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    243 One Click Cash Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 16, 2018

    My recent experience with the Tribal lending company, One Click Cash, is totally awesome. Their customer service is 2nd to none. Simply the best. Their online loan process is simple, fair & I was approved with the funds in my bank account the next business day. I don't know what happened years ago, as most of the other reviews I read about One Click Cash that are negative, are old. I wanted to go on record about what a great short term lender they are now & proud to be their customer & will be for years to come, I'm sure. One last point. When other "Big Name" companies who advertise we have 100% approval for anyone, regardless of your history & every single one DENIED me... One Click Cash did. I'm so thankful for them.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

    These people keep calling my place of employment stating that I owe them. I do not believe is my account. Never heard of them. I have already told them that they can't be calling my place of employment everyday that is harassment, especially if the account is not mine...

    8 people found this review helpful
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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 3, 2017

    Even though the repayment amount is extremely high, it is sometimes necessary to take out a payday loan. I was totally unaware that I would be charged an International Service Fee for $29.12. I found out that the fee is charged by a company in Poland who handles the money transaction. The One Click Cash website claims that all transactions are handled by their tribal offices in the US. I will definitely seek reimbursement.

    11 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 10, 2016

    I took out a loan for Christmas for my kids. One Click Cash offered an installment loan, the loan amount was $800. I'm now realizing that the repayment amount is over $4000!!! This is illegal and aimed at disabled low income consumers. This is loan sharking to say the least and it's outright robbery to expect 4 plus back on a 20 month loan. I'm now taking every step possible to put the word out to consumers and to get this business shut down!!! Do not do any business with this company. You've been warned.

    Filed a BBB complaint. I will start calling government officials and anyone else I can to see to it that not only will my loan be removed as paid in full but I want repayment for previous overpayment and something done permanently to stop this illegal loan practice!!! Anyone else out there needs to speak up, and stand up for your legal rights. This company should not be allowed to get away with such practices. I'm going to get it stopped!!!

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    55 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 8, 2015

    As you know the state of Pa. does not allow payday loans. However I did have three or four Quick loans in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Prior to Pa putting a stop to them. I never had a problem with my payments. Then on 2015 they phoned me three times offering me a loan. One went through with the wrong checking acct. on it. Therefore I declined it. They wanted my physical signature which I sent them via email. They said they never received it and faxed it twice costing me 22,00 in fees as it's a dollar a page and there were 13 pages to be sent back. Their manager who assisted me put the wrong date on the paperwork. Since then I have never received a loan and one of their managers put my information in compliance.

    A woman called me to confirm that I wanted all of my personal information removed from their data base. It is not gone from the data base and now I had someone screaming at the top of the roof stating I would lose my disability and be arrested if I didn't pay back a loan I never received. I told them I would love to catch whomever did use my information. And arrest them. My bank clearly shows no loans were deposited. These people are running a scam for all of our social security numbers and more. BEWARE OF ONE CLICK CASH. PLEASE PUT A SECURITY ALERT ON ALL OF YOUR RECORDS FOR FRAUD....

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    43 people found this review helpful
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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 8, 2015

    I applied for my 1st loan over a year ago and paid like I agreed. They automatically took my payment out of my acct. After several weeks later they refused to give me another loan saying "not at this time". A couple or three months ago they called me and said I paid very prompt on the 1st one and now offered me another loan. I said "okay", filled out the app the same with my checking acct #. The following month the pymt was not taken out the day it should have been. They finally called after I called numerous times and said they could not automatically take it from my checking acct, but could now use my debit atm card. So I give it to them and they still did not take it out.

    I again got another call saying they had issues and asked me to mail them a check which I did. It still has not been cashed and now they are acting as though they never received my payment which are saying I promised to mail them a money order. I'm not going to do that unless I GET my check back. Something is not right and I feel that I'm going to be scammed or wiped out. Someone needs to call me as I can't pay this all at one time and don't know what to do. My number is **.

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    23 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 27, 2014

    These are bad people. I got an email from a Lori ** saying I was approved and I there was no money due upfront. When I called, I was informed of something totally different. I put a $132 on a Green Dot prepaid card and when I called back with the funds for verification, I was told I had to pay a $199 in taxes that I was never informed about. I was beyond livid. They still have my $132. I was told by "Henry" he would cancel my loan application and refund my $132 as I didn't have the extra $199. He then said that they can cut the $199 'taxes" in half. I said, "If you can do that, why can't you take the $132?" He said that is taxes and I said, "If they are taxes, how can a company cut it in half?" After being promised that my money would be refunded back to me, it has not been and we are on day number 5...... I said, "I'm not a dumb ** American in her 30s and not know a few things, not to mention I work in a multi-billion dollar single company. You can't cut taxes in half for anybody," and said, "If I have to pay the IRS, then why I am I paying your company the $199?"

