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30 Power Tax Relief Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 9, 2014

Power Tax Relief charged me $20,000 in advance and did NOT provide the representation they were paid to do. They took the money, then stopped answering my phone calls and emails. They haven't provided the service I paid for. I have been left representing myself. They left me without representation and took my $20,000.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 27, 2014

I hired Power Tax Relief back in 2008 for $2800 that I had to borrow from family to help me with a debt. Within 2 years, they gave me 3 different people to deal with. Nothing ever happened. They don't return calls. Had to hire another lawyer. The new lawyer got a settlement in 3 weeks! Power Tax Relief is a joke. Look up the reviews on BBB!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 13, 2013

Power Tax charged me $5000 to represent me regarding the original tax bill of $43,000 and promised they could get this amount reduced to at least half. They charged me another $2500 to represent me on my State income tax amount of $10,000. I was set up on a monthly installment payment after 2 years. All the while, interest was accruing. They told me that the IRS generated those form letters and that I should not worry as they were on top of my case and everything would get resolved once they got the IRS to combine my debts for all of my tax years since 2010. Now, I'm receiving notices that the IRS is going to revoke my installment plan agreement because I have not paid the additional tax I owe. I'm disabled and receive social security disability. I'm physically sick. Why didn't I find this web site before I forked over $7500 to these thieves???

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 16, 2013

I hired Power Tax Relief in January 2012. They charged me $7,000 to resolve my IRS delinquent bill and work on "an offer of compromise." As of today, I've left over 25 messages, and now I can't leave one. They robbed me of my life savings. I've been hospitalized, and now I'm placed on several medications for my blood pressure. My nightmare just got even worse.

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Original review: Oct. 5, 2011

My husband and I sold our only means of a vacation, our camper, to pay Power Tax Relief in two-thousand and eight over five-thousand dollars to help us with our incurred debt with the IRS. To make a short story even shorter, we were promised that they could get our tax bill down. At that time, the debt was around twenty-one thousand.

The OIC was refused (and I can't see how), but they ended up making a payment arrangement which we had already been doing anyhow. We have not been on vacation since we live paycheck to paycheck. We cannot pay our estimated taxes (my husband is self-employed) and pay what the feds want to. This was a scam. It put me through weeks and weeks of paper filing, finding receipts, etc., and I don't know whether to check if I want an attorney or not because if I can't get back the money or part of it, I sure can't pay an attorney.

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29 people found this review helpful
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Original review: Feb. 13, 2011

I hired Power Tax Relief in 2008 to deal with a $27,000 tax bill for 2007. They charged me $4,000 and promised me that they could get me a settlement. Two to three years of a bunch of nothing, they contacted me out of the blue to congratulate me on my monthly payment they negotiated on my behalf. That's it? For $4,000, they negotiated for me a payment plan, not a settlement.

I could have done the same thing myself with a phone call. I feel as if they stole my $4,000 and the money would have been better sent towards my bill. They should be shut down and pay back the money they took from me. If you read their contract and are unhappy with their services, you can only sue them for half of your money back. I should have seen the writing on the wall

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Original review: Oct. 17, 2010

I did not hire power tax relief but I know two people who have worked there as I used to work in this industry. Their company is a boiler room. Most the clients aren't represented right but pressure is on their unlicensed sales team is under high pressure to sell their "great services." The salesperson I know said, they are so bad, he did not want to work there anymore. That is usually not the case unless it's really bad with sales people.

I recommend to people to call a company where you speak to a licensed professional when you call in. I do not work on these kind of cases anymore but I would refer anybody to Tax Resolution Professionals (www.**) because the place is run by licensed tax attorneys. I have sent two friends there and they were very happy with the service.There are other legitimate companies also, but the key is to make sure the person you talk to is licensed. Do not let a salesperson with a fancy title like 'tax expert' tell you what you qualify for.

