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OneMain Financial offers personal loans online and at about 1,400 physical locations in 44 states. Customers can choose between unsecured personal loans, secured personal loans and auto loans. You can secure your personal loan with an automobile, RV or boat. In many cases, loans are available the same day you’re approved. OneMain Financial offers loans from $1,500 to $20,000.

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    • Flexible term lengths
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    • Loans from $1,500 to $20,000


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    OneMain Financial offers secured and unsecured loans with APRs up to 35.99% and terms up to 60 months. OneMain loans have fixed rates and payments and no prepayment penalties.

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    Original review: April 23, 2010

    In 2007, I lost my job and filed an unemployment claim with American General. You must wait 30 days for the insurance to start to cover the loan payment. The office called me several times over the month to find out why I had not made a payment and I explained that I had lost my job and I would catch up the payments when I could. The office actually sent someone to my home for that one payment and told me they would take me to court for it. I told the person at the door never to come to my home and explained the situation again.

    This branch in Lancaster, CA also called me before I lost my job at work several days before the payment was even due to find out when I was going to make a payment. Their billing is always wrong and several times, they have applied the wrong payments to my account and I have to go to the office with my bank statements to straighten it out. Not once have they acknowledged the mistakes or apologized for them.

    I started working again in 2008 and lost my job in late 2009 and had to get the unemployment insurance again. My employer filed bankruptcy and was evicted from their offices. There is a form that the Yosemite Insurance wants filled out, my employer is gone from their offices. For three months, I fought with American General about the loss of my job. I took pictures of the eviction notice on the building and sent them to the insurance company and American General.

    Basically, I was called a liar and was told that the stubs from the State of California are not proof enough of unemployment. American General calls every few days and I keep telling the insurance needs to pay, why I am paying for this in my loan if they are not going to cover it. My other creditors all accepted the paperwork from the State of California, not Yosemite Insurance. They keep insisting the form must be filled out even though I keep telling them my employer filed bankruptcy and is no longer in that office and I can't find anyone from the office. I’m so sorry I got this loan with them.

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    Original review: April 20, 2010

    I have experienced financial difficulty and have gotten behind in my mortgage payments. I have asked American General Finance to work with me. They have refused. Every time I have spoken with someone, they want more money and then they will see what they can do to work with me. Once I get them more money, I am turned down again.

    I have hired a company that helps with loan modifications, short sales and consumer debt. American General Finance was upset with my decision and called my husband asking him if he was aware of what I had done. They continue to harass my husband on his cell phone and have still turned down any type of help with the Obama plan or any type of in-house help.

    I have owned my home for 10 years and still owe more than the property is worth. They have said that if I use the credit counseling company that they are asking me to use then they may help me. Their company wants to charge me money. The company I am using is charging $3000 refundable if unsuccessful. They have been unsuccessful still and continue to help us through this process. American General Finance says the only way they can help me is to bring my loan current.

    Well, if I could do that then I would not be needing a loan modification. The company that I have hired is documenting every conversation and has even spoken with upper management with no success. The unprofessionalism, sarcasm and lack of empathy from this company/Tucson office leads me to believe that there are hundreds more out there like me. Their shady business practice leaves a bad taste in my mouth, This company is part of AIG who are crooks. I am in need of someone in this company that can help. Does the CEO or CFO know what goes on in these offices?

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    Original review: April 14, 2010

    On November 2009, my wife and I filed for chapter 7, but excluded this account with American General Finance. I took the reaffirmation form to the AMGF office, but they refused to sign the forms. So I just kept on paying this account. I have made all payments and paid this account off nine months early. But now, I have been disputing this account with three credit reporting agencies because AMGF continues to report to them that this account was included in chapter 7. AMGF is also reporting this information on my father's credit report since he was co-signer on this account.

    We have unsuccessfully disputed this information at least ten times in the last 35 days, with no great results. AMGF continues to refuse to give proper information to the three credit bureaus. This has affected my father's credit report and I was also overcharged on this account. I have submitted all my receipts to AMGF but they still refuse to refund my monies. They have also submitted false documents to the New Mexico Regulations Department. AMGF has not responded to my complaints with honest answers--all fabricated lies and documents.

    AMGF has refused to comment on the issues, always talking about something that has nothing to do with my complaint. Can my father and I file a lawsuit against AMGF for fraud, with willful intent to deceive, gross neg, unfair business practices and any other misconduct by American General Finance? I have all my papers in order, all receipts, contracts and proof of payments. Do I have a lawsuit case? If so, please help me. Thank you.

