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My Seneca Mortgage Account was recently sold to Northstar Mortgage. With the first call, I was promised a callback to explain why my monthly payment went up $40 after their Escrow department had a chance to review it. No callback was ever made. I called a second time, the representatives had no clue and said I should call my former Seneca Mortgage Company if I wanted an explanation. After being put on hold, I was connected to the Escrow Department and that representative was rude. She placed me on hold for almost 5 minutes and then disconnected the call!! After two calls, I realized Northstar hires very incompetent and very unprofessional people. I would never refer this company because they play too many games.

I have tried so many time to have them to re-modify my home loan. I have sent all the information that they required 3 times and this has been going on for almost two years and have yet to hear from them. I have call last year 27 times and so far this year at least 10 times trying to find out what is going on. I left messages letting them know that to call me after 1:30 due to the fact that I do not except phone calls while at work. They will call and my phone is turned off. I would try to call them back and it goes to voice mail. I need help badly.

My 84 1/2 year old father had his mortgage sold to this horrible company. They are based in the Philippines so he tells me and they harass him daily, sometimes multiple times a day. They want him to refinance. Seriously?? He tells them he's NOT interested in refinancing and tells them to STOP calling him. They are also trying to get him to do the automatic payment directly from his checking account. I told him "don't do it, mail them your check monthly and that's it." Then he gets a letter in the mail from them saying his mortgage has increased $100 per month when he just rec'd a check from overpayment of his escrow.

It gives him great anxiety. How can this company do this? I'm ready to change his phone number so he doesn't have to get these calls. He usually hangs up on them. When he does answer he tells them over and over to NOT call. He's even tried the "I'm terminally ill and don't have long to live..." They keep calling. How can we STOP this harassment?

Since Northstar bought my mortgage from Ocwen, I have been having problem. In the past my mortgage was paid bi-monthly without being late. Since this company bought my mortgage they refuse to honor the agreement. I was not aware of this until I check my statement and notice the money was not applied. The agreement I had with Ocwen was not honored and now I am facing hardship and back mortgage. They now require that I pay a 9.99 fee to pay bi-monthly. My argument is that I should not have to do this since it was not a part of my contract. So what they did was take my money and put in escrow and report my mortgage as late. This company is a rip off. There needs to be a class action lawsuit against them.

My mortgage with Bank of America was sold to Northstar in May. How they can do this I don't know. Since then I get calls daily telling me I am late on my payments. I have never missed a payment. Now they are telling me I missed a payment altogether. They also told me an FHA mortgage legally had to be paid by the 1st of the month when I had paid 2x month with Bank of America for 4 1/2 years. I already have a case with BBB against them for their deceitful practices and I plan on also contacting an attorney. Let's get a class action suit against them to show them they can't treat us like this. If anyone is interested, please post something and I will get with you.

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They bought my mortgage in 2013. They are constantly telling me I am late on my payments - have sent them an acct. statement of all payments, also sent a Quitclaim Deed naming me as sole owner which they keep ignoring. Will be contacting my lawyer.

Long story but to make it short they came up with a Mortgage document that I never signed, but somehow had my signature on it. They said I wasn't on the Note. I never signed anything for this loan but the Mortgage was notarized saying that I appeared before a notary. I'm on a deed to a property from ex husband that was refinanced without me and now that it's going into foreclosure they came up with this fraudulent document. Document is not initialed and my name is written in by hand on the first page. I pulled two credit reports and the loan is not listed on either report. What a surprise. Their fraudsters. Watch out.

Northstar took over our loan from another company. We received our first mortgage payment bill from Northstar and paid it. However a few weeks later we received an irate phone call from Northstar indicating we were delinquent on our loan. I checked our bank account and the check had cleared so I failed to see how we were delinquent as they had our money. Turned out they had miscalculated our mortgage payment so instead of applying the payment to principal and interest, they applied it 100% to principal. They said that they were going to report us to the credit bureau for being delinquent. However we never received a bill for this mistakenly unbilled amount.

