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Foreclosure and repo has been sooo similar to what 300 people on your site state. I read around 10-12 and suddenly wanted to puke. Yes, seriously! This is why caution is advised to avoid voting for the wrong person. They "might" deliver "American heads on a platter" to foreign scrupulous countries, but it's already BEEN happening! This is why I've termed it "Subprime War". Soldiers go out to fight, families defend and lose homestead! I have one call: "Subprime Victims Unite". It's time for the "defendant" to speak. ENOUGH about US that we couldn't afford our homes, that we are the fools who "bit off more (home) than we can chew (afford)". How about you stole our dream, life's blood, sweat/blood equity! Let's talk about that for a change.

H&R is where my mortgage started. Option One is who they resold to So H&R is also held responsible for playing "Russian Roulette" with my life!! I should have been warned about the 3 day resale. I was not!! I would have chosen different!! My wrongful Foreclosure cost me another house because it lowered my credit score. It ruined my respect for the LAX American laws to protect American lives against this foreign invasion. Their call centers are outsourced to "bad/lying/innocent", underpaid, sweatshop foreign English speakers, while they double dip into tax breaks, Morphing options, resale options!!!

I could go on. I will wait. America can do it!!! Unite and lead this March against this nonsense Now! Rent, move often, don't invest in a Mortgage. Starve the demon! Rates GUARANTEED will drop enough to buy outright! Then no matter what don't ever jeopardize your home for ANYTHING!! Forget Christmas! And all the other holidays/sales. If you don't you're just committing "Mortgage Suicide". How about not "shame on them", it's "Shame on US" for not being Smart! If you're in it contact me for more stats. I've already overburdened this forum.

My husband and I owned our house for 17 years. When we signed a mortgage with Ocwen we never thought we would lose our home. When I knew my loan was coming due I started one year ahead to refinance our loan. Ocwen would not work with us. We lost our home one year later. After losing our home I find out that the second mortgage that was on the house never was foreclosed on. We are going on 7 years since we lost our home and that second mortgage is still out there. I have not received any notice, any bills, any phone calls. I did speak to them and wrote a letter asking for the mortgage to be foreclosed and was told it will never be foreclosed and that we will owe it for the rest of our lives. They refuse to do anything about this loan. I am at a loss and don't know what to do. I hate this company and if anyone who is considering working with them think long and hard about it.

2006 Option One Loan was paid in full. 2007: American Home Mortgage jumps in cahoots with Option One Mortgage and records Reconveyance Rescission spinning chain of title confusing the public so it's able to kindgarden its crimes. 2008: American Home Mortgage made a new account number claiming I owe over $300k in past due mortgage payments. 2008: Servicers and account numbers switched multiple times. 2008: Homeward Is now the servicer new account number again. 2008: Ocwen Loan Servicing is now the new servicer new account number again. Spinning the records. 2008: Ocwen executive agreed my loan was paid in full and records Full Reconveyance and Assignment of Deed in the county recorder's office. 2008: Ocwen lawyer spins the records again and records another Rescission.

2008: Lawsuit hearing and the globalist corrupted Philippine judge makes under the rug ruling in cupboard with Deutsche Bank and Ocwen sweeps its crimes under the rug and enters Judgement in Ocwen's favor giving them their deeds back. I'm Sitting there shell shocked our justice system is so corrupted looking up at god asking how is this possible while the judge acts like a ass. 2008: Ocwen gives me 2 options either accept a loan modification I pay them over $300k in past due mortgage payments or they will sell my house. I signed modification under distress searching for help from authorities but having hard time getting state attorneys or anyone who isn't money hungry willing to allow the corruption to continue because they get billions then they buy their mansions, take fancy vacations while I'm being killed by the globalist.

July 2015: Retained fraud investigators who obtain evidence Ocwen is committing fraud, robo signing, recording fraud documents, making threats to me and wrongful foreclosure. But of course the state like pushing its crimes under the rug so they can continue to get their billions. 2015: Ocwen globalist corrupted young attorney just out of law school who thinks he's so special spinning the truth lying jumping in bed with the corrupted system thinking a he will become somebody. It's laughable. July 2015: Ocwen offers a loan modification lower its fraudulent made up its foggy new principal balance from over $840k to $663k only if I agree to dismiss action I filed against them and never discuss confidential settlement to any court or any judge unless I obtain written permission from Ocwen first. WHAT A CRIMINAL JOKE!!!