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    Original review: April 8, 2010

    I applied online for a loan with American General Finance. I was given a call right away to ask additional questions, which made it seem like my loan was to be approved with just a little more information. I was asked about 50 very personal questions about my medical history and finances, which I was willing to do, since it seemed promising that I would be approved for the loan.

    Once I revealed all of that information, only then did they pull my credit (which they should have done first before even contacting me). I was denied on the spot. The person who I spoke to (who originally was friendly), became very short and rude with me, once she knew I wasn't going to be approved. Now, I'm very uncomfortable about what they are going to do with all of the personal information I provided to them. This is very bad business practice.

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    Original review: March 25, 2010

    I am currently enrolled with a debt management company due to my husband being out of work. American General was the last creditor to respond to the proposal from debit management company. They finally responded as of 3/24/2010. They have denied the proposal. I called first and spoke to representative by the name of Mary. She explained that due to company policy, they accept either 70%-75% of total amount of original monthly payment. American General approved the highest of the two which is 75%. When asked why, Mary told me because of income looks like we can afford it. I told her my husband is on unemployment at the moment, not sure how long it would be that he will find work.

    She says that I need to talk to the individual that denied the proposal which is (Marian **). She informs me that there is no 70%, only 75% per company policy. I told her that I need to see it in writing. She responded by saying "no," she does not have to provide that information. She then goes on by saying it is not her concern that I got myself into debt and can't afford to abide by my contractual agreement. I asked her why are they not considering the fact that my income will change due to my husband being unemployed. She stated that they don't have to consider it.

    All I wanted was an explanation, a valid explanation of what she was telling me and where her figure was coming from--I also want to know what they consider or what they look at to get their figure. Nothing was agreed to at the end of the call. According to Marian, there were no such thing as the 70% figure and it is what it is. Eventually, American General will be charged off on my credit report. I was trying for that not to happen but they refuse to provide me with explanation as to where their figures are coming from. I don't think I am a high risk customer because they've always received a payment from me. I will not agree to anything until I receive something in writing stating their new terms and conditions. I just think they are making up percentages and amounts based on amount of current income, not based on future income.

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    Original review: March 23, 2010

    I paid two payments at one time, called the office, asked if this could be problem, "no". Before the month was over AG filed levi, with Staunton City District Court for the balance of the loan $ 1,658.00. They sent report of lien to Credit Reporting agencies. I called and corrected the problem. The Staunton Office agreed to correct but never did. Almost a year later, took the release to court house myself. But the credit reporting agencies have refused to remove it. American General has refused to send letter admitting error.

    My house re-fi was refused stating "AG lien" -$nearly 20,000 / yr. in interest alone. My car insurance went up for same reason to 3,400./yr. My home owners refuse to insure my home and I had to get more expensive policy although I have never had a claim. Even though my salary has doubled, I can't get a re-fi to lower interest because of American General, and my electric company said my credit report caused them to charge me a deposit. These are a few of the cost to me. They do not include the days of cost as lost work, and frustration due to numerous dead end calls.

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    Original review: March 20, 2010

    We have had our Mortgage with American General (Yes, they are owned by AIG) for almost 9 years and it has been a living hell. They call you and harass you as many as three times a day if they even think you might be late. If they cant get you, they call your family and friends. They send you paper work about all this money, your available and how you can make a 1 time reduced payment? But won't honor it if you try to use it.

    I have been on unemployment for over a year and get $1156.00 per month. My mortgage is $1,000.00 per month. My home owners insurance lapsed due to a depleted budget so American General put a homeowners policy on my home at a cost of $2,076.39 per year which is 61/2 times what it cost me before and covers only the dwelling not the contents. This policy was provided by AIG. The cost was added to my principal and interest charged on that. I paid $900.00 cash for the old 1974 Double wide mobile that we live in. They want me to insure it at a cost 2 and a half time what I paid for the place to buy it out right.

    They also take any payment that are not paid in full. Regardless of weather they offered a reduced payment option or not, and consider them late thus not giving you credit for the payment. Even if you show the next month with a full payment, they take a late payment fee of as much as $150.00 out of this payment therefore making you short on this loan payment also and starting the process all over again with late fees being added again.