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Original review: July 27, 2010

I hired Power tax relief in October of 2007 to help me with an IRS back tax issue. I was told that they would be on top of this. Instead, after not returning my calls, I received a notice of tax liens and levy. When I spoke with the IRS they sated that Power tax relief had not been in touch with them in almost a year. All the while I was told that "we are on this" and that the IRS doesn't know what they are talking about. If anyone can give me a physical address I can promise that I will deliver a $4000 ass whooping for each fraud. Tax lien against my home and bank levy on my account.

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Original review: June 9, 2010

We hired Power Tax Relief in 2006 for our 2005 tax debt. They required us to pay them $5000 to represent us. They failed miserably. We made an OIC for Federal and was denied and was put on a payment planed we have been paying on that for 4+years now. They never even addressed State until they put a lien on us stating the agencies would not work with them until they were finished with the other agency which is a huge lie.

Now 5 years later, with interest and penalties, we owe four times what we did originally and all attempts at an OIC with both agencies were denied and we continue to rack up interest and penalties. I highly recommend contacting the agencies themselves and working with them if your pay Power Tax Relief. After reading all these reports, you have no one to blame but yourself. Do not be fooled by some of the big words they use. They are useless.

Kay, the manager, has nothing but excuses about why she has not called you back. She is friendly but that is a front, she will not help you. We now owe four times what we originally owed the 2 tax agencies after 5 years of trusting Kay and Power Tax relief.

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Original review: March 9, 2010

I was a consultant for Power Tax Relief for approximately 9 months. In that time, I soon found out that their services were not being performed by their legal staff. In order to maintain business ethics, I resigned. I have been in finance and have been working with companies helping tax payers all over the country for almost 10 years. The tax payer whom I brought aboard with Power Tax Relief is one of many that the company has not represented against the IRS.

The result of this unfortunate client is that he did not have proper representation once I turned it over to one of the Enrolled Agents and he complained on this consumer complaints website tarnishing my name. I wish to have the taxpayer contact me to resolve this matter even though I am not with that firm any longer. I have been and still am representing many taxpayers with their IRS/State Revenue Department issues. Thank you!

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Original review: Feb. 11, 2010

I contacted Power Tax Relief in July 2009 to help me regarding the money the IRS was saying we owed. Their fee was $3900. We paid it in installments. They sent various mailings to us requesting copies of tax returns, IRS correspondence, etc. which I complied with. They had all of our financial information, including our income and expenses. The latest request from them for additional information came in November. I filled it out and mailed it back. In January 2010, I received two bills from the IRS for the years in question.

I immediately called Power Tax Relief about it. I was told "those are computer generated forms" and to ignore them! Then they asked about the requested information they'd sent to me in November, claiming they never received my reply. When I told them I'd returned it, on time, like everything else they've ever sent me, I was told that the statute of limitations had run out with the IRS and that in order to proceed, I would have to send them an additional $1000. I asked for a supervisor and the person I was speaking to claimed he was a supervisor. His name was Paul ***.

We got into a screaming match on the phone where he basically told me I was irresponsible for not following up on my case and there was nothing else they could do. I asked him what kind of company are you, to squeeze out an extra $1000 from people who don't have it. His reply was that my $1000 "wouldn't even pay to wash the windows" here! I have not contacted them since.

I did receive an email from Mr. M., with new forms to sign and a bill for $1000 to reopen my case. I have since contacted the IRS, who said the bills they sent are valid and reflect what we owe to date, and penalties and interest will continue to accrue. I want my $3900 back from this company. If I had it, I would give it directly to the IRS and bring that balance down.

Besides the stress and anxiety caused by this company, we are in a bad financial state. I am on unemployment and my husband was hurt on the job on 1/2/10. There has been no income on his part since and things are really tight with just mine. The money paid out to this company I would use to pay the IRS, thereby saving additional charges of penalties and interest.

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Original review: Jan. 26, 2010

I paid these people to help me with getting down my taxes. All they wanted was the money; they didn't care about anything else. They never kept me informed on what they were doing, which was nothing. The bottom line is they charged $3500 and I got nothing but more problems in return. Because they didn't know what they were doing, I had all my accounts frozen during the holidays. I had to get that fixed. And today, 1-26-10, I called the accounting dept. to see if I could get some of my money back. This guy asked if I wanted to reopen the case. I said I wanted some money back. He tells me you're not a customer, you will never be one again, so I told him I wouldn't let you people to rip me off twice. See the nerve of these people and the thing is they didn't do anything for the money.