However, rather than argue with these idiots over why they violated their own policy which says they will not buy down principal unless you are current on your loan. We paid the difference over the phone, receiving a confirmation number for the transaction. The next month we receive a bill for 2 payments! They were billing us for the previous mistaken amount and for this month's updated amount. The next day we got a call saying we are now 60 days past due. I can't believe that they are that bad at math as this month isn't even due yet and last month was paid in full. After they look up our confirmation number they said that they transposed two numbers on the bank account so it was never credited to our account. If that is true then how did we get a confirmation number for the transaction???

Anyway we pay the difference again, send in our current payment and now we get a threatening letter saying we are in default on our loan! All because they are not following standard accounting practices and procedures. All mistakes have been theirs, yet they are threatening to ruin our credit over their incompetence. I will be reporting them to the federal regulatory agency and recommend that they be audited as they are demanding money from customers without billing them properly.

North Star was to modify our mortgage, for I was laid off my job of 15 yrs. We always paid on time. When I told them about our problem, they had us send paper over and over again, while foreclosing slowing. Deceitful practice of business. My husband had planned for retirement before I was laid off. He had to go back to his job, while I am looking for work. North Star is deceitful in their practice. They seem to scramble my cell phone and computer. My phone # **. Please call me asap. I had to use my husband phone for this message. He will be going to work with it in the morning. I have contacted cyber crime last month. It stopped temporary.

I was a loan customer of Bank America and then they sold my loan to Northstar Mort. I tried to save my home from foreclosure by getting a home loan Modification. I received terrible customer service from Bank of America for the first 6mos, and they had told me I had to be at least 6 mos. behind in payments to be considered. Then they transferred the loan to Northstar and the service was even worse. They told me that the paperwork expired Every Month, so they wanted me to fax the same exact papers again and again. They also said that they would put one Contact person for me to work with, but it was never the same person, it changed about every other week. They did not let me know anything in a year.

I lost my home and I had already paid 70,000 on it in 10 yrs and then they said they would auction it and that never happened even though I had a letter stating a date and time. My neighbor went at that time, but no auction. He eventually bought my house for 25,000. I feel that I am probably one of many older people on limited income who have been treated terrible by this company. I now have nowhere to live and am living here and there with relatives. This company Needs to be investigated.....

Northstar Mortgage hires very incompetent and very unprofessional people. I would never refer this company because they lied to me about no closing cost. Also, they play too many games. Still had deceased husband on title. Carlos ** and Sara ** is not to be trusted!!

I have been receiving calls to my cell phone approximately two weeks even though I do not have a Northstar mortgage account . It appears they have purchased some bad mortgages from Bank of America and anyone that has a mortgage with Bank of America as I do they have a right to harass. My mortgage is automatically deducted from my account the 1st of every month. I've had this mortgage approximately ten years. I have spoke to several customer service reps who were unable to answer any questions.

On my fifth attempt, I spoke with supervisor Jan to resolve this issue and he hung up the phone without assuring me the harassment will stop. All he wanted to know was if I filed for bankruptcy. These employees should be trained to be more sympathetic and spend their work hours locating the correct people. I know they didn't think Bank of America would get rid of their best customers. People should not have to suffer because some people refuse to pay. I hope more people will stand up to these bullies and write a review.

This company received my husband's loan from Bank of America and I was not on the loan when it was remortgaged in 2003 but Northstar is now claiming that my name is on the mortgage and I am not even on the Deed... They will not provide proof of my name being attached to this loan when my husband asked several times. This company doesn't care about people, they are liars and thieves...

Bank of America sold my mortgage to this company and my trouble began. They raise my escrow account $458. Then I tried selling to my grown daughter who has been living in my home for two years. The title company informed then that the home has been sold and the taxes should not be paid because the seller will pay the taxes. Northstar turned around and paid them the same day. They kept charging fees. It is impossible to get answers from them. They are impossible to reach the proper department... It was a month of run around until my daughter paid an extra $5000 to close escrow. Note this basic P and I was $659. And according to Northstar, my mortgage was raised to $1458. Please do not trust them. They are criminals. Total.