    I have also had my loan modified twice by American General. Neither time did I receive any thing in writing stating what had been done and why. I have only been told verbally about the changes and have seen them reflected on my statements by due amount and interest rate. But I still got nothing in writing and strangely enough my principal goes up every month despite the payment we make. The women in our local office tell me that regardless of what papers I receive and present them with that the offers they offer, can be implemented how they see fit without any requests from the loan holder.

    Stress and anxiety and many sleepless nights worrying weather all the suffering and going without things needed to make life worth living, which every person deserves. I save every penny all month long just to try to have my mortgage payment when it is due. I have not had TV sevice at my home in 8 months because I'm trying to protect the only thing that I have to show for a lifetime of work. My home. I have missed Doctors appointments medicine and many other important things for fear of missing my mortgage payment. This has also caused a lot of strain on my 25 year marriage.

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    Original review: March 9, 2010

    After getting behind 30 days on my line I tried to make a partial payment and then make arrangements to pay off the balance to bring me current, but American General refused to take the partial payment. They stopped by my home and harassed my family and then decided to send me a letter stating that they would turn me mover to a collection agency and start foreclosure proceedings. They have stopped by home on more than one occasion and threatened me and my family.

    The branch manager Katie at the Central office in Chicago has been unsympathetic and rude. I've been asked questions like, "What do you do with your money?" and "Don't you think your mortgage is important?" It wasn’t a question of importance but a question of I didn't have all of the money at the time. I asked if they could wait an additional three days. Working with them has been a nightmare.

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    Original review: Feb. 26, 2010

    The Customer Service Representatives Specifically Ryan and Sara at the American General Financial Services Branch Boise, ID are rude and unprofessional. They were threatening me and my family by stating "It's the money or the car, whats it going to be?" and "If you don't pay we will just take the car, add a 400 dollar repo fee and then garnish your wages after we sell it". This was all said to me after I promised to pay the 200 dollars that was due, but I would have had to pay it a week later.

    Also note that I was not even a month behind at this point. I offered to pay with a post dated check, this is the response I got by Sara "Your checks bounce" and "you have been a thorn in my side for a long time we will not take a post dated check from you." We have been doing business with American General for the last 3 years ,only one check has bounced in that time and we have never been more than two months behind.

    I have had to sacrifice money for food and and not pay other bills because they have demanded that I pay them, or they take my car which is the only one I have and I have 4 kids.

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    Original review: Feb. 26, 2010

    Two weeks ago, I make a direct payment of $130.00 and I know I am behind 3 months. I told to Marcia that I will call again in 2 weeks to make a payment. Three days after I make that payment, they are calling my work, Human Resources where I work, my cell phone, and my house. I did not respond because I just talked to them and it is not 2 weeks yet. Today, 02/26/2010 at 1230 pm, one employee from their department showed up to my door and start harassing me for payment. I told her the same thing, it is not 2 weeks yet, but she was rude and started yelling. I told her, “Do you realize you are in the front door for 2 payments?” Plus I am on medication right now for anxiety, but did not tell her.

    I called SD police and told them who is in my front door. She said I don’t have to open it the next time, and if they continue, I need to call them back. So I went to my work, and later this afternoon, I decided to call them and make arrangements. Unfortunately, they want that 2 months payment of $260.00 right now. I said I can come out half by tomorrow, 12/27/10, and half on 13/05/10. They won’t take it, and Marcia told me that they will take federal action by Monday, meaning court. Just for 2 months behind plus trying to negotiate with is not good enough. My question is, are they really allowed to show up in your door like that? And what am I supposed to do in that situation? They might take me to court. They might repossess my car I’m using to go to work. I am taking medication for anxiety and it could get worse in this situation and lose my job. They put too much stress on people like me who owe $2500 and trying to make a payment.

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    Original review: Feb. 25, 2010

    I purchased a pellet burner store on 3-3-2008. The stove worked fine for the last 2 months of the season. The next season, the burner started faulting out and shutting down. We called them and complained many times. They sent their service people out several times, telling us it was fixed. This season started all over again having faults. Luce's have been here 5 times so far and the stove is still not fixed. I phoned Luce's today to ask what they planned to do since my warranty will be up in 7 days and their reply was nothing.