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Original review: Dec. 23, 2009

I called the number off the TV for Power Tax Relief. I had a $96,000.00 case. I gave them $5,500.00. I have called numerous times with no response. I feel neglected and used. I'm getting penalty on top penalty. My family is hurting. I'm standing to lose everything I own.

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Original review: Dec. 8, 2009

About 2 years ago, I paid Power Tax to negotiate a settlement with the IRS. I paid them $3500 plus $800 to redo my 2005 and 2006 tax forms. They assured me that they would resolve this in 6 months or less. It's been 2 years and I just received a certified letter that the IRS is going to levy my assets for the entire amount that I owe including the interest and penalties totaling $20,000. I am 63 years old, living on Social Security disability totaling $1,444 per month, which they intend to take 30% of. I guess I should have listened to buyer beware. I trusted them and borrowed the $3500 to pay them. I was just another victim of their scam. I cannot believe they are allowed to get away with this legally and morally. They just hung me and my family out to dry. I am now faced to work out a deal with the IRS on my own. I am at their mercy.

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Original review: Aug. 17, 2009

Just like everyone else, I too, was victim to Power Tax Relief. They took $3,500.00 from my husband and I. We have called for a year and left message after message for a return phone call. We still haven't received that call back. They did absolutely nothing for us. We will probably never see the money they took from us. We have since worked out a deal, by ourselves, with the IRS. Too bad we had to pay all the penalty and interest too.

I still, to this day, call and ask to speak with the manager, Nancy **. Every time I call, I get the same runaround - "She'll call you back," or "Can I take a message because she's at lunch?" Nancy is the manager there by the way. Sometimes, you'll get her voicemail, and sometimes, they won't even put you through. We are taking care of our tax debt. It's going to take a while, but we are making it right.

One thing we have learned from this experience is there is no "quick fix" to any problem, especially tax problems. Talk to the IRS. Yes, you may sit on hold for a while, but it's well worth it. Places like Power Tax Relief should be banned to do any business in any state. They just rob helpless people of their hard-earned money. I am also interested in a class action lawsuit. I, too, have documented every single call. I also have all of the correspondence from Power Tax Relief. If there is a lawyer out there that can take our case, I'm sure it will be well worth it. Thanks for letting me vent.

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Original review: July 30, 2009

On April 2008, we learned that we owed just over $20,000 US and Arizona income tax. Shocked, we saw an ad on TV for help from Power Tax Relief. We were assured by them on our first phone call that they could help us get that reduced and possibly even get money back due to my health problems and advanced age, as well as my wife's age. We paid $3,900 and receive a packet with forms and requests for documents which we filled out and returned. We were told to send all correspondence from the IRS directly to them and they would handle everything. We received a notice of a hearing which we were told to ignore because they were handling it.

The next thing we heard was from the IRS asking us for payments of $500 per month. PTR will not call us back. At this point, we don't know where to turn. Should we call the IRS and try to negotiate this ourselves? When my wife lost her job, we went further into debt and had to move from Phoenix to Albuquerque, NM for her to find work. We are living in our motor home and having trouble making the payments. We were offered help by Power Debt Relief. They said they could negotiate with the bank for a lower interest rate and lower monthly payments. We were to make no more payment until their negotiations were finalized. Since then, Power Debt did not call us back. The bank has sent a summons for us to appear in court. They are asking for our home and we are so far behind we cannot make up the late fees. All contact with both Power Tax and Power Debt have ceased and they do not answer calls nor return our voice messages.

I had a triple bypass heart surgery and 11 inches of my aorta was replaced. I have 40% of my heart function, high-blood pressure and cannot work. I am on Social Security and pension. My wife has gone to work to try and reduce our debt, but the stress on her is causing panic attacks and she cannot sleep because of the worry over our financial situation. Since getting burned by these agencies, we are afraid to work with anyone. I hope you can help us. We don't know where to turn. Thank you.