Ocwen Loan servicing is fraud sweeping its crimes under the rug and sadly out state attorneys only care about the billions of dollars it receives settlements from Ocwen and allows them to continue to conduct evil crimes harming America good honest families. I DEMAND THE STATE ATTORNEYS TO DO THE RIGHT THING AND ARREST OCWEN CRIMINALS NOW.

This company refinanced my mortgage and took a 20 acre piece of my land they were not entitled to. My papers stated, "1.4 plus 3.6, for a total of 5 acres." They filed on everything I owned in 2006. Now in 2015 I find out they still hold a mortgage on everything. But my mortgage payments are now to Ocwen mortgage company. How is a person supposed to straighten this out???

This company should be banned from continuing to do business. I lost my property because of them refusing to take my mortgage payments. Their customer service personnel are rude and their English is hard to understand. They did, however, understand how to take everything I worked for over 18 years. Again they should be banned from doing business anywhere.

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I refinanced my home with another Mortgage Company over 10 years ago, after my escrow account kept going up. I find out today that Option One Mortgage is still holding my Deed of Trust in their name. They never filed the paperwork to be removed once I transferred my loan. And of course I get the run around as to who needs to handle this.

Lost home, they filed a insurance claim in my wife's name for vandalism that was done to house and she was not on loan, only on as survivorship. We was just told about this this year through Nationwide insurance. We have never filed any insurance claim on any property.

They sued me for foreclosure in 2008, I fought. They used Wells Fargo Bank as their Trustee for the trust that they alleged my loan was included into. In spite of proving to the courts that WF was never given my loan legally in the first place... WF lacked standing to sue me... The courts awarded WF the win and I subsequently lost my home. I persevere.

My loan originated with Option One Mortgage in 2008 when I refinanced with them. In April 2010 Option One closed and became American Home Mortgage Services Inc. (AHMSI). I signed papers after that for my loan modification. I made my payments every month until May 2011 when I had to chose between tires for my car that I drive my kids around in or make a mortgage payment. Of course my car got tires. We, I made my payments every month after that. Throughout those months I kept getting phone calls for that missed payment in May. I was pregnant and that didn't help me with my blood pressure. I was stressing about that so much that I ended up going to the hospital earlier than planned.

In November I mailed in paperwork to do a loan modification. I called in every month (I didn't hear from AHMSI at all) but they do know how to overwhelm you with paper. In February 2012 I received paperwork that they were starting foreclosure proceedings on me. I called in like usual to see how my loan modification was going and talk to them about the letter of foreclosure. They told me I needed to submit more of the same document. I already sent like 3 times already! So, I sent what they asked for again. Mind you, I am faxing these at my own cost and it's expensive.

March comes and I haven't heard from anyone so I decided to call and check how my loan modification was going and they again asked for the same documents again. So, I told them I would fax them over right away. I also decided to see what their response would be if I asked them if I needed to keep making payments. I was told "no" of course. Well, my husband and I thought that was weird, so we went ahead and sent in April's payment. In April I called for an update on my modification and once again I was asked for the same documents. It's so frustrating! So I sent the documents again via fax. May comes and I send my payment for that month. I call in to see how the modification is going and again I have to send the same documents! I again send them via fax. I get an envelope in the mail from Homeward Residential (formerly AHMSI). I open it and it's a refund check dated 5/10/12. They deposited my April payment and then issued it back to me as a refund check. I also receive a letter at the same time stating they've started the foreclosure on 5/10/12. What a coincidence that was the same day they issued me a refund check for my April payment making me behind.

June comes and I send my payment in for that month. I haven't received May's payment back. Later that month I receive June's payment back with a letter and my personal check this time stapled to the letter. I then quit sending checks in. I was told on the phone it is just a procedure for the foreclosure that I'm in the middle of a modification and they won't foreclose on me around the 2nd week of August. I get certified mail that my foreclosure has a date of September 5, 2012. I call immediately and they tell me that they need my whole file of documents all over again. So, this time I sent it via certified mail because it was over 50 pages and that cost close to $20. I sent it in and still was assured that they wouldn't foreclose on me. I have a letter stating the wouldn't foreclose on me. Well, I got foreclosed on September 5, 2012.