    I feel they have done nothing but run the warranty out leaving us with a bad stove. I keep Savannah cats in this building and it is vital they have heat. They have never been in the cold and could not live through freezing temperatures should the stove fault in the night. I was sold this stove knowing all the conditions pertaining to the environment and now they are saying it is because of that. Why sell me a stove knowing full well it was not designed for this.

    The first call made to Luce's this year, they claimed the stove just needed to be cleaned and charged me $150.00 to clean it after my husband had already kept it clean. Within 5 hours of their cleaning, the stove stopped again. Again Luce's cheated us out of $150.00. I spoke with Luce's and expressed the fact there had been so many service calls and they should replace it and their reply was, "Oh, we only see 2 calls." But again that is a lie. I had so many calls last year I contacted American General Finance Company about how unfair it was the stove didn't even last 10 of the 12 months, same as cash. Go figure, American General no longer finances their poor service and company.

    We have had to get out of bed 2 times a night for the past 3 weeks just to go and check the stove. We have had to cancel our vacation that was booked a month ago because the stove is unreliable and faulty. The stress alone is more than I should have to put up with just calling them all the time. I have paid the $150.00 2 years in a row because they claim it needs cleaning when it truly does not. It appears I will have to purchase a stove elsewhere because this stove in not reliable. I feel I have been lied to on several occasions by them, and as it stands, I have a stove I paid $3,358.39 for and really can't use it safely. That is not what they sold to me.

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    Original review: Jan. 22, 2010

    This company finance an auto loan for me for 5 years. I still have a balance of $7000. It has been over five years. Every time I call or write about this, they state it's for insurance. I have informed them that each and every time I have change companies for insurance I had them notified. They still state I owe this money in which I don't. This will make this loan over seven years instead of five. Someone please help me. They have even wrote me threatening to repo my car. I was late for a few days not three months. I need my car to go to work. I could use this money that i pay them to pay other bills I have.

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    Original review: Jan. 18, 2010

    I purchased a heat pump from Miller's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. The finance company was American General. The monthly payments are $107 and I have been paying $150. The salesman told me there were no fines for paying off the balance early. My very first statement had the principal plus the total interests paid in 108 payments for $107. I called them and they said there was nothing they could do about that. I am going to pay this off in over two years early. Can they charge me interest for the total of 108 months?

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    Original review: Jan. 16, 2010

    In October 2009, I lost my job when the company closed. Living in a county with 5000 people out of work, there were no jobs to be had. My husband and I had to file bankruptcy and American General was included. They got the info from our attorney and they decided to file a suit against us, threatening to garnish my husband's wages. They also sent us a bill long after the bankruptcy was filed. Do they have the right to file a suit after they were included in a bankruptcy? When does it end?

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    Original review: Jan. 15, 2010

    I borrowed about $5,600 from American General almost 2 years ago when they were at their Lawrenceville, NJ location. Everything was going okay. I would go into the office every month to pay my bill. I was always treated very nicely addressed by my name as soon as I arrived. I never had a problem until recently when the office moved to Hamilton Twp.

    I made the mistake of calling the company from my cell phone to pay my bill since they moved so far away. Almost immediately afterwards, I began receiving harassing soliciting calls for additional loans on my cell. This was bad enough. However, these calls were during my working hours and my job frowns on cell phones ringing. I have repeatedly asked this young woman not to call me while I'm working for this foolishness and she continues to ignore my request. One night someone from the head office in another part of the country called to ask me if I was satisfied with American General's service I told him about the harassing calls. He apologized to me and told me these calls were coming from my local office and he didn't have anything to do with that. I told him if it happened again, I would be very unhappy. They called my home phone today twice, one call was to solicit a loan once again and other call was because my bill is late.

    I told my husband we are never borrowing money from them again. For one thing their rates are too high and for another they behave like a bunch of loan sharks from all the accounts I have read. I thought Avco Finance was bad; these fools are worst. I'm sticking with my credit union from now on for my financial needs. As long as I keep my phone on vibrate the supervisor doesn't hear it ring. I will be okay. I am just angry that I am being disrespected and disregarded after I have asked the person to stop calling and that I wasn't interested in any more loans.