    I told him I was reporting his company to the BBB and I was going to be taking legal actions against his company as I was lied to and that I have evidence via email that is in black and white that there is NO MONEY UP FRONT and that they stole $132.

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    99 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 12, 2014

    Due to the holidays coming and being low on cash I like a fool applied for a loan. I spoke to James ** who said I was approved for a 5000.00 loan. All I had to do was put 160 on green dot card as proof I could make payments and the money would be refunded to me once I had funds. Well that was a lie. After I put 160 on card plus 4.95 I called to get funds, spoke with James ** the whole time. Once they verified card amount I was transferred to Simon **, a supervisor who informed me I had to pay another $468 to the IRS. I was livid and not only that they kept my 160. I am not letting this go. Do not believe them, if they call hang up! You've been warned. Wish I was.

    91 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 26, 2014

    Guessing by the reviews that I'm reading that you guys and gals are in the same predicament with One Click Cash as I am. I borrowed 300, made several payments only to find that I'm going to end up paying $950.00 for borrowing $300.00 so I closed my bank account and reopened a new one. One Click Cash has been calling me to get this matter taken care of...and I've offered to pay the original amount that I borrowed, but I'm NOT paying over $1000.00 to clear this up!! Is anyone interested in getting a class action lawsuit going against One Click Cash? I'm all for it!!

    154 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 28, 2014

    One Click Cash has put my phone number on a rotating daily call list. When I have called them back they demand my Social Security Number. They have made several of same demands and have asked for person information. I refuse to give them that information, they threaten me with various forms of taking my home, putting me in jail, ruining my credit forever.

    For those who are familiar with credit laws in your state, please do not be threatened with this company. They are owned by the Sioux Indian Tribe and do not adhere to Federal Credit Laws and local laws. They cannot ruin your credit, because they cannot turn you over to standard credit bureaus, also they cannot call the police. Police Officials do not handle consumer affairs. These folks are bullies and pray on the innocent.

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    151 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 28, 2014

    I had taken payday loans with this company since 2010. Never had any issues, I made all my payments on time. After paying off each loan, 20 days or so later I would receive an email stating I was eligible for another loan with a higher loan amount. My final loan with One Click Cash was to be paid off March 2014. In September 2013 I noticed my loan payment hadn't withdrawn from my checking account. The first week of October I received a phone call from a One Click Cash representative explaining there were issues between them and my bank and could I call them back. They requested a payment through my bank card and all interest would be waived. So I took them up on the offer, and my payments were completed in December 2013. I have checked on their website, and it shows I paid my account in full in December 2013, but I am unable to request any further loans, every time I try and submit my info, it tells me there is an issue. I assume they are shut down from doing business. While every payday loan makes a killing on their fees, I never had issues with this company at all.

    61 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Jan. 11, 2014

    I did take out a loan with these people but it is paid as of April 25, 2012 (that's what their website says). I am now being threaten with being sent to jail. I got home today and there was a call from the police dept. I am 64 years old. I don't know what to do. IF I still owe them I will gladly pay them, but the people don't want a credit card. They want me to go to Walmart and get a MoneyPak card and send the numbers on the card. If I do this I will have no proof that I paid this. What do I do?

    55 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 8, 2013

    I owed One Click Cash a remaining balance of $250.00, one payment for October and November. The company called me to get authorization for payment in September because they said they were having a payment processing problem with the ACH payment through my bank. When I talked to the agent, I also agreed to have the October and November payments set up to be paid as well. On November 6, 2013, I received an e-mail asking about the October payment. I stated to them that I had already set payment authorization by credit card and that they need to check their phone records.

    At this point, they have never billed for the October or November payments and they have not e-mailed or called me either. Also, the funds were in the bank both months and nothing has been processed. I hope they are not trying to send me through collections or trying to get this money now because those funds are now gone. Any suggestions would help.

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    31 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 22, 2013

    I totally regret that I applied for a loan with OneClickCash back in June 2013 and as they started debiting from my account which is fine that's what I agreed to when applying for this loan but for some reason, they stopped debiting from the account and then recently, I answered one of those 800 calls. They are saying they are trying to collect $450 from me and asking me for credit number so I go, "I need to get home first so I can check on my computers," and I also go, "Well, don't you guys take them out of my account on my paydays?" And the first guy wouldn't answer me and hung up on me. Then I called back after I checked and I was able to verify that they have been taking $120 from me but then they changed their system so now they don't take them from the bank account anymore and they also told me that the $120 each month they have been taking out of my bank were all going into as finance charge for a $400 and still saying that I still owe $450.