I cannot even begin to explain how angry and frustrated I am with Northstar!!! My mortgage was sold to them and my nightmare began! First the escrow check that was supposed to be sent to me within 30 days from signing papers - well, it's been 60 days and waiting!!! I called the at least 10-15 times talking to 15 different people - April, Ron, Shelly, etc., etc., etc., telling my long story to every single one of them separately... Not one of them could help me. Every single person tells me something different and when I talk to managers, they are rude, condescending and have no idea what to do with me and just try to brush me off!!! I'm done with them!!! I hate being ignored or treated like an idiot!!! I'm trying to transfer my loan and am considering taking them to court (which I told them about - they couldn't care less - that's how much they care about their customers). Please, stay away from them!!! Get this scam out of business!!!

Like others, my mortgage was recently purchased by this outfit. I usually make quarterly payments, principle only to reduce my debt. When this company acquired my mortgage I called them. Of course, my call was sent to Malaysia. After putting up with this dance, I demanded a number to call in the US. Finally getting someone in Texas, they told me when I wanted to make an additional payment to just send in the check, noting my loan number and to write "for principal" only. I did exactly that. What happens...30% of the amount was applied to INTEREST! This company then said I needed to send in additional payments to ANOTHER ADDRESS other than the one you mail your normal payment to! WHAT A SCAM. Stay away from this company.

My in-laws have this company. They are pulling two times the amount of money out of their accounts, making their banking accounts overdrawn. I spoke with "Taylor" today and he said their company never got faxed paperwork. He needed it faxed again. They have sent in numerous copies of bank statements, personal files, and a stop payment issued from the bank. They are not letting us get a word in edgewise, very rude. I feel for my in-laws who are both in need of medications they can't afford since NS has kept their accounts in the red. They are really taking advantage of older people and someone needs to bring this scamming company to court.

Within a 1 week time frame, my cell phone was called by North Star on 30 occasions. The company was not trying to contact me. They had my phone number listed for someone else. I have never had any dealings with this company. After repeatedly explaining that there was no person by that name at my number, I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was disconnected 3 separate times. After being assured that my number would not be called again, I was, 5 more times. I have never been harassed by any company like this.

I have never done business with Northstar; in no form or shape, never consigned or been a borrower or transferred to their company. I recently found out that they allow someone to use my identity to purchase a property from them under my name, which is so wrong.This is giving me a nightmare to know that if they are such a reputable company, how could they make this happen?

Now this is a big issue because (1) the house is in foreclosure, (2) I don’t know where this home is, (3) they give me the runaround by blaming the credit bureau three times.This has affected my credit rating so badly. It is so difficult to get a job. I cannot prove to my bank who financed my home because it is not mine. This has caused multiple problems.

Our mortgage was sold by our prior mortgage company to Northstar. They did not send a new billing address but continually called about late payments despite my telling them that I had not received a mortgage bill to them. They call on Sunday mornings, waking me up and late evenings. I called them back and complained and even after I paid the bill, they called even though they assured me I was off the call list. What a bunch of *****!. All the complaints I read about this company are legitimate as they made a bad impression from me from the start. I am working to switch mortgage companies as soon as possible and will write in the contract they cannot sell it to Northstar. I advise everyone to find another mortgage company as soon as possible if you're unfortunate enough to be stuck with this 3rd rate company.

My daughter purchased a home out of foreclosure. The bank that owned the property was NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE out of Texas. My daughter and her fiance made an offer for the full asking price with no conditions or inspections. They accepted the house "AS IS". 12 weeks later they are still trying to get the final closing paper work from Nation Star.

1 day before the scheduled closing they still had not provide all of the required documents to constitute an accepted sales contract. This is after my daughter was forced to sign an addendum agreeing to pay $195 a day for each day the closing was delayed. Because we did not have all of the paper work back from Northstar the Rural Housing department could not process the final loan approval. At the end of the day prior to the schedule closing we received the final paper work but it was too late to close the next day. We had to delay a week while the final loan approval was process.

At closing one week later, they refused to sign the closing papers unless we paid a $1095 late fee. It was their fault the closing was delayed. Our lender has negotiated a reduced late fee, but we still had to pay one. They told us they had a back up offer on the table and we either paid or forget the deal and they would keep the earnest money. We have our fingers crossed that now that we have agreed to pay this extortion money we can complete the closing.

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