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    Original review: Jan. 10, 2010

    I did borrow approximately $8,000.00 from American General Financial Services on December 24, 2009. American General is holding the title to my vehicle, 2006 Honda. From the start of this loan, I started receiving calls from American General about payments. The first call I received was in January 2009, at which time, the first payment was not due until February 1, 2009, with a 15 day grace period before late charges. Below are the dates of payments and copy of all canceled checks and money orders American General cashed from my bank. There are 12 months in a year, therefore counting from February 2009 to February 2010 is equal to 12 months. Therefore, from February 2009 to December 2009 is 10 months. In the "My Payment Schedule" of the contract states the following. "first payment is due on February 1, 2009. 47 Payments of $269.36, beginning March 1, 2009". I may owe American General Late fees. According to my records and my cancelled checks, I am not behind in any payments to American General.

    Ms. Kindra **, senior manager for American General, has called my place of work, on several occasion. She was informed I could not receive personal calls of that nature at work. She continued to talk. I had customers in my work area, including my supervisory. They all could hear Ms. **, even with the phone to my ear. On several occasions, Ms. ** open my mailbox at my place of residence, and place an envelope in the mail box. The envelope contains her business card. Ms. ** called my home so much in a week's time, that she caused stress to my marriage, and to my husband, who is a type 2 diabetic. She called so much one day, that she cause his blood sugar to go out of control, to the point that when I arrive home from work, I found him in a diabetic shock. I had to call an ambulance f or him. Her questions to him was to say I was not at work, when in fact I was. She tried to discuss the account with him. His name is not on the account.

    Ms. ** calls Ms. Rosalind **, a friend, looking for me. All of the above rules have been broken by Kindra ** of American General. The voice mail message she has left on my answering services are still intact. Therefore I am also filing a claim with Maryland Attorney General's Office. There is no legal basis for this lawsuit. The same day, American General received 2 payments from me is the same date they contacted their Attorney to file a suit. See Attachment 3, regarding complaints from other customers of American General.

    To resolve the late payment issues, I asked American General for Information as to how I could have payment taken out of my paycheck. As of today, I have not received that information from American General. The manager of American General said I gave them post dated check. That is untrue. The checks I wrote to American General were after I had received a salary check from my employer. Ms. ** also stated she gave the envelopes to someone in my home. My husband said at no time did she, or anyone from American General Hand him an envelope. He found the envelope in our mailbox. American General retains attorney on a regular basis. The attorney is collecting fee from American General, and the debtor. I got embarrassed in front of my friends. They caused my husband to get sick, and also caused distrust in a marriage.

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    Original review: Jan. 4, 2010

    I have had loans with this company for years, They moved their payment center to Los Angeles about two years ago. This is when the problems started. I am disabled and trying to pay the loan off early. I found out through looking through my payments that they have not been putting the extra money I have been sending to principal.

    I paid $75 extra last month with a separate check. They took $74 in interest, not to mention the extra they took out of the $300 I paid. I am one month ahead. At least, I was. I was told I am now only about two weeks ahead. My payment is $294.64 a month. I always pay $300. They have consistently been taking the extra money I have sent with instructions on checks to put towards principal, not interest. They have disregarded this and taken almost all of it to interest.

    This is illegal. They are a subsidiary of AIG. Please check the consumer complaint page for numerous complaints against them for unfair practices regarding interest, payment, and other issues like harassment, etc.

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    Original review: Dec. 18, 2009

    I took out a small $3,500 personal loan through American General Financing. I was doing well with paying on time up until recently. I lost my job and only managed to find a small part-time job that barely pays for my vehicle loan. American General started calling my cell phone and home constantly at all hours. At one point, a woman showed up at my doorstep. She was rather rude and asked if I had $40 to give her now for an interest payment. I had just made a payment on my vehicle and didn't even have $40 to give. She asked if I would have $80 next week to do a double interest payment. I agreed that I could do that.

    So the following week, I went in with $90 cash to make an interest payment. But when I got there, I was told that I would need to pay an additional $50 to make one full payment. Then the next payment could be a double interest payment. I did not agree to this. So then the phone calls started again and the woman showed up at my door again - before seven in the morning! My family and friends have received numerous phone calls. Now I received what appears to be a fake attorney letter in the mail requesting I turn the title over to my 2005 Yamaha Motorcycle. I've never owned a motorcycle in my life! So not only do they lie to you, but they make things up as they go. All this for a $2,500 debt.

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    Original review: Dec. 14, 2009

    I got a loan from American General to repair the throttle body on my car. I had to put the car up for collateral as I'm very young with no credit. I had always made payments on time, in fact made larger payments than necessary to knock this loan out sooner. A few months ago, I had lost my job and made a payment of 3x the amount and asked for that to be spread out for 3 months’ worth of payments, which a woman in the office told me would be no problem. The next month, I started receiving calls from them about being late on payments. They called me, my siblings, my friends, present and previous employers, etc. Harassment seems to go hand in hand with this company!