The same mortgage company bought my house back in the foreclosure for $3,000 more than what the loan was. I then get a phone call mid-October by a gentleman with Homeward Residential saying that he just received my file and that he would get in touch with me within 45 days for the modification. Fast forward to a week before Thanksgiving 2013. I finally get served with a Notice to Quit, Leave or Vacate the property. It took over a year to do that. Which takes us to now. Just a few weeks ago I get a phone call from the City asking me how to shut-off the water. Apparently with our weather and no one living there, the pipes burst and water was all over the kitchen and bathroom floor which needs to be replaced now. No heat, no water is on. I would like them to own up to their mistake of foreclosing on me and what they've put me through. Someone please help me out!!!! My credit report is ruined with a foreclosure on it and that shouldn't have happened. PLEASE HELP! I can't find a lawyer that will work on a contingency plan.

All I can say is someone needs to sponsor a new class action lawsuit against them! In 2010, Option One foreclosed on my home without having ANY paperwork to support the foreclosure!! How the judge in our city allowed it I do not know but currently, they have a judgement against me for an illegal foreclosure!! Nice.

I had a two-year ARM with Option One. I made my payment by phone every month. April 2007 was no different. I made my payment by phone, except they went in and cleaned my bank account out (several thousand dollars). I called the customer service and always spoke to people who spoke poor English and didn't understand it to try to rectify the situation. Then they refused to take payments and announced that they were foreclosing on the house. They began to refuse to take my calls and foreclosed. They are criminals, beware!

New mortgage closed on 9/02/2005, Option One paid off previous mortgage OCWEN and the OCWEN CO still has a lien against my property even though they got paid off at close of mortgage. OCWEN refuses to answer their phone.

I originated a loan with Option One mortgage that was supposed to be a 30-year fixed, but saw upon signing the contract that it was an interest-only for five years even though I was very specific for it not to be. There was a divorce involved and time-sensitive issues, so I had no choice after the 45 days they took to process the loan. Since the loan converted to principal, I attempted to make the payments. But the economy, divorce and health issues made it drain my finances. I applied for a loan modification to drop my 6.75 interest rate for relief, but have just been asked for documents already submitted to give me the runaround for 14 months now because AHMSI sold it off to Ocwen when it was in underwriting. They stated it was complete. I have had to start all over, but with the same runaround.

Unfortunately, we are the first of this mortgage meltdown. Option One gave a figure to save our home, $4,000.00. When we did get the funds, their response was that deal only is good for 24 hours. Did I mention when dealing with them you are calling another country that has no idea of the circumstances and actually didn't really care? They really do not understand but it is cheap labor. So if you are looking for a mortgage, do not go through this company. They will rip you off. True story.

I have stated loan. I filed for BK and needed a mod plan. I kept sending paperwork but couldn't get through to talk to anyone with AHMSI. Have an adj. rate which will fix in the next few years. Help please.

We lost our home in 2007. We had 10 days given to us by the courts. The bank locked us out before the ten days and emptied our house. We had no insurance! The police never understood that we had time left in the house, nor did the police do anything about our belongings even though the eviction officer was never sent to our home from the courts? It just so happened to be a holiday. We could not get any help from anyone! Everyone said the same thing, we lost our home, there's nothing we can do! The police report even stated the bank weatherproofed the home and locked it up! We were told we can break in and steal our stuff?

Everything was picked through and broken. They even stole pictures and clothes that were in our dressers. Option One bought our loan 5 minutes after we signed paperwork the day of closing. We had to fill out new paperwork that tricked us into two loans on a flexible rate, 6 years and they would not fix the problem! Then they told us we were all set. We signed new papers, the copies were never shown. We started out paying around $1100. Six years later, it was $2200. We put $40,000 into the house and the bank sold the house for close to what we paid! We lost most of our furniture and belongings! The guy that worked for Remax was in our house sent by the bank to weatherproof it. He said he hired someone else? I took his plate number down and gave it to the police. Still nothing! We have been told we bought a house we could not afford.

Long story short, I was a homeowner who was serviced through Option One Mortgage back in 2004/2005. At first, things were great; I was paying $391 a month on my mortgage. I was able to open a certified daycare home to help out my neighborhood. I was an owner of my own vehicle and I lived with my 3 children whom I took care of independently with no government assistance while also attending college. After a car accident, I had to take off work for awhile, and was not aware at the time regarding the insurance I had that may have covered me.

When I tried to contact Option One, I always talked to people who had very thick accents, could not understand me, and were "extremely" rude! I was shuffled around to the point of bankruptcy and even then, after all was said and done, they hiked my payment to over $1000 in a neighborhood that at the time was already poverty-stricken. Thus I lost my home to foreclosure! It's sad to see that these many years later, they are still in business when small business owners like myself have had to struggle. It seems they are still doing the same shady practices, and now I believe they have equity of mine that I can't seem to get any answers on. If anyone knows of any lawsuits or organizations that help with anything pertaining to this company, please post. Option One/AHMSI, whoever you are, shame on you!

