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My husband contacted Nationwide Financial about a year ago regarding debt consolidation. After speaking with someone we decided we were not interested in their services. For the past year this company has been calling out house almost daily soliciting us. Most of the time they hang up when I answer or they leave msgs for my husband on our machine. We have asked them several times to STOP calling us. We are not interested in their services and they are harassing us.

I spoke with Andrew Smith and told him to stop calling us, not very politely, he in turn emailed my husband asking why I was rude and this was the first time they have been in contact. My husband told them we are not interested and when his wife tells them to stop calling she means it. Andrew then said they would remove out number. This of course didn't happen. I called Andrew myself last week and told them his company called again! He said he would have his supervisor remove our information. I received another call yesterday and another call today. I don't know what needs to happen to get this company to stop calling and harassing us.

I filled out a mortgage quote on the internet and had 4 different companies reply. One of these companies was Nationwide Financial Services. Donnie ** told me they were there to help people like myself who had been late on their mortgage payments. They told me not to worry, that they would get my mortgage interest rate reduced; which in turn would reduce my monthly payments to help me get caught back up and I could stop worrying about losing my home that my children have lived in since each of their births. They even told me that if I couldn't keep making my monthly payments, not to worry because they could get that resolved as well.

Luckily, I was able to keep making my payments or as I have read here, I also would have lost my home for sure once this scam company had milked me dry for as much as they were going to get. They wanted $300.00 monthly for 6 months until I complained heavily after 4 months. They told me they would remove my 6th payment (what a great bunch of guys!). I worked weekly with a guy named Richard **, who was a smooth talker and could sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo up in Alaska. Around month 6, I started having trouble getting in touch with anyone at all with this company and when I spoke with my mortgage company, they told me that these companies come out of the woodwork during hard times, take advantage of people in tough positions and make it worse on us. I can only hope karma catches up with these guys and they pay for what they have done.

I was out a total of $1500.00 and I am now working with my mortgage company directly. My advice to any of those in a similar situation as all of us that you have read about here, take the time to look into these companies before setting up any kind of payments to them directly. I don't understand how these companies can get away with these scams and they are gone into the night before any kind of regulating office can deal with them. My only course of action is to write a bad write-up about them with the Better Business Bureau. Good luck to all of you with your dealings with this or any other similar type of company.

Like a lot of folks, we contacted Nationwide Financial Solutions to help us with a loan modification. We were told that it would cost us $1,800.00 for the fee, and they would take it out of our account starting Sept. 2009. We paid them $1,600.00 through January 2010 and in February before they took out the final payment on the 19th, we were foreclosed on Feb. 4th. In March, we put a block on the account so they could not take out money anymore.

Nationwide Financial Solutions would not return calls and we talked to a person named Sue. We could get no information and they kept having us fax the same information over. In the beginning of May, our mother started calling and leaving many messages which were not returned most of the time. She left many messages and finally, she asked to speak to the manager. She was told the name was Brian **. She then had to leave a message for him to return her call. After several months of waiting, she checked the Better Business Bureau of Florida and this company is not recognized by them as reputable.

She then sent a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission and they responded back right away. She sent a complaint to the State Attorney General's Office of Oregon, which is now working with us to have the money returned. Sometimes, you have to fight back, which is what we are doing. It was just not at the time to know where to go. It has been very stressful and we have every conversation dates and who we talked to documented along with all documents that have been faxed.

I called after hearing an advertisement in January 2010. I spoke to Rod about their services and told him I needed help to get a modification for my house. He said that Nationwide would be able to get me a modification within 3 months. I paid Nationwide $490.00 for 8 months and still have no conclusion to the problem. I would like help to get my money returned to me.

We paid (NFS) $2,400.00 over a six-month period to help us with our mortgage delinquency. At that time, we were two months behind and (GMAC) wouldn't work with us to help us out. Apparently, they were having too many of their own problems to deal with and were totally uncooperative in helping us get back on track. So we turned to (NFS) because they said we were perfect candidates for the HAMP or modification programs out there. At first, they made it seem like they were going to help us. Like everyone else, they told us the process would be quick, we were to pay down any debt we could and to not pay our mortgage because we couldn't afford to pay mortgage and them $399.00 a month for six months.

We sent them everything they asked for to get the process going, but after a while and a foreclosure letter later, my wife and I realized too late that we were scammed. Like everyone else, I could go through all the sorted details of how we paid them to make us do their work for them, but it's quite embarrassing. We were doing everything for them and they were doing nothing except for passing us through at least 12-15 different people. We're now working with our new mortgage company to help us keep our home that we've been in for 16 years. I'm still not sure if we'll be able to keep our it, but we're trying.

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We signed up with Nationwide Financial Solutions. They said that they were part of Nationwide Finance Company. As of September 1, 2009, we signed up paying $390.00 for six months. They were working with Chase Mortgage Company on lowering payments for us. They even stopped our house when it was put up on foreclosure early this year. Now it’s been two months and I have not heard anything from them. I called Chase and they said that they have not been getting any paycheck stubs or bank statements at least the last two months. Now we are working with Chase ourselves and hoping to keep our house. We want to know where our representative is for we paid for the services.