    When I explained the situation, Jeff told me that was not possible and that I am late and need to make payments. He told me that he got permission from corporate for me to make interest payments to stop repossession of my vehicle. I had just made an interest payment last month and was told that would bring my account up to date and that everything would be fine.

    Tonight, a repo man showed up at my brother's house (where I am currently staying) and took my car. He said AmGen has had a court action against me for months and I have racked up thousands in debt for them trying to track me down. (I am not even months in debt to them!) I was told that I have to pay any and all balances owed to AmGen and any repo company hired to find me. I hope I get my car back.

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    Original review: Dec. 1, 2009

    My mother had a stroke in May 2009, and she had a loan with them. She had always paid well and due to her illness, could no longer make the payments. They have called and harassed her. It made her cry. She is 71 and already suffering from the trauma of the stroke, not being able to use her left side. (She was left-handed.) A man by the name of Joey came to her home and told her he had a lien on her home. Then he said if she paid $148.00, they would work with her. Before we could get the check in the mail, he said, "I need to come get a check right away, and I (Joey) will write your check for you." My mother told him no and that it was in the mail that Sunday and he should have it by Tuesday. Then the same day, Heather called from there and was rude and had my mother upset again. What kind of people are they to call & come to the home of a 71-year-old who has had a stroke and they know she is disabled and suffering from no use of her left side. How ruthless are these people. Someone needs to put a stop to this. Who will be responsible if she has another stroke due to this harassment?

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    Original review: Nov. 28, 2009

    I took out a loan for a work truck. A friend co-signed and collapsed her vehicle into the loan for collateral. My business did not work out and the economy in NC was not good and getting worse. My friend and myself could find work but for $8.00 and hour only. I left and moved to FL to find work and lived with my parents to get back on my feet. I called American General, let them know of my whereabouts and told Homer that my dad wanted to settle and get both cars off the loan. My dad offered Am Gen $8,000.00. Homer refused. The loan was at 16%. My dad had numerous calls with Homer and Homer refused all offers. Finally I had to give both cars back and now I am getting a bill for $6,000.00. Had Homer just taken the offer from my dad, all would have been satisfied and I and my friend would still have a friendship - we would have our cars and Am Gen would have their money. I have never seen a loan company refuse money before.

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    Original review: Nov. 27, 2009

    My wife and I both have loans through American General. This year, we have found ourselves going through a very hard time. I was laid off from my job and had to undergo a major surgery all in a matter of two weeks. My wife who was pregnant at the time, was only working a minimum wage job. We were doing our best to pay all of our bills and keep a roof over our heads. I was recalled to my job, however, within a matter of about a month, my wife was put on bed-rest and was let go from her job.

    American General has called us on a daily basis, calling one phone and then another. They have gone as far as to call my parent's house. I have asked them numerous times not to contact my parents, as my debt is not any of their business. The store manager told me she would come to my house and get the payment from us, if we did not bring it in. They went as far as to tell us they would make out our budget for us. They have even told us that they have seen us out in town, such as at Walmart, and they want to know where their payment is. I feel that this is harassment! We have done without groceries to give them our last 20 bucks at times, just to be told that isn't good enough. We are behind on our payments but we give them everything that we possibly can.

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    Original review: Nov. 25, 2009

    I have been receiving telephone solicitation from this company. They call my home phone number and my cell phone. I have told them I am not interested. When Sean called today on my cell phone, I again told him I am on the Do Not Call list and not to call me anymore. He told me to “Stick my Do Not Call up my **” and “Shove your cell phone up my **.” No lie. This man was so vulgar I could not believe it. I had a phone number on my phone with a 718 prefix and I tried calling it and it would not go through. I have never been spoken to like that and if that company calls me again, I will get a working phone number and address before I tell them what I think of their telemarketer. I believe if that is how the telemarketers are, they must be a 1,000 times worse to deal with the loan side. Never will I deal with that company.