My home preservationist has been changed, and like the last one, refuses to call me back. Morianda ** was the first and I was supposed to do a modification which I qualified for. The file was ready to go to underwriting but sat on her desk for 4 months. She never returned my calls. The second refuse to answer my calls. I have left several voice mails noting that I have an offer but need info to proceed. I have emailed my realtor to document what was said and so there is a record. I told her that I would follow up my message to my realtor for documentation purposes.

The last voice mail, I told her that Wells Fargo is impeding my sale and that I need the answers because now, they are holding back the deal. They told my realtor that I wasn't in compliance because we hadn't sent everything required and that too much time had passed and we had to re-do everything and resend. My realtor was dealing with a sympathetic person at Wells Fargo named Evette **, the contact for my realtor who verified via paper trail that I was in compliance and she expressed concern for how this has been mishandled. Of course, now she is no longer my realtor's contact. I have been reading quite a bit about other people going through the same thing with their short sale.

I am a call center agent associate for AHMSI (American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc.) in Guadalajara, Mexico with I-Gate Patni. I am totally disgusted on how my fellow Americans are being treated when it comes to their home mortgage servicing by the company I represent. I cannot believe that a bunch of incompetent, uncaring group of Mexican foreigner call center agents do as they wish with the financial situation of American homeowners who are serviced by AHMSI.

I receive calls from customers who have been victimized by errors voluntarily or involuntarily committed by fellow colleagues who do not know absolutely nothing of what they are doing. Cannot believe they can push a keyboard and totally ruin a customer’s account and it is occurring daily to the point of it being routine. Is there no law that regulates and controls American based companies from outsourcing call centers that provide absolutely outrageous customer support?! I mean to have incompetent call center outsourced for services such as cable TV or cellphone services is one thing, but this is an issue about people’s homes, our dreams. How can it be placed in the hands of irresponsible outsourced call centers? Where is our government?!

I had my home sold in foreclosure. It is extremely frustrating, when the mortgage company kept adding home insurance and the amount of money they wanted was three times what the monthly payments were. I asked for them to talk to the Insurance Agent to get the account straighten out. But each time another insurance was added. Sadly after three years of this, my home was sold on foreclosure. I had to remove my elderly parents and family from the home and find a place for us to live. Hopefully a unique person would look into this, at least to explain what went wrong.

Option One, aka American Home Mortgage services, holds our mortgage, and we fell behind. We have continued to make payments that we were able to, and they kept accepting. They told us we were able to re-modify our loan, and it was approved. We signed the paperwork and returned to them. Our subsequent payments were not changed, and we fell further behind. Since 9/28/2011, we have been working with the bank to get monies owed out of our 401k account.

Today, 10/12/2011, we tried to pay what they told us was amount due from their hardship letter and withdrawn from our 401k account. The letter we have states what is owed by 10/11/2011. We tried to make the payment yesterday, but we were told that we had to Western Union the payment. I spoke to a supervisor, and they said I could do it tomorrow, 10/12/2011.

Today, the Western Union states they need cash only. The Citizens Bank does not have on hand $23,000. I called the mortgage company again, and I was told that my number had expired and I owe an additional $10,000. We are now on the phone again with them, and we are being transferred.... They said we needed some other letter that was never given to us for a "reinstatement."

I purchased my home in January 2007. My mortgage company was Option One Mortgage.

In March 2007, I had to have a heart surgery and a heart defribulator installed. I was out of work for six to eight weeks and I got behind on my payments. I was able to get it straight again but then in July 2007, I had problems with my defribulator. I missed work again and was unable to make my payments. I struggled to make my payments and the mortgage company offered to work with me to get things straightened out. Everything was going better for me and then in 2008, the company I was working for have closed without notice. I was out of work for ten months before I was able to find a new job. By then, I was so far behind on my mortgage that I could not get caught up.

Option One Mortgage was taken over by American Home Mortgage. In order to kept my home, they wanted a huge amount of money and gave me five days to get the down payment to them and then I was to pay, basically double my house payment, over the next six to nine months. I could not come up with the money so I had to file Chapter 13 in December 2009 in order to keep my home. After I filed bankruptcy, the mortgage company sold my home anyway and I had to get it back from the investor that bought it. I had my Chapter 13 dismissed. They then offered to do a loan modification and I was told not to make any payments on my home until they got the modification done which took almost six months. My payment was lowered by almost $400.00 a month and my interest rate was lowered also. I made a couple of payments and my husband's company downsized and he lost his job of fifteen years. I missed a payment on my mortgage and because they said it was within my trial period, they were going to foreclose again.