We have all the contacts and even the power of attorney from the company. We would like to get the money back, time that we lost of the monthly payments, our credit history fixed for we show that we are delinquent on our house payment, time that we lost from work, and the time that we have to work to finish the mitigation process. I am looking to see if there are any more claims in Missouri for I am reporting this to the state attorney’s office. If there are, please email me your story and I will forward it with my report. The more complaints I can get, the more power we have to catch the company. My email address is **.

I was told by Steve Myers of Nationwide Financial Solutions that his company would be able to get my mortgage companies to modify both my first and second mortgages. I paid this company $499.95 per month for 6 months for a total of $2999.70. As of today, 10 months later I have received no modifications and am unable to reach anyone at Nationwide.

I talked to someone there. They said they can stop the foreclosure on my home. So I started sending $399.95 a month and I paid them $2,400.00 and they (NFS) never called me to let me know what was going on. This is over a year's time and when I called them, they said they are still working on it. So I called the mortgage company and they said they haven't talked to (NFS) people since July 2010. And that my home will go up for sale on Oct.20 2010, that will be next Monday.

I have paid them over $1,800 last year for them to help with a modification. Still nothing. I have been calling the number and there is a recording, no answer. I feel that I have been scammed. What recourse do I have to at least get some money back. I am on a fixed income and that $1,800 would go a long way right now.

I wanted a loan modification and paid over $1800 over a six month period. No results. And they refused to talk with us now. We are almost losing our hose and are getting further in debt. Thanks to their advice and non-productive results.

We paid NFS $400 per month for 6 months to help with our mortgage delinquency. They did virtually nothing as far as we can tell. We challenged them and they returned two months worth of payments. No matter how desperate you are and how ready you are to hear helpful voices, do not sign with this company. In a nutshell, we paid them $2400 we could not afford to be throwing away - which was basically what we did with it. Now we know better.

Was contacted by this company in January of 2010 and was told by Donnie ** that they would be able to help me save my home. All I had to do was pay them through automatic withdrawal $399.00 a month for 6 months and they would help get a loan modification. I admit, I did not research the company and decided to do it. That was a mistake. Could never get a hold of my representative. They promised to call every week with updates, that did not happen. I had do the calling just to find out what was going on.

When I would get through, they needed more paperwork, but could not give me any updates as to what was going on. Just the norm, "we are working on it". Then I was given a new representative name Richard and he said that he had been doing this a long time and to allow him to work on it. He was no different. I even talked to the supervisor and all he said was for me not to contact the mortgage company because all they wanted to do was collect money and to let them do their job. Nothing was ever done, so I sent them an email and stated my disappointment in their service and that I felt that they owed me a refund; at least for the last two months. I was stressed for months because I could never get through and when I did, I could get no straight answer. I was getting letters from the mortgage company about foreclosure. I finally contacted the mortgage company myself and in the process of working with them, but because so much time has past, I am not sure if I will be able to save my home.

I'm a victim of this scam. I have invested $399.99 a month for at least a year. Never could speak with anyone. I'm always getting his voice mail. When I do speak to him he's asking for more information and yet I'm about to lose my house and become homeless.

This company was so convincing to both my husband and I. We had 2 payments of $399.00 drawn out of our checking account. I too was told not to pay our mortgage and to pay off other bills that are high in interest. The person that I spoke to was Travis. I have been reluctant about sending all of the paperwork out that they requested. A realtor from Hulahan and Lawrence said that it was not a good idea to get involved with this company and that a short sale would be the better idea. My mortgage company is HFC, and now I hear that no one will work with them because they do not lower interest at all! I feel as though this entire country is just out to take all of our money from us. My husband had to close his business down due to the poor economy two years ago. I'm so glad that I read all of these complaints and not too late. I guess I will continue to work with HFC and hope for the best. Good luck to all of you who are in a similar situation.

Same story as everyone else, nothing but the run-around, endless faxing of documents they already got, six months of being billed for their "services". In retrospect, why didn't I just go to my lender and ask for their help? I have now, but I'm out a boatload of money.

October 2009, I had a nationwide financial solutions attempt to to a loan modification. They wanted to collect $300.00 a month for their services.I went to them because my wife lost her job and I was injured at work and was off for nearly a year. I am back at work now. I have spent all my life's savings trying to stay a float till I got a loan modification. Every time I call nationwide, they tell me my account is still under review. I received from my mortgage company that I did not meet the requirements for a loan modification. I don't know why. Maybe the loan company is trying to milk me for as much as they can get. All I know is I have lost at least two thousand dollars to Nationwide financial solutions. I have gotten behind on a lot of my other bills. I have had to work other jobs at night just to eat. It has put a lot of stress on my family and me. People like this need to be hung.

I am lucky that I researched this company first, because after reading all of the posted comments, I have no doubt that I would've been a victim of this scam. I would like to that all of the people that posted their comments, you saved me a lot of money thank you all. I am still seeking a credible company that can assist me with a loan modification.