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    Original review: Nov. 23, 2009

    I obtained a loan from AG in 2007. The loan was 11% and it is now 17%. That is not the worst part. Gene, the manager, was very rude to me. On Oct. 13, 2009, I totally lost my car to which AG was the lien holder. The insurance company told me everything was settled. Later, I got a call telling me to make a payment for the car, which I thought was already settled. Gene got on the phone and told me I had to pay now. When I told him that I did not have the money, he said, "Are you telling me that you have no money to put in your car if you ran out of gas?" He was being very rude and he was yelling at me. He also told me that he will not release the title of the car to the insurance. He will haul me into court and make me pay for the entire balance even though the insurance was going to pay most of it. I told him to do what he had to do.

    While I was on the phone with the insurance company, I found out that AG wrote the wrong number on the release letter and refused to change the amount from $2,126.91 to $2,126.90. Gene is holding it up so he can make me pay for the entire balance. This is totally uncalled for. He was very rude and unprofessional. When I asked to speak with Courtney, he yelled, "She is busy!" But he later said that the office was closed and they were just there having a business meeting - that is why he answered the phone.

    As of today, Nov. 23, 2009, Gene has not released the title of the car and has not changed the correct amount on the letter. He is holding out so the interest can grow and I can owe more on the balance. He is really trying to make me pay the entire balance. AG should be investigated for the numerous complaints that they have been receiving from customers.

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    Original review: Nov. 20, 2009

    Due to an employment related layoff and other unexpected situations, my mortgage payments started getting behind. For the past 7 months, a loan modification has been requested and refused. American General continuously stated they had no such program in place (though they took stimulus funds). After countless calls to various managers, I was told in 10/09, a modification would be considered. They asked only for income information. How can one's financial picture be understood by income and without attention to debts? Based on this search for income only, it became clear that a denial was on the way because no one was ever going to consider the "modification."

    In early 11/09, I got the call informing me that my "modification" was denied. Surprise. Surprise. When I asked why, I was told my gross income exceeded 13% of the loan amount. It would be funny if it were not my life. I didn't even see gross income. It didn't matter to them that my debts exceeded my income. They actually had the gall to say that they were being forced by the government to use that calculation. Yeah, right. In light of the denial, I agreed to send a full payment and was told after a few full payments, the past due balance would be removed due to an extension. I sent in a postdated check.

    Tonight, I got a call telling me $290 more would be needed or I would have to vacate by 11/30/09. I was sure the idea was to get the bulk payment then call back on the eve of Thanksgiving Holiday and threaten foreclosure so they could scare the additional $290 that was never mentioned out of me. The two managers I called to report the dishonest and unethical act responded only by saying the notes on the account said I was told about the additional $290. They wouldn't hear that that did not take place. This company has taken the stimulus money and is not using it to help the public. I work. I am willing and able to pay; I just need a slight reduction (due to a reduction in my husband's income). They will not grant it.

    Please think twice about doing business with them. I have been a customer for 8 years with a flawless payment history for 6 plus years. They actually advised me to file bankruptcy and not pay my other creditors so I could pay them. They are ruthless and they need to be stopped. I pray legal action is on the way.

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    Original review: Nov. 5, 2009

    This office deposited a check dated November 3, 2009 on Oct. 30, 2009. I told them to hold the check as we have done for the past 6 months. They made the mistake and deposited early and will not cover the $31.00 bank fee from my bank. In admitting they made the mistake and deposited early, I don't feel I should have to cover my fee. I think they should have to own up! I have already talked to my bank and they will waive the fee, but I think American General should be the one to waive the fee. This payment has been made on my dad's account at M&I Bank as I am unemployed and so is my dad. He has been making the payments for the past year. He has also paid the late fee every month.

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    Original review: Oct. 29, 2009

    Be very careful with considering obtaining a loan with this company because if you do and find yourself in a hardship, you will be harassed. I lost my job with the state in Sept. 2008; however, I have managed to make payments, falling 2 months behind at the most. This company is very harassing, manager or employee showing up at my home, telephone calls to my home and family members' home from a man by the name of Omar. I called on 10/29/09 to obtain payoff quote by using a friend's cell phone (I did not provide them with the phone number from where I was calling). As soon as I hung up, a Miranda called to ask what my intentions were. I advised her, I am only one payment behind by 2 days! I also advised not to call this number again, not to come by my home again and if so, I will consider it harassment. I further advised AGF to only contact me by correspondence through mail.