    I've never seen any loan company charge this type of interest and I am so hesitant to give them anymore of my personal information because one guy said something like they drained all his money and he has no bank account right now so I just don't know what to do at this moment because I am not able to pay this $450. Not that I agree to pay them this amount but just want to put this behind me and it was stupid of me getting a loan from this company and, oh god, the last person I talked to at customer service was so rude and such a liar too. I already admit that I was stupid that I took the loan from them and she was not only rude but accused me of something that I didn't say. She said that I need to stop saying it's their fault on everything and I said I never said that and I even asked her to play back the conversation on this phone call and she said she is not going to do that. Yeah, I wonder why.

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    51 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 21, 2013

    I've had a couple of payday loans with this company over the past couple of years. Recently, they called and said they were having "processing" issues with withdrawing payments from my bank account and asked that I pay the remaining principal and they would not charge the fee. I told them I would have to check this out with my bank because this seemed strange. Anyway, I did some research and discovered that they are not licensed to make loans in Minnesota and for those companies that did, they were limited to 33% annual interest. I also discovered they are under investigation by the FTC. I e-mailed them and told them what I had discovered and guess what....I just checked my account on their website and the loan status is showing as "paid in full" as of October 9, 2013. I suggest anyone with a loan check to see if they are licensed in your state and what the max interest allowable is. Confront them with it and see what happens. Good luck!

    54 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 15, 2013

    One Click Cash and other payday loan companies are blocked from ACH withdrawals from your bank accounts. That is why they are attempting to obtain your credit card information. They are attempting to circumvent the laws. In fact many companies have been ordered to pay restitution and barred from collecting on any unpaid loans. Payday loans are now limited to a 16% interest rate.

    61 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 9, 2013

    One Click Cash stop withdrawing funds on the $455 balance in 09/13 for some reason. Soon after, I received an email stating they would resume on schedule in 10/13. Not so. They have my email address and home address but will not contact me through either but want me to give them debit or credit card info over phone which I refuse. They have the necessary info to continue with drawing the remaining balance of the loan as per loan agreement (which has worked out fine until now) or contact me using the USPS so there is written documentation.

    27 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Sept. 27, 2013

    One Click Cash want my credit card number. They didn't take any interest this month and are calling every day wanting everything I owe. They said because of processing issues. WTF does that mean? They already got the principal and $120 interest. WOW! They just called me again!

    22 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Sept. 20, 2013

    This is the most useless excuse for a loan company. I have fought with OneClick since January. I never tried for a loan with them but somehow they got my info and drained my account over and over. I now have no bank and am at risk of getting into trouble because of this. I never heard of them until I went to make a purchase and my account was in the neg. and they explained this place was taking large amounts out. I have turned them in multiple times. It has gone nowhere!!!!!!!

    23 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Sept. 16, 2013

    Rec'd email stating "due to processing issues" they are unable to ACH my payment plan. Does anyone know why? They want me to give them my debit card and post date the payment plan. This sounds fishy and I wanna pay it off but Leery now. Plus if I don't post date it, I will be charged additional finance fee. Please let me know if you can. When I ask they won't tell me why, just avoid the question and straight to making a payment in full which I can't do.

    16 people found this review helpful
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 16, 2013

    Rude... Rude customer service. I did sign for loan with fees and charges, but if money is not available to give out, they need to block the loan application that is available online. You complete the application, are told the funds will be there the next day. They never arrive. You then log in to find out where the money is. Only to find out the application has been declined due to processing problems.

    15 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Sept. 10, 2013

    I had the same trouble of disclosure of interest and additional fees. Afterwards, whenever I did borrow from them, I arranged to have my payments deducted all at once each time I borrowed money thereafter. I too had the experience of "unexplained additional fees." So the next time I had an emergency and tried to use the service again, I was denied. Denied because I had refused all of their many offers for me to borrow more money and also to extend my payback days. In other words I was denied for failure to comply with the scam. I'm advising anyone and everyone if you can find another way to satisfy your debt or emergency then by all means make every effort possible to satisfy the need before you go to this One Click Cash. And did I mention how RUDE some of the customer service reps can be? Oh boy.....

    21 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Sept. 9, 2013

    Suzanne must work for them. Tisk, Tisk. Fact of the matter, Suzanne, is that OneClickCash violates the law to scam people into these B.S. loans. The FTC has already ruled that the practices of OneClickCash are deceiving and fraudulent. A contract is valid in the state it is signed, so despite what all your e-mails have told me about B.S. signing of an agreement with an Independent Indian Nation, that contract has to be binding in the state it was signed. And since OneClickCash violates almost every state lending law, and since a contract can't violate the law, every document that everyone has ever signed for your company is null and void. You have no authority in any state, so despite all your threats of lawsuits, you can't do ** to us. And trust me, nobody is going to attend Indian pow-wow court in the Sioux Nation... the only place you have any legal standing. SO, piss off, Suzanne.