I decided to use nationwide to help reduce my payment and interest rate. I kept getting told my account is with a different person every time I called. I would leave messages and they would never return. I became very distraught and told them I needed to see some action. It has been in progress for over nine months. On January 22, 2010, I called to find no one is there. I believe I have been a victim of a scam. They hit me for $1800.

We contacted them about our getting help with our mortgage payments. We paid them a great deal of money and sent in the paperwork that they needed from us. We were told not to make a payment to our mortgage company until they made settlements with them. This has been for almost 6 months and we have not heard anything from them. Due to our not making the payments and telling our mortgage company that we were dealing with them, we are now getting ready to go to court and there is a great chance that we will lose our house.

I was contacted by a Steve ** originally on July 9. Since then I have paid them $3,000 and have worked with at least 4 different people. Last week after submitting paperwork on top of paperwork, we received Foreclosure Notice and Notice to Sell. Nationwide is clueless. Every week they want new proof of income and I have submitted the same "Hardship Letter" at least 4 times.

They keep telling me that because of one reason or another, the modification is being delayed. Well today I finally called the mortgage company directly and they said they have had very little contact with Nationwide. The mortgage company asked for additional information in December which I provided to Nationwide but the mortgage company never got. That is why they started foreclosure. The mortgage company told me what information they needed and said I still have time to stop the foreclosure if I get them the information they need. They can turn it quickly since it's gone to foreclosure. I feel so scammed.

We sent Nationwide Financial Solutions everything they needed to start the negotiations for a loan modification. The package had to be reviewed for completeness which lasted a month. Then it had to go to budgeting - another month. Then they had to get it all together to send to the lenders - about two weeks. The lenders, so they say, have had the package since October 24, 2009. I called the lenders personally, and they verified that they were communicating with Nationwide Financial Solutions but had no answer thus far.

I called Nationwide Financial Solutions and spoke with Eric and a Sales Manager and expressed my frustration and disappointment. They suspended billing and promised me that they would continue to negotiate with the lenders to reduce the mortgages significantly. I have called Nationwide Financial Solutions three times since then and had to leave messages. I have yet to have any of those last three phone calls answered. Draw your own conclusions, but I am not paying them any more money. Furthermore, if they do not perform as they promised, a lawsuit with ensue, and I told them that.

A final note: they have no testimonials of their success that I can find on their website.

I contacted Nationwide for a modification on my home loan. They told me not to pay any mortgage payments and that it won't be reported to the credit bureau. This was a lie. Then they continued to try and withdraw money monthly without renewing the temporary POA. They called and pretended to be working on my case when the mortgage company had already offered us a modification. We signed the papers and sent in the first payment. This company did not have a clue that the mod already happened without them. Again, they tried to take another $666.62 from our account, called us and stated “were working on your account.” Consequences: took money we could have used to pay the mortgage and did not receive the service, placed us further in debt and subject to foreclosure.

I am writing to thank you all for your complaints; my heart goes out to you all. This man tried to scam me also, but thanks to some research, I was able to close out my account before he could ever access it. He downright lied and was very misleading. These people should be prosecuted for fraud.

I paid Nationwide over $1000.00 and recieve absolutely nothing from them.
All I wanted was for them to do a loan modification and I got nothing. They are a rip Off company. Beware of these scam artist. Ms E is unprofessional

and will speak rudely to you, because she knows she has you hooked and you are at her mercy.

tried to modify my mortgage,6 months later and 2,000.00 later im still in the same boat.tried to contact them all they say is its the mortgage co. or that its under review.i had to get an attorney to help save my home what a scam

Paid this company 399.95 for 5 months only to find that we had to call them to get any info and the only answer we could get is that it is under review.They then kept saying we didnt need to pay our mortage and that the guy we dealt with had never lost a house.A few days later we got told they couldnt help us.All of our money went out the window for nothing.

Now we are looking at foreclosure ourselves on our house if we cant come up with 8,000 dollars and another 10,000 for attorneys fees.Totally unjust business by this company and now my kids will be forced to live somewhere else because of their incompetence.

I contracted with them for a Mortgage Loan Modificaton back in April 2009. Sent in all the paperwork that was needed to date we have paid them $1,500. I call them every week and every week they say the same thing. The bank is still reviewing our case. I was told that I didn't need to pay my mortgage payment til we settled and that the payments would not show up on my credit report.

Now 7 months behind The damage is the fact that we owe our mortgage company over $9,000.00 and feel I need help to resolve this matter with Nationwide Financial Solutions.

I contracted with them for a Mortgage Loan Modificaton back in May 2009. Sent in all the paperwork that was needed to date we have paid them $1,969.80. I've tried calling and e mailing them and got nothing. I was told that I didn't need to pay my mortgage payment til we settled and that the payments would not show up on my credit report.

Now 6 months behind and on my credit report I can't get an answer from Nationwide on the status (if there is even a status). The damage is the fact that we owe our mortgage company over $10,000.00 and feel I need help to resolve this matter with Nationwide Financial Solutions.

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