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Find the Best Personal Loans in Denver, CO

Personal loans in Denver are an affordable way for residents to pay for unexpected or pricey expenses. We created this guide to make it simple for people to find the perfect personal loan. Our list below reveals the best personal loan lenders in Denver and tips for choosing your personal loan.

Top 12 Denver Personal Loan Lenders

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Best Egg
Read 1,486 Reviews

Offers personal loans up to $35,000. Easy online application. Get money in your account in as little as one day upon approval and verification. Recommended minimum debt of $5,000 for debt consolidation.

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Accredited Partner
Read 972 Reviews

Offers personal loans up to $10,000. Can deliver funds same business day, Guarantees a 100% commitment to customer satisfaction. Provides eligibility verification by state.

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Next Day Personal Loan
Read 64 Reviews

Lending network for personal loans up to $40,000. Apply in under two minutes to start their simple, three-step process: apply, qualify, get funded. Funds available as soon as the next business day.

Learn More Call Now Toll Free (833) 985-2116
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Read 525 Reviews

Offers personal loans up to $100,000. Processes approvals in as few as four hours. No prepayment penalties. Minimum loan amount of $600 required.

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Lendmark Financial Read 118 Reviews

Provides personal loans, auto loans, debt consolidation and other financial services. Branches in 19 states. Offers fixed rates, terms and payments. Unsecured loans up to $8,000.

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Accredited Partner
Read 190 Reviews

Lender specializing in installment loans. Offers loans in 12 and offer loan terms from nine to 36 months. Average APR is 160%, and borrowers can borrow between $500 - $4000, depending on where they live.

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Bellco Read Author Review

Offers consumer line of credit up to $50,000 and share-secured loans with no minimum credit requirements. Provides signature loans with customizable terms and fixed interest rates.

Canvas Credit Union Read Author Review

Offers overdraft line of credit. Secured and signature loans available. Provides APRs as low as 9.99% on signature loans with borrowing amounts up to $10,000.

Credit Union of Colorado Read Author Review

Gives personal loans for short-term needs. Doesn’t require collateral, and loans have competitive interest rates and fixed payments. Online applications available.

Denver Community Credit Union Read Author Review

Offers flexible loans with no prepayment penalties. Approvals based on creditworthiness. Online application available.

Elevations Credit Union Read Author Review

Offers personal and deposit-secured loans with fixed rates and payments and optional loan protection. No prepayment penalties. May use CD or savings account for deposit-secured loans.

MidFirst Bank Denver Read Author Review

Provides personal loans with flexible terms and fast approval and closing times. Offers discounts for auto debits. Start a loan application by calling customer service or visiting a local branch.

denver personal loans skyline

Many life situations make personal loans in Colorado a necessity. For example, an emergency room visit to Rose Medical Center sets residents back an average of $1,389. Additionally, locals moving into up-and-coming neighborhoods like Villa Park might need to spend money on remodeling. Personal loans also help provide relief by giving residents a chance to pay back debt at lower interest rates and better repayment terms.

Choosing a loan in Denver, CO

With many loan options available, it can be difficult for Denver residents to choose the right one for their circumstances. When applying for a personal loan, make sure you understand which personal loan type works best for you.

  • Personal line of credit loan: Denver is among the top 10 U.S. cities for startups and entrepreneurs. A personal line of credit loan can supplement funds for those with irregular incomes. Unlike lump payments, small business owners can take only what they need, when they need it, to avoid a cash shortage.
  • Co-signed loan: Students attending the University of Denver or the Metropolitan State University of Denver who have little to no credit history can improve their chances of loan approvals by having someone with a strong credit profile co-sign the loan. With a personal loan, students can pay for living expenses and supplies if they don’t have assets or collateral for a secured loan.
  • Secured loan: Secured loans are one of the most popular types of personal loans. To be approved for a secured loan, a borrower must have collateral. Denverites looking to buy a car can turn to a secured auto loan and use the purchased car as collateral.

State regulation for personal loans in Denver, CO

Personal loans in Colorado have an interest rate cap of 12%, or 8% if there's no written agreement. Limits aren't enforceable if consumers agree to pay higher rates by signing a contract or indicating they agree with the terms, such as by clicking "I agree" for an online contract. Mortgages do not have a capped interest rate.