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Original review: July 19, 2009

Well, this is the end of the Power Tax soap opera. I put in a complaint to the BBB. After that, I tried the Attorney General. The AG said they did nothing wrong. I got that letter on 6/10/09. Five days later, I got one from Power Tax. They withdrew from my case. I guess in Cal, when you hurt the feelings of a lawyer, they're allowed to hang you out to dry. The scam is it takes so long for them not to do their job that you paid for $3,500. You get frustrated, you start the phone calls, and they tell you to wait another year. They blame you for all their mistakes and they plan phone calls late Friday when you're going on vacation or family outings at the last minute of everyday. And they blame you for not giving them more info when at the first interview should have gotten it. But this is they're plan and you're right, they will never call you back and give what you need, info or anything else. I was told by NYS IRS that these people never made any deal or effort on my behalf. I spoke to the IRS and believe it or not, they were more helpful than the nit-wits I got ripped off from. Now I have to go to Help me, Howard on channel 11. All I can say is be careful. Talk to the people of your state and talk to the IRS. You'd be surprised how much they can help you.

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Original review: July 16, 2009

I was swindled as well to the tune of $4,000. I was promised relief of my tax debt in less than six months. My first sign of trouble was my calls going unanswered, or not getting called back for weeks. When I finally got through, PTR claimed my case had been re-assigned to a new attorney because my original attorney was no longer working there and that accounted for the delays. After months of going back and forth with a case manager who sounded like she was 12 years old, I demanded to speak with someone and to get some answers, and they put me on the line with Kay **. She assured me the case was getting handled and that everything was on track. She said that they were in constant contact with the IRS and a compromise was in the works. Then came a call from Kay ** saying the IRS had filed a tax lien against me.

I flipped, and the next day immediately called the IRS to see what was going on. They stated that aside from an original inquiry into my debt from PTR that they had taken no steps in my case to reconcile the existing debt. At that point, I knew I had been completely duped. I decided to contact the IRS Advocacy Group and they settled my debt in only a few months. On top of the $4,000 I lost in my original payment to Power Tax Relief, the IRS tacked thousands of dollars on to my total cost with added interest over the two-year period. I thought my tax debt was getting handled. Also, because of the tax lien, my credit plummeted and I have not been able to get a reasonable interest rate since. It was two years of hell and to hear some of these stories I at least feel I'm not alone. If anyone is interested in banning together to put a class action suit together, I would love to be involved. I have all my corresponding e-mails with PTR and paperwork saved.

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Original review: July 16, 2009

I paid this company $4000 to have my tax debt reduced in 2007. Now, they will not return my calls and have done nothing on my case. I had to borrow the money to pay them for their services and yet my taxes due kept rising because of the penalties and interest. I am about to sink.

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Original review: July 1, 2009

I paid Power Tax 10,000 dollars to help resolve money owed to the IRS. They said they could reduce my 2006 debt, now 2009. Nothing settled other than they arranged payments, I submitted everything they requested and yet they requested them over and over with no results or answer. In May, I filed a complaint with the BBB, they responded to the BBB saying I didn't provide all necessary information. They won't return my phone calls and just called today. They said my case was closed! I was not aware of my case closing. Kay ** provided the BBB with very personal information only disclosed to them which I find unprofessional. I would like to file a class action lawsuit and would love all those who have also received false promises and shut this scam down. It's hurting innocent people who believe in American way of life and this is not!

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Original review: June 24, 2009

I contacted PTR in September of 2008 regarding issues I was having with back taxes owed to the IRS and State of MN for the tax years 2004, 2005, 2006. I had a tax preparer that did not file some of my deductions and I needed to go back and make the proper adjustments. By the time I was notified, I was being audited for the other years as well. I don't deny there were errors made and all I wanted to do was get them corrected and hopefully, be relived of the penalties and interest. PTR told me my case was an ideal one and that they could easily get me relieved and reduce the overall amount owed as well. I paid them $4200.00 and since then, have been on the chase to get them to even call me back.