I talked with someone else and was told that they should be able to do another loan modification. I was told again, not to make any payments untill the loan modification was complete. When I got the papers on this modification, my payments were back up higher than they were before the first modification. If I could not make them before, how did they expect me to make these payments. Not only was my payment higher that it had ever been, my mortgage balance went from $156k to $197K. My husband finally found another job but was making less than half of what he was making at his previous job. We still could not afford the payments that the mortgage company had set for us. Then my husband got hurt on the job in July 2011. He had to have surgery on his foot and has still not returned to work. His company is not paying him the full amount of a workman's compensation because he had only been with the company for six weeks.

I tried to work something out with the mortgage company but again, they wanted a large amount down and then almost double my mortgage payment for six months. Of course, I could not make these payments either. I was told that they may be able to do another loan modification so I sent in all the requested paperwork but was told that since the other one was not a year old (it will be in Dec) that they could not help me. My home went into foreclosure and will be sold tomorrow, September 6th 2011.

I got a mortgage for my first house through Option One Mortgage. I didn’t realize at the time that the mortgage was subprime. The interest rate of 8.4% was not fixed and due to reset in 2 years.

In 2007, I was permanently injured at work and I wasn’t able to pay the mortgage. Option One started foreclosure. I’m disabled and can’t afford to pay the mortgage to keep utilities and food in the house. And they are relentlessly calling me every day with threats of foreclosure. Please help.

We went through exactly the same scenario like everyone else. My husband was in a car accident and I'm already unable to work due to a disability. We were unable to make our payments. We called the company right away, and "oh did they understand," yes they did. They had told us since our credit had been good with them, that we could go without paying for a couple of months. And that we could work on a modification to put those payments at the end of the loan. It never happened! We were constantly on the phone (with someone you could never understand) they claimed they never received our faxes of our paperwork after it was even sent out 23 times.

They kept saying they needed more money to set this modification for filing, recording, blah, blah, blah. After $7000, we knew we still were in no firm situation of keeping the home. So, we decided to just let go. We couldn't take the stress anymore. But after reading thousands of comments, I can only hope someone would bring this company forward and help everyone who has been taken advantaged of. That whatever attorney takes this on, they will definitely be someone very special. It takes a special person to take this on, to go forward and to help so many who have been hurt and humiliated and that Justice shall be served.

We are looking for others wanting to file a class action lawsuit against Option One. We received a loan that was not what we expected. We were told one interest rate and were given another. We tried to rescind but was told by a service representative in India that they could not help us unless we went behind in our payments because Option One was going out of business. Please email if you would like to file a class action against this company whose new name is Sand Canyon Investments.

I was a customer of Option One / H&R Block mortgage company.

In May of 2007, my job of 16 years burnt down. Knowing that I was in serious trouble money wise, I immediately called my mortgage company and inquired about what options they may have for me. I was told at that time that until I was behind 3 months on mortgage payments that there was nothing that they could do . I explained that my ability to pay in full was not going to be possible that my job had burnt down and the money I had coming in was slashed drastically.

I also learned at this same time that my mortgage payment would be adjusted on May 31 from 8.7% to 11.65%, changing an already high payment of $971.00 to $1,231.00. This mortgage payment did not include an escrow account, I paid my taxes and insurance separately. I did indeed fall behind on my payments and contacted Option One again to go over my options for mortgage reduction. I was instructed to send in information proving my situation, the fire at work and the money I had coming in.

I did all of this and they responded with a letter stating they would consider a Loan Modification only after I sent them a payment of $2,000 and even with this payment, they could not guarantee me if I would get a reduction of any kind, let alone one that would help me to be successful in allowing me to keep my home of 8 years.

I tried unsuccessfully to get a new loan from all the lenders I could call but by then, my credit had been damaged and I was told over and over that I was upside down in this house and that the value was not enough to get any other loan. So they happily foreclosed on me and sold my home for $70,000 taking a loss of $52,000, but made me no offer of letting me continue on.

