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Prior to deploying to combat zone in the Middle East in January 2009, I made arrangements to cancel my Sprint service. For some reason, Sprint failed to cancel my service and turned my account over to Pentagroup Financial for collections. Pentagroup never sent me notice of this and filed on my credit report. A direct violation of the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act. I only discovered this when I checked my credit report in September 2010 upon returning to the States. I immediately contacted Pentagroup Financial and paid the account balance in full. The collection is still on my credit report showing the full balance is still owed. I have contacted Pentagroup Financial many times, and have been treated rudely by their employees. I filed a complaint with the BBB in April 2012. The management told bold face lies in the reply to my complaint. I am concerned the Pentagroup will transfer my loan to shell company and attempt to extort additional money from me.

Satisfaction Rating

I received a recorded message from "John **" with Pentagroup. I was advised that they were attempting to collect a debt. I called them back, confused because we have a credit score of 850 and have outstanding unpaid debts. I explained that and she was rude, asked if someone else in the house had a similar name? I said, “What are you talking about,” and she yelled, “A junior or a senior?” I said, “Look, you don't have to yell at me. I'm doing you a favor by calling back to tell you that you have the wrong person.” She said, “You can just call back and talk to someone else,” and hung up the phone on me.

I have never been treated so poorly by anyone on the phone in my lifetime. I cannot believe that an employed representative of this firm was so incredibly rude. I only hope that the company cares enough to follow up with this woman.


I received a recording from Pentagroup saying I have to contact them in order to settle a collections matter right away. I call them back and Kevin is on the line and he explains that there is a debt from Dell Financial of an amount that I had already disclosed to them before from "Chris" in a previous conversation. Kevin told me that if it was settled then Dell has to call them! I told them that they have and I was told by them that they would be calling Pentagroup. He said I had to call them again to have Dell call Pentagroup again with the confirmation number. I did that and Dell still told me to call Pentagroup back when this was already settled through Dell Financial initially!

I haven't seen any results and if I do check my credit score and it has gone down, I will be making sure that either company never gets my business or anyone else's that I know. I know how to spread the word of bad business!


I was recently laid off the mines and had join a debt management to pay all my debts. One of the debts was with a credit card, which accepted the debt management's offer of monthly payment. This Mr. ** calls my home and tells me that the credit card company had sold my debt to another group who then went and hired Pentagroup as a third party go-between to collect. I told him that the credit card company had agreed to the debt management's proposal, and he said that didn't matter. This other group now owned my debt, and I had to pay in full. He stated that this new debt owner didn't want long-term payments and that they had to be paid in full by the end of the month.

Then he went on to suggest that I pay this new group that hired Pentagroup in full by using another credit card! I told him that's what got me in trouble to begin with! I was laid off and couldn't pay my bills, so I had to use credit. He said that's no concern of his and that he has to be paid in full and if I don't pay or promise to pay right this minute, then I was going to be taken to court. How can they do this?

I'm making monthly payments that the original credit card debt owner agreed to, and I'm trying to pay this down until I get another job in the mines. This can't be right. Mr. ** done called my neighbors in the apartment next door. It's an embarrassment. I'm trying to do right. Now Mr. ** said I'm going to be sued.


Unfortunately, due to the economy and being out of work, I had a problem with a loan I took with Capital One. I asked Capital One for help however they sold my loan to CACH LLC, who hired Pentagroup Financial as their pit bull. They wanted to settle the loan, however, after careful consideration and seeking advise would only cause more problems for me. In any event this Mr. F. called me at work, which upset and humiliated me, besides the fact that person calls are frowned upon, I was beside myself, I told him never to call me at work again. When I told him, I could not take the settlement the next day, he started trying to call me again and twice at my job.

The collection agency has no right doing what they do to people harassing and tracking them down, going into all their personal business. Then they don't expect you to be upset, they start threatening to sue.This Pentagroup Financial told me they have me listed to be served a summons at work. Something needs to be done, people are in a bad enough state these days, they don't need to be harassed and embarrassed by these collection people.

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I have spoke with several representatives over the course of the last two years. Each time I explained to each representative that I set up a settlement payment with a company called Valentine and Kabartis to settle a debt I owed to Dell. Valentine and Kabartis sent me a letter stating that my debt was paid and I no longer owed anything to Dell. I have faxed and mail the copy of this letter to Pentagroup over the course of two years as well as my bank statements showing I paid my debt. And every three months, I receive a call from Pentagroup saying I have to pay this debt. I feel as though I am being harassed because Dell wants to get as much money as they can out of its clients. This still shows up on my credit report and I have had enough. The only reason I have not reported this sooner is because I did not have the information I needed to fight back. But now that I do, I am arming myself and using my resources. I hope you will be able to help me. And any information will be appreciated.


They pretend they are collection agency for federal government and try to threaten and harass innocent people by calling victim's home and cell phones constantly demand money which victim's do not owe or relate to. If you ask detailed questions to them, they will let you speak to their 'fraud' dep ( such thing is a joke, at the time I called I've got to speak to person name Tatta -according to him ) and they suddenly droped charge against me or someone name similar to me and assured my case was closed completely. And asked not to report to police or any other form.

No one there provided full name and ask questions like social, credit card #.....etc saying they were not to reveal them until we spoke first. What kind of agency is this? I hope and someone should get these people and put them in jail ASAP!

Stress, tension, missed work, hours of review and talking to people in the bank, numerous phone calls, NO ONE needs this kind of extra tension in their lives and irritation.


This collection agent who is looking for my daughter to collect on a Bank of America credit card, has called two of my neighbors to gain information on her whereabouts. According to the NY Attorney General this is illegal and we will file a formal complaint. The collection agency is called Pentagroup. He claims that this tactic called skip tracing is legal and approved directly by Bank of America. The Attorney General's office says that this tactic is illegal.

The facts are this:

On September 25 John from Pentagroup called our house 3 times within 20 minutes, which also is illegal. That constitutes harassing phone calls when they call continually in a short period of time. No one was home at the time and he got the answerung machine but chose to leave no message. This is the first day that this agency has tried to locate my daughter Alyson. When he didn't get an answer he immediately called the house next door and spoke to my neighbor about this situation. After that he called the next house on our block but they were not home. His number was on their caller ID box.

When my neighbor discussed this call with me, I called John and asked him how does he think that he has the right to call my neighbors asking them to have us call him. He said that it was legal and approved by Bank of America.

What ever he said to my neighbor does not matter to me. What matters to me is that my neighbor has enough information to know that he was a collection agent and trying to locate my daughter. That is a severe breach of my family privacy and we will pursue a legal complaint.

This man was acting as an agent for Bank of America, and regardless of the circumstances of the debt, he has acted illegally and he has caused my family embarrasment and disgrace by breaching our privacy.

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