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    Original review: Oct. 28, 2009

    I had a loan with this company since April 2007. My husband and I started to get in hardship situation in October 2008 and went on maternity leave in March 2009. Even though we were in the middle of a hardship, I still did my best on paying my loan even though it was always late. I then got into a debt settlement program in June 2009. My loan started to go into default in July 2009. To make matters worse, this company decides to sue me in September and does not even give me any alternative options.

    Before the lawsuit, they called me every day at work, delivered a business card stating if I don't pay by 8/28 pending next action. The last phone call I received was someone by the name Omar and asked me "if I knew what I was?" and I said yes, everything was explained loud and clear. He then told me if I don't pay my past due, they would move to litigation and my wages would be garnished. They never gave me other options but would rather take me to court... How stupid.

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    Original review: Sept. 19, 2009

    I have a personal loan with American General Finance. I used my vehicle to secure this loan. On September 15, 2009, 2 men showed up at my place of employment and told me they were there to repossess my vehicle due to being 2 months behind on my payments. My payment is due on the 11th of every month, and on my statement I receive each month, it also shows that after the 21st of the month, I then have a $15.00 late charge. Yes, I was behind on the August payment due to a house repair that ended up costing me more than I had expected. I had planned on making the August payment that day as I had the money, but I just hadn't made the payment yet. I knew or thought that I was ok that once I made the August payment, I would be caught up until September 21. Thanks to the 10-day grace period. I guess not.

    I then immediately called American General and spoke with Aaron, who told me that since I hadn't returned his phone calls, he had "no choice" but to take my vehicle. I told him that I was only 1 month behind and could and was going to make the payment that day. He refused to allow me to leave work then and make the payment. The 2 guys standing in my office had to bring my vehicle to American General, and then I could come and pay them and get my vehicle back. When I asked how I was to get there since they were taking my vehicle, Aaron said he didn't know what to tell me.

    This is where it gets interesting. Aaron told me that I had to pay last month's payment, this month's payment, next month's payment plus $100.00 for the repossession! My payment is $395.00 a month, so I had to have $1,164.09 to pay them in order to get my vehicle back or they would keep it! The 2 guys were very nice and felt very bad for me. They told me that one of them would drive my vehicle to American General if I gave him the keys so I would not suffer the embarrassment of having my vehicle repossessed in front of all my co-workers. So I gave them my keys and told Aaron that I would be in to pay the amount.

    I then received a phone call from Aaron about 1/2 hour later wanting to know where I was at. I told him that I needed to find a way there first to pay. He then told me that my vehicle was going to be towed to an auction lot quite a distance from me and that when I paid, then I would have to find a way to this lot to pick up my vehicle! Can you believe this?! It's just because I was 1 month behind! So I had my mom come and pick me up, and I went to the bank to get the money as I was also told that I had to bring cash! I then called Aaron on my way to the bank to ask him just exactly where my vehicle was, and he told me that he would tell me once I show up with the money! I was needing to know, so I could let my mom know if she would need to drive me to this auction lot or not.

    I then went into American General and paid this huge amount of money. I asked Aaron about the grace period as I was only 1 month behind. He then told me that there is no 10-day grace period! I said, "Well, it's on my statement each month." I was then told they have that on there for people who paid twice a month! Excuse me, don't most people receive a paycheck at least twice a month? I was then told I was caught up until November and that if I'm late again, they would take the vehicle for good!

    I truly think that they thought there was no way I would be able to pay them the amount they were asking for and they wanted me not to be able to get my vehicle back! Oh, and my vehicle was at a car lot not far from my residence. Go figure that one. I feel that American General is a "loan shark" type of business and they are out to get anyone who doesn't have perfect credit, rope them in, and then literally do all they can to see that person fail and not able to eventually get their loan paid off. I think they need to be investigated, and if anything, if they don't have a 10-day grace period, then they shouldn't be allowed to print it on their statements each month.

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    Original review: Sept. 15, 2009

    I have a personal loan and have not received any statements in the mail for over three months. Every time I call to get a statement for payment, they are telling me that all the statements have been returning back to the office. I have lived at my same address for 5 years. I am a soldier in the United States Army Station in St Louis. The manager has been rude to me and refuse to send me out any statements. I know they are trying to make me late on payments. The managers in other offices tried to help with no success. American General Finance should be investigated as soon as possible. I know they are trying to get more money out of me. I am not late or have ever been late on any payments. I have also had 3 personal loans with this company. Thanks for your prompt attention to the very important matter.

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