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Pioneer First had a commercial on TV many years ago 2002 The actress Queen Latifah was endorsing the credit card and that was the reason I thought it was valid. I have been waiting to settle and get my money back. I still have the phony credit card from Pioneer with a phony phone number on the back 800-996-1259. The card expired 08/2000. This card cost me $189.00 plus a processing fee, altogether it cost me $249.00. What is it going to take to get my money back?

I applied for the credit card, they took the money out of my checking account over 2 yrs ago, I could not reach them. The number had been disconnected. I could not find a number for them. I have never received a credit card, or my $189.00 back to me.

I helped my brother applied for credit cards. His name is Bountha **. He gave me the permission to authorize his checking account for this Pioneer First credit. They did an electronic debit the next day and we never heard from them since then. We had our bank research for a number so we can call, to no avail. We couldn't even get a phone number to call them. Our bank couldn't get a number for us either. I have sent them 3 letters to their P.O. Box address that was stated in their terms and policies in I have emailed their online customer service site more than 5 times.

Finally, last week they emailed me with an account # ** and the customer ID: ** which does not even work. They also sent me a link to their "other" site which is "". I could not locate a phone number to call them until I get in, which I couldn't get in. Please let me! My brother and I want our 150.00 back. Their service convinced us that they are more likely to be bogus. We do not to give them our business if their service is no good. It cost my brother who works @ a min. wage 150.00 which he can get other credit cards with. He's never had a credit card before.

In October, '01, I ordered a credit card from Pioneer First. There was a $180 membership fee which was taken out of my account on October 11, '01, and I was told to allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of the card and membership package. Obviously, the card did not come and when I contacted the company they said it was on its way and to give it a little more time. When it still did not come I called them back and requested my money back. They told me that in order to get my money back I must first return the card and membership package to them. I told them that since I never received either of the two that I couldn't return them, and I also told them that I didn't believe that they had ever even sent me the card so I would like to have my money refunded.

The person I was on the phone with said that he couldn't authorize that so I asked to speak with his supervisor. He then told me that he is the supervisor and that there was no supervisor above him. He also told me that the card should arrive within the next week and when it did to send it back by certified mail and they would refund my money. About a week later when I tried to call them, I was placed on hold by the computer b/c all their operators were busy and after 11 minutes, I was hung up on. Every time for the next month when I called this exact thing would happen.

In January, the phone number was either disconnected, or blocked from my area code. My emails were never answered and I figured I had been victimized by a major scam. But also in January my bank account was also debited a $10 monthly fee by Pioneer First, which of course bounced. Now in March, I finally received a welcome letter postmarked Feb. '02. The letter states that my card should be arriving in 4-6 weeks. It contained my account number and password for me to access their site, which I now find out that I can only use the card to buy items from their site or catalogue and I must also make a down payment of 20%-51% on my merchandise purchases. The phone number stated on this letter is the same number that has been disconnected, but their internet site is still up and running. Why does our gov't., who is supposed to protect the consumer, allow these companies to steal money from those who don't have any money in the first place?

I applied for a credit card by phone from Pioneer First. This was back in October of 2001. I got approved and they told me to send a check for $189.00 and they would send me the card. The card was for a limit of $5000. I still have not received the card but the check was cashed. I have all the receipts, even a copy of the check and where it was cashed. They do not answer their phones and their email address is not effective. Where do I go from here?

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I have a complaint against a credit agency in your area of service. The company I am referring to is called Pioneer First. I would be very surprised if I was the only one who is complaining about this company. Let me inform you of who I am. I am an 18-year old male who just wanted to establish some credit for myself since no other agency cares for us young ones. So, I therefore called Pioneer First, who guaranteed a $5,000 credit line for a minimal fee of $189. Well, first of all, I should have never given them a check for this transaction, but I did. About five minutes later, I called back because I knew I had made a mistake and wanted my money back. I got through and an older man told me that once I hung up with him that it was too late for a refund and that when I would receive the card, that I should return it for my refund. Well, at that point, I was okay. The story gets more complex.

After the original 6-8 week delivery time passed by (around the beginning of September), I called to see what the matter was. All I got were busy signals. After a whole day of trying, I finally got a hold of them. They asked for my name and received my information, and then told me that it would be another week until delivery. I let two weeks go by and still nothing. I tried getting a hold of them again and could not get through for weeks (At an estimate, about three weeks; no kidding). I finally got through around September 20th and spoke with a young lady. She asked for my information and I told her the details. She then asked her boss how I could receive my money back since I never even got the card in the first place. So, she said to simply fax her the bank statement of the check that was sent to them by me.

So, I got prepared for that. In the meantime I had to wait for that statement to come through the mail to me. I had recently moved into a new apartment at that time so because of the address change, there was a delay of the statement. When I got the mail in early October, I called Pioneer First so I could get the fax number so I could send them the bank statement for my refund. Well, again, I got a busy signal for weeks. Then, one day in late October, I got through. I thought I finally could get some good customer service. But instead, I got an answering machine stating that I didn't call during regular business hours. Well, I called at noon and they open their phones at 9 am. Then, when you would think that you could leave a message to be returned, it tells you that the mailbox is full. Well, go figure! I bet a lot of people like me are trying to get their refunds, as well. What awful customer service! But this does not conclude here.

I then, tried again. I called the number again a couple of weeks later after no success of getting through. I dialed and got an operator machine telling me this exact message, 52-4, the number you have dialed has been blocked from your area or you need to check your number and dial again. I can't get through! Please help me receive my money back and put this company away or have them really improve themselves. It is SIMPLY awful!!! Please help ASAP! I've been told that I may not get my money back, but right now I need it! Please??? Thank You So Much.

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