It is now June of 2009 and I have traded several emails with Kay ** and each time, she says they have everything completed and they are ready to complete my new return. The latest lie was that she needed information from my 2007 return because I overpaid that year even though that year was not in question. So I supplied that information and again, PTR and Kay fell off the face of the earth and I have not heard back since. I have left threats to contact the BBB and the state attorney's office for both California and Minnesota, and had a letter sent certified by my attorney with a refund request. But to date, I have heard nothing and received no refund.

I called the IRS and state of MN to see if the PTR has contacted them since my case started. You can guess the answer. They were contacted one time in October of 2008 for a copy of my transcript and nothing since then. This is very sad and I would like to suggest any other person affected by this to contact me so we can start a class action lawsuit against this company for their wrongdoings.

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Original review: May 6, 2009

PTR sold me on a 90+ success rate. I paid $3900.00 & then paid all taxes, penalties & interest on the promise that PTR would diligently work to get an abatement resolution. Of course I questioned what would be their motivation after being paid and was appropriately lied to. It took them 6 mo. to write a 2-page letter (no phone or email) to the IRS that I could have done in 30 min. I wrote a check for $31000.00 and to this day have not received a phone call or email from PTR. These people are thieves. I have been unemployed since Nov. 08 and have diabetes. So far, I have not received a dime of gov. assistance and my money is gone. I can’t get in touch w/ PTR and don’t know what to do. It seems to me that we should get together and find a law firm and cause these thieves, liars & ** of the earth some problems. My email is ** and cell **. Please don’t call if you’re not willing to help. I have already been ripped off & don’t have any more funds to give to leaches.

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Original review: March 31, 2009 Nothing happen, except that i had my bank acconts frozen during the christmas holidays.That wasn's so bad i didn't have to buy presents because i couldn,t get into my accounts.And i kept telling them nys is really getting pissed they said they do that by(certefied)letters. So i had to get that fixed,they said they took care of it nys said they didn't do anything. They said only we can make rules and follow them,no one esle tells us what to do.Don't get me wrong nys sucks they don't care about any problem you may have from cancer to anything they just want money. Plus when i went to get this problem fixed they made call out ss# across the room. The bottom line is Tax rel;ief poeple wanted money in two weeks they say you have a month.And yes it's going on about a year and when i finaly got someone yeserday they sa before the end of the year 2009 i will be happy. I nhope so because of all the crap they put me threw it better be good.I been reading some of the complaints andit's as if i wrote them. They blaimed me for everything they don't think they do anything wrong.
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Original review: March 25, 2009 I have read the other complaints about Power Tax Relief and feel truely taken in by this swindle. I paid $8700. to get the tax consultation promised by telephone. As with the others who have a grievence, my situation is similar in that there is no response to phone calls or e-mail inquiries. Recently, the IRS did file a lien and attach a portion of my Social Security. Power Tax Relief did file papers for an Offer in Compromise, but the IRS refused to even abate any of the interest or penalty charged, saying they felt they intended to recover the entire amount.
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Original review: March 17, 2009 On august 02, 2006 I payed power tax
3,500 bucks to take care of all my tax problems with the state tax and the IRS I HAVE reported power tax to the BBB BUT that did not help much at all. power tax will not refund the 3,500 dollars back to me.JERRY PRESCOTT said that he could fix all my IRS and state tax matters in six months.well it has not happen.It now date time march 17,2009 and still nothing.I Do have all invoice papers from power tax.THE calls to KAY TSE WHO works for power tax are endless.I have not heard nothing from power tax in over a year.PLEASE could you see there web sight of lies at wwwpowertaxrelief
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Original review: March 10, 2009 We called power tax relief , explained our situation, they asked for a ten thousand dollar check to begin the process we, sent them a check , filled out all applicable information and it's been 3 years and they are still giving us the run around, sending the same forms to be filled out, no return phone calls, no news of any pertinent information regarding settling with the IRS, several calls have been made and no response.
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Original review: March 5, 2009 We were in the hole with the IRS. and we saw the commercial on power tax relief and thought that was our way to get help. unfortinitly not so we sent 4000.00 dollars to help us we were getting letters from the IRS on Levys on Property and could believe this was happening. We were calling every week for a year and no one would tell us anything we finaly had to pay the IRS on what we owed to stop interst and penelties. As the same we would not get any info on our case until i told them we already paid IRS and they said they could aleast get our Interest and penelties back and it would be around 6500.00 back after dealing with them for a year. We got back 15.00 dollars. This company has really put people in a bas situation as far as health due to stress.This needs to stop why cant we actually get the relief we need. Companies like this needs to be investigated. Like they say if its to good to be true then its not worth trying. please help all the people get their money back from firms like this people are suffering already due to the economy and theres groups like this one taking advantage of those less fortunet.
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Original review: March 5, 2009 We were in the hole with the IRS. and we saw the commercial on power tax relief and thought that was our way to get help. unfortinitly not so we sent 4000.00 dollars to help us we were getting letters from the IRS on Levys on Property and could believe this was happening. We were calling every week for a year and no one would tell us anything we finaly had to pay the IRS on what we owed to stop interst and penelties. As the same we would not get any info on our case until i told them we already paid IRS and they said they could aleast get our Interest and penelties back and it would be around 6500.00 back after dealing with them for a year. We got back 15.00 dollars. This company has really put people in a bas situation as far as health due to stress.This needs to stop why cant we actually get the relief we need. Companies like this needs to be investigated. Like they say if its to good to be true then its not worth trying. please help all the people get their money back from firms like this people are suffering already due to the economy and theres groups like this one taking advantage of those less fortunet.
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Original review: Oct. 20, 2008

