash the check." I have been going to this location since 2/2012 without a problem. What is this issue? They suck as a location. I can go to another branch without a problem. That tells me that this issue is the person in charge. Again, the number #1 moron - branch manager. Do not go to this location!

Original review: April 6, 2012

I had been with Norlarco until PSCU took over. The whole transition period was a mess. I attempted several times to log-on to my online banking and kept getting errors and when I called for help, the people were extremely rude. It was unbelievable. A few months ago, I had my debit card information stolen and they withdrew everything I had in my account, which added up to almost $1000. When I recognized the fraudulent charges on my account, I called and was told I had to go to a local branch to fill out a fraud report.

Once there, no one knew what kind of report needed to be filled out, so needless to say, after taking time off work to get this done, I stood around in the branch for almost an hour while several phone calls were made to the corporate office, to figure out what report was needed. Finally, they were able to give me the report which I filled out, signed and asked for a copy and was told not to worry about it, that once the form is filled out the money is usually back in the account within 2 business days. I again asked for a copy of the report and was told I couldn't have one, as it was for internal business only. I asked them what would happen since my house payment was due and they told me they would cover it since I had the money. I left the branch completely dissatisfied.

I kept checking my account 3 or 4 times a day waiting for the money to show back up and after the 2 business days, I called again. I was told that they were behind in processing the payments because there had been several cases of fraud. I asked how long it would take and they said "not long". Again I kept checking the account and for 2 weeks the money didn't show up. I went the day my paycheck was direct deposited into my account and withdrew the money. They asked me why I was doing that and I said because I didn't want them taking that money too.

It wasn't until the next week that they finally put the money back in my account, but tried to charge me late fees. I raised hell in the local office and they finally reversed the charges. I opened an account with another credit union and have been extremely happy with them. Unfortunately, I had to leave my account open with them because I had an overdraft line that I still owed money on. I've been paying it monthly and checked my balance last week and the account looked fine. I got a call today from some guy telling me that I owe $55.70 in two missed payments and they have reported the missed payments to the credit bureau. I asked him multiple times why the account looked fine online and he couldn't answer me, just kept asking when they would get their money. I couldn't believe it.

This place is a joke and I hope they go under. Everyone needs to be extremely careful with keeping money in PSCU. They like to find hidden fees to charge you and their customer service is the worst in the business.

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Original review: Dec. 7, 2011

No star for this rating. I recently had a fall out with my previous bank and because of that, I have a car loan with this bank. I figured I would move my money over to them. I set up the account and apparently my problem snowballed again with these guys. No one at PSCU told me that my savings account was directly linked to my checking account. I put aside almost $300 into my saving account to pay someone for services he was doing for me. Well, to make a long story short, I discovered today after looking at my online account that they had taken out $200 on two different days to cover my debit charges.

When I set this account up, I said I did not want my account to be paid and that they said they would make sure if there was no money in the checking account, that I would get declined at the store instead of letting it go through.

I went into the bank today and Christine told me that there was nothing she could do to help me. That all their saving and checking accounts are linked together and that it was in the paperwork of 20 or more pages of stuff they gave me when I opened this account. She also told me that with each decline of payment with my debit card, I would still receive a NFS charge, even though nothing was paid from either my account or their bank. Don't you think that is somewhat important to tell someone when setting up a new account? She told me she was sure all her employees tell their customers this information when setting up someone's account, yet no one told me.

Something sounds fishy here. If the money had not been transferred, then I would not have spent it in the first place. I feel they owe me $200 which they took from my checking account.

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Original review: Oct. 12, 2011

They have the worst personal service possible. They will not return my phone calls and have sent me to their collections department to have to deal with them over their errors!

Original review: Dec. 17, 2010

I made a withdraw from my retirement account and received an overnight check for just under $10000 in funds. I went to my local Public Service Credit Union branch which was closed, but deposited the check in their ATM Machine. I was expecting to use my money, but was shocked to see that they only put $500 of the check into my account.

They said it was "policy" that they not release the funds for "5 business days!" They said they did not process the check at that branch. They said they couldn't release the funds any sooner than "5 business days" because they "didn't have an image of the check". I mentioned I have a copy of the check image from the ATM machine. This wasn't good enough and there was "nothing" I could do.

I've been a member of credit unions and banks. My experience has been exceptional with credit unions except for Public Service Credit Union. I would also like to add my wife had a similar experience to the one above. I wonder if there is a corporate effort to overdraw accounts, not communicate the fact to the customer, and charge outrageous overdraft fees. Because of this horrible experience I will most likely be changing credit unions after the first of the year and I would never recommend PSCU to anyone who values customer service and wants control over their finance.

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Original review: Sept. 30, 2009
Original review: June 10, 2009

My fiance and I just joined a credit union because compared to banks, they are supposed to be the good guys- no outrageous fees, policies, etc. Wrong. We set up two savings accounts and three checking accounts between the two of us. I deposited our first paychecks a few weeks ago. So far, so good. I deposited my second paycheck. Fine. He deposits his second paycheck. He is physically handed a receipt, with the balance underlined, showing the balance including that second paycheck. Fine. Until two weeks later, he tries to transfer money to our joint checking so that we can pay our rent.

At which point, he is informed that his account is overdrawn. What? There was $900 in there a week ago. He takes off work to go into the branch to figure out what is going on and is informed that they put a hold on his second paycheck for two weeks. Why? Because that's policy. So for two weeks, he continuously used his debit card believing that this money was available, then was charged a $33 fee every time he bought groceries, gas, everything. He made 10 transactions and was charged $33 each time for a total of $330 in fees. That's not even the worst part. Besides the fact that I can't think of a single logical reason why they would need a policy like this screwing their customers, they don't tell you. He was given a receipt with the balance showing that those funds were available.

My second paycheck was deposited just fine. Why was that? When you go online to view the transactions on his account, it shows the funds there as if they are available. For example: $900 balance. -$33 fee. $867 balance. -$33 fee. $834 balance, and so forth. Hello? If you are going to have a policy like this, you need to make sure that your customers know instead of hiding it in the fine print! Show it on their bank balance! Don't just start subtracting fees! He was laid off twice in the past year. We are struggling enough, we need every penny of our paychecks. Our rent check bounced and now we don't have enough money to pay our rent. And to top everything off, we were told that they wouldn't refund the fees because they couldn't. The system wouldn't let them. I'm not an idiot. I used to work for a bank. Yes, you can!

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