How to pick a lender in Denver

Here are useful steps to choosing a Denver lender:

  • Research the kind of loan needed
  • Ask friends and family for recommendations
  • Read online company reviews
  • Compare interest rates and loan terms
  • Review lender complaints registered with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Online vs. local lenders

Another factor is if consumers are looking for an online or local lender. Some lenders work exclusively over the internet, while others do business by talking with a lender face to face. For those who favor a traditional experience with their lender, a local bank or credit union is preferable. However, some prefer the flexibility of online payments and the ability to monitor accounts remotely, making an online lender a good choice.

Denver personal loan FAQ

What credit score do you need for a personal loan in Denver?
Typical credit scores needed for a personal loan in Denver are 620 and higher. Consumers with scores less than 600 can get bad credit loans in Colorado with a co-signer or with lenders who specialize in higher-risk borrowers.
Can I get a loan with a Denver credit union?
Yes, you can get a loan from a credit union. Credit unions may have rates lower than traditional banks.
Are personal loans in Denver a good idea?
Personal loans are an excellent option for people who need funds if they can find reasonable interest rates and have a plan for repayment.

Not sure how to choose?

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    Denver personal loan company information

    MidFirst Bank Denver

    MidFirst Bank is one of the nation's largest privately held banks and features a variety of banking options to suit every client's needs. Its personal loans have flexible terms and can be used for various expenses, including a dream vacation, wedding or nursery remodel. You can visit or call a branch for more information.

    • Address: 101 Cook St., Denver, CO 80206
    • Phone: (303) 376-3800
    • Hours: 8:30am - 5pm
    • Website:
    Elevations Credit Union

    Elevations Credit Union offers an optional loan protection add-on. Loan protection packages secure consumers financially in case something affects their ability to pay back the loan, such as unemployment or a disability. Personal loans have various terms available and include deposit-secured loans. Online applications available.

    • Address: 4750 W. 120th Ave., Ste. 700, Westminster, CO 80031
    • Phone: (303) 443-4672
    • Hours: M - F: 8:30am - 5:30pm; Sat: 9am - 12pm
    • Website:
    Denver Community Credit Union

    Denverites can apply online for their personal loans with Denver Community Credit Union or visit their local credit union branch. One of the best aspects of the bank's personal loans is that they can be used to fund whatever is needed, whether that's car repairs, vow renewals or quinceñeras.

    • Address: 1095 Federal Blvd., Denver, CO 80204
    • Phone: (303) 573-1170
    • Hours: M: 9am - 6pm; T - F: 9am - 5pm; Sat: 9am - 1pm
    • Website:

    With three types of personal loans, Bellco has options for everyone — including those with bad credit. The bank's share-secured loans can help build or rebuild credit histories and use borrower’s savings or CD as collateral. And with its lines of credit, Denver residents pay interest only on amounts they use.

    • Address: 951 16th St., Ste. 101, Denver, CO 80202
    • Phone: (720) 479-5278
    • Hours: M - F: 9am - 5pm
    • Website:
    Credit Union of Colorado

    Credit Union of Colorado claims that virtually everyone meets the eligibility requirements for a personal loan, which lets Denver residents take advantage of the credit union's competitive personal loan interest rates. The Credit Union of Colorado also offers $50 for people who schedule a 10-minute loan review of any existing loan with one of its member advocates.

    • Address: 7541 E. Iliff Ave., Denver, CO 80231
    • Phone: (303) 832-4816
    • Hours: M - F: 9am - 5:30pm; Sat: 9am - 1pm
    • Website:
    Canvas Credit Union

    Canvas Credit Union’s secured loans help Denverites build or improve their credit score. Borrowers only need collateral of $1,000 minimum in CDs or $500 in savings to start the application process. Residents with excellent credit histories can take out a signature loan without providing collateral.

    • Address: 900 Auraria Parkway, Denver, CO 80204
    • Phone: (303) 691-2345
    • Hours: M - F: 10am - 5:30pm
    • Website:
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