We had our mortgage with Sun Trust in GA and it was sold to Option One immediately after signing our loan papers in November 2005. The bank had arranged for the cost of the house and a 2nd mortgage to buy our house. The house note was still less than rent. We did not totally understand all that was said at signing, yet we are educated individuals who were made to feel foolish for "not knowing" and asking questions. We paid our bills online monthly and faithfully. In December 2007, gas prices were up and our daughter had been in the hospital in FL for the full month of November. My husband, a licensed and ordained minister, functioned as a non-profit organization doing counseling. He continued to see clients regardless of their ability to donate.

Our income was directly affected. It became increasingly difficult to make ends meet as the recession was in action long before it was actually declared a recession. The gas hikes started, the problems and the cost of everything soared, and people could not afford to keep up.We kept our notes up and had tried to work out other options, but they kept changing the information on us and the time frame. My husband was working with a guy for a short sale, but they would not allow him the time to get his monies together. Then when they sent notice we were being foreclosed on and the house was not underwater, the bank said they were willing to take it and pay us to leave it clean and ready for re-sale.

They even sent out an inspector who assured us it would act as a sale and we were given the bonus money for the excellent condition of the house. We had made several improvements that included hardwood floors on the main level, bathroom remodeling, and had freshly painted every room in the home in neutral colors. The inspector acted more like an agent and loved the house. She assured us all monies were taken care of and we would walk away without owing anything. Yes, we have had a letter and I hope I can find it with the moving and everything we own being in storage.

Then in April of 2010, we get a phone call saying we are in default of the second mortgage on the house and we are obligated to pay it. We do not have nor can afford $33,077.26. They have us set up to pay $336 a month once we catch up the past due amount that has been since June of 2008. I have told them all we can afford is $80 a month until we can make a full payment or until we can make a reasonable buy out option. My husband is not even making $50,000 a year. We are living with my mother because we had to relocate, and we have this foreclosure on our credit. I don't know what would have happened, but we had options open until they foreclosed so quickly and gave us different information, depending on who you talked to and the time of the day. There was such inconsistency, literally, they wore us out and in no time, we were homeless. Now, we live with family, thankfully have a job, but owe all this money and have our credit ruined.

We are in our 50's. The odds of us finding or making a major difference in our lives at this time is gone. Physical damage cannot be measured when you lose your own place to live and have everything you own in storage. It is like you are already dead. We have been married to each other for 33 years. We have neither had an affair; we have three wonderful children, a son-in-law, and one precious grandchild. We have played by all the rules and have been faced with this. I am emotionally exhausted. I am a diabetic, which has just gotten worse with the stress. I am not going to complain just for the sake of it, but it has taken what we have worked for and dreamed of having. All we wanted was our own home, a place for our children to come to create memories and enjoy life. It is gone. We will never dig out. I cannot talk about without crying and I cannot allow myself to think of the loss without sinking.

During all of this, we have not filed for unemployment, food stamps or any other form of government aid. I have felt it was wrong all along about the way they did us with the house. Then to have this other thrown at us now is a killer. I know we cannot get the house back or anything, we have had to move to a different state. My best hope is to not have this $33,077.26 hanging over our head with the monthly threats. I pray there is something that can be done or some error in the foreclosure that can take care of the financial error. The lady told us we would owe nothing.

I bought my house through HR Block who never notified me that they sold it to sub-prime Option One. I pay my mortgage electronically so there is not mix up. The house appreciated to $1.1M. I was doing contract work in CA when I broke my hip and missed only one payment. I was told suddenly by Option One that my "money was no good to them new. " This was meltdown time. I offer to pay double, etc. the mortgage but they wouldn't negotiate. Then I discover that they were moving to foreclose on me. I fought for 2 years to prevent it but they won and I lost my home.

Mr. Joe ** lied to us and said our mortgage would be less than what we were paying, to find out it was more how did we get this kind of a loan. He had done something with the paper work. Now we cannot pay our mortgage and we have a son who is very sick. How can you people let this happen? Mr. Joe ** is a con man. Mr. ** came to my home with a lady and with Ryan ** who is now going to the Supreme Court for fraud. Mr. Ryan ** did my mortgage first and they are friends. They both did this refinance but you as a bank did not pick up on any of that. My husband and I could not afford this kind of mortgage and put made up numbers on these papers. What is wrong here?

I got loan through Option One under false pretenses. They used my home phone number for my social security number. I have been married for ten years and sent them paperwork time and time again with marriage license, driver's license, social security and still under old name. My home is going in foreclosure because I had operation and cannot take care of it.

We have buyers for the home and property, but they're getting tired of waiting because the mortgage company will not agree to an amount which is three times of what my home is worth.

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