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On July 14, the bank froze my debit card due to suspicious activity but failed to notify me until I was forced to call them on the 15th because my card was being declined. When I called, I was told that a replacement card will be sent out and will take 7-10 days to arrive. For $35, they could rush a card to me, so that's what I did. On July 23, I called them to find out the status of the card and was told it never got processed. They said they would waive the fee and rush the card out to me but I told them not to bother. The rep came back with, "How else will you have access to your money if you don't have a debit card?" and I replied, "If this is a real concern, then why did the bank not inform me on the day the card got frozen and waited until I called them?" He had no response. In the meantime, I've got NSF fees from other bills due to the card being frozen... which I can't explain away to creditors.

well the card came from net first and it is a wired plastic prepaid card and the offer is a 500.00 dollar credit line bt when i went to ntheir website i had to deposit first 40.oo dollars. so i did on friday could not get there automated system to give me a pin number till i talk to a representitive on monday. by that time it was too late.they wrote me in to there 29.95 monthly plan and a 9.95 account activation fee

meanwhile i cant acess there so called online store. yea i have 500.00 unsecured credit to shop but i feel ive been taken for a ride. if you can acess a webpage cause it wont load then all i can say i lost 40.00 dollars and wont even think about putting any money in this card again. i should of got a ard at my local western union the netspend or green dot.

Opened acct. under my name. I don't even know this bank.

I closed my account but my check for $101.03 was never sent. The check was supposedly mailed on 03/29/06.

I have left several messages and they still have not returned my calls.

When I set up my money market account there was a $250 minimum balance to avoid a service fees. Sometime in December 2003, they state that they mailed a notice that the minimum balance would increase to $500. I either never received this notice or don't recall receiving it.

In August 2005, I transferred some money that brought the balance in my money market account to less than $500. In September 2005, they started charging me $5.00 per month. This charge appeared on the EStatement, but there was no other notice sent by email or by mail notifying me of this fee. When I checked my online statement, for the first time, May 3, 2006 I noticed this fee and called customer service. They said that they could only reverse 1 charge as a courtesy.

There really needs to be better notification other than an EStatement. I was charged $40 by Netbank in 8 months time.

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They rejected a bank-to-bank transfer I made to them. Their reasoning was 'system upgrades.' 3 months later they are trying to debit my account for the same transfer, even though they already debited it at the time of the incident. They did not notify me of their debit, just took another $600 out of my account one day without me knowing.. I spent all of one day and several phone calls with their customer service. No one seemed too concerned and kept making up illogical reasons for their mysterious debit.

They came up with several incorrect stories, trying to convince me that $600 had not been debited (even though I was looking at a statement from them saying it had been). If I had not aggressively fought this, they would have been very happy to keep $600. I have yet to retrieve my $600 even after providing proof from the other bank about the transfers.

I initiated a transfer from my Fidelity brokerage account to my Netbank Money Market account. A week after requesting the transfer I noticed that the funds were no longer in my Fidelity account but had not arrived in my Netbank account so I sent them an email asking if they were aware of the incoming funds. They told me that they were but that even though the transfers are electronic they are not automatic and that the transfer would have to be manually initiated and manually verified and that it would take 4-5 business days.

Four business days later the funds had been deposited in my Money Market account. My checking account had a -$3.94 balance so I attempted to transfer money into the checking account so I could pay a debt and put it into the black. The Netbank system told me I didn't have enough valid accounts to do a transfer so I called customer service and was told that the matter would have to be researched by the security department and that I would have an answer (notice they didn't say resolution) within 24-48 hours. I asked them if my understanding was correct in that even though my funds were in their possession I was not able to access them at this time. They told me I was correct.

I then asked to speak to someone in the security department but was denied and told I would have to wait for the higher level team to look at the situation. All this because the account I wanted to transfer funds in to was showing a negative balance of $3 and change. It seems to me that they would WANT me to transfer funds to bring it to a positive balance but instead they hijack my money and refuse me access to it until they can research the issue.

One of my two mortgages was bought by another servicer from NetBank. My local bank's bill-paying service sent the check to Net Bank and the money was debited from my local account January 31, 2006 (this is partially my fault; I was unaware that the mortgage had been sold. As of February 16, 2006, the deadline to avoid a late patment charge, the new servicer has not received the payment. When I called NetBank February 13, I was assured the payment had been sent February 10 by overnight.

When I discovered today (the 16th) that the payment had not been made, I called Net Bank again. This time they said the patment had mailed regular mail on the 8th of February. Then I called again, and they said the 10th of February. They could provide no information about to which of the new service's many addresses the payment had been sent. One NetBank representative told me I would not have to pay a late charge on a oan transfer. When I asked her name I was told it was Wachovia Player. Since Wachovia is one of the servicers for NetBank loans, you can imagine I was just slightly suspicious. So as far as I can tell, the first Net Bank representative lied about the payment being sent overnight mail. The third Net Bank representative refused to give any information by which she could be held accountable for the truth of her statements.

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