    EVERYBODY ELSE - If you have a loan with this company, place an ACH hold with your bank or close the account! You are under no obligation to repay ANY interest or fees on these illegal loans - in some cases you aren't even responsible to repay the principal, but you should... That's just the right thing to do. Do not let them intimidate you! They have no legal power anywhere in the United States... They CAN NOT sue you! Unrelentingly demand your interest money back! They receive two e-mails from me per hour, thanks to my free auto-emailer - a Google App called Boomerang. They receive 2 auto-dialed phone calls an hour, and 6 to 7 faxes a day. Be on the offensive... Attack them just as they would you!!

    Additionally, the signatory on the accounts for OneClickCash, USFastCash, Etc., is this ** millionaire white guy named Scott Tucker. He has funneled $40,000,000.00 of interest and fees collected through these companies to fund some half-wit racing company called Level 5 Motorsports. Google his name... the racing companies name, etc... TONS of information available. Blow them and him up with calls, e-mails... Post on their YouTube pages, etc. He's a POS... If he doesn't crash into a wall, I hope someone shoots him on the Sioux Nation... where there are apparently no laws...

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    34 people found this review helpful
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 6, 2013

    All of you that are upset about the charges for taking out a loan are just plain stupid. You are given a document that spells out everything. In order to get the money you sign for it. Therefore if you can't read it's not OneClick Cash that has done you wrong. I know what I sign for and have never had a problem. If you can't pay it back, plus interested all at one time, you will end up paying more. This only makes sense. Wake up, people!!

    14 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Aug. 16, 2013

    They did not explain the payment plan at all in the very beginning of the loan process. And now I am left with a huge percentage rate which is really high.. which is not right for people on fixed income. I know it is a business so they get their MONEY! back but this is really CRAZY... I WILL NEVER GET MONEY FROM THESE PEOPLE EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 25, 2013

    Earlier this year I lost my job and at the same time my husband got suspended because of the lack of work where he is. Money was tight and we needed just enough to pay for rent, gas and groceries. With all our savings we still needed some money so we called Money Mutual and they directed us to One Click Cash. We got a loan for $200. I know payday loan places charge high and I mean high interest rates cause I had to use a local one in town before they moved locations. We got the money in the bank and checking the website with our information it said loan amount $200 and payback amount $260. This was close to my other payday loan place and I thought ok, a few payments of $60 each paycheck should cover it. A few went by and doing the math we should have been almost paid off, so I got online and tried to adjust our payment amount and it said that an additional $50 would come out next payday totaling $110 out of one check.

    My husband called to say there must have been a mistake and try to cancel the additional payment. The lady said they couldn't cancel it and so 2 payments would come out of 1 paycheck. Keep in mind they automatically take payments out of your bank account. So my husband asked how much we owed total if the site only said $260. The lady informed us that it was a little over $500 total for a $200 loan. Why put on the page to our account that the total was $260 if it really wasn't? Why couldn't they give us the total amount so we knew exactly how much we owed? What was the $260 then? She said she'd email me a copy of the agreement that included the interest rate. I read it the first time, but she never did email it to me or my husband.

    We finally closed our account because they wouldn't stop taking out money even though we felt lied to and misinformed. This company is nothing but a scam that tries to trap you into payments you can't stop, only push back another payday and then they take out two payments at once. Payday loan places will tell you exactly how much you have to pay back with interest and all up front but they didn't. You think you're almost done paying them back but really you're not. Do not and I repeat DO NOT go through this company!!!! You will regret it!

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    24 people found this review helpful
    Original review: July 10, 2013

    I applied a loan for $100 for One Click Cash, and they have been debiting my account each time I get paid. I called them to try to resolve this issue and was told they are not a lending, and they only match you up with lenders, which is a lie. I contacted my bank and the only merchant that has been debiting my account is One Click Cash. I did a stop payment for any amount that they try to debit from it. I am going to close my account and just open up a new one. So please do not get a payday loan from this company and pay attention to your account transactions.

    19 people found this review helpful
    Original review: July 9, 2013

    I received a loan into my bank account for $300. I did not authorize or agree to this loan. I contacted them about the mistake but they would not discuss it after I told them that I did not agree to this loan. Now, I am having to get a police report after I told them I would send the money back. They are trying to make me pay $390 now!!! This is wrong for a company to try and steal money from honest hard working citizens!!

    13 people found this review helpful
    Original review: June 26, 2013

    I am livid. I took a $300 loan out and now I have paid close to $1,400 back. This makes no sense. I need to find out if there is any way I can get my money back. Please help.

    14 people found this review helpful
    Original review: June 17, 2013

    I never took out a payday loan with One Click Cash. They were taking out $50.00 and $60.00 out of my checking account every month. When I went to the bank to stop it, the FCC called, waiting for me to pay the payment. The lady got very nasty with me when I told her, "No, I am not paying it." And when I told her that I had other bills to pay, she said, "Well, this is a bill too and it needs to be paid too."

    12 people found this review helpful

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