Power Tax Relief seems to disappear with my hard-earned money that I had to borrow in the first place because I believed they would help my husband and I come to an arrangement with the IRS. I call ... No one calls back... I ask for paperwork showing what they have accomplished on the case... and nothing. They avoid my calls... It has been over a year and nothing... I paid them around $4,000.00... And I want my money back so I can use it, like I should have, to pay some towards my tax liens... That's another thing they say they will get tax liens lifted ...

Well they are on my credit report... They don't do anything but collect your money... I have tried patience and have tried calling Mui ** and Kay **, the employees of this company to rectify this but they will not talk to me. The receptionist always gives me an excuse that they are busy or out of the office. I have seen no proof of their attending to my case. According to the IRS, only 10% can get a leniency on their owed taxes .They don't tell you that on the phone or on the Power Tax Relief website. I guess I am in the 90% that should have done it the right way. By contacting IRS myself.

There are many people who have had the same problem with this company. Their website isn't the same as it was before either. I was told settle pennies on dollars, stop garnishments levies, liens. We have tried calling them and we are put on hold for over 10 minutes. We received their message on our answering machine and I have already stated to them we have given them enough information. I will not send no more paperwork. My husband's paystubs are not necessary. I refuse to deal with their lies. We would like our money back for a job badly done. I again have received no copies of anything of what they have done .I have asked and nothing.

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Original review: Jan. 15, 2008

I hired Power Tax Relief to defend me in an IRS audit and file late returns after seeing their commercial on Fox News Chicago promising to ELIMINATE you tax problems including settling for pennies on the dollar with the IRS. After I called them and gave them my credit card # and $5100.00 to handle the audit thru finality and file ALL of my late returns which was promised they gave me the run around and passed my account from person to person at PTR and did NOTHING for me in the end. I am still getting IRS notices and Power Tax GRIEF has MY $5100.00 and does not return my calls or e mails. Look Power Tax relief up at Los Angelas BBB and as there are many more people which they PREYED UPON

I am out $5100.00 that they charged me for PROMISES they used as a SCAM, They have caused me undue stress,depression,mentel and physcal anguish and much much more and I am still getting levy notices from the IRS and am losing everything, maybe even my life at this point.

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